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  1. Unquestionably the best goal in there. Wish we could score less spectacular goals on a more regular basis though.
  2. Be happy with a Ryan Fraser or Andy Robertson to be honest
  3. Lee A

    The Star: Boyd's Turnaround

    Looks like he's running through mud at times, but still probably covers more ground than anybody else. Real work horse, but as is the case with a lot of players we've had over the years, I wish we could have had him when he was 25 rather than coming to the end of his career.
  4. Lee A

    Now the dust has settled...

    11th or 12th. Would be a very good start for team Bruce if they were to manage a solid top half finish.
  5. He's not, but he is. Today's market is ridiculous, Reach has games where he looks Premier League quality, and others where he looks very ordinary. 10 years ago he'd have been a £1 million player, now between 10 and 15 is probably the going rate.
  6. Lee A


    Play offs let it go. Hooper hasn't played in over a year, he's not going to play any time soon and if he does it'll be near the end of the season before he's anywhere match fit, that's if he doesn't break down injured again which seems far more likely than anything else. As it stands he brings nothing to the team. His contract is then up in the summer and we'd be stupid to offer him a new one, same goes for Kieran Lee. It's a golden opportunity to start clearing out the pile of players ( as you rightly say, FF included ) who get paid huge wages for doing next to nothing. We need to start rebuilding a fresh, fit and cost effective squad and Hooper isn't going to be part of that.
  7. Because we have no pace, very little quality and struggle to score goals, also their reserves are the likes of Ross Barkley and Olivier Giroud. Actually f#ck it we'll smash em.
  8. Would have been more exciting a couple of years ago when we had a team that could at least cause a good side a few problems. If we do play Chelsea we'll likely get a real hammering. Much better than the sort of ties we usually get though, big incentive to go to Luton and do what we should have done on Saturday.
  9. The worst team left in the draw, until that's us.
  10. Lee A

    Player Ratings

    Reach was really poor today. Players half his size just effortlessly ease him off the ball, got to be stronger.
  11. Lee A

    Full Backs

    Palmer in last couple of minutes summed himself up as a player. Great run in behind, handful of Wednesday players lining up for an easy pull back, doesn't look up, just hit and hope, straight at the nearest defender. Cracking athlete, decent player, thick as mud.
  12. Lee A

    Team news

  13. Lee A

    Team news

    Surprised at Hutch. Would have been a perfect chance to rest him. Good to see a strong side though
  14. Anybody know if you can pay on gate today?