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  1. At the start - had they planned the Craig films to go to NTTD? Obvs it’s an ongoing story through the 5 (although Quantum is a slight diversion), or did they write them as they went along?
  2. Hmmm think I’d go Casino Royale Skyfall NTTD / SPECTRE Quantum
  3. Yes. S4 can’t come soon enough - might re do series 3 while I wait
  4. Essix Blue


    BT sport tonight 7:30 The fight in full
  5. Essix Blue


    Is that the towel being thrown in?
  6. Essix Blue


    Out of interest (it won’t happen anyway) AJ v Wilder - what would be the outcome?
  7. If it’s a wet race they don’t have to make a stop for tyres - that’s the rule. That’s why it’s important IF they officially declare it a wet race before the start.
  8. Smith apart, are Australia ‘all that’ atm?
  9. Essix Blue


    I’ll give Wilder massive credit for hanging on from round 7, it looked like he was finished. He knew he was beat, but there was always the chance of the big right hand landing.
  10. Exactly. A win next time and Lewis is back in front. 6 races left, plenty of points to play for
  11. As I’ve said before, what I loved about DC as Bond is the way they tapped into Bonds frailty- dealing with his history etc, which obvs is down to the writers but Craig played it so well IMO. My fav bond tbh but you can’t really judge him against say Connery because they were essentially 2 different characters
  12. Same. Was good, summat different - but I wouldn’t go overboard about it. 7/10
  13. I think it’s noticeable how much room Lewis and Max are giving other drivers in overtakes
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