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  1. Whilst I agree with your point, there is also the argument that if you put a kid into a side with zero confidence and heading towards relegation, is that a good idea? Would it not be better to wait and then use him for next season? We're a classic example of this. We threw the likes of Haslam, Bromby, Quinn and Beevers into a side consistenly losing and with zero confidence. They were highly rated in the youth academy and even in their first few matches had premiership clubs taking a look (Chelsea with Bromby, Spurs with Quinn and Beevers, Leicester with Haslam) - safe to say their careers completely nose dived with us due to our form. Not forgetting Beevers was part of the "20 million pound" defence we once had
  2. Bit harsh to include Bus into this He was a Stuart Gray signing that was highly rated in Romania who many were liking to the Romanian that played for West Ham (radicoiou or something like that). It never worked out for him here although It didn't help that he played on a shocking pitch That miss at Newcastle takes some doing!
  3. Wayne Routledge's goal against us has got to be the goal of the season
  4. There's the other end of the spectrum on this Safe to say, it was daylight robbery that we got 2 points off of Rotherham United this season. I bet they'll be saying the same if they go down, those 4 dropped points against us has cost them. Had Leeds have a 20 goal a season striker, it would have been a cricket score instead of a 1-1 draw at Hillsborough earlier in the season. Even the first half at Ashton Gate, Bristol City should have been out of sight. How that was 0-0, I don't know Not forgetting the most anti game of football ever when our 10-0-0 tactics got our first clean sheet. David McGoldrick may have helped that lot up, but he also cost our season when missing that penalty. Stoke at Hillsborough as well, when they should have been out of sight in the first half There's at least 10 points you could say we never deserved to have got. When Sam Hutchinson lined up as a number 10, you had an idea our season may be a long one. Brentford away was the icing on the cake for a lot of the players if you believe some of the posts late last season Thank goodness we have a manager this time, not someone who graduated from the Alan Irvine school of management
  5. That period in December, we played 4-3-3 when we beat Wolves 4-1 and Birmingham 3-0. Both games could and perhaps should have been 8 or 9. The attacking football was superb - then came Middlesbrough away. The second 3-0 win over Birmingham flattered us big time. We went 1-0 up through Rhodes after a few minutes and then it was one way traffic. They wouldn't have scored in a brothel that game. Didn't they hit the woodwork 4 times?
  6. The Cardiff win i'm talking about was the 1-0 where Forestieri scored with the diving header. Great opinions by the way! I see where you are all coming from with regards to Hoopers intelligence in particular. Yes we certainly did miss his presence against Huddersfield. I will disagree with the opinions that we'd have won the play offs that season with Hooper in the side given how we played in the play offs the season before, which included Gary Hooper in the team. I remember the play offs being Carlos' "Achilles heel" - in particular that 'Sheffield United style' performance in the play off final. His 'too scared to lose' tactics in my opinion cost us both seasons. Some of the attacking football we played under him was the best i've seen for donkeys years yet for some unknown reason, disappeared.
  7. There's an argument there that some of those wins came around when Hooper wasn't even on the pitch. The winners against Cardiff and Ipswich for example came about when Hooper was off. I may be wrong but the Cardiff game i'm certain was won after Hooper was substituted. There's no way with Hooper in the side, that idiot would have changed his approach at Huddersfield. To go to a side that was playing a rookie 17 year old keeper in net and against a side that you've done the double over and play a 10-0-0 formation is ridiculous. Even in the second leg, his approach was shocking! Playing for a 1-0, keeping things tight when you're the home team!!!! They were more likely to score, going for it and then we got an undeserved lead. Carlos Carvahal cost Sheffield Wednesday promotion that season. Gary Hooper in the side wouldn't have made a single bit of difference.
  8. If we can turn around a 4 point deficit with 3 games to go, then a 6 point gap with 5 games remaining is definitely doable.
  9. No we wouldn't What chances did our players miss that he would take? Particularly in the first leg Our manager cost us the play offs that season
  10. Go for the 3 points Definitely getting up at 4.30am to watch this now. Thought it would have been a relegation confirmation match had someone said this in December after the 4-2 defeat to Blackburn
  11. Why is everyone saying forget Villa They have Bristol City, Leeds and Norwich to play In fact their last 2 games are Leeds and Norwich They're not completely safe yet for a guaranteed play off spot. Plus Bristol City still have us, Villa and Hull City to play. Frank Lampard has the easier run in, but bottle jobs are us is in full effect. Enjoy it!!! I wasn't expecting this after the thrashing at Blackburn when I thought we would be relegated given the chairmans reluctance to sack the manager
  12. DorsetOwl says well played tonight!!!
  13. Change that to the Jos era of this season Sam Hutchinson as a number 10, says it all
  14. Aaah that pre-season Trying to sign Michael Mols, Dani, Egil Ostenstad, Roy Makaay and Henrik Larsson from memory. It was nice seeing us trying to sign a quality striker between 4 to 6 million to partner Carbone In the end we signed De Bilde and Sibon. A front 3 of De Bilde, Sibon and Booth - no wonder why we were relegated!
  15. I bet he's looking forward to his next game for Scotland Against the mighty footballing nation that is Krakozhia Wonder what the odds are for a Krakozhia victory??? They must be the favourites for the match.
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