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  1. katie melua

    Favourite Wednesday Goals

    The second, third and fourth goals of this night - probably just and I mean only just beats the three goals scored away at Leicester in the 4-1 win under Laws.
  2. katie melua


    Has the leave bid announced what the new stadium would be called and where it would be located??? I have been hearing rumours that they would call it 'Sir Gary Megson' stadium and that they've agreed a land purchase to build the stadium on Whitey Lane, Grenoside. I think they're in talks to get him on the leave bid as well, should attract a huge increase in leave voters if he joins. Might be some truth that if leave wins, he'll bide his time to see the move go so badly before staking his claim to become leader of Sheffield Wednesday.
  3. katie melua

    Injured players, real or not real

    Real or not real???? Is this a new channel 4 game show????
  4. katie melua

    Shocking but happy

    Anyone know who was managing Swansea when they stuffed West Ham 4-1 the same day we lost 4-0 down at Ashton Gate?????? Enjoy the beers
  5. katie melua

    Joey p

    Ok, Joey takes the player down, free kick to them They score from the resulting free kick Suppose this post would be titled Cameron D instead of Joey P if that happened
  6. katie melua

    Wednesday - West Brom (Knock off OMDT)

    Get in All started from a great save by Dawson Westwood wouldn't have saved it :)
  7. katie melua


    I would be amazed if the total wages of Boyd, Abdi, Westwood and Fox only equal 50k I'd say 200ks worth a week
  8. I remember an article where Tom Lees said the players declared themselves fit to play and Carlos took their word for it Didn't help matters in the end but it felt Carlos took their word over recommendations from the medical team Seems like that doesn't happen now, which is a good thing I fully understand why Carlos would take the players side over the medical teams side but long term, it's good that Jos doesn't do that anymore.
  9. If it keeps Polly Toynbee in a job, then where do I sign? I need an alternative to comedy from the likes of Newsthump. Her hilarious rubbish provides plenty of that
  10. I wonder if he asked them the question, how does a team score 4 goals in a month where apparently they had 0 shots on target???? Even more so, none of those 4 goals were own goals, ending that possible argument?
  11. katie melua

    Luhukay - Sacked or Backed?

    Perhaps Belfast Owl 2 was right????
  12. katie melua

    Club record?

    In the 1995/96 season, we conceded in 17 consecutive premier league games. It started fron a 1-1 draw at home to Man City to the 3-2 defeat away at Villa. 4th November 1995 we drew at home to Chelsea. Next clean sheet came when we beat Villa 2-0 on the 16th March 1996. If you count cup games in the run, then it's 19 as we lost 2-1 to Arsenal and 2-0 at Charlton. Those results in that run of no clean sheets included a 6-2 win v Leeds and a 2-2 draw at Old Trafford.
  13. katie melua

    Club record?

    14 is the most I can think of. The season we went down to the third division under Turner. Didn't keep a clean sheet for 14 games until a 2-0 win over tonights opponents. That's league games only...
  14. katie melua

    Best boss?

    An absolute no brainer Brian Laws How we finished in the positions we did under him, were nothing short of miraculous. We finished 9th, 16th and 12th yet had a ridiculous low wage budget, had three quality players in Whelan, Brunt and Bougherra sold without being able to reinvest, boardroom unrest and takeover offers that would be found in the junk mail section of an everyday persons email account. The season we finished 9th produced some of the best football we played in that decade from 2000-10. Then the following season, we somehow managed to survive despite losing the first 7 games on the trot - not many other clubs survive from that start. This even included having the likes of Enoch Showumni on loan Finally the season we finished 12th under him, despite having kids at the back for most of the season. The double over Sheffield United. The signing of Michael Gray who was a huge, huge help to Thomas Spurr. Given what he had to work with, he's by far the best manager we've had since relegation from the prem and the last 20 years. The results away at Exeter and Stevenage as an example would not have happened under his watch! It was a shame it ended up as it did for him. Worked wonders with peanuts did Laws. Also, his reaction to seeing his name on the court papers was a proud moment. Stood up against the board and removed his name from the list. Did he offer his resignation if the club refused to take his name off the list, can't remember? Only miracle worker Sturrock could come close to him given he had far less to work with than Laws. I'll never forget going to Plymouth Argyle without any strikers, yet somehow winning 2-1. Then came round 189345 of the chairman v trust as we had no money to bring in a player on loan yet somehow money was found for Lloyd Sam only a few days after the trust offered 25k towards a loan signing.
  15. katie melua

    Most memorable game

    One that hasn't been mentioned, was our 1-0 victory over Liverpool at Anfield under David Pleat It was no less than we deserved. I think Liverpool were unbeaten at home for something like 13 months in the league and we went and put in a complete performance. The only chance I remember they had was when Pressman almost gifted Jason McAteer a goal from a dreadful clearance. His attempt hit the bar and then Fowlers header was well saved Booth I think hit the woodwork twice in that game, James made several good stops (including one from Steve Nicol, a former Liverpool legend) and Steve McManaman was marked out of the game by Peter Atherton. Peter Athertons best game for the club FOr the younger ones who never saw that game, it was better than the complete performances at Newcastle 2 seasons ago and Aston Villa last season. The only negative (if there is from a win) in those performances was we won by one goal. The end result flattered the opponents