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  1. We will finish: 8th Who wins the league?: Derby County Relegated Teams: Rotherham, Hull City and Bolton Wanderers Top goal scorer: Forestieri with 19 goals Will Jos be in charge?: No Stand out players?: Barry Bannan Notable crazy moment(s) of the season: We score 6 goals in a month yet somehow, we don't have a single shot on target
  2. katie melua

    Where is the possible good news

    The process of cloning Jermaine Johnson and Jeremy Helan has hit some unexpected complications The system (using attribute values based on Football Manager) isn't accepting values greater than 5 for Finishing, Crossing, Tackling, Anticipation, Passing and Composure But at least 20 is included for pace, which is what matters the most. Hopefully this will all be resolved within 2 weeks.
  3. katie melua

    Positive news soon?

    Jeremy Helan is going to come out of retirement and play for us again
  4. katie melua

    Almen ad thi pants down

    Seem to recall David Lucas and Yohann Folly constantly being injured during our time in the championship?? Also a certain Francis Jeffers.
  5. katie melua

    Last time we played Hull at home

    Strange that I'm certain we drew 1-1 with them in the 2005/06 season. We drew 0-0 with Stoke away first game. Leon Best scored first and then Nick Barmby equalised. Oh just seen someone's already mentioned it
  6. katie melua

    Last good transfer window

    Ian Taylor was bought in as a replacement for Carlton Palmer, and then left in December to Aston Villa. Luckily they gave us Whittingham as part of the deal but in truth, Taylor was a player we never replaced. Plus we didn't sign the striker we needed. We only had 2 or 3 strikers on the books at the start of the season Hirst, Bright and Watson. Hirst sadly picked up another injury and I think Watson did as well. It left us resulting in playing Chris Bart Williams up front!!!!!! We went on a Carlos style run where we scored a fabulous 14 goals in 17 games and as mentioned above, only helped by selling a decent player to get a striker. Those 3 games against Everton, Coventry and Leicester, we scored more goals than we did from October onwards! It was a dreadful window and a dreadful era. Unbelievable Francis never bought a striker we needed and only got saved that season thanks to Villa giving us Whittingham. Sougou and Wiggins were signed as back up players to Wallace and Pudil. There's nothing wrong with building the squad to have players that can do a job in those positions. Yes Wiggins was a disappointment when he came in but he was never going to play ahead of Pudil. Oh and that season plus the next season, the back 4 kept 17 clean sheets in the league (2015/16) and 14 clean sheets (2016/17) - I might be wrong but 17 I think is our record???? The January window of 2017 was a disaster when we didn't sign any defenders but instead gambled heavily on Jordan Rhodes. What could that 8 million have bought us
  7. katie melua

    Last good transfer window

    What makes it more odd is that the example of the 1994 window was the start of the decline! If anything, that was one of our worst windows! I seem to recall we were almost in the relegation zone after a shocking 2-0 home defeat to Queens Park Rangers that season. No striker was even bought when we were crying out for one from August to December and who cannot forget those two performances that season against Nottingham Forest. 11 goals conceded in two games. Signing Guy Whittingham kept us up that season (mainly for going 8 games unbeaten after his arrival). Although I won't forget the fantastic form we had from March to the end of the season.
  8. katie melua

    Last good transfer window

    1994 Seriously So the summer of 2015 when we signed the likes of Forestieri, Bannan, Wallace, Hunt, Joao, Pudil etc was a dreadful window? Forget that the extra bit of quality got us from being a lower half midtable side to potential promotion candidates? Is finishing in the play offs and being 90 minutes from promotion deemed unacceptable? Or 2004 when Turner bought the likes of the Lucas, Heckingbottom, McGovern, Maclean etc that transformed us from almost going down the fourth division to gaining promotion (with help from Sturrock)? I'll accept they weren't in our Premier League time but come on, they helped significantly turn our fortunes round.
  9. katie melua

    First 5 Fixtures

    15 points Matias, Fletcher and Abdi play 450 minutes worth of football Morgan Fox to score an injury time winner at home to Ipswich..
  10. Westwood for the league games Dawson for the cup games Wildsmith heads out on loan for the season
  11. Nah just look at all those signings we couldn't afford, that we were making Clinton Morrison, Neil Mellor, Nicky Weaver, Daniel Jones, Jon Otsemobor, Giles Coke, Chris Sedgwick and the superstar that was Gary Teale Plus we had Alan Irvine as our manager, what a fabulous managerial appointment that was!!!!
  12. katie melua

    Steve Bruce

    I'd have him as manager, providing the FA set Neil Swarbrick to referee all our games for the season
  13. That lot wanting WInnall???? Given their 'think Liverpool' investments, they can have Winnall for 10 million Of course for any other club (excluding Leeds), Wednesday could potentially sell for less. But not to that lot!
  14. It's a shame its not worked out for him yet but hopefully his season at Norwich will do him the world of good. Even if it means having to suffer a year under the chairmanship of the dancing king Edward Balls Hopefully he'll score a few down there and then come back as the Jordan Rhodes that did well for Blackburn. If he struggles, then he's the championships Fernando Torres. Banging in the goals left right and centre until a huge fee (wasn't it 10 million Boro paid for him) shot his confidence? It's been a very expensive lesson for us so far for a player but at least he's never gone to hiding or acted unprofessionally since being here. Unlike Jay Bothroyd for example
  15. katie melua

    Which Player

    Adam Reach will have a say in this First misplaced cross or bottled tackle and there'll be a few hundred posts moaning about the 5 million price on here.