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  1. Hillsborough falling down?

    The decision to move or renovate needs to be made and in truth it should have been made several years ago
  2. Hillsborough falling down?

    OK You have talked me into it
  3. Forget about the Premier League.

    Hopefully wolves and Villa will go up and be out of the way and also hopefully no big club will be relegated. If that's the case I dont see why we don't stand a chance next season in what will be a weakened league.
  4. A credible performance by the owls. Newcastle, Villa and Leeds are bigger clubs. There are lots of historical and demographic reasons for that but the bottom line fact is they are. Brighton are on a roll and have done really well. Derby and Wednesday are very simalar clubs and guess what they get simalar crowds. Chansari has done well by changing Wednesday into a predominantly season ticket holder club like Derby and as a result our core support should hold up much better in poor seasons like the current one. While we are in the second division the only way to make an impact on those figures is to have promotions throughout the season such as kids for a quid to influence the non season ticket holder sales.
  5. Family Area - Grandstand

    With any rules that are fair and sensible to the majority a minority of people could be inconvenienced. That's applies to football grounds as well as life in general. Ultimately its not like we are talking about thousands of people it's the clubs stadium and the club could apply the odd common sense exception to the rule.
  6. Why would the best footballer in the world not be playing in one of the elite teams.
  7. Thats very unlikely isn't it Neil and if they are still interested in Wednesday at 60 they are probably customers for the rest of their healthy lives. Where it is very likely that the students who we are obsessed with giving a discount too could move to anywhere in the country or even the world.
  8. A fair and reasonable offer well done to the chairman and his team, good managerial appointment, team looking better. now please redevelop Hillsborough, buy us promotion and get rid of that horrendous home shirt. And you never know we might all club together and buy a bronze statue of you.
  9. Tv fees

    Yes it was at its worst bang in the centre of Swansea rumour is it could have caused as much as 250 quids worth of damage
  10. Great Post. Although it may be a bit early to fully judge DC or whoever advised him should be congratulated on a really good appointment. No drama, no fuss just someone who is good at his job.
  11. Sadly I think Swansea away will be last act of our involvement in the competition. But if we got through I think there will be plenty of tickets available and this part timer will be having one
  12. I am worried that my first thought was I bet they ran out of pies
  13. West stand upper

    Absolutely right. Its such a shame England did not get the 2018 world cup. We would have a new 44k stadium now , located at Hillsborough and all this debate would have been sorted.
  14. West stand upper

    I hope they don't build corporate boxes on the north. One of the reasons I dislike the south stand is sitting in front of the corporate boxes I find it quite demeaning. Likewise when I have been a guest in a corporate box one of the things I don't like is looking down on people in the stand. Don't get me wrong I have been to quite a lot of these events over the years at various stadiums and enjoyed them but a part I do not enjoy is the 'them and us' atmosphere that they create.