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  1. He's wearing a Wednesday shirt in the gym on his insta story...
  2. Appeal all you want fella. We'll be starting next season in the championship and I'm fairly confident that even with -12, we'll finish above you.
  3. First and foremost, the EFL was created to look after clubs in the 3 divisions, that's it's sole purpose. So yes.
  4. They'd have a job doing that, next season starts 3 weeks after this one ends.
  5. Other way round for me. If it was as cut and dry as people seem to think, it would be over by now and we'd have verdict. The longer it goes on, the better for us imo.
  6. Special mentions from the 2016 season aswell. The away end at pride park when bannan scored. The away end at huddersfield when FF scored. Carnage on both occasions.
  7. Think that's what they mean when they refer to a 'carrier'. It affects different people in different ways. You could have it and never know.
  8. Only when they equalised late on. Which is basically Leeds allover, turn up in numbers, make a mumble, go mad and sing a bit when they score then get slapped back out of Sheffield.
  9. What good is £3.5k if you're dead though? It'll cover your funeral.
  10. The person who owns the club is allowing him to be a problem, this is another fault of DC.
  11. Video on twitter from the away end after todays game, loads of boos then 5 people clapping the team off infront. Unbelievable. The sort of people that would love to watch their wives get rattled by Leroy.
  12. pigs at Hillsborough years ago, them lot come out to warm up... 'Here come the girls' by the sugarbabes.
  13. Yes, definitely yesterday. Seen before, during and after the game. He's 100% still around.
  14. Paxiao was literally seen in a picture with Chansiri outside the south stand yesterday.
  15. You wouldn't get away with talking to people like that in person, so don't do it on here you screamer. I'm utterly baffled how anyone can defend Chansiri anymore, if you're genuinely happy with him running us into the ground then you crack on. Enjoy.
  16. The Wednesday sing being a prime example. Their was a post the other day and people were fuming when I said DC is to blame for all this. The post got deleted and the next post to appear was a picture of DC saying 'in Chansiri we trust'. And that's why things wont change, because some people still think the sun shines out of his arse. Fed up with him and fed up with his apologists. F off Wednesday.
  17. Honestly don't care, could be 12 years old, let the lot of them have it. Raise hell.
  18. Only renewed because I still get it for £255 (forces concession), but it's my last one under that bracket. Won't be paying adult prices for this shambles next year.
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