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  1. In respect of trimming the deadwood it won't be far from CC mind that we cannot use loans to patch the squad up this season. So you can't get away with a squad of 20 I'm afraid. two or three injuries and you would have to last until January with what we have. Which is annoying as it means no development time for players such as Wildsmith who we could loan out with a recall option in past years. No one is going to take that risk as it would leave them short without the ability to replace him.
  2. Of course we are after them. Shirts 9 & 11 still available
  3. I know football is a different world to any other job but it is a very bad position to get into if we give him a wage increase
  4. Why on earth would we sell to a direct rival, our best player, for £7m. roger off Derby
  5. The issue I guess is that the kits cost the club the same amount to produce no matter the size. I suspect the answer will be as the infant kit is shorts and the lot you won't get a discount. The issue more for me is that you cant buy the shirt on its own for an infant
  6. Pure guess would be is it the status of the academies? (Eg Status one and all that malarkey)
  7. Part of the issue is that hull ignored Wembley and FL recommendations and sold tickets all over their allocation rather than by selling in blocks first. That means its really hard to cordon off blocks and sell the tickets instead. So empty seats, empty seast
  8. I would also add in fairness to Durham (who 9/10 times is a massive bell) he said he would keep the play offs exactly as they are. It's just Talksport drumming up debate to get people listening and calling in - I think people get too worked up about talksport - it is what it is - a commercial station that uses debate and controversy to get listeners for ad money
  9. Im not convinced by the "Blackburn being good" points being made - thought they were poor and their goal was down to us being half a sleep. We didn't take a hatful of chances to properly test the keeper first half and if we had done we could easily have gone i a couple of goals up. But it is the sign of our improvement. In past seasons we would have ground out a 1-1 draw at best against ten men. Instead we took quick control and then strangled the game. And next time Hooper - SHOOT!
  10. QPR are utter garbage. Should have been 3-1 minimum with both pens. Unlucky but also creators of our own downfall
  11. Really like it BUT wish we would wait until next season before using it - its confusing as its on some stuff and not others obviously
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