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  1. Is the Preston forum as reliable as Owlstalk? I need to be certain that it is before lumping on.
  2. Possibly his best game for the club. Hopefully it continues.
  3. I’m really enjoying The Athletic. Best writing on the Owls for a long time.
  4. I’d forgotten he played for them. He was just a loan player who didn’t work out well. I can’t imagine why he’d get a strong reaction either way.
  5. I have read the original article in The Athletic. It’s an interview to mark the 25th year since he left Wednesday. In in terms of managing the club it came across as a casual question and response. Would you like to manage Wednesday? I’d love to one day but I’m enjoying my current job. Interesting interview. It states that when he was looking at returning to England as a player that he wanted to join Wednesday, but couldn’t agree things with Pleat.
  6. Good idea. The lad needs to get a run of games under his belt.
  7. I've got my tickets. Should be a great evening. Hopefully some good memories of the 2005 promotion and an up to perspective too.
  8. J Van Aken? Are you his bank manager? Joking aside good move for him and the club.
  9. Bury: Financially-stricken League One side have game against Gillingham suspended http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49330590 Really not looking very hopeful for Bury. Whatever the rights and wrongs of the situation it’s heartbreaking for their supporters. I would be sad to see such an old club disappear.
  10. Typical, first time I’ve missed a home game in four seasons. It is great though. Be good to do the first home game each season, over the years it would make a great historical record.
  11. It’ll be my first game of the season due to holidays. Can’t wait up the Owls.
  12. We needed some cover. With Wildsmith injured we were down to two keepers. Probably be on the bench on Saturday..
  13. I like Palmer, he makes a positive contribution. He has had a lot of stick over the years; much of it unfair. He improved dramatically last season, it seems that the bloke who was in charge for a bit (I forget his name) boosted his confidence.
  14. Amazing stuff. It it ain’t stressful it ain’t Wednesday. Up the Owls.
  15. Makes sense, changing them annually is pointless.
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