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  1. Think Alex McCleish and Dave Bassett did the same with Birmingham and Nottingham Forest.
  2. You have forgotten the record that started West Bromwich's demise. I am certain (like the two baggies on here) that he would have been relegated with them, the season he was sacked. He started the rot, Pardew finished it off. I go on about that awful response to the Huddersfield match when the Terriers went down to 10 men but their next performance at home to Chelsea was worse. 7 to 10 years ago, I'd be happy with this potential appointment despite getting some neck braces ready. The game has moved on now.
  3. Oh boy, I can't wait to watch us play for a 0-1 when the opposition are down to 10 men for the last 33 minutes of football Nor can't I wait to see us have a massive 2 shots in 180 minutes of play off football (in the event we ever get there) Might as well get Stuart Gray back if we want dour boring football but survive at all costs.
  4. Was that the case? I thought we were only guaranteed safety at the penultimate game of the season. Your memory is probably better than mine
  5. Blackpool 1-4 Colchester 0-1 Luton Town 2-3 QPR 1-3 That run enabled that side to survive by 3 points from being relegated to the fourth division, and end a grand total of scoring 48 goals, the worst in the division But Olsen is a better player and a better prospect than Holt, they say
  6. The admirable A's Adamson Anderson ----- Aljofree ----- Atherton ---- Aranalde Alexandersson ----- Adams ----- Antonio Agbonlahor ----- Atkinson ----- Afobe
  7. Michael Johnson Joey O'Brien Roger Johnson Keith Treacy Franz Carr
  8. Wimbledon They were a real horrible team to face in the divisions under Bassett and Kinnear. Then came their excellent season under Kinnear and got to the semi finals of the FA Cup (think they finished just outside the European places). Signed Hartson from West Ham to try and create the final piece of the puzzle. Then Kinnear experienced the heart attack and it all went downhill from there (as well as the ground and finances) Thankfully they're back in the lower leagues but have recently struggled in league one. Aren't they moving back to Wimbled
  9. Why have you got tights on? Sung to Shaun Derry at Elland Road when we lost 3-0 under Sturrock Couldn't stop laughing at that one
  10. This'll be different to others but his goal against Southampton in the 1-0 win at The Dell in 1992 Lovely finish into the bottom corner past Tim Flowers The goal all but guaranteed a place in Europe for us.
  11. I'll never hear a bad word about Brian Laws Taking his name off those legal action papers against supporters deserves nothing but respect. To go against your seniors like that was highly commendable Respect to the bloke.
  12. I thought Scott Parker was Fulham's manager? When did Stuart Gray get the job?
  13. We've found Nuhiu's or Fox's replacement And yet he has pace as well - the main requirement apparently when looking at signing players according to the wonderful scouts on here
  14. To be fair, that's probably justice for the unbelievably awful decision that went against them for Henri Lansbury's equaliser against Crystal Palace That was the point they missed out on - although Palace should have been out of sight the time that incident happened
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