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    Vardy will relish banging a hattrick against the scrubbers
  2. Strumming along to I should be so lucky, lucky, lucky luhukay.
  3. Shef wedsneigh

    Crap again...Carlos out!!
  4. Shef wedsneigh

    Come on Carlos!!!
  5. Their first goal , if anything says we need centre backs, that's it.
  6. Carlos says......

    I never believe a thing that he says in these interviews anyway, in January he was saying that we wouldn't be going out spending a fortune on players, next day Rhodes signed.
  7. Next season kit

    Think we said the same when Sondico got the gig a couple of years back, but the shirts sold well, someone's buying them and still will even if it's Lacatoni.
  8. Would be great to see Huddersfield nick him from Leeds, lads at work would have a meltdown.
  9. You could sleep for days and not miss a goal
  10. Need to take off hutch and fletch, bring on Rhodes and winnall , push ff to the left....much more attacking ( but I'll trust CC )
  11. Might not be a popular choice, but if Carlos was to go and Leeds were to get rid of Monk, I'd take him.( lot of ifs and buts )