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  1. Nao The Lathums Blu Westside Gunn Good release day today.
  2. I thought it was alright and the bit at the end when they got to the accident was a hard watch.
  3. The Low End Theory is 30 years old today aswell.
  4. Hitler Wears Hermes Side B and a new Blu album to listen to from today’s releases.
  5. yeah it definitely was. Amazing but heartbreaking.
  6. Inter are 3 for 3 in terms of their kits in my eyes, this is lovely. Hopefully you can buy it without the sponsor.
  7. I think the freestyle is 8 minutes long and absolute fire. One of the Greatest to do it.
  8. The new Common album is nice, definitely ‘more of the same’ from the first part.
  9. pretty much it’s nicer than their La Liga home shirt in my opinion
  10. love this Barca's 3rd/Champions League kit. Lovely.
  11. Just finished Part 1, don’t think the story massively progressed over the course of those 5 episode. Good to watch though, entertaining and a bit far fetched but that’s why I watch it.
  12. Michael K Williams, who played Omar, has passed away. So sad.
  13. Same, we thought we had figured out what/who but it turned it on us. Very good.
  14. We finished Clickbait last night, kept you guessing right until the end. Very good 8/10
  15. He lost me after MBDTF, since then it’s been gimmick album launch after gimmick album launch. With the 2018 7-track albums being the only glimmer of light. Shame because College Dropout and Late Registration are sensational
  16. So Kendrick has announced that his next album will be his last on Top Dawg which is interesting. It’s good that something is seemingly coming soon though.
  17. https://www.footballshirtculture.com/21/22-Kits/ajax-2021-2022-third-kit.html Stunning, their grey kit from last season was one of my favourites.
  18. https://www.nme.com/news/music/arctic-monkeys-recorded-new-album-in-suffolk-3019102 Here we go, hope we get a 2021 release.
  19. This isn’t even a surprise which is an indictment of where Arsenal are nowadays. I hope Brentford do well this season.
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