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Community Answers

  1. I’m not sure the administrator can sell season tickets. I think they are concerned that if they sell season tickets without a takeover that they would be increasing the club’s creditors and selling a service that they may not be able to supply.
  2. You can be the one to break that to him. As you can imagine he is a bit sad about it, he’s be watching them since 1986.
  3. My mate is a Derby season ticket holder and he told me on Thursday that season tickets aren’t on sale yet.
  4. I would think that losing points would be the least of their problems if the takeover falls through. Genuinely fear for their survival. Sadly football has been run unsustainably for years and it is only a matter of time until a sizeable club like Derby go. I hope they manage to sort something out.
  5. I think clubs have to nominate a preference. At League One level I imagine we’d get whichever we ask for. In the Championship fixtures tend to be split across the two nights for the red button.
  6. The best players aren’t going to rush to sign up for a club. They’ll wait and see what offers they get and try and push up their wages if there are a few clubs interested. I would imagine a number of the players we are targeting will be waiting to see if they get any offers from the Championship.
  7. Oh Sammy, Sammy… I wish him every success and happiness in the future. Has been a great player for us.
  8. Meh! Some of these lads are on £40 grand a week.
  9. Because if you put out a statement to your fans saying we hope to sign Dean it creates a pressure to get him. That then puts you in a very poor position for agreeing a deal with Birmingham and the negotiating a contract with the player.
  10. Hopefully a bit earlier this year with Macron. Last summer the contract announcement was towards the end of the summer break, this year we are one of their clubs so I’m hoping for an earlier launch
  11. What a brave young man. Hopefully his openness will help other people both inside and outside football.
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