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  1. Palace’s dressing room was in the corner he was walking towards according to Lampard.
  2. https://oklama.com/step 13th May, here we go
  3. New Vince Staples was sounding nice on the way to work this morning
  4. I liked the album a lot
  5. Booked 4 nights in Lisbon in September for Kalorama then off down to the Algarve for 5 nights. Some great tips in here.
  6. Never listened to him before but yeah this is lovely sounding. I read somewhere he had been influenced by The Roots and you can tell.
  7. Another good race there, shame Leclerc couldn’t hold on.
  8. Couldn’t get into them when they came out but I wasn’t really into the genre anyway. 11or 12 gigs later and they’re by far and away my favourite band. They try something different with each album which keeps things interesting. Roll on AM7.
  9. You love to see it. Superb.
  10. ******** have that Horner. Up the Mercs.
  11. Loving the last 3 laps between Leclerc and Verstappen
  12. only snippets from him. Finished the whole thing earlier. It was good overall and obviously very Merc/Red Bull centric. Bit of a shame not to have an episode on Vettel or Alonso, Aston Martin got nothing at all.
  13. Alchemist on Tana Talk 4. Lord almighty.
  14. Drive To Survive showing the Mazepin’s to be unsavoury last season. Nikita comes across a spoilt entitled ********.
  15. I watched Duel earlier and the ending to the season still got me ******** seething. I don’t think anything in Sport has ever got me that way so long after it has happened.
  16. Netflix, the first two parts cover the run up to and just after College Dropout. The final bit covers afterwards but in a sporadic nature. The difference in him is clear as day.
  17. Finished the Kanye documentary today. First two parts were amazing but I found the final part quite sad.
  18. I’m surprised after the embarrassment of the Euro 2020 final. I would’ve thought UEFA would look elsewhere even if we are the only bidders.
  19. Struggling to get into it so far but know when I do, I’ll be all in.
  20. can’t wait, should be tasty given what happened
  21. Played a little bit earlier, found the map fragment but just trying to get used to everything at the moment. Visually it’s absolutely stunning.
  22. Been watching all sorts of videos over the past few weeks. Very hyped. Glad to hear it’s not as solid as their previous games. Looks like you can pretty much what you want on this. Looks amazing.
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