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Community Answers

  1. No I wasn’t going to renew anyway as it was ******** poor to watch at the back of 19/20.
  2. had a look and it’s not the line rental it’s the actually monthly ‘cost’ of the internet which goes up by £20, with the line rental staying at around £22. Still quite steep but I think we’ll see how the 18 month cheap deal goes then see what elsewhere offers.
  3. Still waiting on my 19/20 refund aswell. Joke of a club and won’t get a penny from me until its sorted.
  4. Been browsing the Plusnet site and spotted that the line rental goes up to £43.50 a month after the contract on the initial top spec Fibre broadband runs out. That seems steep to go from £23.95 a month to nearly £44. Am I reading that wrong?
  5. I got the album they brought out this year and it’s lovely.
  6. Moving into our first home next month hopefully, is Plusnet still the one to go for? The deals look good in terms of price
  7. Needs to learn from tonight. Far too defensive/cautious when we have all that attacking talent.
  8. Scored too early and then ran out of ideas after 20 minutes. For some reason Southgate really doesn’t fancy Grealish when he’s exactly what we needed in that second half. I would’ve like to have seen Sancho on for Mount aswell, who was anonymous all tournament. Left it far too late to put Rashford and Sancho on, they needed some time before pens.
  9. I found it a lot more accessible and there was a time when I preferred it for different reasons, to Illmatic. need to give it a spin this week Stakes Is High also a celebrated 25 years too. Another absolute classic, I love the sound of that album.
  10. This is on my to listen list It Was Written turned 25 yesterday.
  11. So he takes Foden off instead of Sterling. Jesus wept.
  12. Still yet to see the point of Rice. This persistence with 2 holding midfielders is bizarre. Kane is fizzed, like playing with 10 men.
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