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  1. A top lad and fellow Eckington Owl. Heart of gold and will be sadly missed.
  2. There’s already a story on their website. Call it childish, point scoring or whatever, if charities are benefitting from both sets of fans, then I’m all for it! Nearly £1300 now!
  3. Anyone who votes anything other than Jos needs a lifetime Owlstalk ban.
  4. Someone has set a Just Giving page up fella if anyone wants to contribute - https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/wereallsheffieldarentwe flew up to nearly £1000 already!
  5. Have to agree... mainly because there’s only 1 league game in May
  6. It’s like one of those dreams where you’re getting stuck in with some super fit bird, but then just as you’re about to stick it in the alarm for work goes off. That’s how this season is going to finish.
  7. Hopefully Hector is back from international duty fit and well. Notice Jamaica don’t play until 2am our time tomorrow morning.
  8. Was immense for us at times. Virtually unstoppable on the ball and in the air. Can’t remember who it was against but I remember a game at Hillsborough, him cantering down the left with the ball from deep in our half and smashing one in. Also the gif of him, Dave Jones, Ryan Lowe and one other in the car was outstanding!
  9. Know a couple of pigs from Eckington who got sent down for firing flares at a derby game years back. 1 hit a young Wednesday fan on the head. Both got 18 months.
  10. It’s got 0-0 written all over it
  11. Rivalry aside, not sure what he’s done wrong to deserve this.
  12. The grunters play the highlighted teams in their remaining games. Don’t like asking for favours but...
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