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  1. understand what you're saying but do creative players like messi etc 'need more aggression' ??? * not suggesting that reach is anything like messi just that's he's a creative player not a hutch type
  2. i think that part of the 'clear the air talks' have unearthed the fact that reach is far better on the LEFT,this has been evident with the 'winners' at leeds and qpr which wouldn't have happened had reach been on the right (and harris on the left)
  3. morrison was terrible... i remember a night match (peterborough?) where i walked down from my seat on the kop (row 19) just as mackail-smith and george boyd (remember him?) crossed the halfway line in a 2 on 2 break from our corner at the lep end (can't remember who our other defender was). i was screaming at morrison to watch the man running in behind him but no.... he followed the ball and both our defenders ended up trying to stop boyd (with the ball) who easily cut the ball back for mackail-smith to score easily. morrison ended up in the back of the net looking directly at me sceaming at him 'you fvkin moron' . happy days
  4. didn't realise luke ayling was one of the yeovil players sent off , horrible night (but a memorable one in a weird kinda way)
  5. the EMBARGO stand, has a ring to it
  6. Anyone noticed the common denominator in the last 2 (superb) performances ? Kieran Lee in , hutch out .... makes the midfield more fluid
  7. i'm led to believe the move is 'orchestrated' by connor himself (wanted it last summer but things changed at our end ie/bruce left! )
  8. a broken leg played its part in that !!
  9. Both his wife and father in law are members on here ! Just asked his father in law (on Twitter) if he’s ITK and he replied , with a lips zipped emoji . Make of that what you will ?
  10. About sums it up,Stoke were ugly...we were uglier !
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