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  1. What a lovely thing to say about a player that plays for the football team you allegedly support.
  2. Add David Burrows to that list as well
  3. Think that's the first time we've scored against them at home in 6 or 7 attempts?
  4. Some of me felt bad for him, he had the square root of f all to work with, a host of injuries, zero money to bring in players he wanted. I give him that for having the patience (if he did) to go through the mess that was given to him from upstairs. From what was described of him in Germany as a manager, his sides were all very tough to beat. All well organised, all well drilled and knew their jobs None of the players could do that for him in the second season. We looked far from organised and tough to beat. We looked like a side that would have to score 5 or 6 every game to get a point. The defence (bar away at Villa) was bad, we looked poor in attack, we never looked like an alleged Jos Luhakay side that was described from Bundesliga II. It all went back to Brentford away where we lost 2-0. I recall watching Barry Bannan in particular standing their on the pitch after they made it 2-0 with a "what are we supposed to do" pose to him. His football was just never working for the side and it seemed he was a bit too stubborn to change it. A very, very strange appointment. I respect him for trying to bring the kids through but some of them looked way out of their depth. I was glad he was removed but I don't have all this hatred towards him.
  5. I still cannot believe we allegedly scouted over 200 defenders before signing him. Didn't we have Venancio as well before him who turned out to be a decent centre half? His positional awareness was awful. Norwich City away, he looked completely lost. To think a million pounds more would have potentially got us Sean Morrison from Cardiff.
  6. I see there's been a mention of Pulis record at Middlesbrough. Last season, only four sides scored less goals than Middlesbroughs total of 49 did in the 2018/19 season- Stoke, Ipswich. Millwall and Bolton. Its all very well mentioning defences but scoring goals also helps. We had the fourth best defence in the entire league during the 2014/15 season. Only Bournemouth, Norwich and Middlesbrough had a better defensive record than us, remind me where we finished. He also got a combined total of 43 million for 3 championship players. They sold Bamford for 10 million, Gibson for 15 million and Traore for 18 million, that's enough finance to find good replacements to challenge at the top. Norwich City sold James Maddison to Leicester who was one of the best players of the championship and they won the league. Carlos gets rightly criticised for his approach to the play off semi final against Huddersfield. Did anyone watch Middlesbroughs' play off games against Aston Villa, in particular the second leg when they were trailing one nil from the first leg. Finally someone mentioned that Boro scored more goals in Pulis first season than Carlos? We scored 66 goals under Carlos in his first full season, Boro only scored 49 goals in Pulis' first full season. Don't get me wrong, his record is effective but it certainly does come at a cost.
  7. Think Forestieri too was out for a long time during that era. I believe he came back just after Fletcher and Hooper returned That 3-0 win against Birmingham was the luckiest 3-0 i've witnessed. That performance was so bad, Birmingham I think hit the woodwork six or seven times in that game? Missed some glorious chances? For all of Zolas faults, had they had a striker that could put the ball in the net, they'd have battered us in that game For me, that was the start of the downfall. The unbeaten run from April limped us over. Frustration is the only way I can describe that second season. How can you outplay Newcastle home and away playing great football, yet send your fans to sleep with such dour boring football against the mighty Barnsley, Huddersfield in the play offs and Wigan away - ouch that was an eyesore
  8. What, Polly Toynbee doesn't get paid??? Ooops, apologies for insulting 10 year olds
  9. All depends on who the manager is Right now, i'd say around 9th If we get someone like Hughton - 4th Rowett, top 6 Monk top 12 Pulis or his last assistant at West Brom - between 21st and 24th
  10. No, you're definitely correct Kuqi left after we lost 2-0 at Brighton. I think that was Ndumbu's debut, the Grimsby game. Made famous for two reasons - Beswetherick being taken off after about 19 minutes and then our goalkeeping coach Eric Nixon coming on as a sub for Pressman at 42, 43??? You must have been lucky not to come over for the classics against Rushden and Diamonds, Luton Town and Chesterfield that season.
  11. Springsteen as manager I'd be confident that the glory days would come back to the club under his management
  12. Wasn't one those games away at Huddersfield in a game that saw them be reduced to 10 men for well over half an hour of the game left? Just remember Huddersfield away being an absolutely shocking performance from you but can't recall if you had a shot or not. I believe you lost the game 1-0 and changed your formation to a 5-3-2 against 10 men
  13. Our Baggie posters may be able to answer this for definite, but I'm certain that is not the case From 2015 until the end of the 2017 season, I believe Dave Kemp was the assistant manager at West Brom. He then decided to call it a day and was replaced by Megson. 2015/16 and 2016/17 saw the Baggies finish 13th and 10th respectively. This should be an anchor for them to push on and try to become a top 10 regular. The 2017/18 season under Pulis and Megson was a disaster. The side was playing awful football and I think they won their first 2 games and then didn't win a single match after that. Their performance away at Huddersfield summed up the regime. 1-0 down against 10 men and for some unknown reason, Pulis stuck with three central holding midfielders in a 5-3-2. 5-3-2 against 10 men where the opposition have gone 5-3-1? From a side that finished in the top 10 to relegation candidates and playing awful football does not suggest to me that Pulis/Megson did a good job. They were struggling, very low on confidence (see the match v Chelsea) and were heading one way. Pardew continued their work in sending West Brom down.
  14. That or the excitement around Megson attending the game at Northampton has seen a new cult appear as 'The Cult of Dowie'
  15. Only 15 fans have voted for Gary Megson Has there been a drastic exit of supporters in 'The Cult of Megson'?
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