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  1. Marseille one is lovely, the Juve one is let down by the horrendous 4xE bit.
  2. Entertaining but did have a bit of a friendly feel to it. United were very poor.
  3. I love this off the new Alchemist EP, could listen to that beat for days.
  4. The Weeknd, I was happy that he won his award. Watched probably about half of this, was good to see a live event back but still didn't feel 'real'. Arlo Parks' album is lovely, people should check it out. Also absolutely stunned that the Best Group hasn't been won by a girl band before. You think Spice Girls etc.
  5. Had some of them on the other night and going to do the same tonight. I had the first 2 then totally lost track, didn't even realise they released one with Ghost! 10 years ago I was a huge J Cole fan, like I'd listen to him most days. However none of the albums have really done it for me, I think I just went off him and never really got back to him. It's good to see him where he is though, there was a stage where you kinda thought he'd never break through but he has. Friday Night Lights on repeat from 2010-2012.
  6. Given the album a full play when it came out but need to go back to it. I have Radio X on at work and they've rinsed the singles to death Absolutely incredible live.
  7. I like their album. It’s not amazing but it’s not too samey which is good.
  8. Listening to this, I've missed the past few Czarface albums aswell so need to catch-up DMX album out 28th May
  9. Is it the worst set of relegated sides the Prem has seen?
  10. Why did Steve tell Kate that Jo hadn’t said anything about her parents?
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