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  1. Watching pigs on sky

    Kids for a quid today!
  2. Checked online about 11:30, 12-13yrs boys gone already. Surely that's not it?
  3. Out on the 31st September I've heard!
  4. Colin West looked like a striker, then the similarity stopped!
  5. Or we could.... Take car, Go to Chansiri's, Kill Warnock - "Sorry Colin" Grab Forestieri, Go to the Park Hotel, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over.
  6. Nigel Pearson

    If he came in for the Sunderland game I would rather see him at centre back than manager!
  7. Tommy Docherty

    As Tommy Docherty is 88 now I think he may struggle!
  8. Hutchinson is the problem

    So who's providing the bite in midfield?
  9. Who did we play in this?

    I think this was against Newcastle, Sinton didn't play many games