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  1. Lee A

    We are popular in Rovrum

    I've heard they let everybody in to the United game for free anyway. No football takes place, they just gather around a camp fire on the pitch in an enormous cuddle , sing a few songs and claim a draw, because it doesn't matter who wins, their love for each other will always be more important. Scrubbers.
  2. 100% Wednesday will be promoted and relegated again plenty of times in my lifetime. ( I'm 30 ) I really can't see England winning the world cup, to finally get our turn to experience that and see the whole nation celebrating, can't think of many things I'd like to see more.
  3. Sterling's legs are his own worst enemy, trips over himself and never seems to make a proper contact on the ball. Probably stick with it for the Panama game, but as others have said, be prepared to hook him for Rashford a lot sooner.
  4. Disagree, Pelupessy started slowly but seems to be adapting well and got better with every game. He's also at a much better age and his attitude is first class. Need to bring in more young, inexpensive players like him imo.
  5. I play a really fun game for millions of pounds a year, my life is so difficult I need a break. Bummers
  6. Clean Lingard's boots for 2 years. Sign 1 year deal at Crewe Have trial at Wednesday Get told to f#ck off Work at wetherspoons Hate Dad Nailed on
  7. Lee A

    Who is your prediction

    City Stoke Barnsley Mansfield I'm usually terrible at this, probably all get relegated.
  8. Lee A

    On Debut

    Do - set your watch to UK time. Don't - turn up 11 hours early because you forgot.
  9. Lee A

    Joao’s contract

    Definitely, we have to wait and see. We've been stuck with Lee, Hutchinson, Fletcher, Abdi and plenty more collecting decent wages without playing for too long. Lee's current deal takes him until he's 31. What is a 31 year old with chronic injury problems actually worth in terms of a transfer fee? No disrespect to the bloke because when he was available regularly he was great for us, but I really don't think we would stand to lose too much on him. Not enough to justify the gamble of an extended contract anyway.
  10. Lee A

    Joao’s contract

    Which is true, but Lee has been injured since he had what? 20 months left on his deal, when should the club have sat down to discuss a new one? Same with Hooper. They've missed the vast majority of a season and in Lee's case, it looks unlikely he's going to return soon. It would be crazy to have given him an extended contract already. Obviously the club know more than we do, but I will admit I'd be surprised and a little disappointed if we haven't opened talks with Bannan yet.
  11. Lee A

    Joao’s contract

    Why would we have given Lee and Hooper a new deal? Think some people think that just because the season is over, all injuries miraculously heal and the player gets a clean slate for the next season. Kieran Lee is a cracking player, but obviously has a serious problem,. We've lumbered ourselves with a lot of players who get paid to not play football recently, need to be clearing a few of them out, not tying them in for longer. If the likes of Lee can get fit and prove they can stay fit, I'm sure new contracts will be sorted, sadly though I can't see it. Bannan definitely needs sorting asap though.
  12. Wenzdi's graaand
  13. Was stood behind a practice net when the players were shooting before a game at Tranmere. I assume it was JJ who skied one and I produced an absolute worldy of a save. Leapt in the air like a graceful salmon and caught it, proper palm stinger. Pretty sure it was the game we lost 3-0 and made Showunmi look like Drogba, so this was definitely the highlight.
  14. Too many of these "when he's back we'll be fine" players cluttering up the squad for me. The ability of Hooper, Hutchinson, Lee etc is never up for debate, excellent players but we can't keep carrying people who miss so many games. Stuck with them I fear, but if it's possible to move a few on and clear up the wages, I'd like to think we'd do it.
  15. Lee A

    Safe at last

    Let's be honest. Nobody could see us scoring or winning again a few weeks ago. But if Adthe beating 3 players before curling in a worldy, and now even Jordan Rhodes getting a goal doesn't convince people that anything is possible, nothing will.