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  1. So yesterday we lost Onomah,hutch and fletcher to add to the rest... not looking good for the run in is it ? We are threadbare in central midfield
  2. But.... he didn’t employ himself did he? Gross incompetence is correct but Jo’s isn’t the major culprit here ! * just saying
  3. you mean what was chansiri thinking ???
  4. he was taken off as aprecaution, therefore he is not injured but being 'wrapped in cotton wool' to minimise the possibility of further problems
  5. that's how i remember it,think we had 10,000 tickets ( but far more travelled ) they ended up moving some into a home end !
  6. if you are meaning the 1983 FA CUP quarter final then i agree, worst crush i've ever encountered - seriously worried for my safety at one point
  7. exactly this! if bruce had been brought in a the beginning instead of carlos we would now be sat as a PL club
  8. 3years wasted on foreign nobodies with no idea ! Millions of pounds wasted during that time also
  9. Can’t use his explosive pace (going forward) at centre back
  10. Allegedly,yoonited have written to the league because they haven’t received their allocation info yet (which apparently the away club should receive 5weeks before the match)and the reason given is that the league are looking into a ‘request from the home club’ * info from someone purporting to be ITK
  11. this is my over- riding memory of Roly (good as he was)
  12. Exactly what i’ve Said, you don’t need a ‘director of football ‘ or a super agent/hanger -on when you’ve got Bruce ..he does the lot! DC can put his feet up and stop flouncing about everything ( that he brought on himself by employing the wrong people in the first place! ) .No more late night forums and tantrums cos everybody has got exactly what they’ve wanted/ needed for 3 years!
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