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  1. Sadly Thu AM is when it can officially sell out.
  2. It most certainly can and will.
  3. Norwich City Ticket Details

    Yes mate. Cash only though I think at the Away Ticket Office.
  4. (I know it’s publicised in the other thread) Brentford - ALL TICKET Full Allocation 1,650 Seating Prices Adults: £25.50 65 & Over: £18.50 18-24: £16.50 Under 18: £6 Standing Prices Adults: £23 65 & Over: £17 18-24: £15 Under 18: £6 Wed 13/12 9am: STH w 750+TPP Wed 13/12 2pm: STH w 700+TPP Thurs 14/12 9am: STH w 650+TPP Thurs 14/12 2pm: STH w 600+TPP Fri 15/12 9am: STH w 550+TPP Fri 15/12 2pm: STH w 500+TPP Sat 16/12 9am: STH w 460+TPP Sat 16/12 2pm: All Season Ticket Holders Brentford Sales (2/2) Mon 18/12 9am: Members/Foundation with 50+TPP Mon 18/12 2pm: All Members/Foundation Tues 19/12 9am: General Sale All sales dates subject to availability Brentford Travel: The InterCity Owl Departs at 8.30am from Hillsborough or Flat Street £32 Adults £31 Juniors
  5. Not a lot we could do on here for you. Seems strange about a space less for your password. It might be worth contacting the ticket office directly via email or on Twitter. Are you logging in with client ID or email?
  6. Brentford

    Points will be a fraction higher than for Forest.
  7. Brentford away tickets

    Details at the end of the week. Should be on sale a week today.
  8. Sorry mate, been busy. Last I heard was around 650. Can sell out in the phase tomorrow morning.
  9. I’ll try and check for certain, but I’m pretty sure that’s the set up for all away games.
  10. Norwich City Ticket Details

    Just over 1,300 sold.
  11. M4 CLOSURE

    Street parking is naff around Reading. When you come off the M4 and head towards the ground look for a right turn and then there’s a car park on what looks like a bit of wasteland.
  12. M4 CLOSURE

    Yep. We always go that way anyway.
  13. M4 CLOSURE

    No idea, I’m travelling down in the morning.
  14. Visiting fans travelling by car should be aware of the M4 road closure between Junction 13 (near Chievely) and Junction 12 (near Theale).
  15. Reading away

    Definitely don’t bother with the A34 route and go the way I suggested instead (M40 down to High Wycombe and utilise the A404M).