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  1. I was never into them and yet another who has never listened to it.
  2. We’ve got no one left, these will have to do.
  3. Palmer, thornily and reach can play there, need to be fair to him after the crap hes had and let him go.
  4. Imagine fletch on the end of them crosses.
  5. Bingley Festival, which was building into a decent little gig with NGHFB last year is cancelled this year and has been replaced by the Bingley weekender, Put on by someone different. Stuck to a similar format of having slightly Older headline act, with a few new bands to support, Sunday looks the best day if your looking at a one day ticket.
  6. I don't think we have any other option than to get rid, we really can't afford to have players on our books that don't play. So for me it's a goodbye to the likes of hooper, abdi and sadly hutch. Its harsh but its business and we've gone for years with these players on our books and then signing others to play instead of them as their always out.
  7. I know, a woman writing about football.... Wtf I am joking by the way
  8. Id put him above lampard and gerrard personally, beckham was different and not easy to compare.
  9. Bjork at Phoenix festival in the 90s, she was relatively big at the time , but it was dire, came across a band I’d never heard of at the time called Shed7, loved them ever since.
  10. RIP buddy, so sad to see things like this, way too young.
  11. Don’t know if it’s the saddest song ever, but love this, from the Music, has voice , everything about this is beautiful
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