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  1. I am a NIMBY about this , happy for people to use flares, smoke bombs and wave big flags as long as they dont do it in front of me
  2. We have had a successful run in , that has attracted more fans in clouding a green un reader like me It also helps that its nice weather Let's see how attractive 3rd division is if we are 10th and its a cold November day with 1 more pay day until Christmas.
  3. Because third division football is mostly rubbish
  4. At my age anybody under 40 is young
  5. I didn't hear the radio phone in. But I think Sean did a great job at Burnley.
  6. Very sad to read , its a terrible disease
  7. Good point, what's needed then is a strong piece of guidance by fifa to tell referees when to act
  8. Calm down mate its only a forum debate. You can , of course, sit where you want but the kop was designed for people who stand and if you were on the kop 6 decades ago you know that.( I moved from the kop to the North Stand when the seats were brought in ) You may be an exception to the rule but in general I maintain that people who stand will be louder and more animated.
  9. The best way to deter any crime is to make the penalty for getting caught severe. If the penalty for Wasting time was a Red card, it would be cut dramaticaly
  10. This is true, but I do think there is more to be done at Hillsborough. I don't see many flags or scarves held in the air. Perhaps it comes from years of being let down on and off the pitch by the club.
  11. I've been going for decades too. People who sit make less noise than those who stand, if we are talking about having an atmosphere to help the team, then I think that the people at the front of the kop need to stand. If you have dodgy knees then perhaps there are more suitable places in the stadium for you to sit.
  12. I don't know the solution but considering the importance of the i thought the kop looked very flat for large parts of the game. We really need to get people on their feet and their eyes away from their phones
  13. Drinking at breakfast time is a really bad thing
  14. Sounds about right to me. Good luck to Sunderland , a proper club
  15. When will people learn? Stadiums only charge these figures because people pay it. The answer is drink in the pubs before the game, eat in the local takeaways and leave their bottles of carling and over priced food on the shelf. The price will quickly come down.
  16. Great op as always m"lord Hopefully you will have 1 more to do before your summer holidays. Very difficult task tonight, as a club we need to perform, fans , management and ofcourse the team.
  17. Sam Fox or Linda Luscardi it was quite a big debate at the time.
  18. The atmosphere at frankfurt is fabulous The flares, the flags and the singing is a different level to anything in England and they can have a beer while watching the match.
  19. Email the ticket office, everytime I have dealt with them they have been great.
  20. So close to call the clubs could save a lot of bother and just throw coin. A fixture worthy of the premiership.
  21. All done bought in a couple of minutes. I cant see a ticket office being needed for much longer except on match days,
  22. Good luck to Stuart Gray , nice bloke ,and very good at his job.. I think hes happier as a coach rather than a manager.
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