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  1. brian joicey

    Hutchinson at CB

    even though it's his natural position ,the one he was schooled in at chelsea ???? it's a natural move for me, it will prolong his career for sure
  2. brian joicey

    Fletcher to Panathinaikos

    Better player yes, goalscorer .... No!
  3. saw it on twitter but it's from their official site
  4. just seen an interview with him on norwich's site (with norwich shirt)
  5. brian joicey

    Jack Hunt from #SWFC to Bristol City

    Would like to think we'd got something up our sleeves before letting him go?
  6. brian joicey

    Team with no Signings

    Failed because of manager/tactics/fitness rather than the players tho ????
  7. brian joicey

    Team with no Signings

    He’s risen thru the ranks and become a powerful goal scorer also a Bulgarian U18 international.he has a lot of senior strikers ahead of him at hillsborough so maybe a year out on loan coming up ?
  8. brian joicey

    Team with no Signings

    You do realise he’s been with our academy for a few seasons don’t you?
  9. Anybody noticed that the players used are those guaranteed to be here this season rather than the obvious ones ...clever ploy !
  10. brian joicey

    The future captain of #SWFC

    Anybody else noticed that the players featured in the photo shoot are the ones guaranteed to be here all season ? Clever ploy by the hierarchy keeping FF,Westwood etc out of it *bit transparent tho
  11. Only just tuned in ...... BOOTIFUL !
  12. brian joicey

    Back to training early

    Not my pic btw
  13. brian joicey

    Back to training early

    FF was at the training ground yesterday
  14. Met Don in the hillsborough car park few years ago,what an absolute gent! Top man
  15. brian joicey


    when/where were these pics taken ??