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  1. How about summat like this Derby one in Royal Blue
  2. Always looked like a kid had randomly stuck it on the shirt to me. I think the 70's owl in royal blue within a frame so it stands out from the stripes Current Chansari badge imo is rubbish
  3. I will add the second pint thanks mate
  4. Geedee

    S.T renewals.

    I don't see any possibility of a single price for potg. Does any club in the top two divisions do that?
  5. Geedee

    RIP - Danny Williams

    RIP I suppose its not the time to discuss his time at Hillsborough I hope he was better at running his sports shop.
  6. Geedee


    August 1990, omg 29 years agp
  7. Geedee

    Kieron Westwood Lovely Man

    They are all incredibly lucky to play professional football in this money mad era. All you can ask is that they behave themselves and act like the role models they should be. Well done Kieran
  8. I was in there a few days ago they still talk about you
  9. Geedee

    Well done Wednesday

    Great result for the club, a good day out for the fans and you never know a replay at Hillsborough regardless of result would help to lift the mood. Well done Wednesday!
  10. Geedee

    Police presence today

    I think the police work rate outside Hillsborough should be recorded and publicised. There seems to be a lot of hanging around doing bugger all.
  11. Geedee

    Part timer

    100%, this is not a Wednesday issue, if you go to an event eat before you get there, pay half, more choice, less queues, better quality.
  12. Geedee

    Police presence today

    Yes but that does not mean they should not answer for how they use police resources at Hillsborough. Which is either paid for by Wednesday or out of all our pockets. Anybody who knows Hillsborough on match days knows the ludicrous amount of public money wasted by syp.
  13. Geedee

    £20 just the ticket

    There are plenty of reasons to be a sth other than ticket prices. You are guaranteed your seat, you get to sit with your mates, first priority for other tickets. etc Perhaps the club should think of other incentives for sth's, an obvious one to me is a discount on food and drink. The bottom line is that imo we need to forget about this obsession about keeping St's cheaper than payg. The normal payg prices have simply got to come down.
  14. Geedee

    £20 just the ticket

    Well done Wednesday, we have empty seats let's try and fill them. Keep the prices low, do promotions, special deals, whatever it takes. More fans, equals Better atmosphere. Better day out. More Support for the team. And more importantly More young un's whose long term future will be Sheffield Royal Blue rather than scummy red.
  15. Geedee

    1993: A few questions

    Thats right it was 93 /94, not sure if it was Roland's last game but it was my last game as a season ticket holder. United got relegated at Chelsea