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Hull Away Ticket Details

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The Owls travel to Hull on Friday 26 February (7.45pm) in the Sky Bet Championship and ticket details are as follows:

SWFC have the full allocation of 2,464 tickets and this is an all-ticket fixture for Wednesday supporters.

Due to the limited allocation, tickets will be sold using the Ticket Priority Points scheme (TPP).

Tickets are priced as follows:

Adult £33

Senior 65+ £24

19-22 £24

13-18 £18

12 and under £12

There are eight wheelchair spaces priced as above with a free carer ticket.

Ambulant disabled tickets are priced as above with a free carer ticket for those on the high rate of DLA.

The Inter City Owl will depart at 4.15pm and prices are as follows:

Adults: £16

Children: £15

Tickets and travel sale details:

Friday 12 February: Season Ticket holders with 570 or more TPP

Saturday 13 February: Season Ticket holders with 520 or more TPP

Sunday 14 February: Season Ticket holders with 460 or more TPP (Online Sales only)

Monday 15 February: All Season Ticket holders

Tuesday 16 February at 9.00am: Owls Members and Foundation Members with 150 or more TPP

Tuesday 16 February at 2.00pm: Owls Members and Foundation Members with zero or more TPP

Wednesday 17 February January: General sale

Sale dates are subject to availability.

Tickets can be purchased in person at the Ticket Office, the Sheffield Wednesday Online Shop or by telephone on 0871 900 1867 (£2 booking fee per ticket)

Supporters who attend this game and purchase in advance will receive ten Ticket Priority Points.

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As I said in the other thread how can they possibly justify £33 when its being played at just about the most inconvenient time possible , the traffic will be horrendous and its on sky so You can watch it for free in the pub. Pure exploitation.

I'm not sure if you're being ironic or not?

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I know this is a few games away and anythung can have happened by the time we play hull....BUT....could be a massive game for us this one. As i have said previous its on the same day we played the pigs 4 years ago and we know what happened for the rest of that season.

Potentially the game that could see us become title contenders..

.im in!!!!!

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Ha - I'm honoured.

I personally think this will make general sale and I'm not totally convinced it'll sell out at all. If results go well against Brentford, Preston and QPR it just might.

If 750 have been sold on the first day, it'll sell out easily, same as preston, 750 out of 2400 and that's not even in general sale, it'll sell out with plenty of time before the game.
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