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  1. Tell you what, if you were one of the people booing then feel free to f*ck off and stay away from Hillsborough. Wednesday don't need you.
  2. Sasso Venancio Hector... Just typical.
  3. Just cant see anything happening if nothing is announced before 4pm.
  4. It has to be done today, the loan window closes at the same time as transfer window.
  5. Why would they? He's literally got a year left on his deal. We either take him for £3-4m now or: Take him for half that in January For free next summer. Chelsea are selling themselves out here.
  6. Because all bids and fees and contracts have to be agreed by 5pm when the window closes. You then get until 11 to finalise paperwork and eligibility etc. Any business we are doing, needs to be done within the next 2 hours or it's not happening.
  7. But the money would go straight to their owners pocket, who's asset stripping. It's a no from me.
  8. But why would we wait til Jan? Our sesaon could be all but over by then. It just doesnt make sense.
  9. The players know something. They've been at it all week, I cant see them doing it to wind us up.
  10. I'm not 100% on the rules but I dont think you can promote youth players for just one game without them having a senior contract.
  11. How on earth are we buying hector with an £800k upfront payment? That's where I'm confused.
  12. I were hoping it would be one out and a few in scenario. What an awful deal this looks to be.
  13. Not sure, that figure seems to be what their journos are reporting down there.
  14. What on earth do we do with £800k a year in instalments? What seemed good business is now awful business.
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