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  1. Doing well there. But no matter what he or any other forward did, they wouldn't score goals in our side at the moment. We're just ever so slightly w@nk I'm afraid.
  2. Probably the best player we've got at the moment, certainly the most important. Need cover for him in January if we can find it.
  3. Izzy Brown's ability is irrelevant. He will contribute nothing despite being arguably our most talented player. The very definition of a Wednesday signing
  4. These types of "saga" need to be kept away from the club this season. We finally have a squad of players who all seem to want the shirt and regardless of ability, will give their all for it, there seems to be a togetherness and some positivity about the team and this sort of poo only serves to disrupt that. Westwood was a good player and may still be, but he's clearly finished here and it's time to look forward, Dawson is the least of our problems this season.
  5. Always been a good keeper. More than good enough for this level. Kicking is a bit poo sometimes but he's getting better all the time. Good to see him going well after some harsh criticism last season.
  6. Not massively bothered about Hector for the money he'd have cost. Venancio and Alex Lopez at the time would have been good signings.
  7. Didn't win though did they? Losers. But let's be honest, just like everything else, there's maybe 5 or 6 teams likely to win it every year.
  8. I'd like to hear Brian Clough's response to the sorry state of football. In his day a 2nd Division side could compete and hope to win a cup, it's a totally different "business" now, and in no good way.
  9. He wasn't a bad player by any means but let's be honest, the club did a lot more for Sam Hutchinson than he did for the club.
  10. Do agree with this, but it's the Forestieri and Hutchinson's I couldn't give a balls about. Nice to see the young lads, who left Wednesday for no reason other than not quite being good enough, getting an opportunity and doing well. Good luck to him.
  11. Yes Beautiful. I also slept with her, am I? 1. Irresistible to women 2. Lying 3. A beautiful bulgarian woman 4. Too early to decide
  12. Inevitable follow up to Garry plotter and the impeccably clean sheets.
  13. Plop, the owl who was afraid of the dark. Or Hedwig
  14. We look solid and well organised. Lots of energy and good pressing, looking to win the ball high up the pitch. Scoring goals will be a concern this season bit if we remain difficult to beat we've got a chance. Might all go willy up, but I like what he's trying to do
  15. There's always room for such a lovely smile. Stick him up front
  16. Top guy, imagine if it turns out he can play football too .
  17. Thought things had gone stale for him and it was time to move on. Maybe the fresh look to the squad and the new approach is doing him good, going to need good, experienced players like him to get us out of this mess and help the younger lads this season, good to see him playing well again.
  18. Yep, cack yourself all you want lads. Matt's got this
  19. Because everything Monk has done so far suggests he's looking for a 35 year old striker. May as well tell Beattie to chuck his boots on and save a few quid.
  20. Josh Windy having a shindig. Have a few beers and it might rhyme, I don't know.
  21. Agreed. But FDB grew into the game well in 2nd half so thought. Good pace and strength about him. Got to remember the Walsall game was his professional debut, definitely a player there, he'll get better.
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