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  1. Would be a major coup getting this lad. Looks the business.
  2. Another midfielder is a must for me. Someone with a bit of presence. If we lose Luongo to injury, who does the dirty work? Hopefully Garner’s a possibility. And I wouldn’t be against giving Lee another year. Plus, we absolutely need another forward. Would be nice to get someone with pace and power.
  3. 100% this. Mainly Sharp and Mcgoldrick. Neither one a target man. Neither one a “focal point”. Neither one particularly quick. Clever, hardworking tenacious strikers playing in an actual TEAM. People are often way too focused on single attributes.
  4. If he’s on that sort of money we certainly shouldn’t be buying him. If we can’t get him on loan, move on to another target.
  5. Goal and an assist. If you include his 2 goals for Wigan on New Year’s Day, he’s scored 6 goals in 697 minutes of championship football in 2020. Great ratio. I know many disagree, but for me he’s an out and out striker, and I feel his versatility has actually worked against him in the past. Needs a proper run of games up front and I think he’s got goals in him. He has all the attributes. Works hard, physically strong, wants to run in behind and loves to shoot with power. Could be a steal.
  6. Which we’ll do even more if we sign a target man
  7. We have history with losing promising young players. We can’t allow another one to run his contract down
  8. Really need to get him tied down to a long deal. Should have done it ages ago.
  9. Really looking forward to seeing Izzy Brown this season. Proper footballer.
  10. Keep them both if it’s within budget. Lee is a proper footballer. Great player to have in the squad. Nuhiu is clearly a big character within the club and extremely useful off the bench. Couldn't care less about the likes of FF, Fletcher, Fox, Winnall leaving, but I’d be sad to see these 2 go.
  11. So this lad will have played alongside Izzy Brown and under the coaching of Hughes at Huddersfield?
  12. I think our expectations should be low anyway. Going to be a very difficult season. Getting a team together is going to be hard enough. Starting on -12 points is hardly a selling point. We’ve managed to get Brown thanks to his previous Huddersfield link with our new coach by the sounds of it. Dunkley is coming back from a serious injury so he won’t have had championship clubs queuing up to sign him. Won’t be easy to get more signings of even that level.
  13. No way we’ll end up with 4 better options than Windass or da Cruz. Can’t see Monk moving away from 352 either. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if it’s Windass plus 1 starting up top.
  14. Didn’t we break our clean sheet record twice with Lees as a regular? We know he’s not a natural leader, we know he’s uncomfortable with the ball at his feet, but we also know he can defend. And with the right partner he can perform consistently well at the top end of the championship. I do question his mental toughness though. Certainly wouldn’t want a team full of Tom lees in a relegation scrap
  15. Strange one Van aken. When he first came it seemed a logical signing. Good age, tall, seemed confident and good on the ball. And with Loovens still here, he had the perfect mentor. Shame he’s soft as poo and can’t defend
  16. Nowhere near as good as Murphy. Not sure where either fit in though if it’s 352
  17. Leko looks a player. Injury is a bit of a concern but he could be a real coup if he stays fit.
  18. Agree with this. Lees can actually defend and he was excellent with Loovens next to him. Good back up option at the least.
  19. If the Garner link is accurate, we can probably assume Monk is looking to fill the hole left by Hutch. Windass looks a definite for up top. But we’ll surely bring in a couple more. Can’t see any more CBs coming in. Westwood probably going. Could do With another GK. I reckon that’s 4/5 more definite signings. Then whatever else on top. Maybe something like this on day 1... . NEW . Iorfa Dunkley Borner Odubajo. Harris . Garner . Brown. Bannan . Windass NEW
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