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  1. It was crap, it was boring, but they never really had a sniff at our goal. Why do we always have to gift wrap one? It wasn’t a 50-50 or even an 80-20. He was actually in possession of the ball, criminal from Hutchinson. Need to limit the damage, 1-0 or ideally 1-1 and we’ll be okay.
  2. The reason we’ve drawn so many games is because we’ve sat back and therefore invited pressure trying to defend a lead. We’re not good enough to set up for a draw, not many teams at this level are. Go up the other end, score 3 goals and make them try and play for a draw.
  3. We score the 35 yard worldies and miss the 35 inch tap ins. Good old Wednesday
  4. I think it’s more a case of knowing he’s always been able to offer even more. For me he’s been shackled and played far too deep for a good chunk of his Wednesday career. He’s no good to anybody 40 yards behind the play watching his own hopeful passes come to nothing. The role he’s playing now is made for him and it’s great to see, He’s the best footballer in the division, finally getting on the ball in areas where he can really hurt teams. We’re going to score a poo load of goals if he carries on like this.
  5. Pelupessy has been the least of our problems this season to be honest. I don't like the re-signing of Hutchinson, the whole thing stinks of desperation, but we are clearly desperate, so long as he doesn't act the prat, is on cheap wages and is used as a cover CB leaving Shaw in midfield. It's another body for the battle at least.
  6. Would he have developed and turned into a £25 million player here though? Or would he have been played out of position, booed into oblivion before spending his career at Bradford?
  7. He's reached Michael Owen level with that one. Not many get there, good on him.
  8. Got to be satisfied with his day, more than decent debut. Shaw is very promising too, looks to be getting better all the time.
  9. Always liked Varney. Gave his all and did the hard yards, useful in a team with a proper striker to benefit from it.
  10. Before his injuries, the best midfielder outside the Premier league imo, even afterwards when he was miles off his best, his touch and reading of the game was still a level above even our better players. Best of luck to him, great player.
  11. Myself and a few others around me had just declared Wallace an idiot for shooting from there. Waste of a good attacking position you know.
  12. Spent his career at Man United under Ferguson. Probably the first time he's ever shouted for a dodgy penalty and not got it. He'll learn.
  13. Not much quality, not pretty to watch. But in the 2nd half they were organised, stopped giving Derby too much time on the ball which they did in the first half and played it on their own terms. Saw the game out well imo. We're still crap, but keep putting in the effort and fight as they have the last few games and they'll at least give themselves a chance.
  14. Endeavour and work rate in spades, just no end product. Credit to him he keeps going for the full 90 though.
  15. Fresh out of the James O Connor school of preparing to make a tackle you never actually make. Lovely to see.
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