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  1. This is the answer the same for the players name how difficult can it be. The solid back panels look rubbish
  2. I went to the game although I don't remember that scoreline. I remember Vinnie Jones then captain of the blades played for Leeds having a laugh with the Wednesday fans and a certain Tony Currie playing for the mighty Owls. I am told Currie thinks of it quite understandably as the highlight of his career
  3. Solar powerbanks will happen but its here yet , from what I can see the ones available make a simple job hard work. I have given up buying any other phone accessory other than Anker, good quality , sensible prices.
  4. Fans Trusts, Small Share holders , Clubs giving fans a token say ( A golden share ), is all from the past ( sadly ), football at the level we want Wednesday to be at is big business and big money. Accept it for what it is. If you want to support a community fan based club support a club like SPS
  5. I doubt anybody who went to cold blow lane will forget that place
  6. It was 14-0 and they took it easy on us in the second half!
  7. It was 14-0 and they took it easy on us in the second half!
  8. No I am not expecting empty grounds. Going to the game live is a totally different experience. The vast majority of Manchester United games are on the TV and the stadium is full. Lower down the pecking order I would guess that at least a third of Newcastle games are on the TV and their stadium is full too.
  9. No I have no idea. But properly marketed and sensibly priced I think there is a lot more than 2000 people who would buy it. I am confident that it is the future and within 5 years 'a streamed season ticket' will be available
  10. I can't see why that would be the case. The games are already being filmed. So the cost is just the delivery mechanism. I think the big money spinner would be a membership package that includes access to all the streams and also the traditional benefits of the existing membership scheme eg preferential ticket access ahead of general sale to Hillsborough. I think thats worth about £250 a year to me and its virtually all profit to the club. Imo There are thousands of fans who can't attend football on a regular basis but who would buy that kind of package. My uncle who was virtually housebound in his last years would have loved it.
  11. Imo all games should be available to view via a stream from now on. It's as simple as that.
  12. If we are to win this trophy we have 2 very difficult opponents to overcome. But the best team ( France ) is out, the ultimate football opponent ( Germany ) has been defeated. We are at home for both games, there will never be a better chance than this.
  13. I dont think anybody has said he is a great player he wouldn't have been at S6 if he was a great player but imo those who called him a useless donkey were either a) People who just enjoyed being nasty because they like to be nasty or b) People who genuinely do not understand the game and cannot see what impact he made when he came on against tired 2nd division defenders
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