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  1. Some of these clubs that come down make a huge profit from player sales... You mentioned Newcastle in your case here, they received something like 30 million from Spurs for Sissoko, 25 million for Wijnaldum from Liverpool, 13 million for Townsend and I think Cabella and Janmaat went for pretty decent money. Those sales easily covered the money they spent on Ritchie, Gayle and co Plus since the Premier League commenced, only 16 sides that have been relegated have bounced back up immediately. None of the sides that have come down last season have gone up this season. It's not quite the whitewash as you may think given that 3 sides are relegated each season.
  2. Ali Bernabia's performance against us for Man City was unbelievable. One of the best performances i've seen on Hillsborough, if not the best. Up there with Waddle's performance against the Hammers Followed by a young Michael Tonge in the 2-0 victory over that lot under Yorath, with the final one being Gianfranco Zola's for Chelsea when they stuffed us 4-1.
  3. katie melua

    ffs Wednesday

    Too many have been included but others that I haven't seen are The 2-2 draw at home to Stockport after being 2-0 up. The 2-1 defeat at home to Liverpool on the opening day of our relegation season from the Prem. The 1-0 defeat at home to Bournemouth, Turners final game. The 3-1 defeat away at Chesterfield under Turner. Genuinely thought we were going down after that game. The 5-1 defeat away at Exeter.
  4. katie melua

    Jos: DC got it right.

    Thanks for that and thanks for the help I can only remember one game in that period where we didn't have a single shot on target and that was against Bristol City. The month of November we had a total of 5 shots, which is poor but 5 more than what was stated in the post. Somehow, we managed to go through that period unbeaten. November stats Villa away = 2 shots, 2 goals Bristol City home = 0 shots, 0 goals Ipswich away = 2 shots, 2 goals Reading home = 1 shot, 0 goals Think it was the Hull game where it was quoted that we had the same amount of shots in one match than we did in the whole of the previous month.
  5. I don't think any of the 3 sides being relegated from the Prem will be up there come May, irrespective of whatever their parachute payments are Hopefully Fulham win the play offs this year, get them out of the league
  6. katie melua

    Jos: DC got it right.

    Out of interest, when did this happen???? I can only recall the time we went 7 or 8 games without a goal under Sturrock but definitely remember having a few attempts on target?
  7. katie melua

    Wednesday inspired kids names

    I believe Boo Weekleys mum and dad travelled to the year 2000 and named him after what Wednesday fans would be like from that year onwards
  8. katie melua

    Next 20 goal striker since MacLean

    Shouldn't this thread be titled 'next 20 goal striker since Neil Mellor'??
  9. katie melua


    I thought Lee Cattermole was next seasons captain???
  10. The south island, New Zealand
  11. Love a bit of comedy after a defeat.
  12. katie melua

    Best Wednesday Goal ever comp

    One that hasn't been mentioned is Jermaine Johnsons strike at Leeds under Laws. One of the best counter attacking goals I've seen. The ball from Brunt, the flick on by Burton to Whelan who set it up perfectly for Johnson to fire a cracking volley in the top corner. I think we were down to 10 men that game as well. It reminded me in a way of one of the goals the 1970 world cup winning Brazil ream scored against Italy. Think it was Jairzinho or Carlos Alberto who scored.
  13. katie melua

    2005 v 2012

    The 2012 promotion. Beating that lot to second place after the derby they could afford to lose. Especially when it looked like we were doomed to the play offs and possibly missing out thanks to the useless ones' worldy run of defeats early 2012. That run Dave Jones went on was magnificent. Signing Treacy was a genius move to get us past the final hurdle. It was so frustrating in the end to see what happened throughout the next couple of seasons after the promotion. Bold statement I accept but I remain convinced Jones would have done far better had he not signed Jay Bothroyd on loan.
  14. How on earth have you put Reda here, yet forgotten the greatest helmet wearing centre half the world has ever seen. So good, he'd walk into the Italian national team ahead of Franco BaresI and Alessandro Costacurta (if he wasnt Spanish) Miguel Llera would easily walk into this team. Greatest center half we've ever had!!!
  15. I've never known Wednesday fans to ever give a returning manager grief. I remember when Stockport County came to Hillsborough and took a point home. It was Chris Turner's first game back and given how awful his managerial days here were, he got a better reception than many expected. Even Danny Wilson had an okish one when Bristol City visited the season before