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  1. He’s got a future. Looks tidy enough on the ball. Rest of his game is way off though at this point, at this level. Loan move would do him a world of good
  2. Luongo was superb against Bristol. Decent first half today. Made tackles and can’t remember him losing it or misplacing a pass. Anonymous 2nd half but he’s a good player.
  3. Wickham/Nuhiu Even though Nuhiu is far more impactful as a sub, he still offers more than the others.
  4. I think these are really important points in terms of what we lack. Whatever division we’re in, it’s something the manager really needs to address. Aside from a handful of players, were a squad full of wimps. Sounds harsh but it’s true. Without wanting to big piggy Wilder up too much, you look at the the rebuild he’s done there, and you won’t find a player who isn’t tough, aggressive and willing to run through a brick wall. They more than make up for the quality they may lack. Players like Reach and Bannan in particular, need players like that around them.
  5. Iorfa. Murphy offered a good outlet although wasteful. Luongo and Lee were decent first half. Those saying Bannan must have been watching a different game to me. Yes he played a couple of good balls, as you’d expect with the amount of ball he gets, but generally he was poor
  6. Hopefully those that were calling for him to start can see he isn’t ready for this level of football yet
  7. We are where we are in terms of the squad. Limited options numbers wise and a lack of quality. Plus a major lack of strength both mentally and physically. So however you look at it, Monk has an incredibly tough job on his hands. All he can do is take the positives from these games (and there are some), and apply them as much as possible in the hope that we pick up enough points to keep us in the division Huge rebuilding job this summer
  8. This 2nd half has been painful to watch. Absolutely dreadful.
  9. Reach was good first half. Everyone’s been poor 2nd half
  10. Just haven’t got the right man on the end of one of them yet
  11. Come on Wednesday we need to get a bit of the ball again. Starting to let them dictate
  12. Sharp, Mcgoldrick, Pukki are all industrious. All work their knackers off and harass defenders. They’ve definitely all got that in common
  13. You can’t really say that when the pigs were promoted with Sharp/mcgoldick and Norwich with Pukki
  14. Agree with this. Good to hear monk say this is the plan going forward. Hopefully he brings in players that are suited to this system. Something Carlos never really did. Just a shame Monk won’t have access to the calibre of player Carlos had
  15. It’s a good picture. Apart from Mark Bright looking nothing like Mark bright
  16. Always gave his all and more on the pitch. That’ll do for me. Wish him the best of luck.
  17. Scores a few more this season and he’ll probably get a new deal at Palace
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