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  1. 2,350 sold - just over 400 left.
  2. Pedantic you say? They have been allocated 2,337 tickets.
  3. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2017/september/club-1867-membership-available-now/ Get 'em while they're hot. Please be patient if lines are busy.
  4. Returning Tickets

    Do you have paper tickets or e-tickets? Paper will need to be returned but I think e-tickets can be cancelled over the phone. Give the ticket office a ring on 03700 201867 option 1.
  5. Birmingham City Away – Please note that this fixture is strictly ALL TICKET we still have 550 tickets remaining.
  6. As far as I'm aware they're in the TO now to be collected. We don't sell unless we have physical tickets.
  7. Can't deny that. Best boss ever. Best Site owner ever. Look forward to the video being posted at 2pm when I get back from an appointment.
  8. For those who can't watch it live; is anyone able to record it and post this afternoon for others to watch when they get in from work etc?
  9. Yeah initial sold (2,102) and we can now have up to 2,800 tickets without any issues. Might be too late to get the full allocation of 3,200 as these need to be requested before home sales start I think. You'll be fine getting them tomorrow, but optimistically I'd like to think you'd struggle on Monday after a big Derby win this weekend
  10. Spot the ball

    He said spot the ball not spot the scroat.
  11. Bolton Away Ticket Details

    Blimey, that's anyone's guess I suppose and will obviously depend on the next 3 games. A good week and we could get 4,000+.