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  1. I'll take two spaces if they're still going then boss.
  2. You driving back after the game or staying overnight Heath?
  3. Availability update: Poundland on the moor now with limited stock of blue/white dolphins, whales, crocodiles, bananas and rubber rings. 1 inflatable per client ID. 2 dolphins, 1 whale, 1 croc and 1 banana in 548.
  4. Longest of long shots, I know, but if there's a member that has already got bank holiday plans, give me a shout. Happy to cover your £30 membership fee.
  5. I would rumbleing love it if we signed him.
  6. This must happen. That man deserves an honorary run out at Hillsborough. Integral in our promotion push.
  7. this. nothing sky can do about it. thems the rules.
  8. "YAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHH" is my personal favourite. Used when a shot trickles past the far post or hits the side netting.
  9. this really puts things into perspective. rip.
  10. we'll be lucky to make the playoffs with results like that...
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