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  1. every keeper at this level should be a good shot stopper, it’s the basics. As is kicking the ball... which Dawson is terrible at. Personally I rate Wildsmith more than Dawson, but he’s not had a sniff since his injury.
  2. Saw 2 groups of lads going for it on Middlewood Road. 1 copper ran over and started pasting everyone with his truncheon, while another copper was filming it. *reading that back, it could be a fight, or a blue movie
  3. On a serious note, it’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. We had an unbelievable time. Snorkelling with turtles and swimming with reef sharks - all at the bottom of the steps from our overwater villa into the sea! Will definitely be returning one day.
  4. our island was only half an hour from Malé so we had to settle for a speedboat.
  5. Don’t the beard trimmings fall into your pants?
  6. He might have a bidet. What a great invention they were by the way.
  7. Saw him at the Espanyol friendly on crutches with a brutal looking brace on his leg.
  8. Not having that. Strategy is part and parcel of Formula 1, and Merc made the right call, but Lewis still had to pump in 20 blistering laps with next to no mistakes to stand a chance of catching Max. Redbull had the better race car this weekend, on a track that was more favourable to them than the Merc or Ferrari... but a Mercedes still won.
  9. Enjoyed the race. Great call from the Mercedes pit wall to box Lewis for yellows. Until Max’s tyres died a death it still looked like Lewis would run out of laps, though. The Ferrari’s looked miles off the pace. Spa and Monza after the break which are “Ferrari tracks”, hopefully see them a bit closer.
  10. Great qualifying for Max. Cannot believe that’s his first pole position. Hopefully he gets off the mark well today. Think Hamilton getting past Bottas will set up for a decent race between the Merc and Redbull. If not, Bottas will hold Hamilton up and Max will pull away. Fingers crossed for another good race!
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