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  1. Right. Come on now Wednesday BIG 4 games coming up after these 2 home fixtures. Start with 3 points today and let's show what we can do.
  2. Lee behind front 2 and a narrow 3 behind?
  3. Bannan left wing then, after being motm in midfield recently
  4. Subs - Wildsmith, Rhodes, Butterfield, Palmer, Joao, Boyd, Pudil
  5. #SWFC starting XI to face Nottm Forest: Westwood, Hunt, Lees, Van Aken (debut), Reach, Wallace, Lee, Jones, Bannan, Hooper, Fletcher. #WAWAW
  6. 3 at the back him CM with BB and Lee, Reach and Hunt wide. OOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Opportunity for George Hirst

    Doesnt matter if he's climbing the walls!!! Our coaching staff (who I'm guessing have seen him play a lot more than the vast majority on here) don't think he's ready. End of.
  8. Opportunity for George Hirst

    Noticed a 17 yr old Citeh striker went to Dortmund yesterday for £10m. Given number 7 shirt too so must be thought of as a starter. Brings into context the £2m offered for GH. Basically he's an unknown potential ATM and has been said already, we wouldn't have numerous threads about him if his names wasn't Hirst. I reckon he's been offered more money elsewhere - and why shouldn't he be interested?? He has the perfect example (his dad) who had a big chance in his career that he never took (whoever was to blame). £10k a week isn't peanuts to a Champ club like us, but if a Prem team is offering £15k then it's nothing to them.
  9. Do you have a link to this story on SWFC website? cant find it
  10. Official Joost Van Aken signs

    Back 3 with wing backs? Free the midfield up more?