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  1. Both him and Rhodes look like they’re towing caravans ,there again it is holiday season
  2. No pressure on bullen in this situation,why change that ?
  3. Don’t disagree but what ‘different ‘ does winnall give you ?
  4. Zero quality. overhit ,underhit or floated into no mans land! Neither did either winger run at the defender INSIDE the box looking to make the defender commit to a tackle. Poor from both wing men in my opinion
  5. Exactly this ,plan A had failed for 60mins and he failed to use plan B (get it up to big Dave and playoff him in and around the box like we did at Preston last season ) .too much fannying around in midfield and we created zero as a result. Not impressed at all. If you want promotion you don’t lose to a poor team with 10men for 45 mins
  6. last match v carlisle 0-0 was the following season....promotion season !
  7. hornsby x2 & david grant 3-2 win , att 11,309
  8. Luongo was QPR captain too, the spine of the team is full of leaders with the flair players out wide.
  9. R I P John,thanks for the memories
  10. Not official yet and my guess is that tomorrow they will soften the bad news (joao) with some good news (a new signing ), it’s the way it’s done these days.thry will have told Reading not to announce it till we’ve got our signing ‘tied up ‘
  11. Yep and refraining from the over exuberance of a win because of this. They are absolute dog turd ,we couldn’t have had a better opening day fixture
  12. He’s def not on holiday he just posted a pic of him sat in a traffic jam on m25
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