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  1. R.I.P Tony you were a legend at Hillsborough....bet no players got gobby with you and big jack.
  2. Moore has to turn this around sharpish or he'll be gone.....
  3. He'll be gone long before February if performances don't change soon and start winning.
  4. Don't think it will happen ...but it should happen
  5. Parachute payments needs to stop immediately...clubs think we'll be ok we've got them so no problem.........actually yes it is
  6. Colleen in Filey on beach......I'd pay to see that and with a kiss me quick squeeze me slow hat on riding a donkey
  7. Hope you survive matey but it looks perilous at the moment. Looking forward to seeing Colleen in a caravan in Mablethorpe the stuck up biatch.
  8. Just imagine Rooney telling Colleen it's Mablethorpe next year not the Caribbean....
  9. I'm not gloating at all...I just think the EFL are something my doberman knocks out 1st thing in morning on her walk.
  10. Did Aston villa also think sod it and broke rules....if so should they be relegated again will EFL take action....I doubt it
  11. The EFL ain't fit and proper to run a shag on West St..never mind being a organisation to run a league
  12. Both sets of fans in game apparently 23rd April 2016.....
  13. I honestly don't know what to say mate as it's a shambles and it's the fans who suffer....seems like yesterday singing to each other at pride Park we'll see you at Wembley 2016....that went t.i.t.s.up
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