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  1. Tempo

    which is exactly why they shouldn't be allowed to carry on !
  2. Is that it then?

    IF brentford had scored the goals their performance deserved IF leeds had scored 2 before our opener IF burton (yes burton) had converted their easy chances we'd be sat in the relegation zone,along with bolton ... with our squad ! just let that sink in............... is it acceptable?are the performances acceptable? is boredom part of the season ticket price ? does the surrender/debacle against dem blunts sit well with you ???
  3. that is a great way of putting it!! cheers
  4. those two play off matches and the blunts debacle are (to me) unforgiveable, it's like your missus cheating on you with your best mate.i won't support CC again and those that do are a total soft touch/ lacking in something !
  5. first memory that popped into my mind was siggi in that kit
  6. yep, i thought that was the one you were refering to
  7. Is it willie Henderson ? V Leicester 1973 ?
  8. Who went to this one?

    Yep,filbert st Leicester fa cup replay on a snowy January night 1979 (?)
  9. wrong! assuming the steering group members (ie/ owlstalk members,facebook group members (the kop end,wednesday sing etc ) have already asked the same questions/put forward ideas that most people who get involved with this exercise will and no changed has been effected .............. WHERE DOES THE FAULT LIE ???? certainly not with the steering group (or its providers of questions/ideas) therefore solely with ONE man,who seems to be a bit 'hands on' / dictator
  10. 40 Years Ago - 8th October 1977

    exactly this mate, it just ain't the same for me any more
  11. 40 Years Ago - 8th October 1977

    such happy,happy days ! only 3 tv channels though .... wtf