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Coventry City stadium

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Poor old Coventry are in trouble with their ground again. Wasps have now been suspended from their league for the rest of the season; it leaves Coventry a bit in limbo. Apparently their game tomorrow is ok, but after that they aren’t sure. They’ve taken tickets off sale for their following home game and are looking at venues.

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54 minutes ago, owls maniac said:

The best thing for them would be a rich benefactor builds them a new stadium that they own properly this time. 

Sadly that’s the same for dozens of clubs. Unfortunately minted people only want to buy PL teams.

As a kid in the 80s and 90s I never gave a damn about Coventry. These last 15 years or so though has made me think ‘there by the grace of accountants’

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On 30/10/2022 at 17:41, bradowl said:

Crazy situation again with Coventry, if the owners of the stadium are going bust it could be a good idea for Coventry City council to pick up the stadium on cheap and turn it into a community stadium. 

Loved going to Highfield Rd....that is their home 

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