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  1. Would rather we set up to have a go at teams instead of being negative. Aarons FF either side of fletcher next week
  2. It changed pu ssy to cat....lol
  3. Next seasons squad Westwood dawson wildsmith Iorfa palmer Lees hector (please) thornly +1 Fox +1 as first choice Hutch bannan reach cat aarons (season loan) maybe a beast in diame mold+1 Fletch joao FF winnal dave 3 signings needed....and if aarons does well get him back in loan if poss. A few of the young uns could come in if required.
  4. ex_retfordowl

    João Does He Do It?

    He very really looks to be playing a 100% to his ability and i think this is what Jos see's. Reminds a bit of leon clarke i that sense. Last season i saw us at Middlesborough and was in the legends lounge. Bernie slaven commented at half time and full time that Joao was the best player on the pitch and looked a hand full. But then you have his performamce v WBA...... needs to be more consistant and work hard at it...if he does he could be a very good striker...if not he becomes another leon clarke whi has a good season then goes off the boil and ends up at several clubs
  5. ex_retfordowl


    With him in the team the ball needs to be moved quicker into the final 3rd...thats when he comes alive.
  6. ex_retfordowl

    Bristol City - V -The Wednesday OMDT

    Just read on twitter..."no FF??? Been our best player last few games".....What from the stands....and this is why we will let Jos stick to picking the team, at least he knows when players have actially played....
  7. ex_retfordowl

    World cup bid 2030

    Hillsborough would be a enue as it would be modernised.....but the biggest factor is hillsborough park. Already shown with various events it would make a great fans zone and right next to the ground
  8. Might be worth getting there early today just to see the Nando and Jonny Challange!!!!!!!!
  9. ex_retfordowl

    Mobile Data / WiFi in the ground

    Shhhhhhhhh.......... t. Dont tell everyone
  10. The cars arent being randomly vandalised. If anyone parks on any roads in this area they need to make sure their car has nothing in it on view at all. Few years ago unknown to me our lass keft her jacket in the back of the car. Fortunatley the police had been round and were leaving leaflets on peoples cars who ran the risk of a break in. Heard on guy kast night say theyve took the sat nav.....then question whether they had taken it off the cradle. Little scrots want battering mind but yiu also need to make sure you dont lwave yourselfs open.
  11. Think you have nailed the views of a lot of members here. Constantly pushing people away from the club they love unless you buy a season ticket
  12. ex_retfordowl

    Membership Pricing 2018/19

    IF we went to most games and the 2 games that had £10 discount....plus the nembers game before xmas to make all theae savings.....surely you would just get a season ticket!!!! The idea of the membership is to surely help those who maybe cant go to most home games still be abke to go to them and not get ripped off with full price tickets. This takes that away. I have defended the club on ticket prices and have bought my 2nd 2 year season ticket....but thia is shocking...a £40 increase to get some vouchers for a poorly stocked club shop and you cant use them to buy replica kits. MASSIVE OWN GOAL AND 2 FINGERS TO THE FANS ON THIS ONE CHANSIRI
  13. ex_retfordowl

    Membership Pricing 2018/19

    Just seen this as well. Cant see a massive drop in membership and as such alot wont pay £39 first game of season.
  14. ex_retfordowl

    Has Sam Smart...........

    Was Craigs ARMstrong?????
  15. ex_retfordowl

    best priced 30-1 to win the league

    Each way to get promoted be worth a bet....or if they do cash out at them odds if we have a reasonable start will come down