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  1. Awww poor Liverpool. Shall I come to tuck you up with a Teddy bear....
  2. Great Post Neil..wife left on 10th October after getting me arrested for verbal assault. Police looked at it especially with her mental health and dropped it. I did spend 8 weeks away from home and living on my dad's floor and kids have been amazing and backed me 100% with things. Owlstalk is a great place to talk about things and what you're going through. I've been home 2 weeks now and she already got a new man 2 weeks after 10th October..have a great time tomorrow everyone..wawaw
  3. Got to love fallon though..
  4. Moore out Sod off to barnsley your not wanted anymore
  5. Journalist should have asked how do you feel to be 2nd choice.if your that good shouldn't you have been 1st choice.
  6. Come on chansiri get moore sacked we won't go anywhere with him in charge
  7. He's proving a point alright....that he's a useless manager.
  8. And that's why he needs sacking immediately..he's clueless and was out of his depth at donny results went south yet we set him on .he's got to go.
  9. Darren Moore is a poor manager, basically useless in every department of managership. Get rid .
  10. Always nice to have a repayment ready though.


    If tyson is on his game he will beat wilder again...just never underestimate your opponent or you'll lose in any sport.
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