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  1. Squad is average at best. Take Bannan out and it's actually pretty terrible.
  2. I like him for not playing Hutchinson. Sorry, Hutch has great hair and all that but he's rubbish, he's unreliable and he needs to go. I wish he'd play Westwood though, just so when we continue to heamorrage goals, people will stop blaming Dawson.
  3. Lee A

    Grow some cajones

    Promotion? With a team that basically consists of Barry Bannan. Chansiri can say what he likes, promotion this season was never the target for anybody living in the real world.
  4. Lee A

    Proving his Point...

    Penalty was struck firmly and close enough to the corner that Dawson had to stretch. Great save imo, more smoke blowing to follow.
  5. Lee A

    Proving his Point...

    That save gets better with every watch. Top class. Can't have been easy lately but he's clearly not the sort of lad to shy away, hopefully the clean sheet and his own performance will give him a big confidence boost now. Good on him.
  6. Lee A


    João and Matias barely got a kick under Carlos and Reach looked bang average at best. In his first season, we had Forestieri and Bannan firing all cylinders week in week out, Hooper came in January and Kieran Lee was arguably one of the best players in the league that year. We had Hunt playing well, Pudil's legs hadn't gone and the same could probably be said for the likes of Loovens and Wallace. It doesn't take much to see why we're not dominating in the as way now. In Carlos' 2nd season, as his style became stagnant and the injuries kicked in, we weren't on the front foot nearly as much, and the following season until he left, things were every bit as boring and bereft of creativity as they are now. This team isn't good, the players aren't very good and unfortunately, for this season we have no right to be competing with the likes of United, wether we want to accept it or not, they're better at the moment, pound for pound and man for man.
  7. Lee A


    Fletcher needs good service, we don't have the midfield for that. João is either brilliant or embarrassing, Matias has been injured yet again and Reach seems to score a goal of the season worldy or do very little. I accept that they are all capable of slightly better, but the fact is they're not actually that good. We don't have the pace or the quality in the squad to be even remotely frightening to the opposition, we're not going to get on the front foot and dominate anybody, so grinding out ugly results is probably the only option we've got, wether Jos is manager or not.
  8. Crap team. No strength in midfield, no creativity, no goal threat. 2-0 Wednesday.
  9. Lee A

    A question.

    Would normally say win the Derby. But in reality I can see us losing the derby and the next 3 games after that, so if we could guarantee those 9 points, got to take it. God we're sh#t
  10. Lee A

    It's a sign. Literally!

    Saw JJ in Morrisons once. He seemed distracted, almost pensive, just staring at the yogurts. Might not have been him.
  11. Lee A

    is the bacon game

    Never played it. Any good?
  12. Lee A

    So what is the way forward?

    Getting all of the crocks off the wage bill, and learning from our mistakes is the most important thing. Doesn't matter how popular they are or even if they manage a few games at the end of the season, Abdi, Lee, Hooper, Hutchinson and the rest all have to go. We've spent years accumulating players on the way down, whose best days are behind them, it's time we started looking for players whose careers are on the up. Just because they aren't household names doesn't mean they're no good, United have shown that. Hopefully we will shift them all and be able to start again.
  13. Lee A

    Just got back

    Why did you stay as late as the 3rd goal? What a mug.
  14. We did go an entire month without a shot on target around this time last year. That wasn't great.