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  1. dc88

    Blackburn Away

    am i missing sumat? loads of train on trainline.
  2. dc88

    One small neg today

    dem eyes
  3. dc88

    Image Rights

    ive heard he is off on loan before end of august - a case of when, not if. so your theory, in my mind, is credible. madness really, as he is our best keep by a mile.
  4. dc88

    Toxic to support

    what with this and the 'put your phones away' thread, there've been some proper good flounces on here this evening, bravo.
  5. dc88


    more to the point @londonowl, why the ferk are you allowing them to be members / raised as arsenal fans?!
  6. dc88

    Hirst Snr

    I was like this. Then I met him. Total stroker, imho. Sad but true. Remember him on the pitch and nowt more.
  7. dc88

    This is Sheffield Wednesday

    might be an age thing but chuff me that music doesnt work at all on that. still good effort tho mate.