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Blackpool 0 Sheffield Wednesday 1 EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS

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Guest RoyalNavyOwl

Wasn't at the game so can only comment from what I saw on the video, but maguire and Mcgugan seemed to be part of everything we did well. Looked a spark all the time Maguire like the end of last season

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No conviction. Absolute sitter mate

if he catches it right his head is crashing into someone elses... ok, you could say he should have done it anyway, but as I said, in the moment I can see why he missed it.

Had one of those myself this morning lol

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It does look as if Blackpool's chances must've been edited out. It was like a defence versus attack training session for the first few minutes, with Blackpool's first chance eventually coming on the counter.


So it would've been good to see a victory by a bigger margin. A win's a win though!




Once again, a few posters (in both this and other threads) can't resist having a dig at one of our most effective and committed players. It's the same after every single game. The reality, of course, is that nobody scores every chance. As our top scorer, perhaps it'd be nice if folk could cut the guy some slack for once?!


The headed chance wasn't actually that easy, particularly for someone who is much better with the ball at his feet. The cross was a very good one, but he was too close to the keeper when he met it. So the goal was well covered rather than being open for him to aim it. The top corner (green circle below) was the place to squeeze it. He has two players bundling into him, and he only just misses. Here's a still of the point that the ball crosses the goal line (red circle)...


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It was a flipping sitter George. I'd say the same if it was any other player. You genuinely can't stand anybody criticising the lad can you?

No. It's persistent and disproportionate. He's one of our most effective players and I'm yet to see a game in which he's our worst player or anything like. Yet he's always singled out for criticism. It's rounduns and I genuinely don't understand what he's done to upset you lot.

Edited by George Whitebread
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