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  1. extra costs for hotel rooms for away matches ???? 🤷‍♂️ seems a cool idea considering our FFP situation
  2. you can blame him for many things BUT coronavirus is not part of 'his mess'
  3. A few ‘gained’ under his incompetence,mainly the ones we’re talking about here ! * the main one being forestieri who actually got a wage rise for refusing to play for us
  4. But Birmingham’s DID get re-set tho 🤷‍♂️🤔
  5. We've just had a nighmare season where we were absolutely [email protected] BUT still managed to be 8pts above relegation ! we all know that ,with a little luck etc, those extra 4 pts were easily obtainable so it's not the end of the world .... admittedly it ain't great either !!!
  6. The way I understand it is; what we did re backdating the sale is perfectly legal accounting in the wider world BUT not in within efl’s own in-house rules. So-the sale is ok ,the accounts are ok but (in the efl rules) the sale has to go in the accounts for the season it got FINALISED (which it doesn’t have to in law,it can be backdated eg building a multi storey hotel - do you include it in the accounts for the year you started it or when you finished it (possibly 3years later) )
  7. I was thinking 6, then the others can’t argue about us being relegated this season 🤷‍♂️
  8. Was thinking this too, if they somehow managed to get it halved it means we wouldn’t have got relegated this season either. Suits both sides !
  9. you CAN still sign players even under embargo as previously explained !!!!!
  10. which suggests we ARE under embargo and lee/nuihu wages are above the allowed level ????
  11. i don't! i'm just saying that because we make a signing DOESN'T necessarily mean we're not under embargo
  12. an embargo DOESN'T mean you can't sign players!!!! it means any signing has to be within set limits eg/ within a set price range (fee) and within set wage limit this signing is obvs within the boundary of an embargo
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