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  1. Westwood Palmer Iorfa Borner Fox Hutch Luongo Bannan Cruz Nando Wickham
  2. Its reyt. This team just doesn't have the mental strength to get anywhere near promotion. Accept it and it wont feel as bad when we drop points tonight
  3. Tbf getting 200people on owlstalk disagreeing with you probably means I've got a pretty decent understanding of football
  4. Just been told how good Nuhiu is in another thread.... how come nobody has him in their line-up?
  5. Thanks owlstalkers, it's been a good hangover cure reading the replies. You do realise you're all probably the reason we haven't been promoted in last few years - your happy to accept players like Nuhiu playing for us. Well done
  6. Think todays proceedings have fully justified this post. A big well done to me
  7. Thing is Murphy has got ability just hasn't got the application, same as Odubajo from what we've seen. Nuhiu just hasn't got any basic football skills
  8. Beyond belief he still plays for us. He lacks the basic attributes of a footballer. Cant control a ball, cant dribble with it, cant pass it and for a big lad hes pretty woeful in the air, gets bossed by centre halfs much smaller than him. And last but not least cant cant shoot. What does he actually bring apart from being awkwardly big and sometimes able to hold the ball up? I'd love to watch him try and do some keepy ups bet he'd struggle to make 20
  9. Both useless. Has to be Iorfa with Lees and Borner CB until we find a decent right back
  10. On current form Dawson. Westwood looks like his age has caught up with him, numerous errors that's cost us goals this season. Sad but looks the reality. Positive is we have Dawson who has a great future
  11. How many tickets been sold for this? Thought it wouldve been a sell out but not seen anything
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