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Community Answers

  1. Hopefully, the person who has been taken ill in the crowd is ok. Always a horrible thing to see.
  2. That VAR goal was sweet. Wish they’d zoomed in on the faces of the Newcastle fans when it was given.
  3. This. I was going to say a second rate Neil Warnock, but that would generous to Evatt and harsh on Colin.
  4. Good work Steve. Good to see success for someone who is a lifelong Owl .
  5. You may well turn out to be right; but too early to say at Forest. We’ve had a few bounces after getting rid of managers over the years under caretaker managers who’ve struggled then to maintain it. Certainly a very good start for Cooper though.
  6. Yes. I’ve been posting it on Facebook every time we get a Sheffield double for years now.
  7. Brilliant news. According to Sheffield Hallam’s website suggests around 42% of students stay in the region after graduation. Ok, some of those may be local anyway and others might not stay all their lives, but some will. This scheme costs the club very little and if we pick up a few long term fans who settle in the area and bring their children up as Wednesday fans in the future it’s a great investment.
  8. Neil Warnock moans about something like this every week and he’s not had a bad career. He’s so successful he has to carry pre-signed photographs.
  9. Genuinely hope you guys get through this. I’ve lived in Derby for a long time and your supporters are decent people. Football positions should be about what happens on the pitch.
  10. Last minute equaliser - it’s a shame for for them.
  11. The fact that 5 clubs have got a lower retention rate surprises me. Feels like we’ve had a massive turnover. It would be interesting to see a presentation like this year on year over a longer period. I wonder if COVID has meant a particularly high rate of churn across the whole league. Is there a link to the website you got it from?
  12. I’ve just been reading the same. What an incredibly sad story. Tremendous devotion from his wife over so very many years.
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