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Community Answers

  1. Excellent start to the test series
  2. Wait. Big Ron has commented on the Bannan rumours???
  3. You’ve got a point there. Maybe Sheffield city centre does suffer a bit because of the close proximity of good drinking areas around it
  4. Same. Went a couple of years ago and did the Lords tour (which is excellent). Then walked down to the river but (unbeknown to the wife) went past the bbc - wife was thrilled when we turned a corner and the bbc building was there in front of her. We went in the coffee shop and saw Nick Robinson.
  5. Also. End of Ep 9 Adam gets a call to go and meet Fia’s dad Jimmy. Why wasn’t that shown? Start of Ep 10 Adam is sat at the river apparently having learned the truth about his mum. Wtf?
  6. Just binged Your Honor What a terrible terrible ending. FFS
  7. Love these little insights https://fb.watch/78NHwFHgEx/
  8. Of course it isn’t black and white, there’ll be grey areas too. My take on Silverstone is it was more a racing incident than anyone totally to blame, but looking at Hungary and the damage to Sainz car - totally not his fault and that could cost them an engine.
  9. Completely agree. Fair enough the spending cap is supposed to bring teams closer together - and I think we can all agree that’s a good thing, but when you have a £1.3m car written off AND a competitor is given a penalty thus showing the stewards thought he was at fault, there perhaps needs to be some contingency rules to cover such an incident.
  10. TBF it’s a notoriously difficult track to pass on - and he was against a 2 time world champion battling to help his team mate to secure a win, but as Alonso said Lewis seemed to be making a mistake on the last 2 corners cos he was never close enough down the start finish straight to pass using DRS
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