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  1. No disagreement from me on that one,however, the majority of clubs using that system have knowledgeable people running their clubs ... we don’t! As per my earlier answer
  2. it'll be in their contracts re severance payments . a non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement
  3. so, the trouble our club is in is due to alan biggs not breaking any news ??? look at the BIGGER picture
  4. no problem with it as long as the people above know what they're doing (football wise) , do you think ours have proved that they do ?????
  5. witk knowledgeable football people above the a coach is sufficient, we have no one with an ounce of knowledge within the club. we have an architect flying the plane in effect
  6. always believed this to be true all along. they're NOT allowed to manage ,they're just coaches/yes men. hence, no british managers any more.
  7. so, by that mode of thinking,size of budget/quality of player doesn't have a bearing on league position ??? eg / man city > west brom ????
  8. do you not think Keiran Lee would have been exactly the same stature at that age ???
  9. Enjoyed it as we were comfortable... albeit against a lower league side
  10. Been up to my daughters in Bowzer today,her bloke is a stag (unfortunately I fear my grandson will be too )
  11. Narrowed the list down to realistic candidates,then chose Cook
  12. The Borner situation is a strange one , no break or concussion and yet .... where is he ?
  13. same here, we used to play for the Green Dragon cricket team together. my mate married his neice, great bloke, great times
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