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  1. Sam779

    Leeds info

    1,233 sold
  2. Sam779

    Leeds info

    Sold out last year but made it to general sale. Before that it hadn’t sold out for a fair few years.
  3. Sam779

    Bristol ticket

    The players have left about 40 tickets for fans who need them. Look for a guy in an orange jacket near the media centre.
  4. RAF like me then.
  5. Don’t worry mate, each to their own. We’ll still dedicate our working lives (and make sacrifices to our personal lives) to look after you and your loved ones.
  6. You flipping Army lot get your promotions out of cereal boxes. Bet @airborne_rat_of_s6 had to wait at least 14 years for his badge.
  7. I’ll get her on a fod plod asap.
  8. Julie is a good lass. Was only chatting with her yesterday. Used to be one of our flagship sections. Mine’s better, of course.
  9. I am brave. One of my kennel assistants is a right nasty piece of work. You try telling her there’s another dog posted in to look after.
  10. Marham? I knew they were having problems. They asked me for advice (I’m in Oxfordshire) and I boasted that my kennel lines were all at temperatures from 19-24 degrees. Warmer than my office...
  11. Been in the RAF just over 20 years. Dog trainer and handler have been my main role throughout, minus some bits of instructing here and there. Had a home and away season ticket for many years and don’t miss many games unless on a deployment. Call in favours and take leave accordingly to make matches.
  12. Sam779

    Support To Swansea

    Quite a few of us in the Harvester by the ground.
  13. Quite busy in the Harvester by the ground.
  14. Some people seem to lack a little common sense and compassion. The guy has had a serious injury. An injury not to dissimilar to that of Man City’s Gundogan who spent ages abroad (on his own) to aid his recovery. There was an article on him deciding to stay overseas to consolidate his treatment and get the best he possibly could. Thought you’d all be happy that FF wears our training kit whilst he’s there. Although I guess some of you are extremely disappointed, otherwise that could’ve been something else to criticise him about.