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  1. Dawson Iorfa Lees Thornily Penney Preston Peluspessy Bannan Aarons Bokurov Winall Release all with contacts up, sell Nando Reach and Joao. Get Aaron's on season loan avoid relegation and then go for it season after when Bruce can spend money again. It's a masterplan of a strategy. Thank me in 2yrs Mr. C.
  2. Westwood Palmer Lee's Hector Fox Reach Hutch Bazza Joao Winnall Fletch Be nice to see this team sometime soon. An if we could get a couple of decent full backs in Jan then it's looking good.
  3. What an absolute legend that guy is, shame I'm not gonna see him tomorrow
  4. Wilsmith J. Lee Nielsen Van aken Palmer Penney Pelupessy Jones Matias Fletcher Bokurov
  5. Meh Everyones overreacting. If yoi wanna listen to the matches pay for ifollow. Its not much.
  6. Westwood Palmer Lees Van Aken Reach Lee Hutch Bannan Boyd Nando Hooper 4-3-3 tiki-taka total football
  7. I like how most of the players started booing when he started humming god save the queen
  8. Wildsmith Hunt Venancio Loovens Thornilly Fox Pelupussy Jones Reach Rhodes Joao
  9. Wildsmith Venancio Loovens Pudil Hunt Fox Pelupussy Jones Reach Rhodes Joao
  10. Wildsmith Palmer venancio Pudil Fox Wallace butterfield Jones reach Rhodes joao
  11. Wordsmith Hunt Venancio Loovens Reach Hutchinson Butterflies Allen Abdi Wallace Joao Matias
  12. Is there a reason why this game is on a Friday night? Not seen that it's on tv.
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