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  1. Essix Blue


    The traffic won’t back up as far as East Midlands. Id leave at 23a and go M42 M40
  2. Essix Blue

    BBC Radio Sheffiled

    He’s from Rotherham obvs. But he was a member on here before he became a journo, probably 15 years ago. That help? ;)
  3. Essix Blue

    BBC Radio Sheffiled

    Didnt use to like Walker much, until I heard him rip into McCabe one Saturday. Proper gave him an uncomfortable time about lack of investment etc.
  4. Essix Blue

    BBC Radio Sheffiled

    Great bloke and a good friend. I’m sure he’ll do great and I wish him all the best.
  5. Essix Blue


    Worth repeating mate
  6. M1 is closed at Leicester jn 20-19. Just been on highways agency news, serious collision and air ambulance on scene. If you’re going to Reading find a different route
  7. Essix Blue

    FF Was dropped from the team

  8. Jury is still out for me on Jos. Still can’t decide if he’s good or clueless, but I’m warming to him. Wigan away we score 2 and lose - Jos had plans pre season then discovered Van Aken was u/s and has to adapt the back 5 (now 4). He’s shown he’s willing to rip up his plans and start again and this is showing to be working (still no clean sheet in the league tho). Not gonna go on about the Westwood situation, all I can say is he’s the best keeper we have and imo the new back 4 would improve with KW behind them. Up front hes tinkered with what he has. The FF decision I can live with although I don’t fully agree with it, however 2 wins from 2 shows it worked (tho we weren’t convincing esp v Ipswich). September is a big month. Winnable games (Reading Stoke) and difficult ones especially Leeds at home. End of the month we’ll be 10 games in and that will give us a good indication of how we’re doing. Personally I think we’ll have to improve some to get positive results v Leeds and Villa, but if we can stick with a fairly settled side I see that as possible. 5 games in the month - I’d see 9 points out of them as minimum to call it a decent month - that’ll put us on 16 after 10 games. The kind of firm that’ll have us knocking on the door of the playoffs.
  9. Essix Blue

    FF Was dropped from the team

    You’re obsessed
  10. Essix Blue

    Forestieri off to Leeds

    Taking a while init? Weeds is only 35 mile up the road ffs
  11. Essix Blue

    FF Was dropped from the team

    Personally I’ve never questioned FF’s work ethic when on the field. He’s always tracked back and helped defend in midfield. Never seen him as particularly greedy either.
  12. Played ok, quite good up front at times. Shakey at the back - let’s hope it’s just a new back 4 bedding in. What it needs is Jos to stick with it if he believes it’s the best formation. Give them chance to get to know each other. Not getring carried away- Millwall weren’t great after all. But defo deserved 3 points and should do the team / fans a lot of good. Bring on Ipswich.
  13. Plenty of non attending ST holders