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  1. 3 series? hmmm. Have a missed one? Sure I’ve only seen 2
  2. As is usually the case in these situations, the fans suffer the greatest. Derby County is a proud club with a history to it. No matter what you think their fans don’t deserve this. Hope they still have a club to support
  3. Amazing series. Based on the true story surrounding the 9/11 attack
  4. Yeh there’s loads about. Have you watched Looming Tower? That’s excellent.
  5. Let’s also remember who came into this season with a reputation for reckless driving. LH has never really had many issues like this but Max? Well…….
  6. As I understand it, as he was always in front then Lewis has the right to take the racing line - which he did
  7. Shes hardly played any tennis during the pandemic because she / her family decided not to travel for tournaments. That makes it even more remarkable
  8. Yes. Horner was very diplomatic before the judgement was made, I think he knew Max was slightly in the wrong.
  9. I guess there can be a ‘percentage of liability’. Not like totally at wrong but enough to warrant a slap.
  10. Neither did I. Horrific crash tbh. I dunno, I see things like that and hear both sides and still don’t really understand the decision.
  11. Russell to Merc really excited. Another big challenge to Max next year. Just a thought - if Lewis wins the title this year, what are the odds that he retires there and then?
  12. Just received the call - refund completed.
  13. So they do 2 laps behind the safety car and that means there’s a classification and Max wins. They all get half the usual points. Sorry but that’s daft. Russell has his first podium in F1
  14. Wtf?? Oil on the track? Rain?
  15. With hillsborough park the year after
  16. reyt catch. Root was right behind him ready to drop it
  17. Just binged the Serpent on Netflix. Excellent very enjoyable true story too 8.5/10
  18. Early modern fam was great - later ones not so good.
  19. More plumb than Sir Ben v Aussies 3 years ago?
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