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  1. Definitely done well since the league restarted. As others have said needs a goal, but has plenty of potential.
  2. Just made the League One playoff final. Good luck to them, had a soft spot for them every since our promotion. Just hope we are there to play them in the championship.
  3. Once the EFL thing is settled this thread needs moving to to the Terry Henfleet half of fame and pinning.
  4. Yes all good now, bottle of Thornbridge The Wednesday ale in my hand.
  5. Spent ages setting up, plugged the laptop into my telly, solved the sound problem I had last time (my fault not I follow) sat down to relax and sat on the remote control. Absolute panic for a second until I realised why it had gone off!
  6. Agreed. I like the Wednesday Week too, but this one is my favourite.
  7. I think this will be third year in a row that Exeter have lost in the final. Can anyone think of a team in read and white stripes with a worse play off record? edit: 2017 and 2018, they weren’t in it last year.
  8. I don’t mind any of them. However I first started to watch Wednesday in the mid-eighties so...
  9. I know quite a few of them. They generally aren’t a bad bunch, but they do err towards confidence. Derby are a lot like us passionate about their club, but generally expect disappointment. I often think about moving back home, but that would involve meeting more Blunts fans than I’m comfortable with.
  10. Apart from a few minutes when when I couldn’t get on ifollow I’ve enjoyed. Thought we were better than Forest; their fans keep telling me that they are serious promotion candidates.
  11. Checked it yesterday and again this morning. At 2 o'clock thought i'd do a last test by watching highlights of an old match at which point it crashed. Not sure what more I could have done.
  12. I think we would benefit generally from having fewer (ideally 1) layers of match pricing. I haven’t tried to calculate all the other aspects you mention, it would have to be covered in the terms and conditions. Derby County ran a similar scheme for several years, which seemed to work well. I think a guaranteed ticket to their home game against Forest was made part of the deal as a selling point. As we operate well within capacity generally it should be a surmountable problem.
  13. I’ve always wondered if we could do some sort of a flexible ticket for people who can’t commit to every Saturday. You could buy a ticket at the start of the season that gave you access to six matches. You could then book the match tickets online as you are able to go. This might help some people get in the habit of going again.
  14. I shall tune in tonight. As Wednesday fans we are really well catered for in terms of podcasts. Wednesday Week, Singing the Blues, Owls Americast, Different Gravy etc. Thanks to the people involved in them for their time and effort.
  15. I’m missing it loads now. I’m even watching German football and supporting Hertha Berlin because they play in blue and white. For me it’s like the close season, at first I don’t miss it and enjoy the free time, then I find myself thinking about it more and more.
  16. Blimey, I didn’t need a reason to drink tonight, but now I’ve got one!
  17. I’m planning to do this. I’m getting excited for Hoffenheim away. I’m going to have a few beers and shout FFS Wednesday at the TV. I think Hoffenheim wear blue though, so annoyingly Berlin won’t be in our colours.
  18. I’m getting an Ola Tidman one; guaranteed not to catch anything.
  19. I would have thought that they would be legally required to offer a refund. I had tickets to a play at the Crucible which was cancelled due to the lockdown. They offered a refund, but invited people to consider donating their refund to the theatre. Wednesday could do something like that, then those who are willing and able could chip in. it will depend on different people’s circumstances I suppose. Some people will have lost income and could do with the money, others may be able to afford to take the hit.
  20. Brilliant stuff. Deserves a decent round of applause next time he plays at Hillsborough, even if it is against us after his loan ends.
  21. Certainly saw him at away games regularly. Gone too young. Condolences to the family.
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