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  1. Excellent your lordship, Wednesday win as Leeds have a nervous 90's
  2. I have in the past had a go at the club about catering. But Saturday I had a pint of amstel for £4 in the North stand and it was spot on. I also think that is a reasonable price.
  3. Sadly forever tarnished by personal mistakes. He is one of the very best footballers I have ever seen play live.
  4. It's in an incredibly difficult run in and will be a 'Roy of the Rovers' or perhaps 'Bruce of the Wednesday' achievement if we pinch 6th. But if the Shoreham unwashed fail to make the top 2 it could be the 'mother of all seasons' I can almost smell their fear....
  5. Where have I said I will only pay £20 or less? I paid £38 to watch the game against the Shoreham unwashed (North stand members price)
  6. I am not sure what the difference between good sniff and outside chance is But I am sure it will please you to know that if we get to the play offs I will be there. As will 10k like me who go occasionally and throughly enjoy it.
  7. Belive you me mate this old yorkshireman can moan about lots of things Including paying silly money for second division football
  8. Your obviously a very dedicated fan, I did have a season ticket for a few seasons but I no longer live in Sheffield and I do other things at the weekend now. I am amazed that you don't understand why fans who go a few times a season pick big games
  9. Yes I would say so. it was a league game, we are mid table (albeit with an outside chance of the play offs) against a mediocre side.
  10. More people want to go to big games rather than run of the mill league matches. Thats hardly new, surprising or unique to Wednesday.
  11. There's a lot of people you can't stand then. I go to watch Wednesday when I want, I really enjoy it and one of the reasons I really enjoy it is that I don't have to go when I don't fancy it. You can be assured that whenever Wednesday get to Wembley in my lifetime only bad health will prevent me from being there.
  12. Your entitled to your opinion but I disagree, I don't think Hillsborough on a normal match day is intimidating.
  13. I have total sympathy with anyone who cannot stand but there are plenty of seated areas at Hillsborough where people choose to sit all the time. I have the reverse problem I have a knackered knee and I find it more comfortable to stand than to sit on cramped seats. I was stood on the north on Monday evening and the kop looked to have a lack of atmosphere to me, that imo is because everyone sits down. Atmosphere is created by people who are stood up. There's a reason why professional singers usually stand to do their job.
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