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EA / FIFA split

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EA sports are losing the licence for FIFA games and will make games under the name EA FC with FIFA saying they have a new developer to create a FIFA game which is rumoured to be 2K. 


EA FIFA games have gone a bit stale. Never played a 2K game I think they do American sports unlicensed with EA also covering the same sports with the licencing. No idea which is better for those sports. 


EA claim FIFA wanted crazy money to continue. Cant believe FIFA would be driven by money...

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4 hours ago, katie melua said:

FIFA have a new developer lined up?


I hope they do a better job for career mode than Electronic Arts did. 


They have neglected the career mode in recent years I think. I suppose they make so much more with the online stuff they focus attention on that side of the game.


Apparently EA own a lot of the club licences anyway so there will not be a lot of change. Noticed in recent years a few Italian sides have dropped off like Roma and Juventus. 

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Glad tbh


Football games have gone a bit stale on the last 2 gens


Hoping for a return of the golden age of football games like in 97-2003

Loads of games back then, fifa, ISS pro, 3 lions, actual soccer, adidas power soccer, this is football, libero grande, great times 

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FIFA (the actual FIFA) wanted a billion to renew the contract. 


EA said no and are going to work on their own footballing franchise. 


Had a couple of the more recent FIFA games and I have to say the single player manager mode etc., is boring as fizz. 


So bloody slow and tedious. Want to sign a player and then have to go through the same cutscene where you negotiate again and again. 

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