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  1. Richard Hinds, centre back from Scunthorpe that Brian Laws signed as a back up player. Could also play right back if needed. Was a decent back up player when required
  2. Two possible reasons 1: I think they had a fall out after the Brentford or Peterborough game, Megson went balllistic as Tommy popped over for a drink after about 8 minutes of the match played 2: In Megsons defence, Spurr was pretty poor that season back in league one and was part of a team that had a losing culture drilled into them. I don't think Megson renewed any contracts (possibly with the exception of Nicky Weaver) and got rid of nearly all of Calamity Irvines joke of a team. Beevers and Coke were sent out on loan whereas Spurr, Teale, Michael Morrison, Heffernan, Miller, and Hinds all left in the summer. Reynolds I also think left for Aberdeen early or midway through the season and O'Connor left for the USA. Julian Bennett wasn't the left back for long as he soon put Reda Johnson there instead.
  3. Personally I would have changed the Palmer Ingesson one to Ian Taylor Now he should have been our next Carlton Palmer, a very good signing at the time Yet good old TF played him on the right wing for some unknown reason, when it was clear to everyone that he wasn't a right winger. Few months later, he goes to Villa as part of the deal for Guy Whittingham, goes and plays regularly in the centre of midfield and becomes a very good premier league central midfielder. Such a disappointment the signings for that season. We needed a minimum of one striker for the start of the 1994-95 season and the only one we sign is O'Neill Donaldson from Doncaster. This, despite being linked to the world cup stars Kennet Anderson and Oleg Salenko. I think he tried to play Bart Williams as a striker with Bright to counter that, until the Whittingham exchange deal came.
  4. I remember his comments after we won 3-0 at Tottenham. He wanted out there and then as he was 'more than happy' to go and help a great club like Tottenham. I might be wrong but I think it all started when we didn't give Ron Atkinson a new deal. I'm sure I read somewhere that he (Di Canio) had a lot of respect for Ron and was not happy when he wasn't given a new deal.
  5. Didn't his and a few other youngsters careers' go downhill once we signed Steve Harkness? Paul Jewell sort of regretted signing him from memory?
  6. You must have been fortunate to miss the trouble heading back to the South Bermondsey train station after we beat them 2-1 under Terry Yorath.
  7. I often go and watch Canterbury United but as some have already said, I don't have that emotional attachment that I do with Wednesday. It doesn't bother me that much if they lose, although I do enjoy a win now and again when they beat Wellington Pheonix reserves or Auckland City. Doesn't usually happen v Auckland as they're by far the best team in the country. Only lost one game in the league this season (although didn't win the championship play offs)
  8. I thought the pre-season tour would be a 2 week camp in Grenoside Woods It helped gain promotion the last time.
  9. Here's a topic you may want to have a look in, with many regarding selling Westwood as a good idea Page 8 is a belter given some of the posters that have replied to this topic backing you! "only a moron would not sell him" "crock, get shut, no room to have over 30's always injured" How opinions change
  10. No thanks Lee Cattermole is a far cheaper and younger option
  11. Is this the version that contains the superstar Tonton Zola Moukoko or was that the next one?? I assume the wnt tag by Peter Atherton is a bug they never fixed?
  12. We struggled thanks to the signing of Jay Borthroyd, who completely ruined the postive mentality of the dressing room from memory. We were 2nd or 3rd I believe in August. Then Dave Jones goes and signs Jay Bothroyd for 6 months, who was one of the worst loan signings. A complete bad apple and was the start of a poor dressing room. Maguire and Madine were rightfully angered that they were getting zero game time yet for some unknown reason Bothroyd was able to put in poor performance after poor performance, yet still get picked. Martin Taylor was also signed from Watford and was the experienced centre half we were crying out for due to Anthony Gardener being injured - yet a few mistakes in his matches (Bolton Wanderers stands out), he's dropped but Bothroyd still gets a game. Then to really anger our permanent strikers at the club, we go and sign Mamady Sidibe who was nearly a clone of Enoch Showumni. - Dave Jones what on earth are you doing Dave Jones ruined that season with the signing of Jay Bothroyd and then continually playing him despite poor performance after poor perforrmance. It wasn't a surprise that our form picked up when he returned to Queens Park Rangers.
  13. One reason could be the players we're watching, most of them know how to play football. Those 12 seasons, we were watching people impersonating footballers such as Jermaine Johnson, Darren Potter, David Graham, Enoch Showumni and Leon Knight. The last 3 seasons, we've been able to witness players who can actually play football such as Hooper, Bannan and Will Buckley.
  14. It would have been even better if he mentioned in his congratulations statement, 'well done for being one of two teams that failed to score against us this season' Never mind - that would have been a nice little dig at them.
  15. That's the big annoying thing about I Follow. I don't mind watching it the day after as they usually have the full match available for me to watch Monday evening. Unless i've been accessing it incorrectly, I usually know the score or have an idea how Wednesday have done before then - especially when attempting to access the rerun or the highlights. I'd love to know of a link or something that they do where you select the match, knowing that you don't have any idea how they've got on. Plus the 3pm kick offs are usually anytime between 2am to 4am Sunday morning for us citizens of the land of the long white cloud. I may subscribe again this year as I got rid of it last year
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