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  1. We will become what we have bought. An organised team that wins by the odd goal or loses by the odd goal. I am confident that Pulls will keep Wednesday up.
  2. I really like some of the best players in the world playing in our top league. I except that Wednesday are unlikely to be able to compete but I would love Wednesday to be in the premier League and to watch the top players at Hillsborough even if they are playing for the opposition. I am bored stiff of lower league football.
  3. When they stop paying second division footballers a week what many take a year to earn I will listen to them
  4. One thing is certain I wont be going into any stadium until this is sorted.
  5. Forest and Derby have very similar issues to Wednesday. They are not leaps and bounds in front of us at all. Regarding grounds Pride Park is a pain in the backside to get too , is a Starbucks and greggs concession really going to make much difference to the bottom line ,I doubt if they fund Rooney's cars never mind his salary. Hillsborough needs renovation but it's a ground with history that sits within its community not another large white building on a office/retail park.
  6. Managers are easy scapegoats in the time I have followed England and Wednesday the vast majority of the problems have been at board level rather than in the dug out.
  7. England are to world football what Wednesday are to club football. Big enough to have the odd good run but not part of the elite. It seems to be my lot in life to support teams like this.
  8. Ifollow virgin today. Verdict a solid 8/10 The ' cats out of the bag ' In normal times there is no way that I would have travelled 1 hour both ways and paid £30 to watch this game The answer to more revenue for League clubs is an online membership including video ifollow, plus the ability to buy a 'real' ticket before general sale
  9. The one hope that Wednesday fans have had over these dire 20 years is that the underlying potential of the club is still there. Take away that hope and what the hell have we got? It can be done the potential of this club can be fulfilled. Leicester have proved it , Leeds are beginning to prove it. It starts with the right ownership and the right people in the boardroom.
  10. Great win just what was needed. The best way to improve performance is to give the players confidence that they can succeed
  11. i dont think of Adidas as 'serious' outdoor clothing either. I think of Adidas as quality leisure wear , on a football pitch in a gym or as street wear its pretty good stuff. Out on the fells no way and with fairness to Adidas I dont think they target that market. I have just realised that my original Goretex berghaus jacket is over 25 years old and still going strong. ( Colour Wednesday Royal Blue
  12. If Adidas is poor quality please name the brand which is good quality
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