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  1. All penalties, all red cards. Regardless of everything else
  2. Would still be relevant for FFP though wouldn't it? Like running out of pies or not selling boxes, these combined missed opportunities all add up
  3. Patrick blondeau Franny jeffers Darren purse Leon knight Daniel uchechi Juan cobian Con blatsis Kim Olsen Struggling to think of bigger wasters that we've managed to bring out.
  4. Wouldn't have an issue with that, give Westwood a little extra time to get fit. But dropped altogether for wildsmith? No chance, if I was putting our best 11 together Westwood is always in goal. As someone else said earlier, It's not a drama which one plays though - both are excellent keepers.
  5. As are the lads in the youth teams apparently. Bar the odd clanger - brad Jones, Ola tidman - we've never struggled for decent keepers.
  6. Very pleased with wildsmith as our keeper, and if we had sold Westwood, I'd be more than happy to run with him and Dawson as our keepers. But anyone suggesting that the league's best keeper should be dropped have smoked some seriously dangerous baccy. Westwood is going straight in at #1 when fit, and rightly so. If Westwood attracts a silly offer (£3m+) in summer, then cash in and promote wildsmith up to first choice. But not before then.
  7. Wildsmith 8 - not much to Do, but how many clubs can lose their first choice keeper, and play an academy product without worrying? Hunt 6 - was an absolute menace til - yet again - going off injured. Lees/van aken 7 - both started shaky but at 2 nil settled down and killed everything that came at them Reach 7 - also started shaky but after 20 minutes, he suddenly burst into life. Looked a constant threat, links up well with midfield. Jones 5 - got away with it today because the other three in midfield covered him. Slow and cumbersome, had some decent patches
  8. Joao offers a different edge. Aside from Hooper, and maybe bannan and Lee, I'd say everyone else shouldn't be guaranteed a shirt. I also think Joao offers a bit of pace and running, we'll need that against leeds. Full backs should sit tight. This is not the game for them to go marauding out of position. It's also not the time to change to 3 at the back, although I still think that's the best option with the players we have. Wildsmith Palmer, loovens, lees, reach Hutchinson Wallace, bannan, Lee Hooper, Joao If we could go 3 a
  9. Pudil is not the answer against leeds very decent wide men. Hunt has apparently been very poor in the last two games. For me, It's time to bring in Joao and Hutchinson, in place of Jones and Fletcher. I'm 50/50 on van aken, loovens knows his stuff and might just settle everyone down.
  10. I liked it. Had a go, stopped being mr nice guy and defended his players - rightly or wrongly - and showed a bit of fire. For fairness, i thought the questions were justified, and Carlos' anger was probably amplified because hes had it fairly easy up til now. If the players dont step up and do it for him tomorrow, they cant complain if carlos batters them from pillar to post. Time for some leaders to step up in that squad, grab the rest and get us firing.
  11. I'm sure this sounded funny in your head. Some fans never learn. Don't give it the big'Un until after the game - derbies are too unpredictable.
  12. Clearly he's gone shopping in meadowhall for a new bike. He just doesn't care
  13. I will actually cry if pudil starts at centre back.
  14. quoted just incase fattybear tries to edit and hide his abject failing
  15. What's going to be available first - the prints or the kit?
  16. Mark crossley equalising against Southampton with that last gasp header. The world's fattest salmon leaping through the air to score.
  17. Honolulu beach party, watching the stewards trying to get people sat down only to be battered by an inflatable banana..
  18. I imagine there was one of them thinking "that blenkinsop - could he do a job for us?" And one guy grumbling to his missus "if that wily cad thinks I'm going to pay extra for blue AND white stripes on the kit, he can go whistle" I refuse to believe we've got any better in the last 150 years. Something comforting that we've always grumbled about the same crap
  19. No arguments from me. Would he have been first or second choice last season or this season? Not always. I still think half our problem is movement. the reason hooper is so vital is he links the play up and is always on the move. When fletcher or joao up their workrate, both are a nightmare to deal with, like Huddersfield at home last year. When they are statuesque, sat on the shoulder - which Rhodes is very guilty of - it's just awful.
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