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  1. Been saying the same. I don’t believe we have enough goals in us to bother the top 6. We’ve lost our 3 best goal scorers (if you include FF who it seems will be a bit part player).
  2. Days like today when we miss the likes of FF, Joao, Hooper. Where was FF? If he’s injured, fair enough. If he’s been left out of the squad, it’s a bizarre decision.
  3. One nil down after 80. Who would you rather bring on to get a goal?
  4. Was bang average at best for the first couple of years here. But since the arrival of Bruce, he’s been very much the player we thought we were getting. Seems fitter and more confident. I think the faith shown in him by Bruce was exactly what he needed.
  5. Early days but it’s looking like we’ve done some fantastic business. Reminiscent of a few years ago.
  6. If it continues to cost them goals I’m sure he’ll be forced to change things.
  7. Defensively he’s no world beater. But get him moving forward with the ball and he’s top notch
  8. It’s often just a case of different levels of quality. If 2 teams are going at it with intensity and a high work rate, the team with the better quality will usually win. The problem we had under Carlos, was not matching these teams for intensity and workrate. It’s a good sign that result today. Promoted teams can be very tricky to play against early in a season.
  9. True. Then everyone complains about not having “proper” wingers.
  10. Was just saying in another thread, every one says he plays best with a target man, but it’s strange how Rhodes’s best season at this level was 12/13 where he played pretty much as a lone striker with Rochina behind him. Scored 28.
  11. The strange thing is, Rhodes played pretty much as a lone forward throughout his best ever season at this level for Blackburn. 28 goals in 12/13 with Rochina behind him most weeks. He hasnt looked at all capable of playing that role for us. Has the game really moved on that much?
  12. We were scoring plenty of goals under Jos up to the end of his first season. You can’t really take a 10 game sample as guide for a full season. Personally I feel goals will be our main issue this season. Especially if we’re playing 433 as only Fletcher can really play centrally it seems, and he’s not a goalscorer. A front 3 of Hooper, Joao and FF would score for fun. But we’ve lost 2 without replacing them and FF (who’s been our most productive attacking player since our PL days and the number 1 reason we managed to reach the playoffs twice), looks like he’ll be a bit part player. We’re much weaker in terms of goal threat imo. Even though we’ve added pace and trickery.
  13. 7 To only spend a million and bring in the players we have is fantastic business. On top of Westwood, Palmer and Lee re-signing. And we’ve finally got Abdi, Jones, Boyd etc off the wage bill. On the flip side...disappointed to not get Hector (although admittedly 5m is scandalous), we didn’t sign a proper left back, plus we’re now lacking up top imo. Particularly if we’re playing 433 as Fletcher is the only one who can play the central role it seems. Lost 2 of our best goalscorers in Hooper/Joao and not replaced them. No signs Rhodes, Winnall or Nuhiu have it in them. For us at least. Fletcher doesn’t score many and it looks like FF will be a bit part player.
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