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  1. dc88

    Hirst Snr

    I was like this. Then I met him. Total stroker, imho. Sad but true. Remember him on the pitch and nowt more.
  2. might be an age thing but chuff me that music doesnt work at all on that. still good effort tho mate.
  3. dc88


    apologies.. the quote was misplaced. i agree with you. its the 'dave' thing that sums up the fuckwittery.. not your post!
  4. dc88


    absolutely sums up the fuckwittery of some of our fans.
  5. dc88

    Clean language viewing

    c. 1994/1995 when family enc used to be on the lower lepp, i first heard the C word and asked my mum what it meant (aged 6). cue a strongly worded letter to swfc from the mother about the apparent sanctity of the family enclosure. despite your best intentions, you are unlikely to shelter her from it entirely so best to just warn her and make it clear not to repeat. also, didnt do me any harm you soft coont
  6. only one im fussed about is brum. they give the pigs a run for their money in terms of being absolute pov scrubbers. been away there about 3 times and there is ALWAYS bother. so yeah, off they go to the bog league please.
  7. this is my biggest fear. if the unthinkable happens, the above is nailed on imo.
  8. dc88

    Late run for the play offs?

    of just fornicate off!!
  9. dc88

    Violence in the Wednesday end..

    this 100000% barnsley away is one of the worst for it, as all the scrubbers can get there for about £3 on the train
  10. dc88

    IF we were relegated ...

    behave.. madine has just gone for 6 times that!!
  11. dc88

    Message to the team

    play up you fat cünts
  12. dc88

    Hillsborough Tap Pub

    nowt better than a 10 minute queue for a pint
  13. favourite with skybet and has left his current role didnt see PLEASE NO thread.. sorry please delete
  14. refunds with conditions?!