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11 minutes ago, Finlux_Cup said:


That 3rd photo is epic!


Love the lone workman chilling out on his own near the bottom of this pic.


He's probably day dreaming of knocking in a 25 yard screamer at the Kop end.

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38 minutes ago, Animis said:


No I understand that - it's just the concept really.


I think it's interesting how people are wanting more different and unique areas; standing; historical 'ends' and maybe integral to this is architects having to design some variation into the bland bowls of the recent past. I see Tottenham have created a large banked 'kop' end into the new White hart Lane, and the inside each quarter of the stands look different, but enclosed by a single roof structure, which doesn't dominate.


I think the difficulty is that when building a stadium you want the most seats per area of space in the ground.  invariably that leads to a bowl shape.  Sadly it doesn't lead to the best atmosphere.

Just not bothered...

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