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  1. Westwood Odubajo Lees Borner Fox Lee Hutchinson Bannan Murphy Fletcher Harris Dawson, Palmer, Bates, Luongo, Reach, Forestieri, Rhodes Fox keeps his place for me, Lee comes in for Reach, as you were
  2. For me it's a simple one with Reach. He's a wide player in a 4-3-3. Rotate him with Murphy and Harris, but only 2 of them can play in our starting 11. He's never ever been a player in a 3 in midfield, leave the middle 3 positions to Bannan, Lee, Hutch and Luongo to rotate and leave Reach to rotate with the 2 wide players. Straight forward enough for me
  3. Obviously Hec been a priority but that could break the bank for us, the 5-7 mill we get for Joao would be needed to get Hec if it wasn't a loan again. We would definitely need a striker to come in, the thought of Winnall and Nuhiu been promoted to 2nd and 3rd choice centre forward scares the life out of me
  4. What a disgrace the man is. He was welcomed to S6 with open arms IN HIS OWN TIME, we could have appointed someone else straight away but we waited weeks to show him compassion and to allow him to get over the loss of his parents and to flirt with Stuart Broad in the Caribbean and this is the loyalty he shows. I don't care what sort of chairman Chansiri is, but for the fans and players he should be showing way more class and loyalty than this. Personally I hope he gets dogs abuse from Newcastle fans and gets fired by Christmas and if he gets another job back in the championship I hope he gets pelters from us if we play them. **** Bruce, **** Agnew and **** Clemence. No one is bigger than the club, do one
  5. There's another on Hoopers insta the week before in Portugal playing golf with I think Winnall, Fletcher and Joe Ledley. Can't be a bad life can it, Portugal to LA in a week
  6. Bannan is nowhere near as effective as Grealish around the edge of the box. Yes Bannan has scored a couple of worldie goals this season and his eye for a pass is the best we have, but I don't think he's as consistently effective in the attacking third as Grealish is.
  7. Listened last night. He's annoying as hell but it was hilarious, it's only an hour of your time it's worth a listen. His Ian Hendon, Mark Mcghee stories are funny and his hatred for the Swansea kit woman is something else. Quite enjoyed it tbf
  8. if mikel signed for us it would be mikel + 1 or 2 depending on formation, the team would get built around him and rightly so. Him holding and Lee and Bannan in front would be interesting. Unfortunately he'll be on 50k + a week? Shame, he's a rolls Royce of a centre mid
  9. Firstly, Nixon is one of the more reliable on twitter, he is very rarely wide of the mark on big transfer stories. Secondly I can believe this rumour anyway, it stinks of Wilder to show off to that they are in the prem, that they have the ability to buy our best players and to spend 14 mill on them. He would genuinely sign our best player for that much just to stick him on the bench and prove that they have the power to do it. Anyway, let them do it. Sorts us right out financially if this deal happens
  10. Having a look at who's out of contract in the championship seen as fees is a none starter for us this summer and based on what positions we need.. Bidwell at QPR is out of contract, he's been a consistent left back in this league for a while now and would solve our left back issues. If Hector doesn't return, there are a host of good centre backs out of contract, Tommy Elphick is out but I know Bruce wasn't mad on him at Villa this season? Luke Chambers has just gone down with Ipswich and I've always thought he's been decent? Also Michael Morrison (shudders after thinking about his first spell here) but he's improved loads at Brum. Centre midfield Alan Browne is quality at Preston, and as an enforcer I rate Sam Morsy at wigan. Obviously all dependant on if Lee signs up and what we do with Pelupessy. On the wing as stated earlier, Gavin Massey is out of contract he'd be a good pacey option and cheap like Morsy. Strikers is a none starter with the abundance of them we have! I'd like to think there's some pretty realistic names found there
  11. agreed he's a step down, but thinking about wages and transfer fees and what we'd be allowed to deal in, I don't think he'd be bad. he's proven in the championship with a bang average side
  12. Lee Gregory out of contract at Millwall and close to a deal with Stoke, would have been a very shrewd replacement for Hooper on a quarter of his wages and a free transfer too
  13. Hope we release everyone out of contract baring Westwood and Palmer. We'd save a fortune on the likes of Boyd, Abdi, Jones, Pudil, Matias. And with a heavy heart also release Lee and Hooper. Transfer list 2 forwards, probably Winnall and Rhodes. Then shop around for players out of contract this summer, can't see any fees been paid for anybody so freebies and loan deals it'll be. I think we only need a maximum of around 4 players, obviously Hector is priority. Then a recognised left back, a good quality winger if Aarons doesn't stay and maybe a centre midfielder who can play 40+ games with Bannan. At left back Stephen Ward at Burnley and Bong at Brighton are out of contracts, they might drop down in to the championship next season as they haven't featured much in the prem. Danny Williams is out of contract at Hudds, always liked him there and at Reading he could be a cracking partner for Bannan/Hutchinson. On the wings Kebano is out of contract at Fulham who we was linked with in January, Bakary Sako is also out of contract and hasn't featured much for WBA/Palace this year. So even though I know it's not Football manager, I do think Ward, Williams and Sako would be realistic free transfers for us? nothing too optimistic there
  14. The good thing about that run in as that it's all in our hands to gain points on the other play off chasing sides. I'd rather have to play them and beat them instead of hoping for teams like reading, Rotherham, millwall etc etc to get points off them.
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