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  1. I think if you look back at the charges against us and the money involved, it seemed pretty obvious if guilty our punishment would be -9 points for the offence. There are guidelines set by the EFL. Then, if it’s found we ducked dived and downright lied or tried to deceive the EFL further points could be deducted- up to 12 (totalling -21) so that’s where -9, -12 etc stems from. If guilty It’ll defo be 9 with probably a few more for good measure.
  2. This years accounts that you mention are due are actually the 18/19 accounts. Not being petulant, just clearing it up.
  3. The EFL day different. Unless there’s something Specific in the rules about a situation like theirs, I can’t see them dodging a 12 point deduction. It’d be like us saying “you can’t deduct us points, it was the owner that got us in this mess”.
  4. EFL update. Seems they’re intent on a 12 point deduction EFL Insolvency Policy In all circumstances a sporting sanction applies in respect of an insolvency event (default 12-point penalty). The Regulation seeks to ensure that a Club cannot gain any advantage over other Clubs in the competition by not paying its creditors in full and on time, while also ensuring there is a deterrent in place for Clubs and their owners, from operating in a manner so as to cause insolvency. The EFL acknowledges it is a difficult time for any Club placed into Administration, particularly in the midst of COVID-19, but is mindful that its regulations are to be applied consistently and equally to all member Clubs irrespective of the circumstances. In the current case of Wigan Athletic, and, in accordance with EFL regulations, due to the Club being placed into administration after the fourth Thursday in March, the sporting sanction will take affect once the final League positions are known. If in the event the Club is relegated by virtue of their final position following the conclusion of the Championship season, then the deduction will apply in League One in 2020/21. However, if the Club is not in the relegation places following the final game of season, the sanction will be then be applied to their season 2019/20 total and final league standings amended as appropriate.
  5. Apparently it’s not deducted til end of season. If they go down without the deduction then the 12 points come off next season
  6. The receivers at Wigan have officially appealed against a points deduction. I sense this is gonna get interesting..... I expect Mr Gibson to make his feelings known quite soon.....
  7. TBF to fans, we haven’t even been told officially the hearing is taking place.
  8. Just thinking why Derby’s case hasn’t been heard yet. How convenient it’d be if they got promoted first, eh?
  9. At a guess I’d say they were charged with individual misconduct, knowingly breaking rules / trying to hide such things etc. Obvs EFL dropped thé charges as they couldn’t be proven (I remember talk of emails being in the defendants possession they helped to clear them)
  10. It really is ridiculous that we’ve heard nothing. They must have reached a decision but why aren’t they making it public? Besides anything else with the uncertainty it must be hampering GM’s recruitment for next season.
  11. people have short memories. We’ve been in division 3 twice in the past 20 years. Both times we were there for 2 seasons and both times when we eventually got promoted it was far from easy
  12. Not so sure. my guess (yep that’s all it is) is that EFL couldn’t prove those three had acted deliberately against the rules / law. Doesn’t mean the club go Scott free, it’s possible SWFC broke the rules without finding any single person had acted fraudulently
  13. Indeed. iirc wasting the panels time with pointless appeals etc can mean a greater penalty if found guilty.
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