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  1. Exactly. Parachute payments are there to HELP teams newly promoted to the PL. They ensure the team can invest adequately (mainly player wages) to give themselves a chance of staying up, with a safety net should they go back down. If PP didn’t exist far more teams would come straight back down - would that be a good thing? Also - has been proven many times - parachute payments give no guarantee that a relegated team would go straight back up.
  2. My worry reading this thread is that many fans feel the FFP rules are wrong (fair enough) and so don’t seem to care that we’ve perhaps broken them. Rules are rules, whether you like them or not. If it’s proven DC has treat the EFL with contempt and purposely tried to hide the fact he’s broken those rules, he deserves everything coming his way. Alas many of our fans will ignore those facts and continue to blame the EFL and their new Liverpool supporting Chairman or whatever he is..........
  3. The point is, the company didn’t exist because we didn’t sell the ground back in early 2018, did we? DC says we did - well we couldn’t have, cos the buyer didn’t exist back then. that’s the point
  4. Heard the expert on radio at lunchtime. He said the company that supposedly bought Hillsborough, didn’t even exist when the sale went through. He also said it was 14 months after that that land registry was updated with new owners. Seemed to indicate DC has tried it on and got caught, hence the type of charge we are facing. He also mentioned the value of the ground which seems a little harder to accuse us of ‘over valuing’
  5. hence DC must accept he’s gonna get criticised massively by many. We’ll survive, of course. It’ll be a few more years of championship footy at least - let’s not forget the ground HAS been sold, the fact it maybe was too late for the 17/18 accounts it will show on our accounts on the 18/19 books and help us going forward. I remember back when we gave our shares up to Milan M, many people at the time feared where we might end up with different owners. DC took the gamble. Didn’t work. End of.
  6. River closures to be announced on match days??
  7. Water level now. Much lower than last night
  8. Don hasn’t burst a M/hall yet, false info from highways agency
  9. i don’t think there was much they could do. The council / environmental agency spent millions clearing the rivers so water could move better, I guess in the next 12 hours we’ll see how they did. unlike 2007 tho the large amount of leaves that have fallen in the past few weeks will be an issue with drains
  10. They could have easily forseen this and cancelled it this morning. The warnings were there, this has been forecast for a few days
  11. well when the Don breaks it’s banks at Meadowhall again (as in 2007) I think this time it might be pretty serious
  12. as I stated earlier, perhaps Monk continues with 433 because he doesn’t feel confident in any strike partnerships he has to play 442. So in bringing in a striker to suit playing with Fletch, it wouldn’t be a bench filler.
  13. Any of the U23s worth giving a chance to?
  14. We have 2 average championship full backs in Fox and Palmer. They’ll never be any better than 7/10 on average, however with the wingers we have now we don’t need FBs overlapping as much so they can concentrate on defending.
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