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  1. swafty

    RIP Oliver Rains

    RIP buddy, so sad to see things like this, way too young.
  2. swafty

    Cardiff in for FF

    If 12-15 mill is bid , we surely don’t have a choice. We’ve been told that we are screwed next year if we don’t go up, this would go a massive way to helping out. So as much as I’d hate to see him go, if it’s for the good of the future of the club, then so be it.
  3. swafty

    Sean Clare

    As someone posted earlier, these 1 year contracts are the main issue, no security for the player and hardly a vote of confidence for their ability, need to tie some of the more promising ones tied down for 3 or 4 years , introduce them to the team gradually and bring them through.
  4. Trippier unable to cross as he’s got 2 on him and walker seems reluctant to for some reason
  5. Why am I not 100% confident that this will happen
  6. Looks great, bet it hurt like fizz
  7. swafty

    Harrison Reed

    Personally thought he had a decent game and was at the core of everything they did the other week, the only one that looked to have anything about him. I commented to my lad at the time that he looked dangerous, I’d be happy with him.
  8. swafty


    I thought the opposite, the way he ran off pulling at the badge, said to me I want to be here.
  9. We could make a play for Wilder, he might not be at S2 much longer : )
  10. 86 home shirt for me every time, it’s lush
  11. If these are your work, then well done, I'd take all three.
  12. Someone posted this on Twitter a couple of weeks ago, all lovely.
  13. swafty

    Feel a bit sorry for Jos

    I for one do not believe that there is the slightest chance that he wasn't aware of the current state of the club, he would have management or advisors, or just look on the web, its there for all to see.
  14. swafty


    Vardy will relish banging a hattrick against the scrubbers