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  1. Oh I thought the joint £4million fee for Kovacevic and Stefanovic was believed to be around £3million for Kovacevic and £1million for Stefanovic Must be wrong - thanks for that
  2. Sorry for the confusion I meant to say ordering the list of games played - therefore on the website article they have Arsenal v Tottenham as number 1, Man Utd v Liverpool as number 2, Everton v Liverpool as number 3. Just to avoid the confusion that many seem to have had regarding derby games missing (Wolves v West Brom etc). Sounds picky I agree but would hopefully stop the ambiguity that's risen from it Not Newcastle v Sunderland on there as they have in the article. Glad you think Leeds v Man Utd isn't a derby match. Their derby game has surprisingly had 2 seasons in the PL vs Bradford City
  3. Going on that Would you consider Aston Villa v Coventry City and Manchester United v Leeds United as a derby. Leeds fans will be adament that their game v Man United is a derby and from memory of Match of the Day - Coventry v Villa was always one of the main games they presented. They had a lot more seasons there I forgot the Black Country Derby as well (is it ok to call it that) but I looked at the number of times that's been played in the PL and only 3 seasons surprisingly. I thought there had been more than that Also, if it was Top 10 as where you're coming from, then I would have thought they'd order it in games played over the PL - therefore Arsenal v Tottenham and Manchester United v Liverpool would be the first 2 inserted instead of Newcastle v Sunderland. Newcastle v Sunderland hasn't been a PL derby for a while now
  4. Almen Abdi and Gilles De Bilde I'd possibly include Darko Kovacevic on there as well given the money spent and what we got out of him
  5. I originally thought it was derby matches the presenters have played in as there Otherwise the following are missing that should be included Sheffield Derby Nottingham Forest v Derby County Southampton v Portsmouth West Ham United v Chelsea Cardiff City v Swansea City Possibly Norwich City v Ipswich Town as well Given they're focusing on Nottingham Forest v Leicester City in their podcast - that made me think its only due to Gary Lineker playing. Leicesters' derby I think is against Coventry City - rather than Nottingham Forest. Take out Chelsea v Fulham, Chelsea v Spurs, Forest v Leicester and the A23 Derby out. Saints v Pompey, Sheffield Derby, Forest v Derby and Cardiff v Swansea would be the ones to replace in my opinion
  6. Think they were down to 9 men for about 7 minutes from memory. Yeovil were down to 9 men for at least half an hour
  7. Glenn Loovens Best defender we've had at the club since Des Walker (sorry Majid Bougherra) Will always have plenty of time for him
  8. Mahmood and Jordan in "Operation throw the second T20 game" almost paid off
  9. If only Just for the comedy on here Farrells 'worst manager in history' and the non existant 'zero shot on target a whole month' claims that were on here
  10. Robert Lewandoski earns £351,000 a week according to Salary Sport - not sure how true of a reflection that is I'm only going on 2020 earnings as Gareth Bale was earning approximately £500,000 a week Its funny that Lewandoski earns that amount of money but yet football ticket prices are affordable in Germany https://salarysport.com/ I'm not sure if they're all up to date and how genuine they are
  11. We did the exact same with Tommy Johnson a very long time ago We had him here on a 3 month contract, played 8 games for us scoring 3 goals and then we said thank you and goodbye. Had a few decent games for us but back then, we couldn't afford his wages for him to continue as well as him starting to pick up niggles here and there. No risk to us, we gave him a few games and he then went up to Kilmarnock and only played 10 games there. Gillingham were lucky that they got him playing regularly and injury free. Tommy Johnson didn't have history when we gave him a deal. Laing has, no one would touch him before we gave him a contract given his past endevours. Middlesbrough only gave him a 3 month contract before moving him on. 2 month contract with a view to extend to a year or end of the season results is fine. Given he's had two good games, there's many more games out there. Berahino was outstanding against Shrewsbury at Hillsborough, since he's become a non league forward sadly I remember Nile Ranger and Lewis McGugan busting a gut to get a deal somewhere then going on their 'can't be bothered' seat once a contract is tied down.
  12. Are we also including the Intertoto Cup We had a Bradford City keeper for a game or two in that competition - Bowling I think his name was
  13. Some of the posts on this thread I can just imagine the posters getting their knickers in a twist over this would do the same had we given NML a one or 2 year deal, only for him to get an injury that keeps him out for 5 months Booo, Chansiri out, signing player on a deal only for him to get injured, stop signing crooks, give not good enough youth players a chance etc etc A 2 month contract with a view to extend depending on how he does - fair deal. If not good enough, or he got injured, we've not lost out.
  14. Been called off that game Don't think Sean Dyche wanted to call it off but they only have 10 first team players available
  15. That actually is a very good point there, a very good point Are Bristol City looking at suing as well? They gave up after Derby beat them 2-0 at their place (3rd last game of the season). Had they won or draw that game, they would have probably beaten Hull City that season to get 6th place instead of Middlesbrough. Their goal difference would have been better than Boro's. Isn't Gibbo going after us still because we beat Middlesbrough 1-0 that season at their place? Those dropped points didn't help
  16. £45million because it was Derbys fault Middlesbrough went on a 6 game losing streak between March and April costing them a play off place? Perhaps if his side actually made an effort to attack Aston Villa in the previous play off campaign, they may have been in the PL that season. What a loser Gibson has become
  17. Seen better batting by a village team Utterly embarrassing. They just gifted their wickets Our bowlers may as well not bother playing given they need to get the opposition out for 70 to give us a 14/1 chance of a draw
  18. I agree with this MK Dons were awful given their position. Even their fans agreed they were shocking that night
  19. Given there's been a few attacks on this post Anyone that reads owlstalk regularly will know beswetherick is clearly having a joke at the earlier comparison of NG in this thread No way would bes genuinely mean this Does show that it can be misinterpreted so easily.
  20. Port Vale away under Turner. Got thrashed 3-0, played absolutely dreadful. Getting back to Stoke station was a nightmare, even worse was the ambush by Stoke fans.
  21. I'll never forget I would have a lot more time for them had they started up via the non leagues.
  22. Easy this one MK Dons All those other clubs starting up (FC United etc) join in the non leagues having to work their way up Not them, straight into league one
  23. Being slagged off for travelling to Sharm El Sheikh for a holiday instead of going to watch Sheffield Wednesday beat Scunthorpe United 4-0 at Hillsborough
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