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  1. Back to Centre Halfs

    Tom Lees keeps threatening to carry the ball out of defence and get us moving forward, he's made a few strides with it a couple of times, then it's like Carlos has pressed a button to give him a mild electric shock, and he quickly turns and passes to Westwood.
  2. Painfully slow, no pace, lots of pointless backwards passing and no threat whatsoever posed to Ipswich. If it carries on, it'll be interesting to see what, specifically about the referees performance Carlos blames it on.
  3. Rate the centurions

    Hutchinson, Wallace and Loovens need improving on now, done pretty well overall but we need better now. The likes of Bannan and Lees ( and of course Kieran Lee but his ongoing injury troubles are a concern ) are welcome to play another 100 games for us, gave Bannan some pelt last year but he's been outstanding so far this season, if he could add more goals he'd definitely be in high demand from other clubs. So keep tw@ting them into row M Barry, there's a good lad.
  4. Loovens

    He was decent 2 years ago, but that doesn't mean he's still good enough now, same with Wallace and quite a few others, but Carlos ( and some fans ) are reluctant to accept that, We refuse to improve on these players, spend millions on new signings, never play them and still use the same players who lost at Wembley in 2015, it's no surprise that we've gone backwards.
  5. Pudil and Hutch

    Never going to happen though, not for more than a few games at a time . The club has been good to Hutch, and in fairness he's tried his best too, but he needs to go after this season.
  6. The Delusional Duo

    Cant do much now to be fair, bit giving new ( fairly long ) contracts to Loovens and Hutchinson was the biggest mistake I think. As was signing Boyd, who despite being a decent player, was the exact opposite of what we needed this summer.
  7. In the time it takes the likes of Wallace, Hutchinson and Reach to get the ball up to our strikers, United have already won 3 games
  8. Considering we play with 6 of those, the same could be said of young George unfortunately
  9. Not really bothered about Hirst at the moment, let's be honest if our team of slow, ageing crocks could get the ball up the other end, Hooper and Fletcher haven't been doing too badly. The problem isn't up front, it's further back and particularly in wide areas. I'd be more inclined to have a look at Matt Penney than Hirst for now.
  10. Promotion

    Don't have the right manager or the right players. Probably means promotion is unlikely, but you never know.
  11. Loovens master plan

    Too old, too slow, just like Wallace and a few others. Because they were decent enough in Carlos first season, people seem reluctant to accept that these players are not good enough to get promoted now. We've stood still since 2015, doing the same things with largely the same players, now other teams are understandably leaving us behind.
  12. Tempo

    Baffling why we're so slow when we have a team full of players who can't run. Desperate for 2 years to sign somebody with pace, brought in Butterfield and Boyd. Excellent
  13. When your shitty, 2nd tier football club charges adult shirt prices, for infants who grow out of them in about a week anyway. We're not a very likeable, fan friendly club at the moment are we?