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Del Geary released.........Would ya?

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Pure drivel.....

Just about sums today up.

What some people seem to forget about Geary is:

1) He was released by Wednesday and then went to Stockport.

2) In his last game for Wednesday he was voted player of the season.

You cant question the bloke for trying to earn a living when you where voted the best player at the club and then kicked out.

I personaly think he would be decent in Div 1 (baring injurys)

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Only so that I could wear my D Geary signed wednesday shirt again. :biggrin::biggrin:

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Better than Spurr

Spurr would be a cracking centre half in this division (his true position)

Far too many times last season it was obvious that he aint a full back!

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FFS we need to move forwards.

What has that got to do with anything.

Getting abit sick of this "moving forward" b*llocks being applied to everything at Wednesday.

Cardiff aren't complaining about resigning Chopra, Arsenal wern't complaining when Campbell went back and i could go on.

Its a load of horse sh*t. Just because you resign a player doesn't automatically move every aspect of a club backward 5 year FFS!!!

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Guest DSC_UK

No he runs about like a midget on speed and thats about it. Running around a lot dosen't make you a good player.

Plus I think he is meant to be signing for Leeds.

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