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  1. Anyone else remember this game? Monday night, on sky, 50 Plymouth fans in away end and for some reason Hillsborough was rocking. Remember it well.
  2. I'm hoping we dont have to use that as it shows he doesnt intend on staying. I'd rather he signed a deal off his own back.
  3. But that 15 minutes of fame has given them a massive financial gain on us.
  4. But this is Wednesday. We'll offer him 1 year, huddersfield will offer him 2, he'll go for nothing, get promoted with them and we'll finish mid table again.
  5. With Leeds keeper reportedly off, no doubt they'll come sniffing now, and with no sign of him signing a contract, I'm worried.
  6. We're actually going to do a Sheffield Wednesday arent we? Cant be bothered.
  7. The Hoops decision cant have been easy for SB, but this is the ruthlessness we need to move forward. Onwards and upwards.
  8. Yes, didnt even realise I'd put iconic. Autocorrect.
  9. That the blades are flying a banner saying 'mind the gap' over Hillsborough, on the day that marks 7 years since Wycombe, the actual mind the gap season. Not very smart are they?
  10. As quite a few people have said, anyone with a drone who's not at the game Sunday, get it on Hillsborough park, get it going then make the call to SYP, plane grounded. Simples.
  11. I wonder why they sold out.. the mind boggles.
  12. Absolutely fantastic, just moments after we scored too, we were still celebrating Antonio's goal. A day I'll never forget.
  13. 'Sssssshhhhhhh T' 'Exeter city 1 Sheff United 0'
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