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  1. Fair point. Ina 100m race, Gran's new knee and hip would give Loovens a chance.
  2. Thorniley, Venancio, Pudil, Fox, Nielsen and my Gran. Loads of options, all less terrifying
  3. Team / Score vs Swansea

    Palmer, Joey and Boyd as a midfield 3. Hunt and Reach as wing backs, João and Rhodes/Nuhiu up front. Im sure he'll go for experience, but we need energy and enthusiasm like we had against Derby. Can't watch Wallace and Jones any more.
  4. Sam Hutchinson

    While Joey is fit and playing well. He stays in the team. Can't keep ripping things up just so Hutchinson can play a couple of games here and there. He is good, but his talent is irrelevant, he can't ( through no real fault of his own ) offer enough over the course of a season, and we aren't the sort of club that can afford to carry somebody like that. Real shame, but he needs to go.
  5. Sean Clare

    It's sad because because he is a class act, but it's probably true. He is a good player, as is Hutchinson, but we just can't keep the whole "we'll be alright when they're back" thing going. Can't afford to wait carry players who don't play. Talented lads, but both need to go unfortunately.
  6. Derby tho

    Think with a bloated squad full of expensive has beens, we are actually Derby from 4 years ago. They set the blueprint for how not to do it, and for some reason we copied it. Nice that we actually beat them these days though, used to be a proper bogey side. Derby
  7. Such a breath of fresh air compared to the predictable, snail paced efforts of Wallace and Jones. That midfield finally looks full of energy, like it could go for another 90 minutes if need be. Let's hope the positive approach is here to stay.
  8. Sadly it's the best news we've had in a while. Great season this, loving it.
  9. Loovens subbed on 24min

    I don't think anybody would argue that Loovens has been an excellent signing for us, for at least 2 years he was a leader and a class act in 90% of games and the good far outweighs the bar during his time here. But the fact is he's an absolute nightmare every time he steps on the field now, it can't be ignored just because he used to be good, we urgently need to replace him. He'll be remembered well when he leaves and rightly so, but there's no room for sentiment, if he's not good enough, the fans are always going to say it.
  10. No more Loovens. Enough is enough
  11. You look at the lineup before the game, and if this doesn't happen, it's a massive surprise. Horrendous lack of quality throughout the entire side.
  12. Strikers have to do better, but a slow, sideways passing midfield of 2 holding players and Wallace probably doesn't help either.
  13. So more like the Sheffield United method than the Tottenham one? Difficult to disagree, the talent is there because other clubs are finding it, hopefully we can too.
  14. Matt Penney off on loan

    Good move, Mansfield are a good side this year but struggle for a bit of creativity. Can see him being used as a winger there, hopefully he'll get plenty of games.
  15. Yep, realised I'd failed and tried to bail out. You were too quick with the reply. Well played