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  1. Hi 19owl08 I pmd you earlier my mate hasnt got back to me so try doyle69 above who sounds like he needs them i dont want to stop you being able to sell then
  2. I know im not the only one asking but a good friend of mine just missed out on a villa ticket points wise, if anyone has a spare i can pick it up at forest or at villa park? message me if anyone can help
  3. I have a spare for today loaded to my card if anyone wants to pay me for it, it was my dads but hes full of flu and cant make it
  4. Another long shot but if anyone has a spare for Burton please let me know I can collect off you down their gonna travel down anyway on the off chance someone's selling
  5. Edited message sorry sorry can see you have already sold it
  6. If anyone has an ipswich spare please let me know and ill happilly have it, im a bloody muppet, been away on holiday in italy over easter (managed to get to milan derby) and made arrangements for my dad to buy them at 1400 today when my allocation of 590 points applied only for him to tell me ive missed the deadline by a week
  7. If anyone has a spare im happy to collect at the ground tonight?
  8. I know this is a longshot but does anyone have a spare, i live in runcorn and have managed to wangle a meeting in nottingham tomorrow so i can call at the game on my way home.
  9. Season ticket holder on 510 points just missed out on a burton ticket, im on returns list with club but if anyone has a spare ill happilly buy it off you at the ground.
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