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  1. Missing out all the obvious players such as Twine, Ross Stewart etc i'd say... Florini - Lincoln Tafazoli - Wycombe Brannagan - Oxford Wright - Sunderland Curtis - Portsmouth
  2. Forest will 1000% score at home, maybe even twice. United will have to score twice, maybe three times away from home. United will have to open up at some point to get that goal to level the tie, and this will play into Forest's hands as they're devastating on the break. Think Notts win on the night anyway, they'll have too much for them. They're younger and more mobile and quicker around the park, blades look shot and their lack of pace in the back 3 rivals ours. Johnson, Surridge and Zinkernagel will run them ragged as they open up to equalise
  3. Madine would be perfect let's be fair. Paterson is a decent player but the fact he isn't a natural in any position is a slight hinderance, he doesn't have that instinct that a natural out and out striker has. Madine is out of contract isn't he, he'd bang in 15+ in league 1 and he's only 31 which isn't any age for a league 1 striker. Was looking who else is out of contract in the championship, big Lukas Jutkiewicz is out of contract but 33 years old, not sure if his best days are behind him but we was interested not long back wasn't we. Chris Martin is also 33, but he's had a good season at Bristol so probably got another year or two in the championship. Tom Bradshaw would be interesting at Millwall but again, probably wouldn't drop just yet. With Dean and Storey going back to parent clubs i expect a few centre backs, Michael Hector is out of contract and will 100% get released, not sure he'd tempt a championship club either after barely playing all season. James Chester got released from Stoke, Flint is out of contract too, Michael Morrison went on to have a decent career after leaving us. Definitely will need a couple of experienced heads at the back anyway.
  4. De Bruyne has took it to a new level this season, would love him to win the champs league if anyone deserves to win it then it's him. Seems the ultimate pro, and just gets better and better. Midfield of Rodri, KBD and Silva then a front 3 of Mahrez, Haaland and Foden could finally win it for them next season. Then there's Jesus, Grealish and Sterling too
  5. He was good for us, think we'd have been worse off points wise if Wildsmith/Dawson were our number 1 for the whole season, made some big saves at big moments in games and obviously a very good penalty saver. Reckon we were 6-8 points better off for saves in tight games and penalty saves. Should go for Bazunu next season, won't feature at City but after his season with Portsmouth they might want to send him to the championship next time.
  6. 100% give Hunt another year. We’ve tried palmer at rwb, we’ve tried nml at rwb and neither are fit to lace his boots in that position. He’s defensively sound for league 1 level, his crossing has improved so much and he’s added a goal or two to his game. We need to build the next next season around players like Hunt, Johnson, Byers, Bannan, Gregory, Windass, Dennis. Plus like said above, he loves the club clearly.
  7. James Chester, Tom Barkhuizen, Tommy Smith, Neil Taylor. Some interesting names, but all will attract championship surely
  8. Some interesting names have already been released from championship clubs. Always a good opportunity to pick up some good free transfers if you get in early. Stoke have released Fletcher (not suggesting him in the slightest) but also James Chester, Tommy Smith formerly of Hudds and Tom Ince. Boro have released Sol Bamba, Lee Peltier and Neil Taylor. PNE have released loads, but the standouts maybe Scott Sinclair and Tom Barkhuizen, who has had a good champ career. Obviously a common theme in released championship players are they're aging, and usually on high wages. But they look the standouts from the released lists so far. Vadaine Oliver hasn't signed a new deal at Gills either.
  9. i get that, but it should have been more than 3 in the first half? comfortably i would say. i was expecting 5 minutes to be honest. I do think effectively having a stopwatch for every time the ball is out of play then that is what's added on at the end of each 45. I'm sure referees attempt to do that anyway as they usually have 2 watches, one for added time and one for the normal 45 mins. But an extra official who literally stops and starts a watch every time the ball is dead would see much fairer games. As there was never only 3 minutes in the first half between the injury, o'nien/windass incident and general time wasting from set pieces.
  10. christ liverpool want to hope they win the league this season somehow, because signing him could win them the league for the foreseeable. It's potentially an extra 25 goals a season? And the games they've dropped points in are usually the ones where lacking a central striker has killed them. He will change the game for them completely
  11. if it's racism and homophobia then report it, no place for that. If it's calling players useless cvnts and overpaid t0ssers then that's football. Sorry but that's how it is. It's not just at S6, it's at every football ground in the country.
  12. this exactly. there's Wednesday fans at work today who aren't bothered in the slightest, and in no way am i doing the super fan nonsense but they don't have season tickets, they go a couple of times a season at the most, haven't been to away games for years and years, but for some of us who have had season tickets since 8 years old, and done 45/48 league games including playoffs, it does hurt a bit different. invested money for all the away tickets and travel, it does sit differently. But optimistic for next season anyway
  13. aye 13 in the league in 33 which isn't bad? Then another 7 in the cup comps. I came armed with stats to back up wanting to sign him, i know how unforgiving owlstalk can be!
  14. Thought this was the new lyrics to 'we're sheffield wedneday we're on our way back' at first! But in his defence, square pegs round holes AGAIN. A winger playing wing back, a full back playing left centre back when we had Dunkley on the bench. NML might have been lazy getting back in, but playing wingers at wing back you run the risk of that happening. Their mindset is attacking, taking players on and crossing the ball. Not chasing opposition wingers into the corner. He has my sympathy at been played out of position, but when you sign a bucket load of wingers i suppose they're going to be playing out of position in a wing back system
  15. can someone shed light on out of contract players? Literally no clue who's out of contract and who's under contract etc etc.
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