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  1. I have never booed a Wednesday player but I can understand why he was booed that day. He played rubbish
  2. Jim was a good player but I wish the bloke on the left had played for Wednesday
  3. Thanks I knew quite a few of the pubs down there most notably The Viaduct when Sid had it and the New White Lion ran by Malcolm. How things have changed in the 40 years I have been going to pubs. I find it amazing what's happened to them all.
  4. Nigel was an excellent professional footballer. He was not a superstar and he frequently divided opinion amongst the fans but he was a reliable squad player you dont play that number of games for 1 club without having some solid value.
  5. That's so sad which is the pub that is still left?
  6. Typing previous reply as you guys typed yes that's the one
  7. Not sure the name Swiggys comes to mind but I might be wrong. My memory was that it was somewhere up middlewood road on the left as you were leaving Hillsborough. Once again I could be miles out
  8. What was the wine bar called that was somewhere near Hillsborough in the 80's in the boredom I have been racking my brain but just cant put a name to it
  9. I bet they didnt call Jack Charlton a serial bottler to his face
  10. Certainly one of my favourite games at Hillsborough
  11. I think that might be my Cavalier parked outside
  12. Renaming the North Stand , the Eric Taylor Stand , would have been a nice gesture at the time probably far too late now. I cant think of anybody else since WW2 who would warrant it.
  13. RIP A real character from an era that allowed real characters to speak.
  14. I wonder how much those three in their prime would be worth in today's prices.
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