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  1. Geedee

    Roland Nilsson

    Roland is certainly a credible candidate. But the fpp, transfer embargo and other issues that I don't really understand need to be sorted first. This squad needs rebuilding, if a new manager, any new manager is not given the tools to do this he will fail.
  2. Geedee


    In my opinion we should look for a manager on his way up the football pyramid not one whose career is on the way down.
  3. In life you get promoted to your own level of incompetence
  4. Geedee

    Incredible support

    It's very sad but very true that the only think that is 'premier' class about Wednesday is the support.
  5. Difficult today. 0-0 would please me. Great op your lordship
  6. Geedee

    Alan wheen

    RIP, taken far too soon.
  7. I don't think you answered either point
  8. Do you understand what the primary role of a manager is at half time? Why is a losers attitude to give the man some praise for changing things at half time and winning the game
  9. Two teams on a terrible run of form. Horrible weather in a half full stadium devoid of atmosphere. A poor nervous goalless first half was always going to be likely. Jos has taken a lot of stick in the last few weeks but at half time he did his job, he changed things around and we won and for that he deserves at least some praise.
  10. Geedee

    Attendance tomorrow night

    The ground looks and sounds awful.
  11. A nervous but satisfying 2-0 win for the Owls.
  12. Geedee

    Attendance tomorrow night

    I don't think Wednesday will be unique with a 'bare bones' attendance tommorrow night. Second division football has a lot to compete with tommorrow, Champions League Red button Christmas spending Its expensive and it will be cold, windy and horrible, It's just not an attractive thing to do
  13. Geedee

    Season ticket holders

    Seems pretty normal to me. Sheffield Wednesday 2nd Division ticket sales throughout my life Under 15k very poor and not very usual (currently impossible because of St numbers) 15k-20k below average (St numbers stopping this number) 20-25k normal 25-30k better than average nowt special Over 30k big game or doing very well (not very usual)
  14. Whilst understanding your view this is just not going to happen The biggest 12 clubs in the efl have very little in common with the bottom 36.
  15. Good Post, he knows he's out of form and probably will benefit and therefore Wednesday will benefit from encouragement rather than 'supporters' not supporting but constantly taking the wee wee.