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  1. R I P Rita ( a name i'm familiar with but didn't know her personally) ,fellow Owl
  2. Use it like cricket,captain allowed 2 referrals per match.onlymajor decisions will be questioned and the correct decision arrived at. Tonight’s big decision would have gone our way (justifiably)
  3. As I said at the time, what’s not to like ? Ticks every box ,including being an ex owl !
  4. Can’t help but agree ,what was he doing ? Elementary goalkeeping error
  5. fantastic, i have his testimonial brochure and look forward to reading this book
  6. Can’t play hutch deep (making 5at the back) in home matches,leaves us totally exposed and outnumbered in the middle third.we have no movement or fluidity and are totally reliant on some magic from the wings
  7. the only person that can help chansiri is HIMSELF but he continually declines !! the running of the club is a shambles even though his heart is in the right place
  8. got to get luongo in somehow, we need 'legs'/box to box in that midfield, we're too static with hutch & bannan
  9. hutch is effectively a 3rd centre back (always has been) .as such makes our midfield one short. if we're gonna play him then play 3 at the back (with wing backs) and enforce the middle of the park further up the field .3-5-2
  10. Absolutely, the two wingers are passengers in away matches because they never see the ball and fletch is isolated.not an attacking line up at all and significantly hampers us because those 3are so easily marked out of the game and there is no movement from them to open up space for the midfield.
  11. Does anyone think we went there to win that game ? Did we show a ‘winning Mentality ‘ ? Will the current ‘philosophy ‘ get promotion ?
  12. No pattern,no tactics,no pressing,no shape,no energy .... same old,same old.
  13. hatrick of pens for andy blair .... was that last week ???
  14. you are correct of course, the memory plays tricks these days !
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