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  1. I cannot plus this post enough. Seriously. The kids are our future and Chansiri is killing this due to nothing but pure extortion. There is simply no excuse for it no matter what the apologists say and the full fall out from this won't be apparent for 5-10 years...but believe me, we are severely compromising our position as Sheffield's biggest club by this continued policy of our so-called Chairman.
  2. Genuinely a really nice guy and as big a Wednesdayite as you can ever imagine. RIP Wheeny.
  3. For me, it's not the losing that's getting me pissed off. It's the fact that Luhakay has been here for 10 months and we still do not have any idea of our best formation, or an identifiable style of play, or quite unbelievably any set tactics of any sort. It's totally unforgivable and the blame for this lies right at the managers door. Injuries are masking what to me are obvious deficiencies in him as a manager. We should have gone for a young, hungry and upcoming manager when we had the chance. Methinks we're stuck with him for the long run.
  4. He's certainly earned my disdain and yes it has been fairly consistent. Even the season we got to Wembley I was most unhappy with the new POTG prices (£39 to sit on Kop for Bristol City 1st game of season) and voiced my concerns on here only to be shouted down by the 'I'm alright jacks'. Since then it's pretty much gone from bad to worse with the majority of his hair brained schemes not fully thought out or devised to just outright fleece the average fan on the street. Take away his investment - which don't forget it is his gamble to get to the riches of the Prem - then he would surely be rivalling DA as the worst Chairman we have ever had.
  5. One is just an ordinary fan who speaks as he sees... The other is the owner of the 4th oldest football club in the country where every action has a reaction and is magnified a thousand times over.
  6. No need to address. Those in attendance know what I mean. As I've said earlier...blowing smoke up this chairman's arse is just making the situation worse.
  7. Unfortunately that's the sort of atmosphere that is simmering below the surface between fans due to the divide and conquer techniques employed by DC. That strategy can only work whilever we are successful...once the worm turns things tend to get nasty. Which is why I've outlined above in the earlier post what I believe DC should do to try and galvanise the fanbase...I forgot add that he should also get the BBC back onside immediately. It starts and stops with DC I'm afraid...he has to set the tone with this.
  8. First thing I would do is re-engage the fan base. DC loves a good statement so release a statement that is truthful and honest regarding the entire situation and try and get the fans back on board asap. Don't continue to wee wee up our backs and tell us it's raining. Lower the costs for POTG supporters to a reasonable level immediately (say £20 Kop/West Stand Lower, £25 Cant/Grandstand, £30 South) and seeing as he likes personal dialouge - invite any season ticket holder that feels shortchanged to apply for a refund against the equivalent match day ticket costs (in reality this will be a very small percentage - probably less than 5% - as the majority of season ticket holders are early bird renewals). Almost like the distasteful offer he gave out about writing to the club if you couldn't afford it - but in reverse. Scrap the current membership offerings and start again with a simple easy to understand scheme that costs no more than £25 to join, gets 10% off anything at the Megastore, priority for away games and £1 off home tickets if bought in advance. Uncomplicated, engaging and easy to understand. Explain to us all our 3 year plan so that we can have confidence in his ability to forward plan and the means to execute this. Even if this involves leaning on our youth players and relying on loans and choice free transfers. People prefer this approach to sending out random questionnaires where we intimate we are going to do one thing but do completely the opposite. The supporters of this great club are the best commodity you could ever have. Treat them with dignity and respect and they will follow you wherever you go.
  9. So am I. Nearly impossible to get out in rush hour, they were almost as frustrating as this football club!!
  10. So how do you suggest we help someone who's ego won't allow him to admit mistakes and has shown himself completely unwilling to listen to suggestions from fan groups or employees?
  11. He chooses to not indulge in constructive criticism...heck he just doesn't tolerate any criticism full stop. "There's none so blind as those that cannot see"
  12. Maybe not word perfect but the insinuations in both the statement before Coco left and this fans forum were loud and clear for all to see.
  13. Who after Chansiri had given us a half hour tirade about how we as supporters are to blame for the clubs current predicament; and that we'll have to find the extra money to pay the highest prices in the division because 'we've all got to do our part equally'. Who then gave this complete charlatan a round of applause, just because he ended with the statement 'we've got better players than United'...you all ought to hang your heads in shame. He must've sat there thinking "I could murder their wives and children and as long as I throw them a few platitudes along the way then they'll lap it up". The first opportunity since last seasons debacle to make him accountable and you all sat there like hypnotized clapping seals. More please Mr Chansiri, more please, we love you. The buck for this complete monstrosity of a start to the season is purely down to DC, and the sooner fans stop blowing smoke up his arse the sooner he'll have to make some real decisions, stop behaving like a spoilt child and start acting like a proper businessman.
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