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  1. Lee A


    Just don't understand his popularity, must be the hair. He's never available and whenever he is, previously we've ripped up the team to fit him in ( regardless of the teams form ) and he offers very little. Glad to see that under Luhukay we aren't doing that any more. Always feel he's a slightly better defender than a midfielder but wouldn't start him in either position. Nothing against him but he needs releasing when his deal is up, we just need better, and certainly more reliable players.
  2. Lee A

    Adam Reach

    But Reach isn't dire, he's a quality player who sometimes seems like he chooses not to get involved. He's either brilliant or non existent. Game shouldn't bypass a player of his quality as often as they do.
  3. Feel dirty questioning Bannan but why are left footed players so terrified of using their right? Another example of a great position and we've done the defending for them.
  4. Always feel like Wednesday have to work harder than other teams for any chances we get. Few examples in this 2nd half, Baker has 20 yards of space in their half, takes 3 touches to control it, gets tackled and doesn't even get the throw in. Nuhiu spins past the defender, 2 against 1 and somehow boots it between the 2 Wednesday players. Not bashing specific individuals really, but Wednesday seem to give an awful lot away for free. We have them on the back foot and they don't even have to defend the situation, we do it for them.
  5. Yep, Fox doing well so far. Reach however is the most frustrating player I've ever seen when he has gamesike this, reminds me of myself on Wednesday night 6 a side. Will only run if there's loads of space in front and it looks like I might score, otherwise it's just a lot of walking and pointing at other players to do things i can't be bothered with. He's often so far off the pace of the game, disappointing because he is capable of a lot more.
  6. If anything it was Onomah at fault. But he's new and he's not Joey so we can't blame him, therefore it has to be Nuhiu or Dawson's fault Think that's how it works anyway.
  7. Lee A

    James McLean

    Some quality players no doubt. Also a lot of older players who are way beyond their best but still collecting big wages. And some supposed stars who can't be arsed. Shades of Wednesday/Derby. Basically how not to do it in this division
  8. Whether he scores in the game or not, I reckon you'd have to search pretty hard and pretty far to find a defender who said he had an easy afternoon against Nuhiu.
  9. Lee A

    Guess the player..

    Feel like I've played this game before. Fun but over in 2 minutes. Might be something else.
  10. Never understand the love for Hutchinson, waste of a wage but treated like a hero. People would rather sit and say the usual "when Hooper is back fit" nonsense as though that's actually going to happen. Nuhiu isnt the greatest, but he's nearly always fit to play, works his nads off, takes 3 blokes to mark him and chips in with a few goals, all for about 30% of what Hooper earns for sitting in the physios room. Why people struggle to get behind the bloke is beyond me.
  11. Used to be the Chronicle Advertiser. Presume it got shortened because that name is even worse.
  12. Lee A

    George Boyd

    Worryingly like Sedgwick to me. Everybody knows he's a good player with a good record but he looks like he's up to his nads in sand whenever he tries to run. A 5 yard head start just vanishes. The build up play in general is slow and lethargic to be fair, it's not just Boyd. But he seems to be struggling more than others.
  13. Lee A

    Marco Matias

    There is talent there, but he makes Hutch look reliable. Would love to see it, but it's not going to happen.
  14. Lee A

    I'd love it

    We could win the PL and Champions league. We'd still be moaning that the programme cover made Hutchinson's hair look sh#t. It's what we do. Of all the reasons I'd want Wednesday to be promoted. To stop people complaining on the internet wouldn't crack the top 10.
  15. After 4 years, people still pin their hopes on Hutchinson playing regularly. We're a stubborn bunch.