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  1. When we get promoted won’t SWFC simply buy the ground back?
  2. I think every single player under contract is for sale - if offers came in, especially the strikers. If SB could sell one of FF / Fletcher / Rhodes he would. If he can’t then there really isn’t much room for him to change the striking options to his liking. Might not be a bad thing, he might see Rhodes / Fletcher perhaps as a force. Personally i’d Sell FF and Joao if I could.
  3. aaaah the piggies will be out cheering for us.......
  4. He didn’t go in the crowd - after the players had celebrated and were moving away from the fans, FF seemed to spot Tango and went back to him to celebrate further - that’s when another fan or 2 joined in. That’s why the ref booked him - rightly or wrongly.
  5. Well the problem we have is because our projected finances for next season see us breaking FFP which is why we got the embargo, which was lifted when we showed the EFL our plans to make savings. I would guess some some of those plans would be wage savings - and those being people out of contract. With the 10 in that list you’re probably looking at wages of £5m a season at a guess.
  6. Can’t agree with that at all. Past his best? Where’s the evidence for that???
  7. No surprise...... we we start doing well and the fans forget about berating their current whipping boy (Fox). He’s never deserved the abuse he gets but it’s been shown over the years, especially when we are playing badly, someone on the pitch will get it in the neck and more often than not it isn’t deserved. IMO he’s no worse than the other full back playing yesterday, neither of them are outstanding but they’re steady performers in a mid table championship team.
  8. If only we had a striker to play alongside him, looking for the flick on, taking a risk anticipating such, playing on the shoulders of the defenders ..............
  9. What does winning the FA Cup earn a club? #justasking
  10. Just seen this. Looks interesting https://swfcsc.co.uk/
  11. Gonna be a bit harsh here but.... Hes been part of a midfield into its 4th season that hasn’t been promoted. Nearly all other positions have seen change but he’s an ever present. He’s good (as is Lee) but I think we need to move on and try something different. It isn’t going to happen overnight, I think most fans agree we’re gonna enter into a period of transition now. Time for change.
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