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  1. WorrallOwl17

    U23's SWFC - Hull (1pm, Middlewood Rd)

    All Hutchinson and Westwood jokes aside, why has Boyd been frozen out too? I think there's been clashes between Jos and Westwood and Hutch, but I can't recall any possible reason for him to freeze Boyd out? We could genuinely do with him at the moment. Only thing I can think of is a bumper appearance fee that we cant afford to stump up
  2. WorrallOwl17

    Centre half from Man City

    2 in the cup and 1 in Europe. Its more the calibre of player he's training with day to day and coach he's been coached by day to day that is the appeal to him
  3. WorrallOwl17

    Centre half from Man City

    Don't get why people are against this. Van Aken was a liability and big error waiting to happen, Loovens is gone, Pudil is aging and heading the same way as Loovens, Lees is only just running again so will surely be another 2/3 weeks away from fitness, Venancio is doing well, and the 3 young lads yeah they've done well against Carlisle and Cardiff but can they be trusted to step up for the rest of the season? Or does a lad with premier league, champions league and u21 international experience get the nod? No brainer for me
  4. WorrallOwl17

    Hunt & Fox v Boyd & Reach

    Why would he use them both at wing back? If they're both to go out wide they would both surely go on the left? He's not going to use one left and one right when we have Palmer and Hunt to rotate. Would play both Boyd and Reach in the middle either side of Joey, and recruit a left wing back to keep Fox out the team
  5. WorrallOwl17

    Tom Bannan & Barry Lees

    Pelupessy holding, with Bannan and Reach in front of him should be our first choice middle 3. Keep Fox at wing back, but obviously keep trying to sign a new one. Wouldn't pull Reach out of centre mid he's been our best player there and most effective recently. The legs and energy would be fantastic with Joey anchoring and Bannan and Reach playing in front
  6. WorrallOwl17


    Rather sign a specialist left wing back and keep reach in one of the three central roles. Wing back limits our best player to just the left side of the pitch and having to defend, rather have him playing centrally where he can buzz about and get close to the strikers. Left wing back is a must this window
  7. WorrallOwl17

    Jordan Rhodes - Disaster

    Thought he played one of his best games for us Saturday night, he didn't give the ball away when he dropped deep, and he held the ball up better than usual. Yes he did have two good chances, but so did Joao. In fact Joao's were more clear cut than Rhodes chances, and he got man of the match. And who set up the chances for Lucas. With a striker up front with him, width offered from wing backs and 2 central players behind him I do think it will come, I'd consistently play him until the end of the season regardless of who is fit. Everyone jumping on his back, at least he's not injury prone like the rest of our centre forwards ey? Don't see Fletcher or Fessi helping out with avoiding relegation do we? Nope
  8. WorrallOwl17

    Midfield 3

    Hunt Reach Joey Bannan Boyd
  9. WorrallOwl17

    What positions do we need to address?

    Everyone saying RW, why? If we keep the current system Hunt and Palmer will rotate the wing back role, and we will play a front 2, a winger would be a pointless signing. Left wing back to replace Fox and a centre back so that we don't have to rely on youth too much while Lees and Van Aken are out
  10. WorrallOwl17

    Team for Saturday

    Would Reach, Joey and Wallace work as the middle 3 with Boyd left wing back? Anything to get Fox out the side anyway
  11. WorrallOwl17

    Team for Saturday

    Wildsmith O'grady (no one else, would prefer experience) Venancio Pudil Hunt Wallace Joey Reach Fox Joao Rhodes
  12. WorrallOwl17

    Joey Pelupessy

    For the time being pal, Bannan is out for up to 10 weeks I believe?
  13. WorrallOwl17

    Joey Pelupessy

    Seems like he'll be the midfield anchor then out of the 3 central midfielders instead of Jones, and 2 of Wallace, Reach and Boyd will play the other 2 central positions either side of Joey and 2 up top. I like it
  14. WorrallOwl17

    Player ratings

    Lees Venancio Van Aken could be the new look back 3, with Loovens and Pudil as cover. But granted, I'd still take a centre back this transfer window
  15. WorrallOwl17

    Paddy Miquel Nelom

    Maybe, but I think Jos likes him in the middle 3 doesn't he, can get around the pitch well