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  1. I love it when the club does something right. Well done to Barry and all concerned. Happy retirement Mary
  2. Powder pink is a rubbish choice, the Wednesday football club should never play in it.
  3. If you compared the two teams including management on Sunday,, how many of the United squad would make the liverpool team. I think the answer tells you all you need to know about old Trafford at the moment.
  4. Some of them would be waiting about 5 years to be old enough.
  5. Thats a very good shout imo, its too early at the minute and I think for the next couple of years if we are at this level he can do a relaible job on the pitch. One of the problems I see at Wednesday is there is not enough people who actually care about the club. Palmer I think is one of them and for that reason having him on the backroom staff when hes not playing anymore I think has solid merit.
  6. Congratulations Liam and well done Wednesday In the future a coaching role and club ambassador fussing over corporate clients
  7. Or have we after all this time found out his secret dentity and that Wilko is the phantom trumper.
  8. Lincoln may be a family club when they are playing at home but that doesn't mean their away fans don't do what a lot of away fans do. A mate of mine saw some trouble at the railway station caused by Lincoln 'lads' on their day away. We have all been there its no big thing its what football fans do.
  9. 1980 We're the owls How"d you do It's good to be back in division 2 We've been in the third far too long but now we are back , Here our song
  10. If we are a promotion chasing team these are the must win games, Lincoln are already looking a shining example of mid table mediocrity.
  11. The worst kind of criminal mindless idiots.
  12. 100% So simple and just what people want. There's no need to over think this. Get the basics right. Good Beer and Good Pies
  13. Bruce is one of a select number of managers who specialise in promotion campaigns. He will be in work doing this for as long as he chooses. Not disimalar to Warnock he is very good at what he does. With fairness to Chansari I think he was very unlucky with Bruce and the fact that newcastle poached him. I cant think of a better manager for any club in the top half of the championship
  14. all depends on use at home or on a flight you cannot beat noise cancelling over ear headphones and if thats what you want then the QC range from bose is going to take some beating. I have some (qc15) that are about 10 years old and they are still great.
  15. One of your best ever mi Lord. Her indoors supports Wimbledon so tommorrow evening should be fun
  16. I dont think its a sizable majority or even a sizable minority. There are thick fools in society, theres not many of them but they are loud. The majority of people, the vast majority of people think racists are idiots.
  17. If it was any supplier other than Wednesday they would be replaced. They get away with it because they know you don't change your club.
  18. This everytime. One of the few things Wednesday has is the heritage and history of the club. When we can we should play in Royal Blue and White sripes.
  19. When you sack a manager your sole objective is to replace him with a better alternative. We are 9th not 19th. So its a no from me unless we have a better man lined up.
  20. I agree with the comnent and certainly Jack would have been set on by some of owlstalks drama queen's. ( but not if they had bumped in to him face to face in the pub ) But what Jack did have was presence, charisma and respect. I don't think DM has got that how he deals with the media is an embarrassment. Jack knew his stuff , had been taught management by two of the best. If anybody questioned him , he could show them a cv of achievement that they could only dream of. The difference between the two men is night and day.
  21. Thank you it's very much appreciated
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