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  1. Think you have nailed the views of a lot of members here. Constantly pushing people away from the club they love unless you buy a season ticket
  2. ex_retfordowl

    Membership Pricing 2018/19

    IF we went to most games and the 2 games that had £10 discount....plus the nembers game before xmas to make all theae savings.....surely you would just get a season ticket!!!! The idea of the membership is to surely help those who maybe cant go to most home games still be abke to go to them and not get ripped off with full price tickets. This takes that away. I have defended the club on ticket prices and have bought my 2nd 2 year season ticket....but thia is shocking...a £40 increase to get some vouchers for a poorly stocked club shop and you cant use them to buy replica kits. MASSIVE OWN GOAL AND 2 FINGERS TO THE FANS ON THIS ONE CHANSIRI
  3. ex_retfordowl

    Membership Pricing 2018/19

    Just seen this as well. Cant see a massive drop in membership and as such alot wont pay £39 first game of season.
  4. ex_retfordowl

    Has Sam Smart...........

    Was Craigs ARMstrong?????
  5. ex_retfordowl

    best priced 30-1 to win the league

    Each way to get promoted be worth a bet....or if they do cash out at them odds if we have a reasonable start will come down
  6. ex_retfordowl

    Sean Clare future in doubt

    Instead of slagging the club for not getting these 2 tied down why not look at all the young talent that have signed contracts recently....players who have been successfull at u18 and u23 level as well as get first team experiance...players who WANT to be at Sheffield Wednesday!!!! Let them move on...good luck to them.
  7. ex_retfordowl

    What does Jos have to do...

    Turned Big Dave into a goal machine..... gets a season for me
  8. ex_retfordowl

    Tom Lees....

    A positive post yet again sees fans argueing......lees tackles stopped their players through on goal on at least 2 maybe 3 occasions...pelupessys broke up play on several occasions. Well done too both of them. My OP was aimed at the hope we can have that a few first teamers could come back and have a POSITIVE impact on the team and hopefully some of the fans
  9. ex_retfordowl

    Tom Lees....

    Thought he had a very good game today making several important tackles. If we are to take a positive out of yesterdays game its his performance.....but also think ahead to a few others coming back and the impact they could have. 3 weeks with just the leeds game hopefully gives them the time needed to get back fit. Bannan, Sammy, Van Aken and maybe FF on the bench. Could be a whole lot better for the run in. UTO
  10. Ckare was missing most of bristol and i can count on 1 hand how many good games .....sorry games abdi has had
  11. ex_retfordowl

    Another awful line up

    So go in then......who else plays instead???
  12. ex_retfordowl

    Season ticket refund OFFICIAL OFFER

    The offer of a refund shouldnt have been made but it was. Those saying LOYAL fans are being penelised by asking for a refund need to decide on what a LOYAL fan is.....in most peoples opinion it isnt one requesting a refund. You ride out the bad times and enjoy the good times. If you aint happy this season dont renew next its that simple. Wrap up the offer of a refund how ever you want...chairman being petty, fans not being fans by asking for a refund.....either way we are all supposed to be Wednesday...lets all start acting that way UTO
  13. Just listening to Carlton on football heaven.....interesting point about the huge loan fee the club wanted for George Hirst....but wouldnt offer him the wages to match the fee!!! Heard before about the fee being big but not the wages. If the club are wanting say £10000 a week for him to go on loan but only offer him say £5000 a week in the new contract has he got a point???