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  1. Our strike force in the final season of the premier league (after Carbone left) De Bilde, Sibon, Booth and Cresswell What a strike force that was
  2. Another odd decision in the world of Trevor Francis Ian Nolan was a right back at Tranmere and stared in their league cup semi final matches against Aston Villa. Yet when Francis signs him, he moves him to left back for some odd reason - clearly showing that he was not a left back. I think Francis even played Simon Coleman at left back when he played centre back for most of his career before moving to us. This included moving on Phil King who was a decent left back. A good back up to Nigel Worthington whenever he was injured. Such a strange transfer period.
  3. When Big Ron came back in for his second spell, he knew what to do with the defence. He could see that defensively, we were all over the show and I include Atherton in this Des Walker was the only decent defender we had from the days where we once had Nilsson, Anderson, Pearson and Worthington. Ron saw this and went and signed Andy Hinchcliffe, Emerson Thome, Earl Barratt and Goce Sedloski. Atkinson was also hoping to sign Matt Jackson from Everton during the summer but Richards gave him the boot before that deal could be completed. He was hoping to move Nolan, Atherton, Briscoe on during the summer as well as a lot of others Atkinson was also hoping to bring in a couple of midfielders as well, we were hoping to sign Gary Speed but he went to Newcastle in the end. I think he was looking at Steve Stone from Nottingham Forest from memory Richards decided no and that was that.
  4. Interesting that there was no mention of Chris Turner on this interview - not surprising really
  5. I think we rejected a 4 million bid from Tottenham for Quinn in the summer. Jewell wanted to build the team around him and was the only player not on the list.
  6. 15 - Garry Thompson one was a guess though
  7. From memory, the Beckham bid was done before he even went on loan to Preston North End. I think it was Francis that made the bid after watching him in Man Utds 4-0 win over Galatasaray. I believe it was something like a million, which back in those days was a decent sum of money for a completely unproven 19 year old. The striker signings, add Egil Ostenstad, Roy Makaay and Matt Jansen to that list as well. All strikers we looked at during that pre-season before ending up with two of the worst strikers ever to play in the premier league. A strike force of Richard Cresswell, Andy Booth, Gilles De Bilde and Gerald Sibon - no wonder we were relegated
  8. I can only think of Stephen McPhail regarding the midfielder he stuck with. Don't think he was useless, age caught up with him in my opinion. Bothroyd though was his downfall, playing him all the time during his August to January loan was a disaster. Ironic that our form and also the team morale picked up immensely when he returned to QPR.
  9. Keiren Westwoods 30 clean sheets Sam Hutchinsons 30 man of the match performances
  10. If memory was right, Terry Cooke was playing for us then - in that game I think it was a former Sheffield United player, Marcel Cas???
  11. John Fleck over Phil Jagielka is an insult Phil Jagielka has been their best player since the start of the millennium. It was not surprising that he stayed in the Premiership when they were relegated. He was far too good for that Sheffield United team Any combined XI has got to include Phil Jagielka in the side, whether that's centre half or central midfield. Jagielka and Sheridan would be a fabulous pairing for a dream team since the 90's.
  12. Given how broke we were, he would have ended up at Villa Park Aston Villa were definitely monitoring him and were preparing a 2 million bid before he picked up that nasty injury at Selhurst Park
  13. Was that when he did the commentary for a match?
  14. Sorry but that'll never happen after what the EFL did with Bolton and Bury Plus Bolton and Southend would have to be relegated for a start. It is completely unfair on the other league one clubs that two sides practically relegated have a chance to then regroup and potentially force a promotion challenge the following season. Bolton are 21 points adrift of Wimbledon with 12 games left, they're as good as relegated. - Southend are 16 points behind Wimbledon as well, again as good as relegated. Then you have Bury that got kicked out of the league - a void season, does that mean legally, Bury could come back and play in league 1 again? Plus what about the points deduction that Bolton and Macclesfield have had this season?
  15. Easy one this Chelsea's 2nd goal is an absolute cracker. Matt Hamshaw's effort v Watford does come close
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