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  1. Not sure about Lazaar on a permanent. Looks a player, but signing someone so injury prone considering our recent history (and with our current financial situation) seems like a bad idea.
  2. Until Bruce arrived he’d done absolutely nothing to justify that wage. Been a big improvement from him. He’s actually finally looking like the player we thought we were getting.
  3. I’d consider assault MORE serious than any kind of verbal abuse
  4. Teams around us have games in hand and we’ve got a tough run in. It’s going to be extremely difficult but we have a small chance. I think the fact that we’re playing the teams around us could be a good thing. Some massive games coming up.
  5. Our formation throughout this run has generally been 4231. Including the other night.
  6. Some ok results tonight. We’re in with a chance at least. Biggest game of the season on Saturday now.
  7. Whatever it was, we played much better in the 2nd half with Winnall on the pitch. More energy, pressed higher, moved the ball well and created chances. And what’s comical is how touchy some people get on here if you dare to highlight how poor Nuhiu played. It’s nothing personal and he’s had some great games at times, but he was dogger last night.
  8. After last night, I’d say the same about Nuhiu. Looked way off the pace.
  9. He didn’t look match fit, but neither did Nuhiu. Suprised you dont see the potential in Winnall/Fletcher, considering how much you like strike pairings. Could be decent foil for each other.
  10. You say Winnall’s clearly not ready, but we played miles better with him on.
  11. This Nuhiu was comically bad last night.
  12. We did a decent job on a very poor team in complete turmoil. We played 1 bit of good football in the 1st half and scored. Barring a spell in the 2nd half when we were well on top, it was a dreadful game. Suppose the conditions played a part.
  13. He’s a rock at the back. Ball magnet. Gets his head on everything. If it’s possible we need to sign him.
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