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  1. We'llNeverBeMastered


    Over a 2 year period which means games from August- December 2016 should still be on and getting taken off in accordance to date surely? I've got nothing below 2017.
  2. We'llNeverBeMastered


    Anyone else found they've lost more points than expected? Finished the season on over 1000 and I'm down to 380 now. Baffled.
  3. We'llNeverBeMastered


    The post quickly got taken over by Wednesday fans defending tango and rightly so.
  4. We'llNeverBeMastered

    Danny Rose

    Went to school with him and his brother (now at Grimsby), he never supported anyway, he was always neutral.
  5. We'llNeverBeMastered

    Ross wallace

    He doesn't and he's talking cobblers.
  6. We'llNeverBeMastered


    Literally last month in the FA cup
  7. We'llNeverBeMastered

    The fans who travelled today

    But it won't. They'e happy to take the pay check but not work for it. Spineless bunch of cretins.
  8. We'llNeverBeMastered

    Any armed forces/sericemen on here?

    Bloody hell. All the lifers/old timers putting my 6 years service to shame. Guess it all counts though.
  9. We'llNeverBeMastered

    Which way did villa coaches leave Sheffield?

    Not sure but hopefully they hit Snodgrass, Terry and Swarprick.
  10. We'llNeverBeMastered

    Steve Bruce and Swarbrick

    That goes beyond a bad game, blatant cheating and nothing will change my mind on that front.
  11. We'llNeverBeMastered

    Steve Bruce and Swarbrick

    Accept blatant cheating and corruptness against the club we love? No thank you.
  12. We'llNeverBeMastered

    We got what we deserved tonight

    I sent the lineup to my Donny supporting mate, his reply "that team wouldn't get in the league 1 play offs" and I agree.
  13. We'llNeverBeMastered

    Violence in the Wednesday end..

    Come on mate, don't put spastics in the same category as these people.
  14. A more simple question would be is abdi not injured?
  15. We'llNeverBeMastered

    As soon as we walked out we controlled em

    Thought this thread was gonna be about our lot leaving the away end on to bramhall lane.