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  1. The broadcasters all seem to be united against the Super League. Has the reaction been the same from other European broadcasters? Perhaps they should all pledge not to bid for the rights.
  2. There was an article about them in The Athletic about 18 months ago. I think they only have a loose affiliation with the club. According to the article they are self-funded; they get a page in the programme and buy their kit from the club (they apparently get a discount). Sounds like the people who run it do in their spare time because they want SWFC to be represented. The article also says that they have over 200 women and girls playing football through their club, which makes them the largest in South Yorkshire. Should the men’s club support, assist and invest in them more? Abs
  3. I’m quite keen to see Brentford beat Birmingham tonight.
  4. This got me smiling. Apparently they are 2 defeats off their record for a season.
  5. I agree with this. It seems a shame to me, that a well established football publication describing our badge in glowing terms seems to be seen as a negative.
  6. Gary Taylor-Fletcher still occasionally gets stick on here. He was a month long loan in 2014!
  7. He seems like a really decent bloke. I reckon if he’s still here next year he’ll give everything to get us back up.
  8. I think its brewed especially for Wednesday. It's got a definite Thornbridge taste to it, but it isn't identical to any of their other beers I've tried.
  9. I’ve never been to live boxing, but I’d be tempt if it was at Hillsborough
  10. First time I’ve not watched a league game this season. I’m following on here and on Soccer Saturday. Sounds like I’ve made the right choice. Sad thing is I’m missing it desperately and will be back to ifollow next time.
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