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  1. Woah hang on - where’s A B and C come from? We’re only bothered about H FFS
  2. I think it was too blindingly obvious to bother mentioning.
  3. Spurs owners - ‘how can we deflect the news from the ESL statement’ Levy - ‘leave it with me’
  4. Mistake from Lewis very rare - pressure showing?
  5. Not sure about that season preview - could be a red herring
  6. They wouldn’t play 38 games in the ESL - most they’d play if they reached the final would be 23
  7. So.... and this is from my daughter. She remembered when the laptop Corbett was using was seized and gone over by forensics. That savvy tech woman said they could detect where the user was who was communicating with Corbett - and it turned out he was in Spain.
  8. I think Ryan shot Jo and Kate shot Ryan
  9. How was definitely spelt on that laptop message?
  10. Tbh it’s getting farcical trying to follow the story
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