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  1. Yeh usually goes missing on the Friday
  2. Is he on the list? Is he good with crosses??
  3. Diagnosed with dementia. Bless him - what a player
  4. LP is an average championship RB. He’s been a loyal servant because no one really fancied signing him He’s a 6.5 or 7 out of ten most games
  5. He fell asleep for the winner was you watching?
  6. Close the thread. load of poo
  7. I don’t think Wildsmith will be reading this thread……
  8. I’ve just seen bomb disposal van heading up M1 to that area
  9. M1 still closed both ways J36-37. Police incident - there’s a high pedestrian bridge in that area that’s had tragic incidents in the past, fingers crossed it’s not someone …..
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