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  1. SirSheridan

    If we are Radio outraged

    Why should fans have to pay any more? Its an absolute disgrace that we're getting priced out of everything already! Disgusting!
  2. SirSheridan

    Blades want to try collinding too

    Best bit of this, is that it came just as we went 1-0 up. Says it at the bottom
  3. SirSheridan


    Whatever you're on, I'd get off it if I were you!
  4. Last season has no bearing? Only if you are happy that we haven't improved areas that obviously needed it, and are happy to continue the awful football last year, into this year.
  5. Some glossing right there!
  6. Its not 5 games though is it? There were clear issues that needed addressing from last season. They haven't been. Overly defensive football, No plan B, desperate need of defenders...
  7. SirSheridan


    I'd hazard a guess that those behind the scenes who are involved with setting this up, know all about vpns. I'd also guess that they aren't that bothered, as long as money comes in from somewhere. Otherwise they'd surely have implemented some sort of barrier to using them?
  8. SirSheridan

    Big Steve Evans

    I expected to open this thread and simply read "Is a c*nt"
  9. SirSheridan

    First Game of the Season

    All this balls about being more or less of a fan depending on how many games you go to really gets my back up. I had a season ticket for years in the late 90's/early 2000's, but these days I'm lucky if I can make 1 game a year! Everyone has different circumstances. It could be money, family, work, health or any number of things that impacts being able to go. NOBODY has the right to tell them they aren't a "real fan". I bet most people who can't go, desperately wish they could! Get off your high horses. We're all Wednesday aren't we?
  10. Teat goals by Hirst. Fingers crossed he becomes what we all hope he will. Credit where it's due tho. That pass for Hulls 1st was ace
  11. SirSheridan

    Di Canio

    Of course he wanted to leave!! Danny Wilson and Dagenham Richards completely sold him down the river.
  12. SirSheridan

    Di Canio

    Possibly, but it'd have been great to find out ey? So sad to hear the absolute hatred towards him when he came back to Hillsborough with West Ham
  13. SirSheridan

    Di Canio

    I'm sure after retiring he went back to watching Lazio with the Ultras
  14. SirSheridan

    Di Canio

    Had we handled the situation better, Paulo could have played for us for years after. Look at the example set by Man U with Cantona and Ferdinand. Look after your players and they will love you for it. If you don't, someone else will!