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  1. Lets be honest, if at the start of the season, we'd been offered that and nothing else, we'd have taken it.
  2. Think it was the Palace 2010 game, but I remember Just the way im feeling by Feeder belting out at one of our relegation parties "I feel we're going down.." Great stuff
  3. I know we dont know exactly how much pull each person has behind the scenes, but everything seemed to going in the right direction when Roeder was here., looked like a shrewd appointment of a proper football man, the signings were good and sensible for the most part. Naive to say it was all down to him but things looked better than they ever had, was disappointing when he left so soon.
  4. Maybe true, but I'd have said similar about a team of Enda Stevens, Chris Basham, Luke Freeman etc last year. My point isn't necessarily about Fox and Palmer specifically, more that you'll get further with less gifted players like them who are reliable and put the work in every week and, than you will with Forestieri turning up 5 times a year or a load of expensive crocks grabbing one last pay day like we have had in recent seasons.
  5. Pigs got promoted with a team full of Fox/Palmer type players. Reliable, hard working players who get the job done. Its the "better" players who perform 5 times a season that let us down.
  6. Tricky one with Fletcher admittedly, but it has to start somewhere. After all being tinpot is better than being under embargo every year, or littered with expensive players who don't even play.
  7. 1 year deal only, and on reduced terms. We need to start being sensible with contracts after years of dreadful decisions, and if it means a 33 year old leaves because he wants an extra year or 5 grand a week more, fair enough.
  8. We are easily the better side. Actually dont think we're playing badly, at least compared to the recent poo shows anyway. Stinks of a game that we'll dominate and lose 1-0 though
  9. We knew we wouldn't win when Murphy missed that sitter. Nice to know that even when we're not bad, we're still sh#t
  10. Give us that time and space in the other box and we'd sky it. He's tucked that away beautifully
  11. Has a team ever been 3rd at Christmas and been relegated? Would be disappointing but pretty impressive if we managed it
  12. Central midfield is horrendous. How can anybody say otherwise? You will struggle to find a squad with such a lack of creativity, goals or even attacking intent from that area. Bannan has scored a handful of goals in 5 years and now seems to want to play centre half, his performances get worse by the week, silly passes and hopeful long balls from deep instead of getting up the field and running the show, that's not down to Monk, Bannan has been guilty of this for years. Been a decent signing of course but we can't run things through him any more, we're arguably better when he doesn't play. Lee is finished, he's a very talented player, perhaps the best all round footballer we've had since the PL days, was worth a 1 year gamble due to the embargo this season but he's done, needs to go. Hutchinson is still capable of doing a job if and when he's available, which is still too rare due to injuries but there are clearly other issues with him aswell. Needs replacing. Luongo is clearly a tidy player and looks capable of getting a few goals and supporting the attack, but again, never available. Joey is, as we all know, simply miles away from the standard we need. This area of the field is non existent, its half the reason the forwards are useless, because all they get is long balls from the defence, if they can't get the ball down, the midfield is nowhere to be seen in terms of support and the opposing team deal with us far too easily, theres never a 2nd wave to our "attacks" its bang a long ball and retreat. Its also why the defence is under so much pressure, because the midfield is so effortlessly overrun. Every week we "lose the midfield battle" and as a result we lose games.
  13. Got no money for him to waste on old, overpriced sh#t this time, so yeah might aswell. Or we could look forward for a change.
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