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  1. Just seen this. Looks interesting https://swfcsc.co.uk/
  2. Essix Blue

    Villa want Bannan

    Gonna be a bit harsh here but.... Hes been part of a midfield into its 4th season that hasn’t been promoted. Nearly all other positions have seen change but he’s an ever present. He’s good (as is Lee) but I think we need to move on and try something different. It isn’t going to happen overnight, I think most fans agree we’re gonna enter into a period of transition now. Time for change.
  3. Essix Blue

    Villa want Bannan

    I’d rather lose BB than Reach
  4. Essix Blue

    Big Ron

    They thrive on publicity - like that conker Hopkins. Flippin ignore em.
  5. Instead of spunkin £10m on a striker we didn’t need and the manager didn’t want
  6. Failure is still just that. Whether you get to 1,2 or 10 play offs. If you don’t go up (whilst having significant funds to spend) you’ve still failed.
  7. Agreed RE Carlos. I’ll admit he was a bit unlucky actually that first season. We came up a well drilled Hull with a very good manager at this level and some of our players didn’t have their best game. I do still blame him for the loss against Huddersfield the following year tho, too negative at their place when our recent record against them was good. But hey that’s gone now.
  8. Still a failure in the bigger picture. Some would argue with the budget he had and 3 seasons at it he should have succeeded.
  9. In all the years since Big Ron, we’ve had some real dross as managers of our club. Out of (God knows) how many in 20 odd years it’s arguable that none have left our club and gone on to bigger and better success elsewhere. We’ve had variable levels of investment in the club and team yet continually fail in our managerial choices. I wonder if this will ever change.
  10. Essix Blue

    Big Ron

    Why do people have to publicise trolls on twitter? We know they’re there. Just leave em be. Best wishes to Ron, get well soon.
  11. Essix Blue

    What are we drinking tonight

    Cheeky £6 Rioja from Aldi. Very nice
  12. Some fans were getting giddy after a few wins. Fact is we’re very average and it’s now levelling out, we’ve beat no one that’s any good and will win nowt if we carry on conceding goals. Simple. Shame, because I do think with our squad a top six finish is possible - but for some reason we are dramatically under performing
  13. Essix Blue


    The traffic won’t back up as far as East Midlands. Id leave at 23a and go M42 M40
  14. Essix Blue

    BBC Radio Sheffiled

    He’s from Rotherham obvs. But he was a member on here before he became a journo, probably 15 years ago. That help? ;)