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  1. Geedee

    Last nights attendance

    A very successful person I knew had a sign in his office saying 'change is normal ' I am sat with a beer watching Wednesday play on a Sunday lunchtime. It's great news.
  2. Geedee

    Last nights attendance

    It isn't an argument. It's simply a point which hopefully added to the debate. The point being that the cost per game quoted by having a season ticket is based on attending every match. I never managed to do this as a season ticket holder even in the couple of seasons that I went to over 40 games. It's even more relevant now than then, now games are rescheduled all the time.ie early kick offs, late kick offs, Fridays, Sundays and virtually any mid week evening. Those working or living out of town can have real issues with these changes.
  3. Geedee

    Red Button Coverage

    No When did we actually get 30k against them (I bet there's more than 30k watching on sky)
  4. Geedee

    Last nights attendance

    This is a perfect example of the hidden and seldom spoke about real cost per game for a season ticket holder. If you go to all the matches its cheap but if you miss a few games through necessity or choice the cost per game attended soon starts to mount up.
  5. Geedee

    Last nights attendance

    There's no turning the clock back, soon all games for all clubs will be available via satellite or Internet stream. It's fabulous value for money, Eg Sunday I will watch the grand prix, man city v Liverpool and Wednesday v Bristol City If you enjoy watching live sport how can this be anything other than good news.
  6. Geedee

    Red Button Coverage

    Three points The first point is the club are being paid money for this. It makes the club money if it was bad news the clubs would not do it Second yes a few may decide to watch it on the tele instead of paying on the gate but we are talking low hundreds of people not thousands. Thirdly there's no going back the technology exists and it's not going away.
  7. Geedee

    Red Button Coverage

    No its not bad news for the club, they already have the st money whether people turn up or not, the payg is down to the bare bones anyway, as far as away support support is concerned how many more do you think will attend at a midweek second division game in February. The club might as well take the TV money and perhaps close the west stand.
  8. Geedee

    Red Button Coverage

    I have heard a rumour that it will be for weekend games as well next season.
  9. Geedee

    1988-89 squad

    I remember the day well I was not at the game, but playing poorly but drinking well at eckington snooker club, happy days
  10. Evening match, on the tele, the price is just silly and will be rewarded with a low attendance. A real shame.
  11. I think clubs like Wednesday, Derby, Forest, Norwich are all in the same boat and all playing every season for that 6th place or better 15th is failure 5th is success. I think this year our finishing position is totally dependent on what we can spend and crucially what our peers can spend.
  12. Geedee

    Howard Wilkinson quote 84

    Me three, first thought every time I see him.
  13. I was there, strange day, went for a curry and a gallon of lager at the everest at Heeley afterwards.
  14. Geedee

    One person to blame tonight.

    Those criticising team selection should name the team they would have picked.
  15. Please repost survey after next victory. Please also add an option something similar to this. Jos is a proven manager doing a solid job who should only be replaced if a better man is available and Wednesdays finances have improved so that we can build an automatic promotion challenging squad.