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  1. the sentimentality that some of us have is beyond belief.. its like a rousing applause for some thrower who comes back to S6 with an opposing team. a genuine club legend would be deserving of such; someone who lives and breathes wednesday. not fecking jack hunt ffs. people need to stop looking backwards with their blue & white glasses on.
  2. finally someone talking sense amongst all the negativity on here.
  3. some absolute bed wetters in this thread. DC will get it right. not his fault that so-called big name players aren't delivering.
  4. bur my point on the amex is.. the job wasnt done. we still had a game to win and we celebrated like we'd got promoted. then no bugger showed up at wembley.
  5. this.. 100%. it began at FT at the amex, POSF 2nd leg.
  6. 1 ticket going spare at face value if anyone is interested. adult £33, will meet on the gate tonight. cheers.
  7. done with the bloke. was delighted to have him. gutted to lose a manager how we have. but he isnt bigger than us. if he wants to snake off and manage the geordies then so be it. milk it for every penny you can mr. chansiri. wawaw.
  8. Hello If anyone has a spare Derby ticket I will gladly take it off your hands for face value. Happy to collect or meet before Pigs (H) and pay cash. Please dm or reply. Cheers in advance.
  9. is this still available? will take if so.
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