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  1. Very different times, football cost bugger all and there was far less to do than now. The era you refer too must seem like a black and white film to anybody under 40.
  2. Premier League 2 has been coming in all but name for a few years. Wednesday and simalar sized clubs will be involved. I feel sorry for the smaller clubs but that's just how it is.
  3. Does anybody know when potg tickets will be available for the north stand
  4. Sadly the reality is that we have a ground that was originally designed for 50k crowds it's just too big and open for average second division games. In all my years of watching Wednesday I can't remember a great atmosphere at Hillsborough with a crowd of less than 30k
  5. Your entitled to your opinion mate but I bet the worldwide audience for Celtic v Man Utd would be more than the audience for Watford v Man Utd yesterday. As mentioned I am not into the political crap , fans that sing inflamatory songs ( any fans ) should be banned.
  6. why do you think that? in football size of club matters, they are both huge clubs
  7. Celtic and Rangers imo should have been wild carded into the premiership at its inception. Putting all the political cr4p to one side they would be a massive asset to our top league.
  8. Another vote for Owen Feb 1998 imo before his injuries he was the best footballer in the world.
  9. Derby has a large sth base with a guess quite a few decided to have a night off and watched it at home next to the fireplace
  10. If that's the members price it's not actually £25 because the membership costs £50, I am a member and go to a few matches a year the membership works out at more than a fiver match.
  11. Beer became £1 a pint in my local in 1990. Pay on the day on the kop was £5 , 90/91 season. No membership fee just turn up pay your five pints of beer, my local today is £3.20 per pint so £16 would be about right. Btw I had a season ticket on the kop that season it cost £74 for 23 second division games £3.22 per match ie 3 pints and a bag of crisps.
  12. The big change in atmosphere is all seater stadiums and the end of cheap pay on the day tickets. Second division football is incredibly a luxury item which you really need to book in advance. When I first started going on my own it was about the same cost as 3 pints. Disclaimer: Knowing the price of beer when I was 14 is purely a product of my imagination
  13. While your design would be an upgrade it doesn't alter the fact that we are located in northern england in a windy city. Outside catering imo is just is not going to work. Modboys covered fanzone might work but it's going to have one hell of heating bill and other overheads for a.couple of hours trade 20 odd times a year. Perhaps after a couple of decades of global warming , ( awaits student owl and john F's reaction )
  14. I dont think many people would want to stand behind the north or the kop in the winter drinking mediocre beer for over an hour theres just nicer places nearby to have a pint
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