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  1. There are a lot of players where that would be a genuine concern. I doubt that Palmer is one of them. For nearly a decade, whether he's playing well or not, his effort and commitment have never been in question.
  2. Sliding in like that he's just trying to get something on the ball. Got way too much in the end. Scuff it next time Sam cheers.
  3. That Aarons effort was so poor. Summed the game up. Decent point though, could have lost, could have won, another clean sheet and the unbeaten run goes on.
  4. Up there with the foul on Kieran Lee away at Bolton a couple of seasons ago.
  5. Sensible sub. Hutchinson could be vital to us against United.
  6. Reliable, versatile, hard working and probably not on massive wages. Get rid.
  7. Been able to play more regularly than I thought he was realistically capable of. Always the concern that another spell on the treatment table is around the corner, but he's been top class since he's been back, hopefully that can continue this time.
  8. Either a goal or the keeper getting left in a pile before the end of the game surely.
  9. Genuinely can't think of a player I wouldn't want to let go ( Iorfa because he's new ) they are all replaceable. The squad is stale, it's full of cripples, has beens who were good 4 years ago, and players like Bannan and Reach who are tidy but don't actually do anything. Bruce has got his work cut out, just hope we make the right decisions this summer.
  10. Yes, I am. If we keep waiting around for cripples on big wages to get fit, we'll only go backwards. I'd rather see less talented players, who actually get on the field and play. We'll agree to disagree
  11. No they're not, because they offer nothing to the squad. If Billy Sharp had been out injured for 15 months, would United offer him a new deal next season ? I doubt it. They have a worse squad than us on paper, but their players all play and contribute so they're leaving us behind. It's not the players fault they got injured, but we don't owe them anything, they 100% have to go in the summer.
  12. We're crap, but not crap enough to go down. That's enough for this season. I have no expectations on a Saturday any more, we get a point or 3 it's a bonus. But after looking like sliding into trouble before Christmas, I'm happy to drift into mid table mediocrity this season. Just hope ( and I have no faith that we will ) we make the right decisions in the summer.
  13. Normally quick to give Forestieri pelt, despite his talent I'm not a fan. But of all the things he could have ( and has ) got sent off for, can't string him up for celebrating a late goal. If we managed to score a few more he might not have been so surprised and lost his sh#t
  14. And yet people still want to keep the likes of Hooper and Lee. Having a big wage bill is fine ( to a point ) if the players actually contribute. The money is going down the drain. We need an almighty clear out in the summer.
  15. Exactly. We might actually get a player of Kieran Lee's ability for next to nothing, considering we got Lee himself for nothing I'd say it's pretty likely. If we p#ss about giving crocked players new contracts just because they were good 2 years ago, then we will only go backwards, sadly though that's the only direction our club seems to look.
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