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  1. Morgan fox

    I assume you haven't been attending Hillsborough for long then
  2. Butterfield has been total quality today

    Despite that performance, Sam Winnall did better today scoring 5 goals in Derbys victory over Reading Oh hang on
  3. Linesman yesterday

    I think that was the south stand official who incorrectly flagged Roofe when he forced Wildsmith into a good save. The Lee disallowed goal was around 36 minutes I think. Might be wrong
  4. I share your pain There's 2 Blade supporting families where I live here. I've received plenty of banter from them over the result. To be honest I'm glad they've done it. I used to love the banter over the Sheffield Derby win or lose. Hope it's my turn for payback come January.
  5. Most Embarassing Wednesday Song ?

    "Worst support we've ever seen" Up there with boring boring tables as the most pathetic chant ever.