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  1. brian joicey

    Hooper and Lee won't play again this year

    why do you think the medical team were sacked after the udders debacle/defeat/surrender ?????? just take a wild guess ....or alternatively ask one of them !
  2. brian joicey

    Sam Hutchinson

    this! play to the strengths of the players you HAVE, not the one you wish you could play if you HAD those type of players ! [
  3. brian joicey

    Man of the Match & Ratings

    cannot pick a man of the match, there simply wasn't one!
  4. brian joicey


    one of many !!
  5. brian joicey


    he's played ONE hour in almost 3 weeks !! defo needs a rest
  6. brian joicey


    and that says everything that needs to be said about last night, no further comment required!
  7. brian joicey


    should never happen, especially in a HOME match !
  8. brian joicey

    The invisible giant.

  9. So,having spent 25 minutes reading that (slow reader) what I have noted is .... it dunt rhyme ! * seriously tho, let’s hope we get 3 or more points from the next 3 games and hope that the stats don’t lie !
  10. didn't realise it was his birthday today,usually go in his pub every sunday but missed yesterday! happy birthday PETE
  11. brian joicey

    #OnThisDay in 1977 -

    he was our top scorer then,just imagine selling reach/joao for peanuts today and seeing the reaction!! if only the posters of today could see this thread and understand the difference in society! ps/ i think i heard he's a taxi driver in plymouth now
  12. brian joicey

    #OnThisDay in 1977 -

    this tells us the difference between those days and today ... nothing was reported/known about said 'behind the scenes indiscretion' ( i didn't even know owt about it until now) but life went on without the meltdown which would have occurred had it happened today !!
  13. brian joicey

    #OnThisDay in 1977 -

    very happy memories of this period ,when i became a teenager and started going to matches on my own (several buses from dronfield including the 'soccer specials' from flat st @ 2p a chuck !!). tommy tynan was a cult hero in them days
  14. brian joicey

    Slept on it thoughts

    the younger young uns should be out on loan to gain experience (including Dawson or wild smith ) and whilever we are paying their (big) wages jones,Boyd,hutch,abdi ,Westwood should be filling the bench to use as experience when needed ...it’s not rocket science! He’s got the right plan just the wrong way of achieving its conclusion
  15. brian joicey

    Matt Penney Contract

    probably !