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  1. It's the extreme but the numbers are crazy all the way down the football pyramid. Its not just football many other sports are the same.
  2. No one in the establishment would want everton relegated They will want Burnley down, Leeds have far more potential
  3. Spot on. anything other than being in the top 6 attendances will go down, top 2 they will go up. DM did a good job last season , I would have taken top 10 we finished 4th , the bar is now higher, promotion and nothing less.
  4. Becasue of time and space constraints i can imagine it being quite a challenge expanding a menu. These grab and go pots , could work, good variety for the customer, good shelf life and good profit margin for the club. https://www.therealsoupcompany.com/grab-go-pots/ Although I cant see many of the north stand pointers mushroom risotto
  5. Done quite a few over the years including Arsenal ( But not at the level of the tickets in the video )., Not been post covid Format is always about the same. Turn up about a couple of hours before kick off. Drink Eat a ground tour, is sometimes included. Old footballers or squad players on hand to say hello Watch 1st half Drink Watch 2nd half drink , perhaps a bit more food , man of the match presentation Go home I wouldnt want to do it every match but now and again its great fun. When I have been at Hillsborough the quality has been pretty good , although just like the rest of the stadium , it needs updating.
  6. It seems very strange to cancel this on covid grounds. Given far bigger things are happening. The players will meet far more people in the next 2 weeks just living normally than they will in a couple of hours at Hillsborough Park If Darren or any other staff member feels vulnerable then they of course can be excused but a normal healthy 20 odd year old footballer should be fine. At some point we have to move on and live with covid I think that time has come.
  7. I am a NIMBY about this , happy for people to use flares, smoke bombs and wave big flags as long as they dont do it in front of me
  8. We have had a successful run in , that has attracted more fans in clouding a green un reader like me It also helps that its nice weather Let's see how attractive 3rd division is if we are 10th and its a cold November day with 1 more pay day until Christmas.
  9. Because third division football is mostly rubbish
  10. At my age anybody under 40 is young
  11. I didn't hear the radio phone in. But I think Sean did a great job at Burnley.
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