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  1. Winning down at the Dell in 1992 Finding out Arsenal drew with that lot meant we were 5 points clear of them with 3 games remaining Europe qualification was almost guaranteed after that. Wonder if that's on their honors board? That 1-1 draw helped our neighbours get to Europe?
  2. Even though its against the Scottish team I always look out for Well played Highland League side Brora Rangers
  3. I do as well We then got a win down at QPR and got a deserved 3 all draw at home to the runaway winners Fulham afterwards. Signing Ekoku really helped the youngsters and Sibon knuckled down after pleading with the fans not to boo him.
  4. Squad maybe but our first team was not as good as Brightons. That team had been together for a while, they had a very good manager in Hughton and bought the right players to take them over the finishing line. They were very unfortunate the previous season to go up and lose to us in the play offs. Their defence in particular was by far the best in the league For me, whilst that season was our best - it could have been even better had we sold that little cry baby after refusing to get on the coach to Norwich. I think Newcastle or Fulham were offering us around the 15 million ma
  5. The worrying thing is that unless there's a huge change in personnel, this side will not get out of league one the way we would want them to This side is heading for league two and fast.
  6. RIP Saint As many have mentioned, used to love the Saint and Greavesie show Also have a fond memory of him when we won a fiver off Dennis Law when we won the league cup. Think he was the only pundit on The Match that was confident it would be a Wednesday victory
  7. Moving to one of the giants of the game, can't complain about that. I just hope for his sake, he'll be too old for St Patrick's Sports Academy formerly Celtic Boys Club
  8. From memory, United beat them 2-1 with 2 games remaining. Had the administration points deduction taken place, that end of season may have finished differently. Warnock played his 2nd string against Watford when their play off place was confirmed, Reading also from memory would have been contesting that final place. Was it them that refused to pay St John Ambulance? I'm sure there was one club that did that who went into admin?
  9. Surprisingly no - he continued until 2013 before he retired. He stopped refereeing international fixtures in 2010 after not being selected from the list of European referees for the World Cup. Probably in there as a thank you from Platini for his "performance". Paul Sturrock will agree on that! I think it was Steve Bennett who was a premiership referee that refereed the game against Leeds where we lost 1-0 from a penalty He was fuming after the game and I remember him saying "You can keep your premiership referees"
  10. Unortunately, this has been going on a lot longer than the rise of Social Media Anders Frisk, Kim Molten Nielsen and that Norweigan referee who officiated the second leg between Chelsea and Barcelona under Hiddink can vouch for this.
  11. Would you be willing to count one of the greatest midfielders we've ever had in Lewis McGugan from when he joined on a permanent contract, forgetting his time on loan with us? Scored v Bristol City on the opening day then scored against Wolves in his final game for us at the end of that season?
  12. Hans Segers It may have been only one match he played for them, but it was worth it
  13. Spooks The Missing Line of Duty Homeland The Killing The X Files Jack Irish 24 Rake The Code Designated Survivor, Janet King and House of Cards would have easily made the list had they stopped after 2 seasons. The first season of Secret City was magnificent but then the second season was a let down compared to the first season.
  14. Tranmere Rovers away, 3-0 defeat and Enoch Showumni scored for them. How worse can it get
  15. No where near Colchester 0-4, Sturrocks last game Chesterfield 1-3 Grimsby 0-2 Tranmere 0-3
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