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  1. Proper defender at this level. Sure he’ll prove to be a great signing
  2. 8 points from first 5 games. Decent start. Well done Garry Monk
  3. Was going to say the same. Similar in many ways. Clever, lively, bit of a pest with an eye for goal.
  4. Could be I suppose. Will be interesting to see how much he uses Grealish moving forward. He’s a player that’s been on an upward trajectory for the last year or so. If he continues in the same way, Southgate will have some tough decisions to make next summer.
  5. Noticed that in his interview. He raved about Calvert Lewin then when asked about Grealish, he seemed to want to play his performance down. Grealish was the best player on the pitch.
  6. Brilliant to see. Plus his interview afterwards. Genuinely happy to be representing (and scoring for) his country. Same with Calvert Lewin. English players in fantastic form playing with a smile on their face. With the euros next summer in mind, I think we’ve got some excellent players on the fringes and some exciting youngsters coming through. From tonight’s squad Coady, Calvert Lewin, Grealish, James and Ings all excite me. Mings is someone who seems to be constantly improving. Philips doesn’t look at all out of place. Then the likes of Foden, Greenwoo
  7. Really started to live up to the hype in the last year or so. Excellent player. Calvert Lewin has also improved immensely.
  8. No Iorfa. No Brown. Saw the team and didn’t expect much today. Injuries during the game certainly doesn’t make things any easier. Not sure why people are having a meltdown. Late goal is always a sickner. But we’ve made a steady start to what is going to be a very difficult season.
  9. Would be a major coup getting this lad. Looks the business.
  10. Another midfielder is a must for me. Someone with a bit of presence. If we lose Luongo to injury, who does the dirty work? Hopefully Garner’s a possibility. And I wouldn’t be against giving Lee another year. Plus, we absolutely need another forward. Would be nice to get someone with pace and power.
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