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  1. Scored over 100 runs That's worth a celebration given how many we were for 4 wickets. Thought we wouldnt get over 100 the way it was going
  2. Mark Waugh and Shane Warne doing their best not to rub it in on the commentary here The Root delivery was very good though, has to be to get a player of his quality out.
  3. The only thing he got wrong tonight was refusing to book Hirst for diving. Even Farrell was suggesting a yellow card to the officials for it The rest no complaints, very good performance
  4. They need a few strikers to get out of this division I can see why they've only scored 26 goals so far. Nice build up play but finishing wise, they're poor.
  5. I didn't think much of any of their strikers tonight. A better side would have beaten us. Had that been Wigan for example, we would have lost. I can see why they're where they are. They definitely don't have the strike force to get out of the division A better striker wouldn't have thrown himself to the floor tonight when Farrell missed the challenge, he would have taken the missed jump, continue on and make it 1-0
  6. The very least that we deserved Thank goodness Harrison didn't play the full 90 minutes and we faced a strike force that would struggle in the conference south.
  7. A well known Conservative supporter becomes Managing Director of Yorkshire County Cricket Club That'll go down well with some
  8. He would have been better joining the team playing the sort of football we played in Carlos' first season. He was doing pretty well with Garry Monk until the Stoke City game, and I reckon he'd have done fine with Steve Bruce. When he made his debut though, it was always going to end in tears (Sam Hutchinson as a number 10) The style of football we were playing didn't help. Facing 20 odd attempts per game didn't help matters one bit for him. Some of the games we played, he kept the score down despite the errors. He kept Jos Luhakay in a job a lot longer than he should have been, with the clean sheet at Bramall Lane. The lads confidence was draining under Luhakay. He looked a much better keeper when he came back in the net again when Monk dropped Westwood. Then for some reason, the confidence went again - Rotherham away was his worst performance in a Wednesday shirt
  9. Trevor Brooking and Ray Stubbs tipped us to win the league that season. Signing Des Walker was a brilliant piece of business to replace Viv Anderson. That Liverpool team were on a major decline and in that season, I think they sacked Graeme Souness (month later?) and gave Roy Evans the job Think we had some really bad luck with injuries, sending a majorly depleted squad to Old Trafford and got thrashed 5-0. The next summer was the start of our decline with the replacements for the aging pro's and failing to sign a striker when we needed one. Jemson and Watson left, Hirst was always injured - we only had Mark Bright up front. Why Francis didn't sign one, I'll never know.
  10. Happy Birthday Carlos Thanks for making football worth watching after the glass eye send you to sleep football being served by Stuart Gray. Hope you're enjoying seeing your team score goals with 0 shots on target
  11. Worst ever defeat??? Really If that defeat is worse than losing a Cup Final, a Cup Semi Final, a Play Off Final, a Play Off Semi Final or a match that decides whether we go up or go down, or a match that decides if we win a league, then I have a different attitude to football
  12. Forgotten a couple more Nottingham Forest last season, the 0-0 draw. But one I cannot believe I forgot, was the Coventry City 4-1 defeat under Peter Shreeves. For a side that still had the chance to stay up, that game summed up our season. A bunch of disinterested players who just couldn't be bothered to try and in the end, it was a relief it was only 4. The attitude those players had that game was far worse than what was witnessed this evening. They didn't even bother trying to get anything out of the game (similar to Leeds at home). It was that bad, only Steve Haslam and Alan Quinn did not get the deserved boo's from the fans throughout the game. When we scored, many were confused as to whether to celebrate or continue with the booing.
  13. Just wait for Mr Farrell He'll gladly shout out how Carlos is the worst manager in our history
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