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  1. Did he though? He was the only manager in those 20 years who had any money at all to spend, and a ridiculous amount of it too. Yet still he achieved the same result in terms of promotion, failure. Spent a fortune, most of it wasted and we're still paying the price now, in the grand scheme of things, he was sh#t Hope he has a good birthday though, seems like a nice chap.
  2. Becoming a regular thing now Westwood. Been great for years, but Leeds game aside he's been poor this season.
  3. If better was available at the right price, then we should always loom to improve, that goes for any position/player But Fox is a defender, playing regularly in a defence that hardly concede any goals and has been a big part of the reason for that. How bad can he be?
  4. Played a load of games at left back recently and never once used his left foot. Shift him over to right back and he's suddenly hitting piledrivers with it. Great effort, needs to try his luck more often
  5. He'sa regular part of a defence that don't concede many goals, how bad can he be? He's been largely steady since the beginning of the year. Never going to be a world beater, but he is reliable. Good to see him getting some credit.
  6. Good to see him getting some credit. Its a squad game and we will need reliable, hard working players like him over the course of a season. Not the best player we've got, but he's always available and never hides, good on him.
  7. Reach is back to normal. Had us worried at Boro. P1ss poor today Wednesday, we're built to play around Fletcher and without him we looked blunt. Hopefully a good response on Saturday
  8. Reach was better 2nd half in fairness, but the first half was shocking, ineffective and lazy which is becoming the norm for Reach, his body language is very poor. Put more effort in 2nd half though and some decent crosses, one of which should have led to a goal.
  9. Luongo should be more involved. Would like to see him start the next game. Joey did alright today, yes they were in 3rd gear for most of it, but he broke things up well, one of his better games.
  10. It is, but I feel the decision to drop too deep is being made by Bannan himself. Doesn't matter who plays "behind" him, he's often the deepest of the 3. The gap between midfield and attack is far too big and if Bannan isn't going to be the man to fill that, should he even play? Hopefully in the next home game ( Wigan? ) we'll be on the front foot more than we were against Fulham from the off and play higher up the pitch.
  11. Turns his back on the ball too often for me which is criminal for a defender at this level. Got away with it on Saturday but it has cost him/us already this season. Getting better though and in general he's been good the last couple of games. Saturday was his best for us so far
  12. Now we have Luongo, Hutchinson can go. Along with Lee most likely. That central midfield needs splitting up and refreshing, we've built things around them for 4 years now and whilst they are all decent enough players, it's a real weak area for us.
  13. Managers all seem to love him and you can understand why. Won't start many games, but won't kick off and cause problems because he isn't starting, he'll just crack on and do the job. Works his socks off for the team and no defender likes having an awkward, unorthodox lump like that coming off the bench and roughing them up when they're starting to tire at the end of a game. I'd much rather he be coming on for us than against us. Best player in the world? No Give him another year after this? Absolutely
  14. Too big a gap between midfield and attack. Been a problem for years. If there's 3 central midfielders, surely 1 can afford to go and support the attack rather than having them all in a line 30 yards away. I'd like to see Luongo come in, add some extra energy and drive in there
  15. Midfield 3 are non existent so far. Nowhere near the ball when it breaks loose. All decent enough players, but as collective, they weren't good enough 4 years ago. Need to try and get Luongo into the side for me.
  16. He's alright after all Warnock is. Always secretly loved us, giving us Harris just confirms it. Cheers Neil, you daft 2wat
  17. Never wanted a player to succeed as much as Fox, the pelt he gets is shocking at times. He's not going to bomb past players and smash balls in like Andy Robertson, but he's competent, gives his all and recently he's started to look the part more and more. He'll have bad games and there'll be people lining up to criticize as always. But you have to give credit where it's due. Cracking block tonight to keep it at 1-0 too, vital.
  18. Agreed. A much more fancied side like Leeds, WBA or Fulham will drop points away at places like Millwall. This league is never as straightforward as it seems.
  19. Not hit any kind of stride yet. It's still August and we'll hopefully get better as the new lads continue to settle in. I doubt we'll stay at the top for too long, but give it time and see where we are and how we're playing in a few months. Far from the finished article but finding a way to win, that'll do for me.
  20. Looks like a proper no nonsense centre half. But shown he can play a bit too at times. Still early days, but could be a real find.
  21. Don't think anybody really thought he was doing a good job. Because he clearly wasn't. Think a lot just refused to believe that it was all down to him, or that anybody would actually be leaving out Westwood, Hutchinson etc in favour of young kids purely for footballing reasons and assumed there had to be more behind the scenes than we were being told. That may still be the case although it seems unlikely now. He was sh#t. But we move on.
  22. You can't get anything for £1 million in 2019 SWFC: "F#cking watch me"
  23. I like Bannan. But it was great to see us play today without him. Lee, Hutch, Luongo and Joey all offered something in that position and we played with a greater freedom, I often feel like we can't shoot at goal until Barry has touched the ball, we have to give it to Bannan. He shouldn't be a guaranteed starter, nobody should, but if we get to a point where he's warming the bench, this season is going to be really good.
  24. It's early days, but he looks the business. Doesn't panic, looks composed ( to an extent ) on the ball and his positioning is very good. The clearance off the line was just quality defending. Really hope we've finally unearthed a gem, because the early signs are very good. He was brilliant today.
  25. Best thing for me today. Last season it would have been Fletch chasing shadows on his own. In the first half today it was him, Lee, Reach and Harris hunting in packs and they got the ball back more than once, That extra energy in the squad is priceless. Keeps us on the front foot.
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