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  1. The good thing about that run in as that it's all in our hands to gain points on the other play off chasing sides. I'd rather have to play them and beat them instead of hoping for teams like reading, Rotherham, millwall etc etc to get points off them.
  2. I think the leeds and Norwich game will be our undoing. I can honestly see us beating all of Bristol city, forest and villa at Hillsborough, but could we still sneak 6th if we dropped points at both Norwich and leeds? I'd also expect us to beat Blackburn and qpr at home. just not sure if we're in a position to be able to drop points at all?
  3. Some good options in there if our recruitment team was to act fast and approach the players out of contract this summer before they get snapped up elsewhere. Hopefully we go for players of a good age, fit, not crazy wage demands and good championship know how this time round instead of final pay days for ex premiership names. Out of that list I wouldn't mind the left back Bidwell from QPR, Jamie Paterson from Bristol City, Michael Morrison or Tommy Elphick at centre back and Lee Gregory up front, pig or not.
  4. Palmer and Iorfa for me. It will rightly be Palmer + fox or Iorfa, there's not a chance Palmer will not be playing tonight. If he goes with Fox at left back it will be Iorfa on the bench, not Palmer
  5. The starting 11 last night is a top 6 side. We have wasted half a season with Dross and after a month of Bruce we are only 6 points off the playoffs, that starting 11 is definitely a top 6 side for me, I just think we'll be two games short come the end of the season
  6. The back 4 that ended the game for me. Palmer is our player of the month, every pass is finding a man, every cross is dangerous, no winger is getting past him. I have every faith in him being able to play left back and Iorfa at right back, good mobility down each side with them two playing
  7. Surely this rule needs changing though? why can't you celebrate with the fans who pay their money to watch their team play? not saying I would condone him running up the stairs and into the stand, but surely over the hoardings and for the fans to run to him is allowed? equalising goals in the 100th minute should be allowed to be celebrated with the fans. I felt sorry for Sterling at Bournemouth and I did for Scott Brown yesterday, are players supposed to show no emotion and just walk back to the half way line? let them celebrate winning/equalising goals in added on time with their fans
  8. Westwood Palmer Iorfa Hector Fox Bannan Hutchinson Aarons Reach Joao Fletcher Attack them ffs
  9. Happy to forgive and forget because he's been a rock for 90% of his time here, but that was the worst individual performance by any player this season. Constantly getting bullied by a league 1 striker, out paced, out strengthed, and his distribution was horrible. Hopefully that isn't a marker of how he's going to play against Madine, because he will play with a very similar style to what Smith did.
  10. All Hutchinson and Westwood jokes aside, why has Boyd been frozen out too? I think there's been clashes between Jos and Westwood and Hutch, but I can't recall any possible reason for him to freeze Boyd out? We could genuinely do with him at the moment. Only thing I can think of is a bumper appearance fee that we cant afford to stump up
  11. 2 in the cup and 1 in Europe. Its more the calibre of player he's training with day to day and coach he's been coached by day to day that is the appeal to him
  12. Don't get why people are against this. Van Aken was a liability and big error waiting to happen, Loovens is gone, Pudil is aging and heading the same way as Loovens, Lees is only just running again so will surely be another 2/3 weeks away from fitness, Venancio is doing well, and the 3 young lads yeah they've done well against Carlisle and Cardiff but can they be trusted to step up for the rest of the season? Or does a lad with premier league, champions league and u21 international experience get the nod? No brainer for me
  13. Why would he use them both at wing back? If they're both to go out wide they would both surely go on the left? He's not going to use one left and one right when we have Palmer and Hunt to rotate. Would play both Boyd and Reach in the middle either side of Joey, and recruit a left wing back to keep Fox out the team
  14. Pelupessy holding, with Bannan and Reach in front of him should be our first choice middle 3. Keep Fox at wing back, but obviously keep trying to sign a new one. Wouldn't pull Reach out of centre mid he's been our best player there and most effective recently. The legs and energy would be fantastic with Joey anchoring and Bannan and Reach playing in front
  15. Rather sign a specialist left wing back and keep reach in one of the three central roles. Wing back limits our best player to just the left side of the pitch and having to defend, rather have him playing centrally where he can buzz about and get close to the strikers. Left wing back is a must this window
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