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  1. My dream is to see Wednesday in a refurbished Hillsborough competing again in the top flight of English football Anything that takes us further away from that dream is unwanted. For this club to be out of the top flight for more than 20 years is humiliating.
  2. I remember a crush outside Portman Road well August 1990 if we are thinking of the same day , if you had fallen on the floor it could have been very serious. Aniquated stand, poor policing, overcrowding, pay on the gate. There were lots of reasons for that crush but it still took fans to push to start it....
  3. Excellent my lord The start of saturdays becoming normal again. Wednesday are back what possibly could go wrong!
  4. The only two post ww2 that I think have any credibility are Dooley as a player , as a 'twin' of United Dooley as chairman Or Eric Taylor. Personally I wouldn't have either of them.
  5. Its a nice photo but imo we should not be celebrating failure we didn't win.
  6. Sadly there will be a lot more before this dreadful year is over. Many were already on the way out but the lockdown will be the final blow.
  7. Firstly Good luck Joe Its strange that in my lifetime local newspapers have gone from all powerful institutions to where they are today. It will be interesting to see if there are enough quality '900 word articles' about Wednesday to keep us all engaged and how many of us will be prepared to pay for that service Personally I haven't paid for any news content in over 10 years.
  8. Very keenly interested without the very keenly sums it up for me
  9. The only acceptable offer to season ticket holders is an automatic refund. If they choose to donate it to charity, the club or buy a streaming pass afterwards is a totally different matter.
  10. I dont disagree with what you say. as I said another retail park is better than nothing (just). But my point stands for every 50k store manager there will be dozens of low paid people doing menial boring work , you may think its meaningful, I think its just very sad and a sign of things to come.
  11. Sadly I am not sure what you can build there other than the kind of thing being proposed. 250 new jobs initially sounds great news i do wonder how many will pay a decent wage. Or put another way i wonder how many hours somebody will have to work there to be able to buy a potg ticket across the road at Hillsborough. Still , Its better than nothing ( just )
  12. Such a nice bloke and a true football great.
  13. Hopefully a safety first and cautious approach will be announced. We will see.
  14. Sadly I don't think the more than 100,000 range is speculation if the lockdown is prematurely ended I think it is inevitable. It is already thought that the current figure of nearly 31k is an underestimation. The only thing that will stop or more realistically slow down the virus is a lockdown. The Daily Mail getting peoples hopes up to a return to normality this year is in my opinion totally the wrong thing to do
  15. At best its pure speculation. I might as well guess a few dates. Keep the place in lockdown until its safe or more than 100,000 will die
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