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  1. There is no justification to bring the unfortunate events of 1989 up, again and again. It can't happen again there are no fences!!! Imo Hillsborough is as safe and equally as dangerous as any stadium in the country. Accidents and violence can happen a repeat of that disaster cannot. We don't need to move to make if safe, it is safe or at least as safe as large public events can ever be ffs
  2. I've kept the Green Un. showing us top
  3. How much would you pay for it on a regular basis ? I think one targeted at Adults is a far too niche market. I can see why a kids one could work but it has to be priced as a subscription that would be an affordable surprise gift. Adding value with things that cost a little but mean a lot, Signed items, training ground visits etc could help. How about an annual one that is sold as part of a package with a kids season ticket.
  4. Smashing night out, I can see why anyone who lives nearby regulaly pays a trip to SMWFC
  5. Good point but at least in Bruce we did hire someone who could do the job. We know it did not work out but it doesn't change the fact that the man employed knew how to get clubs from the championship and into the premiership the young multi millionaire in his Ferrari might not know that..
  6. We don't need a young manager who could be the future of the game. We will end up like Derby being used as a stepping stone. We need a manager who knows and can prove he knows how to win promotion now.
  7. If we have ambitious of promotion we need a manager who has promotions on his cv. Neither have so no.
  8. I certainly think he should have the decency to state his position , the one thing that I will not be happy with is if he stays at Wednesday because Chansari and Ashley cannot agree a compensation deal. If he is prepared to chuck the Wednesday job everytime something ' better' comes along he is imo the wrong man for us. the number one common denominator amongst successful organisations is continuity of management, Find someone who wants to be here.
  9. Is Wednesday forever going to be an unlucky. Just as we were looking like a sensible play off bet.
  10. I would be amazed if he was offered it but if he is I would be amazed if he turned it down
  11. Got a response from Derby sadly its behind closed doors.
  12. The site has Wednesday academy playing 16th July away at Derby. Does anybody know where and is it open to the public or behind closed doors. Thanks in advance
  13. As above, While we are in the second flight of English football the only thing that is acceptable is that we are still in contention for a play off spot at the end of the season.
  14. On the subject of ticket prices fans should put rivalries to one side and stick together. Clubs have used the excuse of ' they overcharged our fans so we are going to overcharge theirs' for far too long' Twenty is plenty
  15. Yes it gets posted to youand yes games purchased online are loaded to your card. My advice is store your purchase confirmation on your phone in event of any unexpected problems
  16. My current number of grounds 156 With Wednesday a very modest 78 (I would like to hang my boots up on 100) I completed the 92 club but now have to do the new grounds to get it back up there again. As some have said there are no rules it's just a bit of fun But to see some serious numbers go to http://100groundsclub.blogspot.com/p/100fgc-roll-of-honour.html?m=1 There are some in the thousands, you will find me on there although my list needs updating. Shaun who runs the site is a smashing bloke and has been to nearly 700 grounds!
  17. I worked with Ian after he finished football he's a smashing bloke, when most people say goodbye , Ian always said 'see you at the far post' I also played football with his toddler son Neil on their back garden in Chapeltown.
  18. A free day out for the local community put on by the club. There are always some moaners. I am not sure what more the club can do. Well done Wednesday for putting on this annual event.
  19. Imo I would sooner be fighting relegation and watching world class footballers than looking forward to another season of mediocre second division football
  20. From time to time this subject comes up and it truly surprises me that it is an issue. Since I passed my driving test I have attended and driven too the vast majority of 'big games' at Hillsborough (big imo being 30k crowd or above) To my knowledge: I have never not found a parking space within 15 mins walk of the ground. I have never paid for a car parking space I have never parking illegally I passed my driving test in 1980. Obviously there can be issues if you can't walk very far, that with a guess is an issue at any sporting or music venue in the country. But if you can walk a few hundred yards and turn up with plenty of time there is no problem parking at Hillsborough
  21. https://www.facebook.com/eastmidlands.owls Have a chat to the admins of this group. There's lots of Owls in Derby but I don't know of a regular coach. Welcome to South Derbyshire
  22. Agreed February 1998, its the best individual performance I have seen regardless of nationality. Best English Wednesday player the forgotten man always seems to be Trevor Francis well past his best but for 20 mins. you could tell why Clough pid a record transfer fee for him
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