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  1. Been brilliant for Wednesday. If he wants a new club I hope he gets one. If he has decided to call it a day I'm sure we'd all wish him well in whatever he does next.
  2. Haven’t they got Liverpool away next? Bad time to play Liverpool they will be in the mood the thrash someone after a tough couple of games.
  3. A soft penalty but a definite one for me. It’s why you can’t let players get ahead of you in your own area. It’s the kind of daft penalty that we give away, hopefully we’ve now got the players to win a few like that.
  4. I suppose so. I only expected the long view pictures and some commentary so I am happy. I’ve not used twitch and only used YouTube for match highlights, music videos etc. What kind of extra stuff do those services offer? Genuine question not being sarcastic.
  5. It’s always seems ok to me. I prefer the club commentary on home games to the Radio Sheffield one on away, but to me the main thing is that I see the game.
  6. Good run out for the second string and theydidn’t disgrace themselves against a decent side. First team have haven’t travelled so are getting a rest before the long trip to Bristol City. Shame we didn’t progress, but that football. UTO
  7. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2020/september/fulham-v-wednesday-match-passes-available-now/ This explains it.
  8. I’ve just look at the weekend fixtures; can’t believe I’m cheering Leeds on, but this week I am. I’d like to see how well the pigs’ fabled team spirit stands up to a really bad start.
  9. I’m looking forward to Wolves v Man City as I’ve would like to see some football played tonight.
  10. Words can’t express how much I want Villa to win with a VAR awarded goal.
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