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  1. Geedee

    New shirt thread

    Don't worry he won't want to watch non league football
  2. Good solid fixture announced in a timely manner, well done Wednesday. Please announce the other friendlies asap
  3. Geedee

    Match day parking near the ground

    A safe legal drop off point is a great idea. When I take my Dad my usual tactic is to get there early drop him somewhere on Penistone road and then go and park the car.
  4. Geedee

    Match day parking near the ground

    It's a closely guarded secret At least it was a closely guarded secret
  5. As above Wednesday are realistic challengers for the top 6 spots if we are not still in with a chance next April that will be failure. Personally I really fancy our chances. It all comes down to Mr. Chansari's ambition. Give Josh the tools of his trade ( ie the squad) and we won't be far off.
  6. Michael Owen with his first hat trick for Liverpool February 1998, I went home and told the wife that England might just have the best player in the world. Shearer playing for Southampton in 1991/92, you could tell how good he was going to be Those two were easy picks, the third was more difficult, so let me throw in that pain in the Wednesday backside, Neville Southall.Best keeper in the country imo in the late 1980's Other notable footballers who obviously were a class above, Lineker, Gazza and Guillet (probably spelt wrong) but the Dutch lad playing for Chelsea February 1997. Best team Manchester United 99/00 at old Trafford 4-0.
  7. 14-0 defeat at Alfreton, it was billed as a friendly v a full strength Sheffield Wednesday we sent a set of kids. They were winning 9-0 at half time and took it easy in the second half. Little did they know that they could have broken the record for our heaviest defeat if they had kept going it stands at 16-0 I believe.
  8. Geedee

    All this sunny weather

    I don't think you can take unusual weather into account. What you can reasonably say is that in general watching football in April is a nicer experience than in February. I think another benefit of a winter break is that the standard of football over the season should be higher. With the break allowing time for players to recover from early season injuries Perhaps it would have helped Wednesday last winter.
  9. Geedee

    All this sunny weather

    Because it's always been in the winter I am inclined to agree with you. But perhaps that's also more because I get my football on tv these days. I think there's a case for having a winter break from after the new year games until mid February, miss the worst of the winter and extend the season into June. I can't see any downsides to that.
  10. I bet a lot of people around the country would have loved to have watched it, if tv had existed
  11. Agreed Villa will always be there or there abouts until they get promoted, from a Wednesday point of view it would be useful if they got promoted and out of the way this season
  12. There's a great phrase in that post that I am going to adapt slightly ' extremely fit, hard working, hard to beat and effective direct team' Thats the best chance of promotion out of this division and in truth the best chance of survival in the top flight. eg Sheffield Wednesday 1984
  13. As above the transfer window will prove how ambitious we are. 'Deeds not words' please Mr. Chansari. As for other teams personally I would like Derby to go up but as a Wednesday fan I would like Villa to win the play offs. They are easily the biggest club in the division, it would be great news for Wednesday if they were out of the way for next season.
  14. Geedee

    Happy Birthday Big Jack!

    I do so hope your right about Jos mate. Happy Birthday Jack
  15. Geedee

    Dejphon Chansiri club statement

    As above. A good professional statement by DC. But what is now needed is action, we need promotion, he must buy Jos the squad to do that. I don't understand this financial fair play mlarky. I do know that there is no substitute in football for financial investment.