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  1. I dont agree mate dont get me wrong a net 64 deserves perhaps a 'general play ' adjustment but when I was on our golf committee that kind of score would happen a few times in a season. Its not always a sign of a 'bandit' eg A few years ago our club had its captains away day at lindrick ( great course btw ) , my mate Ken came in with 47 points! He is an established golfer who plays off about 12 , plays lots of competition golf and his handicap reflects the kind of golfer he is. He just had a day when everything went in.
  2. Good luck to them, it sounds right for a town sized club with no particular football ambitions But I really want Wednesday to be first and foremost a successful premier league club not just a local community asset.
  3. Can you post a link to what Norwich actually do on this
  4. Out of the two options its pretty obvious what people would prefer. But a load of parish councillor types enjoying their 15 mins of fame at ' fan engagement meetings' will achieve very little imo. Things like catering , half time entertainment etc are all minor issues with a simple solution. Find which similar size club to Wednesday does a good job of it and copy them. No committees needed just common business sense.
  5. One player for the game on Saturday Of my time it has to be mick lyons
  6. Rather than a hammer tell him to take a paint brush and help smarten the place up
  7. I posted this to show the winning score of net 37 playing off 54 handicap. A gross 91 with a 54 handicap is shall we say a very interesting score I have never played this course it is in Scotland. I don't think Gross 83 off 19 is not very unusual I play at Breadsall Priory and a net 64 is a very good but not incredible score and both courses at Breadsall are good quality , full sized tracks.
  8. I have got to get me one of those 54 handicaps
  9. As a sweeping no detail response thats fine , Nobody can totally disaree with it. But the point remains who draws the line and who decides when it is broken. eg If you think trespass at old trafford was ok even if it was illegal. What if they had paint sprayed the building. Is that OK? How about smashing a few windows ? Still alright? Acquring a few unpaid for souvenirs perhaps ....... I will leave you to decide
  10. I am not for one moment saying these people were hardened criminals. But the only way the society works is by one simple point ' You dont get to choose which laws apply to you' Trespass, Criminal Damage to property , assault on a police officer , You cant do those things just because you don't agree with what a company ( Manchester United ) is doing. Because if you could where would the line be drawn and who would have the right to draw it.
  11. I agree the right to PEACEFUL , LAWFUL protest is extremely important but this was neither.
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