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  1. Matt Penney - goals

    Don't normally agree with chucking inexperienced young players in to the 1st team as a solution. But we're pathetic in wide areas, offer no pace and nobody can whip a decent cross in on a regular basis. We also have issues at LB. Can Penney really do worse? Let's have a look.
  2. David Jones

    Firstly, he's never fit. Secondly why? What does he actually do?
  3. Divorce

    Companies who's customers still willingly pay obscene prices for a p!ss poor product
  4. Hutchinson is a big question mark for me. Among others. 6 wins on the spin, chuck Hutchinson back in the team, we're rubbish and he misses a penalty. Hutchinson back in the side today, own goal and otherwise completely anonymous. Not blaming him for today's result or the crap start to this season, but honestly, given how rarely he's actually able to play, what does he offer?
  5. He won't be sacked

    Scouting team most definitely, I've no idea who's picking our current group of cripples and senior citizens, then giving them 20-40 grand a week, but they have a lot to answer for
  6. Bannan has been excellent this season but he and Lee were as poor as anybody else today.
  7. He won't be sacked

    Most annoying thing, we probably need a Chris Wilder.
  8. Referees are killing us.

    It was as clear a penalty as you could ever wish to see, but let's not pretend that's the problem. Got to go Carlos, millions wasted and the occasional good performance like Leeds can't paper over the cracks much longer, the sad reality is we all knew what was going to happen today, and credit where its due, you didn't disappoint
  9. No reason at all to change from the Leeds game. Keep the same players but far, far more importantly, the same approach.
  10. Hutchinson vs Jones

    Hutchinson might be a better player ( overrated on here but decent nontheless ) but we're a worse side with him in it imo. We did nothing but win for 2 months at the end of last season until he ( and FF ) came back in, then suddenly we went to sh#t again, obviously you can't solely blame that on 2 individuals, but whether they're the best player or not is irrelevant if somebody else does a better job for the team, and at the moment, it looks like Jones does. Both ideally need replacing next year though, for different reasons.
  11. Imagine?

    Imagine if when he does play 1st team football, he turns out to be sh#t.
  12. Its 3 points and one game

    It's one game ( at about £45 a ticket ) and 3 points, that's correct, but it's also yet another big occasion and big game where a Carvalhal led Wednesday side have failed to show up ( referencing a decent 10 minutes out of 90 is not a valid defence ) What has happened to the style of play from Carlos' first season here? Pressing high up the field in numbers and winning the ball back in the opposing half, getting bodies forward and actually putting the opposition on the back foot from the off ( honestly when was the last time we did that? ) That went out of the window when we failed to turn up and Wembley and hasn't been seen since. Since then we've gone through some crap signings, racked up too much squad clutter and the approach has become too negative from the first whistle every week, he gets away with it from time to time, but somebody like Wilder who is only interested in winning, has turned up and shown him how it's done.
  13. Hmmm

    There was a Mr Bean sketch where he did that. Quite happy for us to be known as the Mr Bean of football at the moment.
  14. Under 23s today....

    Newport County striker Frank Nouble played for England up to u20s. Kieran Lee never played for England at any youth level. It's not an accurate indicator imo.
  15. Watched him play for England's U19s on Tuesday. Chased around and showed willing for 30 minutes or so in 2nd half, but people who want to put him into a Championship side that wants promotion really need to go and actually watch the kid, he's nowhere near that level yet. Brereton from Forest also played in the game and although I think they might be getting a bit too excited about him, he's better than Hirst and he's physically way further down the line, hence he's getting a game. If Hirst signs a contract get him out on loan, but he shouldn't be near the first team yet.