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  1. Under Warne he was given the 8 or 10 role and was Rotherhams stand out player. If he's going to be neither during his time at S6, he may as well ask Colin to terminate the loan if he can.
  2. I thought Shodipo had a decent game. Just amazed we stopped giving him the ball throughout the second half.
  3. They looked completely lost compared to their excellent performance at Rotherham. They dominated Smith but boy they struggled with Cosgrove. Doesn't help that people in front of them wearing blue and white were absolutely petrified of the ball
  4. Plymouth pressed and attacked us direct. They caused us multiple problems finding space etc. 3-0 was the least they deserved given the sitters they missed. Kamara and their number 7 ran the show. Ours once again, was just way too static until the last 10 mins when Corbenau and Shidopo started getting behind them. That needs to be from the off. It's so simple. I can't understand why it doesn't get drilled into the players to do this? The stats said we had about 60% possession, I wonder what percentage of that was in our half knocking it sideways again.
  5. Think Staton even had enough of the game with his accidental swear word Think he meant to say ship but it was very late in the game. I found it funny that he joked about it before continuing. That and Plymouths enjoyable attack minded football was the only thing worth watching/listening to today.
  6. I remember after our 5-0 win at Hartlepool, we were top of the league going to Brentford live on the cameras. Put in an awful performance, thoroughly deserved to lose the game 1-0. That started a run of four successive defeats Top of the league under Alan Irvine. Did that really happen?
  7. Carlos didn't want Gary Hooper as well, his number one target was Chris Wood but as he wasn't proven, Wood was never signed.
  8. Have Platini and UEFA commented on this behaviour yet?
  9. Whilst BPF will get plaudits for the penalty save, Dominic Iorfa and Chey Dunkley were fantastic in the centre today. Rarely put a foot wrong and dealt with everything Rotherham threw at us These three points were a typical tough away performance. Especially when our attacking play was pretty poor throughout most of the game. Great 3 points.
  10. I reckon we'll beat our clean sheet record easily this season, wouldn't be surprised if we end up with around 20+ clean sheets
  11. Yep, that game at home to Southend in our run to the cup final, you could tell he was on his way to become a quality centre forward.
  12. Brilliant centre half but our highly ambitious board at the time were happy with mid table so off he went in January. Had he stayed, I doubt our dreadful form between January and the Southend game would have happened. Laws made us a very good side that season. Not surprising given the ambition of the board that we were more focused on getting money for Brunt, Whelan, Bougherra and had it not been for his injury, Simek rather than attempt to get in the premier league. That season should have been the catalyst to build the club to challenge for the premiership, not replace quality with rubbish.
  13. He's probably got hold of wwebooms plea, hence taking forever to decide
  14. His sister is a Wednesday fan. I went to a few away games with her in the second division/league one seasons.
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