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Preston Roll Call

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Local game for me and the first away game since Blackpool (I is a part-timer), so hopefully the recent improvements can be transmitted into a result at Deepdale.

To make up for it I will be bringing three extra, my eldest lad who works Saturdays so gets to only a few games, my youngest lad's mate who is a Man Ure fan who has never been to an away game with anyone and my mate who's a Blackburn fan and enjoyed it so much last season, can't wait till Tuesday and wants to see us get our shoes off, 'cos he has promised to join in.

Been a lot of expense recently for those of you that made Reading and/or swansea and you have my admiration.

As an added incentive I will definitely be bringing some free Chorley Cakes, but I have to save one for Grandad after failing miserably last year to remember to bring them.

ashjam will also be buying the beers...!

See you there...!


The Fire Station opposite Deepdale shopping centre offers safe parking round the back for about £3 and the money is going to a good cause. Just don't take up all the spaces before I get there...!

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Guest Deleted member

*doesnt believe for one minute there will be any Chorley Cakes on offer as have been let down one too many times*

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Guest Deleted member

I live in Preston so very much a local game for me, but alas I will be going on my own. If anyone fancies a beer pre/post match then let me know!

For some reason I couldn't convince any of my mates here to spend £20 watching two poor sides they don't support on a Tuesday evening...

*gets on to Preston to pre-warn the catering dept*


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