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  1. Listening to a commentator on radio 5, he said Murray had to get confidence in his movement with his new hip - and now that’s finally happened he’s more like his old self and just as fit
  2. And that lad that’s British for now but might be Scottish again soon
  3. I think Mike Tyson would have beaten him - even when both were in their prime
  4. Thanks mate - some good advice Funny you mentioned Mdina, when I went in ‘81 (I was 13) we stoooed in Rabat which is next to Mdina. It was July and they have a festival - it was brilliant. Street racing (running) in the evenings, firework displays. Lovely place. We were there when Charles and Di married and the whole place was buzzing
  5. It’s difficult to lead your team when your batsmen give you no help. It’s affects his judgement when fielding because he’s got nothing on the scoreboard to defend. If he wants to keep the job then he should
  6. Some of the stats from this series and the last few years. Embarrassing 5 times in the past 4 years we’ve lost 10 wickets for under 65 Before that it was 4 times in 40 years
  7. Crazy thing is, when we needed 271 I considered putting a few quid on…… Obvs slapped myself then and woke up
  8. 271 to win and recover a little credibility from the tour C’mon lads (they probably won’t make 130)
  9. What about him lying about his movements? Wasn’t that on his visa application?
  10. I don’t think it would get to the meeting stage without a rough idea of the money involved….
  11. I agree he should be kicked out. But announcing it at 5pm on a Friday? After 4 days thinking about it??
  12. Why? This is just ridiculous
  13. I dunno. Despite all he’s achieved, he actually had the title taken from him - deliberately. No matter what anyone says or any investigation finds, the Massi KNEW the ramifications of his actions. That’s got to be hard for Lewis to understand and accept. He’s got nothing to prove, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he walked away.
  14. So according to Andrew Benson (bbc) Lewis is waiting on the FIA investigation into that last lap before he decides his future. Benson isn’t sure if the investigation has even started
  15. He can get 12 months in jail for that lie - if it’s indeed a lie. What I haven't seen answered yet, apparently it was December 7th when all players were told they’d be ok to enter the country if they’d had covid in the last 6 months whether vaxxed or not. Novak advised he’d be attending, so it MUST have been on these terms because he wasn’t vaxxed. Yet he didn’t get covid til the 16th?????
  16. Considered doing that or just the last series
  17. Watched that again recently - Cumberbach is so good in it, brilliant and somewhat sad at the end
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