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  1. The Hoppy Hopper

    Holloway - well said

    He’s 55, so it’s possible. I suspect Holloway will want to stay in management for a long time, so there might be a chance. Like you, I’m hoping Steve Bruce will be here a while and get us up next year. UTO
  2. The Hoppy Hopper

    Steve Bruce

    Good on him. I hope he has a cracking holiday and that England win the match. Hopefully, he comes to us well rested and ready to get our season going.
  3. The Hoppy Hopper

    Chelsea lack confidence

    I don’t think so, I thought that only applied if a tie was postponed and you signed after the original tie was due to be played. But I could be wrong.
  4. The Hoppy Hopper

    Nowt special

    I thought the second half was good and we should have won by a greater margin. Normally, I’m sweating for the last 20 minutes of a one goal win; but I can’t remember them threatening us.
  5. The Hoppy Hopper

    Possible Signing

    Why would anyone in the MLS want to sign Hooper? He’s a good player, but has not played in over a year.
  6. The Hoppy Hopper

    luton game

    Luton players on £4 grand a week.
  7. The Hoppy Hopper

    Man of the Match - Player ratings

    Firstly, all credit to Hull they played very and deserved their win. Our performance was, sadly, one of the worst I've seen. We were time wasting as early as the 20th minute. Our ball retention was atrocious and we didn’t appear to have any plan to score a goal. The most disappointing thing was that there wasn’t much in the way of determination and effort. As soon as they went 2-0 up it felt like we’d accepted defeat and just wanted it over. Hugely disappointing and I’m generally quite positive.
  8. The Hoppy Hopper

    CHELSEA AWAY - Fa Cup 4th round draw.

    Chelsea away. We are so losing to Luton!
  9. The Hoppy Hopper

    CHELSEA AWAY - Fa Cup 4th round draw.

    I’m I the only one shouting blooming get on with it at the telly?
  10. The Hoppy Hopper

    CHELSEA AWAY - Fa Cup 4th round draw.

    Sheffield United at home. Too slow.
  11. The Hoppy Hopper

    He's no agent for them.

    It’s not like Wilson is it? DW played for us at one of the the top times in our history and won a cup with us. If it was someone who’d done that for them, then it might be different; but as Sheffield United haven’t won a cup in living memory it’s unlikely to ever be a problem.
  12. The Hoppy Hopper

    Onto the FA Cup

    Be nice to go as far as we can. Get a buzz around the place. Maybe play a top end Premier League team at home. Stuff them like we did Arsenal, and see if we can get as far as a semi at Wembley. Note to self - stop drinking now!
  13. The Hoppy Hopper

    An Evening with - Paolo DiCanio

    Yes, you’d have to be a real pushover to sign up for this.
  14. The Hoppy Hopper

    Chris Turner

    Decent guy and a Wednesday fan. Wish him well.
  15. The Hoppy Hopper

    All Wednesday dvd

    Watched it the other night. Absolutely brilliant. Well done to Matt Exton for his vision and effort.