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  1. David Jones

    He's flipping bobbar... In this team. This team that is so one dimensional and is severely lacking in pace and directness. At Burnley they were spearheaded by Andre Gray and had pace down the wings as well. And when you have that as an outlet you tend not to notice the bumbling buffoon who can't control, sort the ball out between his feet or pass to a player with forward momentum. But in this team he just looks what he is... bobbar.
  2. Over Hyped or Another Error?

    Look, the prices are abhorrent. Simple as that. The Clappers will dress it up in many different ways as they dare not say a bad word against the regime. I love my club, but I absolutely hate the road we've gone down with pricing tickets. It makes me feel a mixture of anger and sadness that thousands of people, many with kids who are the next generation of Wednesdayites, can't afford to go to games. And I'm speaking from a position where fortunately I can afford tickets. I imagine that my feelings of anger and sadness pale into insignificance compared to those that can't afford to go - kids who instead of having local heroes, sport Man City shirts with 'Aguero' on the back. We've really got this badly wrong but those justifying the prices won't fully realise the depth of the situation until it's too late.
  3. Player ratings

    Westwood 3 - Shocking for goal and awful distribution all night. Handling very shaky. Rare bad game. Hunt 5 - Below average Reach 5 - Showed defensive frailties but had zero cover in the first 30 minutes due to CC's baffling decision to start Lee on left Lees 7 - Very solid display and covered Van Aken Van Aken 6 - Love his distribution but struggling to hold defensive line (early days tho) Bannan 6 - Invisible for 30 minutes. Infinitely better once moved to the left Lee 6 - Actually played better the longer the game went on. Strange start on the left like a duck out of water. Jones 1 - Consistently poor. But this was one of his poorest games. Slow, ineffectual, poor distribution. Brentford players breezed past him like he wasn't even there. Wallace 3 - Bar the 2 yard tap in did virtually nothing. Slow, immobile, poor crosses, constantly cutting inside to destroy any width we may have. Hooper 6 - The guy is class and is pivotal to our side and hopes for the year. Average performance overall but still popped up with goal Fletcher 5 - Tried and tried but looked like he is carrying an injury (which we know he is) can't fault effort, just not one of his better games. Rhodes 6 - Did well when he cam on while partnered up top. Isolated and left chasing shadows after Hooper went off. Butterfield 5 - Still far too early to form an opinion and not enough game time. CC 2 - Utterly baffling that after naming an unchanged line-up he still has to tinker with it and started Lee on the left. Totally exposed Reach and their right winger had a field day and they could (and should) have been 3-0 up before we even had a shot. Why can't he just leave it be? Is it the narcissist in him?? And then towards the last 15 minutes (and this is a common theme not just tonight) to set your team up to effectively camp in your own half and invite pressure is suicidal. They hit the post with the last kick of the game and it would have been the least they deserved.
  4. iFollow

    No. Not to my knowledge. How would I check this?
  5. iFollow

  6. iFollow

    Doing the Opera trick for the first time and can get Audio but not Video (even though I've paid for it). Video is just a black screen with control menu at the bottom which doesn't activate no matter how many times I bash the keypad!! Any ideas people?
  7. Happy?

    Dreadfully disappointed. This guy and his negative 'let's not lose first' mentality is what has held us back all season. We practically stumbled into the play offs and needed an unprecedented run of results to just do that. We never stamped our authority on any game bar the Norwich and Newcastle games and have just been bundled out of the play offs by a side that was assembled for a fraction of the cost of ours. In fact, we were outplayed by them. He has shown himself to be:- Stubborn. Tactically naive. Inflexible. Cautious. Makes rash poor ill thought out panic signings. Underachieved. I'm utterly gobsmacked some of you are heralding this as a great thing.
  8. Bye Bye Carlos

    Awful end to what has honestly been a tiring season. We've been God awful to watch for 95% of the time this season and you just cannot keep playing defensively, playing the percentages and hoping you get the breaks. Carlos has took us as far as he can and I thank him for his efforts...but I won't shed a tear when he goes. The right manager with just a couple of tweaks would have had this squad pushing the top two. The fact we've just looked second best (twice) to a Huddersfield team put together on a shoestring (same budget as Rotherham) is purely down to Carlos and his negative tactics. This was a huge opportunity to get back to the big time...and Carlos blew it. Bye bye Carlos
  9. So, we're leaving Hillsborough.

    With a heavy heart I'm beginning to realise that our future lies away from Hillsborough. Football has changed so much since the advent of the Premier League and it is no longer about history, tradition or the will of the fans. It's about the money now I'm afraid and to be successful we have to move with the times. I wouldn't like to move too far away from our core supporter base and would like to remain on the north side of the city. As has been mentioned the land that is currently occupied by Owlerton Stadium (and surrounding area) would give us the size required to build a top class stadium. Build a casino within the grounds and allow Disco Dave to run it !! Accessibility and parking would still be an issue however. My personal choice would be the land between Ecclesfield and Chapeltown that is currently Brownfield and has some business units already in place (see image). This is close to the M1 and could have a dedicated slip road. It also has an existing train line running adjacent to it where we could perhaps build our own station. A hotel could also be built within the grounds as well as additional pubs/eateries. Hotels close to major roads do exceptionally well in the week with business travellers and tradesmen (not so good at weekends...Unless there's a match on!!) That area has a lot of redevelopment happening with a proposed new services planned for slightly further up the M1. This keeps us in the North of the city and gives us excellent transport links. As I said at the beginning it would be with an extremely heavy heart but I believe in the long run it'll be for the best.
  10. Westwood 7 - Brave coming for crosses and commanding as ever Hunt 6 - Distinctly Average Loovens 7 - Held defence together well Sasso 6 - OK to say only 2nd start this season Pudil 4 - A shadow of the player last year. Got lucky with goal disallowed Reach 6 - Worked hard, poor end product Bannan 6 - Not enough penetration from our supposed playmaker Jones 3 - WTF!! Wallace 6 - Still doesn't offer enough but got into good position for goal Forestieri 6 - Worked hard and tracked back well. Needs to play on left Rhodes 8 - Tireless display and very promising for future. Macca 5 - Not in the game enough and started on left when should have been on right. Needs starts!!
  11. I'm on Kodi through Sports Devil and I keep getting "No Stream Available"