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  1. Usually with Wednesday, its the best way to be. Any idea where you're drinking mate?
  2. Just hoping theres nutters with the same mentality as us, getting there for 11am for a 7.45 kick off...
  3. Same mate. Any idea where everyones heading? We'll be down about midday.
  4. Wheres the best places to drink in the city and where will everyone be heading?
  5. Or because we charged them £39 last season while they charged us £24... just a thought.
  6. They made it very clear, about 3 months before the season started, that ourselves and leeds would be cat A games therefore the highest priced tickets, I wonder why...
  7. Cheers for this one chansiri, been 3 times on the bounce and it's an awful away day, I've needed an excuse to miss it and there it is.
  8. We signed a young lad on a free Kadeem Kadeem Hes fast as lightning with both feet Kadeem kadeem He'll run at you down either wing He cuts inside as the Wednesday sing Kadeem Harris... (needs finishing or tweeking) ??
  9. That says more about them than us. They're giving 5000 seats up out of a 25000 seater stadium.
  10. Yep, it was crap. But then again, so were the team and the game. They gave us absolutely nothing to get behind.
  11. That's where I've just been looking at online, is it any good atmosphere wise? Nowt worse than been stood around silent for a few hours.
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