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  1. I love these kits. However, it’s going to be a hell of a long close season if we’re discussing this already.
  2. Some nice stuff there. The MHS shirts take me back to my early days as a Wednesdayite.
  3. I’m going on a coach, but I reckon a big percentage of a our fans get to away games on trains.
  4. I’ve never wanted Wednesday to lose a game and won’t be starting now. Up the Owls - Wednesday till I die.
  5. He’s a really good player for us. But I’m hoping we’ve learned not to break the bank on one player . It only takes a injury or a drop in form and you are carrying an expensive passenger. If we can get him for a fair price though I’d be well pleased.
  6. I think so. If a ground has changed by evolution I see it as the same ground. But as they bulldozed it and start from scratch I’m seeing it as a new one. Forest Green is ok, but it does feel a bit non-league. I went on a international weekend last season and parked on the road immediately next to it. Didn’t really have that match day buzz. To be fair though they’ve done well and could be in League One next year.
  7. To be fair I think that the capacity was limited as it was a test event. Stadium looks cracking, I’m trying to maintain my membership of the 92 club so I’m going to try and get to a game there soon. Hopefully opening weekend of next season with Wednesday.
  8. At least your making the most of your shift. I hope your boss doesn’t read Owlstalk.
  9. MLS side Real Salt Lake name team by favourite pizza topping http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47684449 What do you reckon our lot would pick? Do you think any of them have learned the joy of Henderson’s Relish on their food?
  10. A very good idea. The lad has had a great few months.
  11. Absolutely spot on. Most enjoyable away day for quite a while.
  12. I live in Derby. Spent some hours in that pub.
  13. My best friend is a Derby fan. First thing he said to me when we met after the game was “I’m not sure I want to see your disallowed goal again”. Been in the pub with a few decent Derby fans, they know they got away with one.
  14. Well done Liam. Fully deserved. Nice to see one of our home grown players getting some recognition.
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