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  1. Probably - I wouldn’t take pleasure in seeing any club in that state.
  2. I can’t see how anyone takes amusement in this. I’ve lived in Derby since 2002 and have taken plenty of grief from their fans over the years. But they are a decent club, supported by people who often have links going back generations. They are a proper club with a proud history and a strong community link. A bit like us. I fear many clubs will face similar problems.
  3. Am I the only person who finds themselves screaming ‘just get on with the draw’ as soon as the telly coverage starts?
  4. The words “all time Premier League history” and variations on that theme.
  5. Due to not having BT I’ve not seen the match today, so I won’t vote. I think I’ll phone Praise and Grumble instead...
  6. Was the best player we had at times; the distance he covered was like having an extra player in the team. He also gave us 8 years loyal service: which is, in the modern game, phenomenal. Shame we didn’t get up under Carlos, Kieran deserved a chance in the Premier League.
  7. Forestieri sent off at Hull when Dawson knew he’d fouled him stands out.
  8. And he’s a Wednesday fan. Great bloke.
  9. Last year hadn’t been easy. Form fell away badly in the second half of last season. As you probably know we’ve had points deduct for exceeding permitted losses. We released players in the summer to reduce the wage bill (some of them had probably gone a bit stale). The players who’ve replaced them are generally of a lower quality (lower wages, willing to sign for a team in trouble). We lack quality up front, hence to lack of goals. This a very basic outline of a complex situation, but I hope it helps.
  10. I think your mate has been helping the Czechs stay top of the league. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_beer_consumption_per_capita
  11. Our problems aren’t over by a long chalk, but a few snooker puns cushion the blow.
  12. From Portugal and has worked in more clubs than a northern comic. Day out at Wembley mark 2.
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