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  1. My God this is poor - £10 and no comms ffs
  2. I’ve paid for the game. How do I access the stream?
  3. Sorry if I’ve missed something, but where’s the young kid we got from Citeh?
  4. Minor thing, many years ago when we used to stand on kop. Quiet moment in game, a bloke let’s out the loudest burp. About 50 people started applauding. Made me LOL. Still makes me chuckle
  5. Hmmmm..... How much dollar does the EFL get from the PL every year?
  6. or maybe DC needs to bring people in he’s actually going to listen to and who’s advice he’s gonna take...
  7. Surely if you’re going to be punished for PnS (when you’ve spent more money than you should on expensive players) then you should be punished whilst you’re still playing those expensive players - seems only fair (ie the season after 2017/18) not 3 years later. That should be the basis of our appeal 🤗
  8. Maybe DC waited because he believed Jos would get us promoted........
  9. Correct. ‘Gambler’ means found to have broken PnS after promotion.
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