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  1. brian joicey

    Pudil & Van Aken

    pudil was warming up with the subs at half time on saturday
  2. brian joicey

    Well this is awkward

    could be worse... i saw a man u fan (male) gobblin another man u fan (male) on a coach in the wembley car park after the 91 League cup final win..... scarred for life after that !
  3. 2 .. we have a midfield ‘line’ ? 3 .. jos’s tactics were awful ! Reach (playing his normal wide left position ) would have reacted to Penney wanting to overlap him by withdrawing to the vacant left back position naturally,Joao obviously does not react the same way.goal conceded after 1 minute ,confidence shattered and game taken away from us ! More square peg,round hole managerial tactical nonsense. Play your players in their best position and let the opposition worry about you!
  4. In other words if a defender (lees in this case) doesn’t do what he’s paid to do ( cut out the through ball ie.defend) then there’s no goal! All the hours of defensive planning down the drain caused by someone standing offside ... is this the correct way to improve the game ?
  5. Go back to the old fashioned offside rule and cut out all this nonsense!
  6. brian joicey

    Is it just me

    Absolutely this,except pessy is now the golden boy whereas jones,Palmer etc get booed....baffling !
  7. brian joicey

    Is it just me

    Lots of effort,desire and pashun but not enough quality. Squad player for me
  8. brian joicey

    Chuffin great game

    unbelievable night, classic case of a 'game of two halves' !
  9. brian joicey

    Happy 60th Chris Turner

    i remember that (i think)!,my memory was at the lep end (i thought it was against tranmere in a FA cup replay at night).brilliant save,dunno how he did it but it has always stuck in my mind too
  10. remember hanging off that left hand floodlight in the early 80s ! walking up to the ground there was a bridge that had 'cambs kill' painted on it
  11. brian joicey

    What does this achieve

    He’s bound to be bitter,anyone would
  12. brian joicey


    Going there next week,might look it up !
  13. brian joicey


    Which boat ?
  14. i believe the player/mansfield reported the incident to the police therefore the FA will have to act accordingly with the police enquiry.... and they don't move very quickly !