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  1. In the last 10 years (ish) it was usually Waltham Abbey Marriott for London games.
  2. PM’d you last night, but you’re far too rude to look at it.
  3. Ended up booking St Lucia for 2 weeks in Jan 21 with BA Holidays. £500 deposit and then final balance only needed 3 weeks before we fly. Feel like we got a really good deal and can’t wait to go!
  4. Got 5 nights seeing friends in Alicante second week of September.
  5. Yes mate, came in 3 stages which was how we paid them. £100 first deposit £300 second deposit then final balance Can take a bit longer if your card expired in the interim period, even if it was to the same account. Our £100 and final balance was the same account but the £100 card had expired so took an extra day or so. The £300 was a different account which card had expired too.
  6. Pretty close to booking Mauritius for Jan 21. Getting impatient and should expect things will be ok by then. Trailfinders offer a fair and reliable refund system and would do so if the holiday needed to be cancelled because of a second wave or anything else.
  7. The lounge we were going to use at East Midlands today have us a voucher to use it again within the next 18 months.
  8. Thanks @markowl, we did get that email today. However I phoned them on Tuesday and luckily enough got through after about 15 mins of pressing redial. The money was actually refunded the same date, which we didn’t notice until checking today. That includes the initial deposits which were on out of date cards (which they suggested would take longer to refund). So all sorted now. Probably won’t travel with them again, despite the apology email.
  9. Having got through to TUI eventually on 1 May and requested my cash refund, they said it’d be sorted. Low and behold today I receive an email with a refund credit note saying I have to phone up (the same engaged number as before) to transfer that to a cash refund. Complete joke of company and doing everything possible to sit on customer’s money. FAQs state money will be refunded within 5 days of getting through if your cards haven’t expired since booking. Otherwise it takes 28 days.
  10. And Lando is about 12. I hope the car is good enough for Danny Ric. Wonder who will take the Renault seat. That’ll speak a lot for their intentions. They’ve supposedly gone big for the next era of car (now to be 2022).
  11. Age gap will make that weirder.
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