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  1. every keeper at this level should be a good shot stopper, it’s the basics. As is kicking the ball... which Dawson is terrible at. Personally I rate Wildsmith more than Dawson, but he’s not had a sniff since his injury.
  2. Saw 2 groups of lads going for it on Middlewood Road. 1 copper ran over and started pasting everyone with his truncheon, while another copper was filming it. *reading that back, it could be a fight, or a blue movie
  3. Don’t the beard trimmings fall into your pants?
  4. He might have a bidet. What a great invention they were by the way.
  5. Saw him at the Espanyol friendly on crutches with a brutal looking brace on his leg.
  6. Chansiri is currently in New York with his family, so either nothing is imminent or something is already sorted.
  7. A deal that shouldn’t even be considered until a new manager is in place and has had a look at the squad.
  8. More of a hands tied situation than a “let him slip”. Chelsea will want good money for him, and Fulham can spend it. Unlike us.
  9. Just because he’s been here a few years and was part of the playoff final loss doesn’t mean he can’t help us push forward. He’s one of the best midfielders in the league, in my opinion. If we can get him back to his old self, and on a contract that will be favourable to us, no doubt, it will be one of the better deals this summer.
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