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  1. Best appointment since Big Ron? With no down votes?? Is everything ok with "The Cult of Megson"?
  2. The stats would be the other way round.
  3. katie melua

    December POTM

    Cameron Dawson Mainly for his mistake against Swansea. It got Jos the sack Thank you Cameron, Wednesdays future number one :)
  4. katie melua

    What can we expect tomorrow?

    Coronation Street to be rubbish as per usual
  5. katie melua

    Reflecting on last nights madness....

    Advice from the person that had us at the high court? Advice from the person that played a part in us nearly not having a football club to support at all??? Yep definitely cracking logic!!!
  6. We were very fortunate to be second place after beating Bristol Rovers 6-2. The Rovers and Hartlepool games were freak shows considering the usual rubbish being served up. Nicky Weaver kept Father Ted in the job way longer than he should have been. He should have been sacked/removed after the home defeat to Huddersfield. I absolutely hated the football and hated the constant rubbish being served up by the clown. Charlton away and Huddersfield at home should have been the final straw, unacceptable they weren't.
  7. katie melua

    Alan Irvine vs Jos Luhukay

    I'll give you the Preston one but from memory, Norwich were no where near the relegation area at all. They sacked Alex Neil shortly after they had zero chance of getting into the play offs (couple of weeks after the 5-1 hammering we gave them). They finished 8th I think, yet were many peoples favourites for promotion given they had assembled what looked like a strong championship side. That's if you were implying that Norwich were in trouble when he took over???? They didn't have anything to play for when he became caretaker manager until the end of the season.
  8. katie melua

    Message for Cammy

    Message for Cammy Is it West Ham United or Aston Villa or Burnley that you support?
  9. katie melua

    One former player

    Mikael Antoine-Curier
  10. katie melua

    Jos or Irvine

    Dour play - I can't argue with that. I class Jos as the Dutch Irvine. Just the quality of the opposition is what's saving Jos. Much of Irvines stats and wins were down to playing against an attack the quality of Bolton Wanderers' on Tuesday. As the previous poster noted, Irvines time was spent in league one against opposition no where near the standard that Jos is facing every week.
  11. katie melua

    Jos or Irvine

    Out of interest, are you using the win ratio stats that were recorded earlier? Just those say that Alan Irvine was a better manager than Jack Charlton. Big Jack had a win ratio of less than 40%
  12. katie melua

    Jos or Irvine

    Where's the evidence to say he's done a worse job than irvine so far? Last time I checked, we weren't playing Southend United away next
  13. katie melua

    Jos or Irvine

    This is like asking whether you would want Stephen Lennon or Nick Griffin as the Foreign Secretary But to put this into perspective... Jos has only signed Pelupessy, then Hector and Onomah on loan - in the championship. Irvine brings in Soares and Nolan, putting us in a better position until we then only get a feeble 10 points from the last 11 matches seeing us deservedly go down Then proceeds in the summer to bring in Weaver, Otsemobor, Coke, D Jones, Sedgwick, Teale, C Morrison, Heffernan and Neil Mellor on loan. Come January, he brings in Reda Johnson, Michael Morrison, Mark Reynolds and Gary Madine - yet performances throughout that season (bar Hartlepool away) were shocking under him. Who can ever forget Leyton Orient battering us on our own pitch yet we somehow managed to escape with the points. Then the amazing performances away at Exeter, home to 9 men Yeovil, being completely outplayed by Charlton and Huddersfield in successive games. It's a complete myth that people go on about Irvine having nowt to work with yet he bought in 15 players during his time. 15 players to play bizarre formations such as a 2-6-2 formation at home to Bournemouth in an undeserved 1-1 draw. He was a complete disaster in league effin one! Had it not been for Nicky Weaver and Megson bringing in Rob Jones and Danny Batth, we would have more than likely been relegated that season. Relegated with a far better squad and set of players than when we came down the first time. By far the worst manager we've ever had at the club! His football was dreadful, set up was awful and to counter the opposition because their right back was a good player - instead of going for it was typical Irvine. Father Jack Hackett would have been a far better appointment! Then again, I always believe the person that made the choice to hire Irvine was in a state that Father Hackett commonly found himself in! Rubbish Manager
  14. katie melua

    Tom Lees On the Fans

    I understand that in some occasions, booing does not help Sometimes it does trigger a footballer to perform better. I remember back in 2000, when we lost to West Bromwich Albion at home, Gerald Sibon was on the receiving end of a chorus of boos. Then before the Birmingham game, he pleaded with the fans not to boo him. We won the game 1-0 but that was the start of Sibons form being a lot better than what it used to be. He then scored against Fulham a week later and then became one of the first names on the team sheet. De Bilde who was also heavily booed in that game, continued to be De Bilde. A disgrace of a footballer and by the far the worst signing we've ever made. More interested in looking after his pets whilst picking his wage up, instead of playing for Wednesday.
  15. katie melua

    Can anyone remember a worse win?

    Our 1-0 win over Leyton Orient when Lewis Buxton scored the winner. We were absolutely awful! The first half we were a complete joke. Being battered by a Leyton Orient side at home. We had to thank Nicky Weaver for keeping us in the game, let alone winning it Nicky Weaver kept us in that division and kept that useless father ted lookalike, worst manager ever in charge for a lot longer than he should have been!