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  1. I'm resigned to them going up, who cares. Let's just look forward to passing them at the end of next season.
  2. The dig was more at the people who moan about the TPP system when it comes to the big games, when we're returning tickets for this.
  3. Still, we're averaging 2500 and we had 2000 for this game, surely more people who cant usually get tickets wouldve wanted them for this? Just think its poor.
  4. Returned part of our allocation after struggling to sell them, thought more would be up for it being a bank holiday.
  5. Who said we'll sell this out? We've returned part of our allocation because we cant sell them.
  6. Tbf they're on the verge of doing something we've bottled for the last 3 years and it hurts.
  7. In all fairness, despite fantastic numbers, our away support has been tame this season too. I think everyone's just sick of being the 'nearly' club, watching other sets of fans having big days out, big wins, while we just watch from afar. That's how I feel anyway.
  8. Reminded me of FF's vs huddersfield. You just knew.
  9. I'm trying but I just cant get excited. I just feel it's going to be another mid table season.
  10. Yes but did you get forced to watch Adthe Nuhiu attempt to play football there? If not, bargain.
  11. The most Sheffield Wednesday thing I've ever read.
  12. Genuine question (not that I'm thinking we should just curious), have we ever had anything like that done for us? Subsidised away tickets, free coach travel to long away games, a beer token in the ground? You see a lot of clubs rewarding their fans in some way, I'm just wondering if we've ever had anything like that.
  13. Yep, that's literally why the grass is in most grounds cut like that, to help the officials, but it never seems to anyway.
  14. Some people on here celebrating it. Absolute morons.
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