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  1. I like International breaks and International football. Football would be boring if it was just club teams. It also breaks up the monotiny of Saturday/Tuesday club football, something different. Each to their own though.
  2. I'd say so. I'm no expert but you'd have thought that the hip is one of those areas where if you have a (big) problem with it initially, you'll continue to experience some issues further down the line especially in this line of work. Hopefully it's nothing too long lasting and can be managed.
  3. How on earth did people cope when we really were wee wee poor?
  4. On the assumption that there be some kind of saving, I'd buy again. You've got to take the rough with the smooth and by christ we're used to the rough by now.
  5. "He can get the best out of a team, just not often enough" What an argument for keeping Carlos
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