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  1. As long as it is on the Saturday it’s a good trip.
  2. Am I the only one who wishes the BBC would just get on with the draw?
  3. I’ve driven up to my parents in Dronfield this morning. I came through Chesterfield with no major delays. Some road repairs on the A617. M1 was fine.
  4. During the 2015 World Cup I watched an England game in a pub in London after we’d beaten Brentford. I was talking to a posh bloke in the pub, he said he’d played when he was younger and that he didn’t think that anyone understands rugby! If I have to choose I’d prefer Wednesday to win, but as the two are independent variables good luck to the rugby team too.
  5. In my time (first game 85) Hodge (FACup game at Derby) Sterland Reda Lyons Pearson Palmer Hutch (edging Mego) Wallace (took no poo from anyone) Worthington (not a hard man, but I’d always want him in my team) Nuhiu and Hirst up front (couldn’t think of two lads you could rely on more in a tight spot).
  6. Great run and pass to set up Fletcher’s chance.
  7. When Monk came in he said there were a lot of things he wanted to work on that would take time. He said he would be looking to find a way to pick up points while this process took place. Based on this I’d say so far so good.
  8. He played the full 90 minutes in both of Scotland’s games this week. Brilliant to see someone who came through our youth system getting to international level.
  9. I saw him perform in Sheffield a few ago. He did a joke about walking his dog and finding a United season ticket nailed to a tree. I thought I’m having that, because you never know when a nail will come in handy.
  10. Agree that most players are probably financially secure. I think that testimonials are a nice way of recognising long service, but perhaps they could be used to raise money for charity. There could be two beneficiaries of each game, a local charity selected by the club or supporters and a charity of the relevant player’s choice.
  11. I suspect this is standard across the game when the away allocation has sold out. The phone one app with QR codes is a good idea though, and would help some people. Do we still have fans’ forums? Be a good thing for the Owlstalk representative to suggest.
  12. Regularly makes a positive contribution and can never fault his effort. I really don’t understand the negativity a small percentage of our fans have about him.
  13. Fair enough. Is it the two most recent ones? As they’d be what sticks in my memory.
  14. For me Fulham are a team who we struggle against at home but do well away. Theyve got got some decent players, but so do we. Hopefully Bannan and Harris can get a partnership as our most creative players. Before Harris, Bannan wouldn’t have had the space he at Huddersfield for the cross for Winnall’s goal. If one can draw the defenders and get the ball to the other, then we might create some really good chances this season.
  15. He did quite a bit on his early career playing in Australia and Hong Kong. He played against England in the warm up game for Euro 96 that preceded the infamous dentists chair incident. Talked about having played in 2 successful Scottish cup semis but was dropped for both finals. Sad that made Cardiff even more special. He was very enthusiastic with the club, said his dream was to be on the coaching staff when we get back into the Premier League. He was asked about managers he’d worked under. Said he respected them all, but that he is in fairly regular contact with Stuart Gray and Carlos. I got the impression he has a lot of respect for both of them. Re Jos, he said he admired his commitment to bringing through youngsters, said it had worked in Germany but that the Championship was a different aminal. Did a good line about Paul Sturrock who apparently told Drissa Diallo “when you get the ball I want you to pass to someone who’s better than you; that gives you 10 to choose from”. Ouch.
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