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  1. Bannan signing a deal means nowt, if the price is right......
  2. I'm sure Chansiri (and other equally rich owners in the championship) are crunching the figures as I type to see if it's worth the gamble!
  3. Carlos had a dream, To run a premier team, He failed with the Owls so had a go with the Swans, He moved down to Wales, Then came off the rails, Carlos Carvalhal, you're king of the fails.
  4. Patheard

    Almain Abdi

    Sedloski played 4 times for Wednesday, he was at the club for under a year and the reason he didn't play much was that he was She-ite!
  5. Do they get time and a turd?
  6. I pray to Mecca every weekend-Mecca Wednesday win!
  7. Patheard

    Team for Saturday

    Is Hunt fit
  8. Patheard


    Amazing isn't it, earlier this season Pudil was 'Fox like' with people wanting him gone, now he is a front runner for player of the season. Funny game football!
  9. Patheard

    Fernando Forestieri rehab

    Sturridge was in the states for a month http://www.thefa.com/news/2015/jan/08/sturridge-set-for-return-from-usa-rehab-080115 The only treatment I can find about Wilshere happened in London. Zlatan was back in Manchester 3 months after surgery on a 'career ending injury'
  10. Patheard

    Fernando Forestieri rehab

    We all know he only went for the duty-free, a bottle of johnnie walker and 200 Rothmans later he was back at Anfield!
  11. Patheard

    Fernando Forestieri rehab

    Can you name a player who has been sent abroad for 5 months?
  12. Daz was a lovely fella, a big bloke with a big heart and a cracking sense of humour RIP x
  13. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/sheffield-wednesday-big-injury-blow-for-owls-as-fernando-forestieri-is-ruled-out-for-three-months-1-8743690 He actually said 'minimum of 3 months' never mentioned 9 months.
  14. Patheard

    Sheffield Wednesday Board

    Willy did a cracking job for Forfar, he was hotly tipped for the Celtic job before Rodgers got it!