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  1. Great Player, Great Bloke. RIP Saint
  2. Its a solid and sensible appointment. Good luck to him. He needs to be given the tools to do the job and the authority to 'really' be in charge of team selection and recruitment.
  3. Your right our squad is poor for this level. But if Banann was the worst player in the squad then we would be a competitive 2nd tier outfit. I think Barry is probably a season or 2 past his best but he is still a decent second division player.
  4. Won't be much different , the last pie I had at Hillsborough didn't have much meat in it and that was supposed to be beef and onion
  5. It would be interesting to see in what level of man's league this this woman could be competitive in. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wendie_Renard
  6. Then that s fine if women want equality of opportunity let them compete on an equal basis. I don't see how anything can be fairer than that
  7. Sounds about right. The real question imo is after over a year of getting used to football on demand on tv, tablets etc how many people are really going to want to pay £30 plus to travel to a cold stadium sit on a plastic seat and watch poor quality 2nd division football. The hard core 10k will be there but what about the rest it just seems to me to be a very old fashioned thing to do. I will always be there about half a dozen times a season but then again I am nearer to 70 than 40. Just like barbers and pubs ' the cat is out of the bag' , there are alternatives that a
  8. Rather than a female team ( Which in general would be soundly beaten ) simply let women try to get a place in a football league team just like the men, if there good enough , they are good enough as simple as that. eg some boys play professional football at 16, there's no way they are fully grown at that stage or as strong as most 25 year old's but there speed and skill allow them to play.
  9. If that is the case they should be showing the world what they do so they can secure their next professional contract. Collectively tonight they were rubbish.
  10. I am actually watching this instead of barceloana v psg
  11. There is no need to have a go at the 80's So far this game is rubbish
  12. What has been achieved by doing this? Good , this is where you can make a real difference
  13. Ok , in total our football club is big business in the tens of millions of pounds even if with the current the cash flow the club is struggling to pay relativity small sums and certainly the stadium is worth in the tens of millions of pounds. Of course the trust can arrange when allowed to meet in a pub in and talk about it. Or they have a Zoom meeting probably using the free account option but what is the point? Please understand me there is nothing wrong with a group of fans trying to improve the lot of people who support the club but stick to to what can be achiev
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