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  1. Great signing. Well done dc and dm...lad must know more class players are coming in
  2. We ripped them off hirsty..they paid us back...we got best deal though
  3. Money talks...straighter butchers hooks than football federations
  4. In your Liverpool slums In your Liverpool slums You look in the dustbin for something to eat You find a dead rat and you think its treat .in your Liverpool slums
  5. World Cup shouldn't have even been there in the 1st place
  6. Club will end up in Mike Ashley's hands...efl can dress it up as much as they want but we know the outcome
  7. David seaman had the longest throw..he could throw overmars Gets coat
  8. You can't even beat fallon sherrock Alex pali singing to them
  9. I certainly would if moore played him up front
  10. Hare and hounds away Coach and horses home
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