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  1. We'llNeverBeMastered

    Has there ever ?

    But he can't really manoeuvre much on that front either because of the long term season tickets. He's massively messed up not just for now, but for the foreseeable too.
  2. We'llNeverBeMastered

    Forum on 20th

    Or seek advice from piers Morgan.
  3. We'llNeverBeMastered

    Fighting at blackburn

    I don't think it's the crap part that's bothering people mate. It's the players not giving a poo, if they're crap players, fine but compensate with a bit of passion and fight. These lot are not doing that.
  4. We'llNeverBeMastered

    2 rumours from the pub in blackburn

    Another rumour. Players are on the train home and jos and some seniors are nowhere to be seen. Normal service resumed.
  5. We'llNeverBeMastered

    Blackburn to make general sale?

    Never known us take many to Blackburn. The dielna goal game boxing day we took less than 2000.
  6. We'llNeverBeMastered

    Blackburn to make general sale?

    Just under 3500.
  7. We'llNeverBeMastered

    Hardcore Owls - well done for turning up!

    Less than that. On sky you could see the Chansiri lettering on the north, South stand looked like midweek games at bottom of league 1. 15k I'd say.
  8. We'llNeverBeMastered

    Has Luhukay gone yet?

    I'm doing the same as it stands but I am also considering Swansea aswell. The players don't deserve us.
  9. We'llNeverBeMastered

    Has Luhukay gone yet?

    So fed up. But like an idiot I'll be at the 3/4 away games this month. I need mental help
  10. We'llNeverBeMastered

    Has Luhukay gone yet?

    I've sort of accepted it, this team hasn't got a fight in them. Roll on Burton Albion away.
  11. We'llNeverBeMastered

    Blackburn Away

    Actually that's a fantastic effort considering every thing. Our away support never fails to amaze me. Should have the whole of the bottom tier, we'll easily shift the rest of the 4000 if we beat derby.
  12. We'llNeverBeMastered

    Blackburn Away

    One club city. Fighting for promotion. Much closer. Trains fine when they went.
  13. We'llNeverBeMastered

    Blackburn Away

    Where did you get that from? Last update ticket office gave was that we'd sold 2250
  14. We'llNeverBeMastered


    How's he managed to sell it? Are people stupid? Anyone who wants a ticket for this can have one and gain themselves 10 points. We haven't even sold 2000 yet and it's coming up to general sale, can have another 5000 if we wanted.
  15. We'llNeverBeMastered

    Blackburn to make general sale?

    This is a massive chance for people to build their TPP, yet only around 3000 will bother.