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  1. Basically we need players with their attitude and heart, but more ability. But would the fans still get behind that type of player? We had one matching that description in Nuhiu, but he got nothing but pelt half the time.
  2. Also Rob Jones. Reda and Llera probably cost us 20 goals a season, but at least they scored 25 to make up for it.
  3. I just don't know how wrong Chansiri has to get things before these alleged "good intentions" stop being enough for some people? 12 point deduction, most likely heading to league 1 and currently barely half a squad of players, having charged the highest prices in the division for the last few years. We're worse off than before he arrived and we haven't even bottomed out yet imo. But we should be grateful because he wants to do well, lucky us.
  4. Quite athletic, gets forward well, horrendous defender. Play him up front.
  5. By the time the EFL and its carefully chosen independent panel have had 8 meetings to agree on a date for the first official meeting and then started proceedings against Derby and other clubs, we'll be in league 2 anyway.
  6. Then who do I contact to explain that I dont actually want to buy a red tube?
  7. Realistically the sort of signing we'll be aiming at this year. Certainly hasomething to offer.
  8. Is he even a businessman? Or just a trust fund baby? Incompetent, inept, stubborn, obtuse and generally just a bit of a shythouse. Should never, (no matter how pished up and reckless he got with his credit card) have gone anywhere near a football club, he doesn't know the game, he won't take advice from people who do and he's inevitably taken a club with a pretty chequered recent history to an all new low. What he's done to this club is criminal and any lingering support he had left has surely gone. Wednesday will only slide further downwards until he goes now.
  9. Chansiri is destroying this club, he's utterly inept and unfortunately too stubborn to take advice from people eho aren't, One pretty naff day at Wembley doesn't disguise what a disaster he's been, if he'd taken over at S2 we'd all be loving him for making this sort of mess over there. I'd have happily gone down to League 1 if I thought for 1 minute we'd rebuild sensibly, but under Chansiri I can only see us slipping down further
  10. Id rather have gone down and started on 0 in league 1. We've just postponed relegation, there's no way we'll get 60 odd points next season.
  11. Ironically as soon as the EFL hearing started to gather pace and the players seemed to stop giving a balls. Monk isn't perfect, but the problem at this club is clearly the inept, stubborn clown running the show. We're considerably worse off than when he took over and will only get worse from here. All we've done is postpone relegation for 1 season, no new manager is going to fix this.
  12. Sort of signing we need to make, young players who are hopefully on their way up. Rather than ageing " big names" on their way down. Good luck to him if he signs, just don't be another Helan
  13. Stroud decides the outcome of every match he refs. Incompetent little attention seeker, should never be reffing such a high profile game.
  14. 2 of them weren't offered a new contract here. The club didn't want them any more than they wanted the club. They'd been here far too long anyway, we've had enough expensive players who manage 20 games a season, this squad badly needed a freshen up, just remains to be seen if we'll do it sensibly this time* *we wont
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