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  1. enigmamedusa

    Morgan fox

    Very good I thought. Attacked well, a real threat. We should have had a 1st half pen from his cross. I was sat in the Bristol end and even they thought it was a pen
  2. enigmamedusa

    just goy back to the car

    I thought Bannan was probably our best player after Fox. Thought Nuhiu changed the tempo a bit...
  3. We were unlucky. We controlled the game in my opinion, looked quite relaxed. We should have an a penalty in the first half, plus probably should have scored a couple more. They scored a pen and a deflection. Sadly I thought we got a lot worse when Nuhiu came on.
  4. enigmamedusa

    List of absolute no goes

    F*ck me, you are a pessimist.
  5. enigmamedusa


    True. And he was at Watford's academy, which I believe was around the time they had some great talent coming through. I'll watch the Boston Red Sox film :)
  6. enigmamedusa


    It's not just stats for buying players, it's how they are coached, team talks, the manager even gets texts at half time. I read this article, I thought it was quite interesting http://www.theguardian.com/football/blog/2015/feb/22/brentford-mathematical-modelling-denmark
  7. enigmamedusa


    Fair point. Do you see what I mean though? Matthew Benham brought FC Midtjylland, introduced his system and they won the first trophy ever, the league title. Introduced it at Brentford, got promoted and nearly went up again.
  8. I remember when Gray was announced and my first thoughts were "I hope that's not the bloke that was at Southampton...". It was, but Gray did OK. Knowing our team as we all do, we could get Ancelotti in and there would still be people who would be unhappy. Now is time to sit back, enjoy the show, let the optimism build before ultimately our hopes and dreams are smashed to pieces :)
  9. enigmamedusa


    The "next manager" odds are always very volitile, it only takes a small number of bets at relatively small value to get a manager to top of the odds. Warburton has done great at Brentford, but the only thing that scares me a bit is "the system" that Brentford's owner has apparently created. He has a Danish football team and they won the league using the system and Brentford have had success too. What if this system is fantastic, and the driving force behind Brentford's success, and not Warburton
  10. enigmamedusa

    Stuart Pearce

    I was trying to be nice, but you're right.
  11. enigmamedusa

    Stuart Pearce

    That's a bit harsh, on Hoddle and Sven. I'm sure Pearce is a very nice man, but he's not a top level football manager
  12. enigmamedusa

    The new manager is.........

    Has Pini Zahavi's company just lent us some money? And his best friend is Avran Grant...
  13. It's a good point. Maybe Michael Appleton will know someone who could do the job