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  1. Geedee

    Sheffield Wednesday Ladies FC

    Yes mate even I noticed that. I suppose as an example when I was completing my 92 club I went to England u18 boys v Czech u18 at shrewsburys new ground. There was obviously some of the best young talent from the respective nations. But because these lads were not full grown the football could be described as not full grown either. Women's football is imo like that, a bit lightweight and a superficial.
  2. Geedee

    Sheffield Wednesday Ladies FC

    Hmmm OK when it takes over the prime time football slots I might agree. But having the highlights squeezed in between episodes of only fools and horses series 4 doesn't count. Mind you the lass who was a pundit on the arsenal v man city game looked in fine fettle, talked well and represented the ladies game with a lot of credibility. I should repeat I have no problem with the ladies game, I hope that they enjoy it and I hope they can make a good living at it. But there's no way it will ever compete withe mens game. They are not strong enough and they are not fast enough.
  3. Geedee

    Sheffield Wednesday Ladies FC

    I don't believe it Neil it's had more false dawns than the Liberal Party
  4. Geedee

    Sheffield Wednesday Ladies FC

    Happy for Wednesday to have a lasses team or a set of old blokes doing walking football, disability teams or whatever. Good luck to them but they have been talking about women's football taking off for over 30 years, as a novelty yes, as a sensible alternative to the men's game no chance.
  5. Geedee

    North and South stands at #SWFC

    Dont little kids go to the front anymore, they will always struggle further up the kop.
  6. Sheffield ownand still touring at 75 years old Tony Christie.
  7. Geedee

    Owls Launch Silver Membership

    I don't think they should be free (perhaps they shouldn't be as much as £50 either) Your club is also a business it needs to make money. Support your club
  8. Geedee

    Owls Launch Silver Membership

    Well done Mr. Chansari and Sheffield Wednesday, membership bought, Very Happy I like being a member of my club! UTO
  9. I wouldn't be surprised either. I suppose the fact that many are tied into multi year tickets may put a patch over an ever getting larger wound. If you go back to one of our most successful years (1990 91) pay on the day on the kop was about the cost of 5 pints of standard beer. Its now too expensive, there are many reasons for that and they are not all in Wednesdays control. But the fact that it's now around 10 pints of beer and people think beer at that price is too expensive tells you all about the pricing at Hillsborough.
  10. https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/football-attendance-figures-inaccurate-12160375?utm_source=sharebar&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=sharebar Attendance figures are not attendance figures they are number of tickets sold, the figure therefore can't be below 20k
  11. I thought after last night it was going down to £50 (which imo is still too expensive)
  12. At a totally different level but Arsenal have just been valued at £1.8 billion I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Arsenal's Stan Kroenke makes offer to buy whole of London club - http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45094538 Now if Wednesday are worth just 5% of Arsenal that makes us worth incredibly 90 million That shows how crackers this business is and how far away from the likes of the Save our Owls campaign football has gone.
  13. I do remember save our owls. It could not possibly work now at 2nd tier level there's just too much money needed.
  14. £5m wasn't enough then and incredibly £20m wouldn't be enough now. The days of fans groups buying clubs the size of Wednesday are long gone.
  15. One of the issues with away games is that everybody is placed together. At a home game the north stand pointers can stand and pretend it's a scene from green street. While the south stand snoozers can have a milky coffee and a biscuit in peace and quiet. Niether type of fan bothering the other. At away games that's different there's very rarely such a thing as a posh seat for an away fan (except corporate). I remember at an away game being next to a kid who was smashed out of his mind. He wasn't violent but he was generally horrible, every second word would have hit the swear filter on this site and as for the smell it was pretty obvious that he thought that buying anti persperant was a waste of good beer money It did not really matter to me because I was on my own but if the wife had been there it certainly could have become an issue.