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  1. Don’t blame a new manager going with much of the same to start with. But that defence is worrying, why isn’t Bates getting a start??
  2. Exactly. The parachute payments mean nothing if the chairman isn’t willing to spend it. Same at Stoke.
  3. Is the step up from L1 to Champ that big? Apart from needing better (more expensive) players, football is just football is it not?
  4. Reyt. We’re offering £2m a year. Fancy it? oh aye. Right. Let’s advance then. Red or brown sauce on yer sausage sarnie?
  5. Squad we have atm I’d like to see, at home Westwood Palmer Lees Borner Fox Reach Luongo Hutch Harris Rhodes Fletch 4-4-2
  6. Why would we offer less money than what Bruce was on, if we were getting a similar calibre manager?
  7. He sacked a manager when he took over the club. A manager that hadn’t failed, that had done well with limited funds
  8. Nowt against him, really I don’t. But out it’s not working.
  9. But we always struggle against QPR don’t we?? blah blah blah Change it DC or our season disappears by October.
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