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  1. Any appointment at any club is a gamble. There is no guarantee of success no matter who you bring in. SB was a terrific appointment imo, really got the fans believing we had our best chance of success under a manager who’d done it numerous times. Alas there aren’t many around like SB that’s available. I hope DC learnt from the Jos debacle and appoints someone with some success on his CV in this league. Hughton ticks that box, not sure there’s many others about. But still, CH wouldn’t mean any guarantees of promotion. He gets my vote
  2. Who’s going? where ya drinking?? Stevie babe, will we see you there ?
  3. Now, who was it on here a few months ago claiming KW was past his best and not the number 1 keeper at S6? No. It wasn’t Jos.......
  4. Wait. What? Posted 9 minutes ago and no one has complained yet????
  5. He levelled the playing field the first summer he was here. Keep up.
  6. Not forgetting if we’d gone up we’d have been guilty of breaking ffp - but that wouldn’t have mattered obvs.....
  7. You know that for fact then? ok. Fair enough
  8. Same as we would have done, if we’d gone up
  9. Wrong section. Mods please move. But good luck to him
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