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  1. Im not Nando’s biggest fan, far from it. But i think the second half yesterday was made for him. We created the best chances to feet, but spent too long hoisting balls in that their defence handled easily. Nando playing say in the Harris position is his best position imo and he’d have been a great alternative to have. I do think we were trying to play through Harris too much, it seemed he was our only option. Yeh I know Murphy didn’t have a great game (no way is any abuse warranted to the lad) but still especially from BB who disappeared after 15 minutes, I expected more. Still. 7 shots on target second half, many games like that we’d have got something. It was just so frustrating to watch. Hey ho. Onwards. Oh i also dont think Bullen is the man for the job, been saying that since start of season. But while ever he’s in the chair he gets my support.
  2. Im guessing you mean Jonny Marr? legend
  3. Why do we need to increase the away end when it’s rarely full?
  4. I like BB, really do. I love Lee like most fans, brilliant to see him back. But they have been the midfield (bar injury) for 3 seasons, where we’ve failed 3 times to get promoted. Now, I’m not blaming our midfield for that. Not at all, but changes have been made at the back and up front but it seems everyone wants to stick with the same MF. Perhaps theres a better formation / pairing. One thing we’ve missed is a box to box midfielder, which apparently this new lad is. Perhaps he could be the missing link that really kicks our season on. If so, then one of the ‘old guard’ will have to miss out. Lets wait and see.
  5. Did they stop home fans walking down Leppings Lane?
  6. Still don’t like Palmer at LB, but other than that 4-3-3 seems to work with the players we have. I’d like to see a 4-4-2 with Fletch and Rhodes but atm he’s not gonna change a winning formula. However, if Fletch misses any games I don’t see anyone capable of standing in for him in that 4 3 3 If BB is out for a while he might struggle to get back in the side. The new Aussie lad looks good and is the kind of box to box player we’ve been missing in recent years. I see a midfield of him , maybe Hutch or Lee and Reach with Harris and Murphy supporting Fletch. But it the beauty is we have options now. Different layers that can play different styles, it’s really up to Bullen (he’s obvs gonna get the job) to use them wisely.
  7. Theres already a fairly robust wall separating home and away turnstiles
  8. Exactly. This new ‘problem’ that’s been there for decades would still be there. Short of buying 3 dozen house on Vere Rd and knocking them down I fail to see how this can be solved.
  9. and if away fans were given the Lepp end of the south, the concourse would have to be sectioned off wouldn’t it?
  10. And how / where would the away fans leave the stadium? You’re left with the same issue.
  11. Barnsley police have warned away fans there’ll be extra road closures today
  12. I don’t think so. Although they (W’ite) do see to be defending the police / SAG from what I’ve seen. Esp on twitter.
  13. I’ve just read the report. I understand the concerns. But to say they can’t keep fans back because of the concourse area being small and the amount of time they’d have to be kept there is ridiculous. It also only relates to when the west upper is full, it’s hardly EVER full. There’s only 2,500 there today!! direct quote from the report When considering the option of a hold back a quick calculation shows that for the 3,951 away fans in attendance for the SWFC v SUFC fixture, only 13% of the fans could be safely “accommodated in this area at any one time. Further reductions of this percentage, as stated previously, would be necessary due to obstructions and a satisfactory clearance to allow free passageway to toilets and facilities, reducing further allowing for the clearance needed around the steps to and from the vomitries. Although concourses are not designed to accommodate the full stand or capacity, a percentage of between 10% and 13% is on the low value, providing a heightened risk should there be a holdback in the stands. ive been held back at Leeds for about 20 minutes. We stayed in the stands. Their concourse area is even smaller than ours ffs.
  14. i heard that yesterday from someone with contacts at the club.
  15. They commission a report without the club knowing????
  16. Exactly. Been like that since Adam was a lad. 7,000 away fans leaving alongside North Stand home fans. Obvs since those days we’ve had some Neanderthal elements moving to North to shout at the away fans all game.......
  17. I’m sure Wednesdayite have representation on SAG now? Perhaps someone could comment?
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