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Nicholls goes back to Wigan

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Apologies if this has already posted but couldn't see it.


Feel a bit for the lad in all honesty. Makes sense to play our own keepers but would have been really interested to see how good he was- him warming up at Dagenham was the most I saw him play! Nonetheless, thanks for being on the bench as a "just in case"- not always the easiest. Best of luck in the future.

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I wonder what Wigan think about this? Taking a player on loan and probably telling them he would get some game time, but actually he didn't get a sniff?

flip Wigan! They want him to have game time they can play him in there 1st team. It wasnt until a couple games ago we were safe.

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Guest Saturday Owl

They'll be begging us for our players soon.

Hope they go down now just because they sent us a poo poo keeper and asked us to play him.

You can hardly say he was poo poo, what evidence do you have? We never saw him play.

He was brought in as back up and he did the job he was asked to do, as well as put himself in the shop window for the summer.

For me he did a good job of what he was asked to do so thanks Alex Nicholls for your services at S6. :biggrin:

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