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  1. Well I actually support the club ( for over 50 years ) and I do not hold this site in utter contempt.
  2. Whatever the punishment let's have it sooner than later. Treading water for several months will be painful for both employees and fans. While we don't know our fate nothing will be achieved.
  3. https://www.insidermedia.com/news/yorkshire/approval-recommended-for-development-opposite-hillsborough-stadium
  4. Sometimes we forget and take for granted what we have. The stadium needs constant renovation, repair and modernisation like any other building. Most of todays problems stem from the fact that no meaningful work had been done for about a quarter of a century. It also is a stadium that was designed , built and needs top flight football to thrive. We need promotion! But those saying they want to leave hillsborough need to be careful what they wish for. Ask West Ham fans
  5. It would.be more appealing to sit outside in nice weather. Let me be clear i don't claim to be a True Super Fan but i enjoy going to Hillsborough. However I will not be ripped off.
  6. Of course £11 is not a lot but that is not the point. Wednesday has no divine right to my leisure money it has to compete against a series of alternatives £43 to watch 2nd division football on a cold winters day is imo c4ap value for money
  7. I think a singing area is an excellent idea however the question is where would you put it. The Kop: possibly but it needs a big crowd to make that stand atmospheric because before all the nonsense of all seater grounds it could accommodate more than the entire crowd against Swansea on its own. The North: Forgetting SAG issues for a minute. The only place would be at LL end but thats got our pointing brigade and many would not want to stand with them The South: No The Grandstand: too high up and away from the pitch So where would it be put?
  8. watching sport on a screen is sadly , easier , more varied , better quality and of course a lot cheaper. Eg How much for 6 kids to watch Liverpool v City on sky with 3 dozen cans of Stella, compared to all travelling to Hillsborough to queue in a pub and then watch 2nd division football
  9. its certainly not just a Wednesday issue but hillsborough has some real problems. It's a ground that was designed for 35k plus crowds that is never going to happen in the 2nd.division on a cold day when a decent seat costs more than £40.
  10. I would go further its second division regardless of the opposition it's not meant to be a luxury product.
  11. I like most people do not want to hinder people with disabilities. But we all have to live together. Surely common sense would say try to avoid travelling around Hillsborough or indeed any other football ground for around 4 hours on matchday unless of course your going to the match.
  12. I wish England well and will watch the game. I do find rugby fans and their we are better than football fans attitude irritating. There will be a lot of people at the England game but it is the world cup ffs. Look at the attendances for club rugby , compare their elite clubs to ours. https://www.somersetlive.co.uk/sport/other-sport/12-premiership-rugby-clubs-ranked-2334314 That's the reality of how popular Rugby Union is.
  13. I can't comment about the female steward incident I was not there. I don't know if Paul has been banned from Hillsborough before but assuming it's the first time it would seem reasonable to me to invite him to Hillsnorough next summer, agree an acceptable level of behaviour and give him one more chance next season. The club is then seen to have done everything possible.
  14. Good post. The tourist effect.of premier league football in London is very significant. Before Chelsea and West Ham got lucky with the Russian and the Olympic stadium respectively, we legitimately competed with them. In terms of size..
  15. it's certainly not a static list in terms of size of club or size of support. We have dropped down that list and the only way to move up it is to be in the top division We will always be a big club relative to our peers it is just sadly our peers are currently,huddersfield, west Brom and Leeds.where it used to be the likes of west ham , villa and everton
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