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  1. I met him in a bar in Benidorm in 84/85,he was surrounded by Geordie fans .spotting my yellow away shorts of that season he shouted me to come across and save him!we had some good banter and a few drinks.he told us that he went to Newcastle to talk to them before driving down to Hillsborough to sign for us (that went down well)happy days! Top man and absolute legend at this club (insert Micky Lyons emoji)
  2. my no.1 owl ever ..... no words needed (just look at that picture,that was his 'mission statement' for every match)
  3. Plus time wasting from the 10th minute ! Awful,niggly team
  4. Remember it well too,we were taking the wee wee out of their accent by singing ‘what the F-ing hell’s a Woof ‘ ! Banno missed 2pens in the last 5 mins iirc ?
  5. anyone remember his last minute winner at shrewsbury ??? LIMBS !
  6. he's from sheffield (i saw a quote somewhere where he also stated his favourite player was waddle)
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47753815
  8. Favourite player Chris Waddle! He'll do for me
  9. So yesterday we lost Onomah,hutch and fletcher to add to the rest... not looking good for the run in is it ? We are threadbare in central midfield
  10. But.... he didn’t employ himself did he? Gross incompetence is correct but Jo’s isn’t the major culprit here ! * just saying
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