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  1. Learned something new today There's only 185 clubs in Europe. Always thought it was far more than that amount given there's 72 in the English league I wonder if the author of the article went to the Polly Toynbee school of reporting?
  2. Let's just play Jayden Brown from the start then if we need pace. He's a quick footballer.
  3. Wonder if he's off to Wigan now??? No big loss, not a patch on Jack Hunt
  4. Looks to me is if he's having a dig at Paul Pogba, rather than at the club How easy tweets can be misinterpreted though Then again, he may be annoyed because he wants the same wages here that David Jones got
  5. I thought I'd never see the day where a pacey footballer makes Jeremy Helan look like he went to the Cristiano Ronaldo school of football I'm not sure what he brings to the team. I hope he makes me eat my words and becomes a good footballer with us. Sadly at this moment in time, I cannot see it happening
  6. One of the greatest managers of all time in the history of the game Cannot think of another manager out there that saw his team score 4 goals without having a single shot on target
  7. I remember many saying Ninian Park was a ground not for the faint hearted. Quite a few reports saying careful wearing colours etc. Must admit Cardiff City away was my favourite away day. Great set of fans, cracking place for a weekend trip.
  8. Highbury Highfield Road Ninian Park Belle Vue Road Nene Park The Dell Saltergate
  9. Good to see Andy Robertson play an absolute blinder for Scotland. Ukraines man of the match Still, better than Ashley Cole apparently
  10. I was having a think about this as well when watching brief highlights of the CL final. Salah wouldn't get a touch if he played against the AC Milan side of the 90s under Capello. Tassotti, Costacurta, Baresi and Maldini is arguably one of, if not, the greatest defence of all time. I remember their final against Johan Cryuffs Barcelona who were the red hot favourites. AC Milans side had many key players out either suspended or injured, they absolutely demolished Barcelona putting in the best performance in a final. Only closely matched by Barcelona outclassing Man United under Guardiola (who in fact was in that Barcelona side that lost in Athens that night). Obviously in my opinion of course. If that AC Milan side were playing today, they'd probably dominate European Football for a very long time. A superb team to watch
  11. There's only one thing I can wish for you all when going to Port Vale. The Naughty Forty are elsewhere. Went to the game we lost 3-0 under Turner. Horrible wait for a taxi back. Eventually got one to Stoke station, only for the Naughty Forty to be waiting there.
  12. We had two free kicks on target from memory that their keeper had to save well from. Forestieri then got fouled by Dawson who got booked (Dawson that is) with only about 15 mins gone? After 20 mins, it was one way traffic. Robertson I think missed an absolute sitter for them early 2nd half
  13. Oh gosh, if you think we're bad Arsenal and Emmanuel Adebayor They absolutely despised that player and were celebrating like they'd won Euro Millions when he left for Manchester City. Everyone remembers that celebration though as payback Also in recent times Just look at the abuse Harry Maguire gets from Manchester United fans
  14. FIFA have a new developer lined up? I hope they do a better job for career mode than Electronic Arts did.
  15. I personally would love to see Chansiri take a bow next season at that pizza tinpot trophy or whatever competition it is, in the event we end up playing Sheffield United Under 23s next season I thought budget day here was bad enough, the thought of playing the Pigs Under 23s in a cup competition is quite frankly embarrassing!
  16. He'll more than likely retire than leave Hillsborough. Think he's got another year with us and I'd be amazed if he goes to another club after that season is up
  17. Deserves another go but I don't want to see us playing like we did between September and December. That period killed us where we played dreadful football and were fortunate to get a point in many games. Cheltenham, Ipswich, Cambridge away and then Gillingham, Shrewsbury, Lincoln and Bolton at home. I know we got 3 points at home to Bolton but that was daylight robbery. The sicknening feeling for me is that he wants to play out from the back. I despise that style of play as it invites pressure and we've conceded so many goals from it. So many of the goals we've conceded this season have been our own making.
  18. Just want to say - great job Alex Neil Even though our plan at yours was thwarted by a Hutchinson mistake - tonight Neil did a job on us without question. That tactic petrified us as we were more scared of conceding with Clarke and Roberts on the wings. I hope you go up now as I would not want an Alex Neil side in this division next season. One automatic promotion spot booked if that's the case. I hold my hands up, I thought we'd beat you quite comfortably with our history in this division against sides that play football but this time we didn't. Well done - go beat the masters of the dark arts
  19. Sad to hear this. Always remember my only trip on the ICO to Gillingham when we lost 2-1 down there. There must have been a 5 hour documentary by him about Andorra Reserves on the coach
  20. I think the mistake that led to your goal spoilt our game plan. It seemed to me the plan was to keep you out, frustrate the crowd and get you nervous once the 60 minutes were up. Then we step up a gear. The goal completely changed the game. It looked destined for a 0-0 or a 1-0 Wednesday win. Once you scored, your confidence levels increased big time and we had to dig deep to keep you at bay. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if the 5-0 was in the minds of the players. You deserved the win and deserved to take a slender lead. Our game almost paid off but the second best result ended for us. It's just 1-0 at half time
  21. I assume if we went for the win and lost 4-0, this thread will be full of praise for the manager and players for going for it.
  22. I assume the moaners on here would be praising Moore for a tactical masterclass if we went gung ho at them, failed to score, and lost 3 or 4-0
  23. If Moore went all guns blazing and we ended up losing 3 or 4-0, I assume the same post would be written Moaning that we didn't try to stay in the tie He can't win sometimes.
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