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  1. Come on forest and finish the job....fk the dirty filthy pigs
  2. Certainly not little Tommy tucker then.
  3. 21 years old and will get better..wish we had him
  4. I knew that was you...you was in KFC today and complained about your chips
  5. Fabulous for us and a warrior on field for us
  6. Off to bed matey...take care and enjoy your day out whatever the result is
  7. Boro still classified as North Yorkshire .fk knows why
  8. Enjoy your day at Wembley and I'll be watching the game on sky...Green man pub 10 minutes walk from Wembley is a great pub
  9. Blackpool and Fleetwood away are a right p1££ up weekend
  10. Huddersfield semi hurt more..but we tried last night and fell at last hurdle...it happens so it's gone now and move on
  11. Good luck in final..over 2 legs you deserved it..no complaints from me
  12. Get me a ticket and I'll sit with you..can't stand the dirty filthy at s2
  13. Do me a favour will you..if you win final and go up..just smash the pigs and Leeds will you till we get back......hopefully next season
  14. Keeper..bpf back to Leeds New class striker Class midfielder to go with bazza
  15. Fk the dirty pigs. Come on forest go do them
  16. If we're on form we can turn that result around very quickly..come on Wednesday
  17. Was in national League South and now looking good to get to Premier league in playoffs.........what a turnaround for them and well done.....so chansiri what you going to do to get us there...
  18. Put it on my Facebook wall now for friends to help.
  19. Not a problem mate...Wednesday we'll meet in chapeltown and get things
  20. Payday on Wednesday and I sadly don't work..but I'm willing to meet anyone in chapeltown on Wednesday afternoon and go get a few things off that list its not a problem
  21. Talking to some barnsley fans for quite some time..yes they take pi33 but they hate Sheffield United more than us..my future son in law is big Barnsley fan and they'd rather have us than the pigs
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