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  1. We'llNeverBeMastered

    Fans yesterday

    Matter of opinion, if you want to be offended by words then that's fine, I choose not to, I just think theres more pressing matters.
  2. We'llNeverBeMastered

    Fans yesterday

    Ignorant to what exactly? A word is a word mate.
  3. We'llNeverBeMastered

    Fans yesterday

    I think what happened was disgusting, however I'm not gonna take offence to a word, I didn't use it, that's my choice, if people want to use it, that's theirs.
  4. We'llNeverBeMastered

    Fans yesterday

    Honestly who cares? If you dont like it, nobody's forcing you to join in.
  5. We'llNeverBeMastered

    Fans yesterday

    Really though what have we been given this season to cheer about? The away games where we've been given something, villa, boro, we've been excellent. Works both ways.
  6. We'llNeverBeMastered

    Fans yesterday

    "Look its Bovva, go on my saaan"
  7. We'llNeverBeMastered

    It doesn't help

    I smell bacon
  8. I'll never forgot his sending off for 'simulation' at hull, when dawson nearly snapped his leg in half while clean through on goal. That, then yesterday, both decisions absolutely pathetic.
  9. We'llNeverBeMastered

    Any fan videos of the goal?

    It'd be the same against anyone at that stage, not because its rotherham at all.
  10. We'llNeverBeMastered

    Out of Contracts

    Honestly wouldn't keep a single player from that list, not even Westwood.
  11. We'llNeverBeMastered

    Rotherham Owls

    Disagree that it means more. You dont choose who you support or what team you fall in love with. You tend to get it implemented into you from a young age, usually from your old man, he takes you, you see why he fell in love with the club and you fall in love the exact same way. Where you're from means nothing, I was born and grew up in Sheffield, now live in Doncaster, if I have kids and they grow up here, I hope they'll think of Wednesday the same way I always have. Just because they wont be born in Sheffield wouldn't make them any less of someone that was.
  12. We'llNeverBeMastered

    Rotherham Owls

    So he can cause damage when hes fending off all the paedophiles he's going to encounter tomorrow.
  13. We'llNeverBeMastered

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    Thing is, nobody's expecting us to bang them in, nobody's expecting us to win every game. But we should be able to expect a bit of intent surely? Some purpose and actually look like we want to win a game? Is that honestly too much to ask?
  14. We'llNeverBeMastered

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    This. Just lost all excitement and enjoyment for Wednesday at the minute. Nothing truly ever changes.
  15. We'llNeverBeMastered

    Millwall - V - Wednesday OMDT

    It's a good job really cause everywhere else on the pitch we are abysmal.