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  1. I think Wilder would privately take 15th as a finishing position now.
  2. If I lived in Barnsley I would also be looking for a new home
  3. Great result, congratulations to the club
  4. I agree with you that Merson isn't a great pundit. However I do think that pundits on the premier league should have either played or coached in the premier league/ old 1st division. Eg Neil Mellor
  5. I think a minimum qualification to be a soccer pundit on soccer saturday is to have played in the premiership for one of the top clubs or if there older the previous first division. I have no problem with female commentators or perhaps Alex Scott or another female taking over from Jeff Stelling. But imo a fundamental of being a panel expert is having done the job at the level you are eing paid to analyse
  6. You forgot about the Ginger one!! Go to the bottom of the class
  7. A genuinely nice thing to do well done Jamie
  8. 🚨 Leeds complete signing of Rodrigo for club record fee via @OneFootball. Read it here: https://1.ftb.al/2UFqVD0cl9
  9. Works like a charm @Mirodo , well done mate and thank you once again.
  10. RIP Sammy From an era when going to the match cost about 3 pints and was a laugh. Can you imagine a steward of today explaining to Sammy that he had to stay sat in the correct seat
  11. 1) v sufc late 1960s and being amazed at my Dads language 2) Tommy Craig 3) Of those I have seen Roland but greatest ever is probably Andrew Wilson 4) Wembley v SUFC 5) Cardiff 1984 6) Barcelona ( Champions League game v Arsenal) 7) 8 ) At Hillsborough v Newcastle 1984, Wembley 1991, 1993 9) Roland 10) I have got to the stage where I have had enough of all the soap opera , my club is Wednesday, i support Wednesday, I will go when i fancy going regardless of what division we are in. I am not interested in the finances or politics.
  12. As a player I thought he was a great 'make a difference' substituion. Tired defenders were hardly going to welcome a 6ft 5in footballer clattering into them. His attitude has been excellent, he has been a real asset to the team and more importantly the club. He should be warmly welcomed whenever he returns to s6.
  13. Howard Wilkinson was a good football manager. He certainly was not a big character. If anything he has an introverted personality. That is not necessarily a bad thing , it takes all types.
  14. And ofcourse Leeds were wearing their 100 year anniversary shirts celebrating at Pride Park yesterday evening. If we go bust and start again it will still be The Wednesday the only club I will ever support. I don't care about the accounts I am a football fan not an accountant.
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