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  1. all depends on use at home or on a flight you cannot beat noise cancelling over ear headphones and if thats what you want then the QC range from bose is going to take some beating. I have some (qc15) that are about 10 years old and they are still great.
  2. One of your best ever mi Lord. Her indoors supports Wimbledon so tommorrow evening should be fun
  3. I dont think its a sizable majority or even a sizable minority. There are thick fools in society, theres not many of them but they are loud. The majority of people, the vast majority of people think racists are idiots.
  4. If it was any supplier other than Wednesday they would be replaced. They get away with it because they know you don't change your club.
  5. This everytime. One of the few things Wednesday has is the heritage and history of the club. When we can we should play in Royal Blue and White sripes.
  6. When you sack a manager your sole objective is to replace him with a better alternative. We are 9th not 19th. So its a no from me unless we have a better man lined up.
  7. I agree with the comnent and certainly Jack would have been set on by some of owlstalks drama queen's. ( but not if they had bumped in to him face to face in the pub ) But what Jack did have was presence, charisma and respect. I don't think DM has got that how he deals with the media is an embarrassment. Jack knew his stuff , had been taught management by two of the best. If anybody questioned him , he could show them a cv of achievement that they could only dream of. The difference between the two men is night and day.
  8. Thank you it's very much appreciated
  9. I want to edit a PDF brochure. Nothing radical just change a few words of text. The design can stay 9 Its my brochure ) . What is the best way to do this please?
  10. I would go the other way I think he is a coach rather than manager or director. In that regard he is a little like Stuart Gray
  11. Tremendous game between city and the scousers, everything that is good about world class football
  12. If Wednesday was a shop you would shut it down and repen only after a total refit or keep it shut and go totally online. I can't think of any aspect of our football club that is actually good at what it does.
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