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  1. If it’s on red button pubs might not be able to show it. I think when sky games are on red button pubs can’t show them - might be same for Bt?
  2. You seriously think it’d make a difference?
  3. iirc we haven’t been charged for over valuing the ground.
  4. aaah bugger. Sorry mate didn’t know that. Still if you have signed up you can take a look at it and other sports feeds etc
  5. I’ve had a few pm me about iptv. Just a note.... the ifollow section doesn’t normally go ‘live’ until 5 or 10 min before kickoff. So don’t panic if you can’t find the game straight away.
  6. I was told from a good source Fox wouldn’t sign. Will see now he’s turned the idiot fans around......
  7. Do we know if he’s been offered a new contract here?
  8. Anyone wants info - pm me. The one I use offers 7 day free trial
  9. No. It’s a streaming service. You just need decent internet
  10. So that’s as good as stopping them doing it. It’s an income for the company. Legitimate income. How can the EFL say it isn’t and can’t go on P&S results?
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