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  1. Jos - You just lost your free hit...

    Or does it just highlight how bad things were under Carlos, fitness wise? Joao, like Nuhiu, had barely played a game for a long time. Suddenly they've played fairly often in a short space of time. Pretty tough if you're not in the best physical condition. High chance of fatigue, strains, knocks etc Seems bizarre to not play a striker, but worth remembering we're down to the bare bones in attack. We're going to need Joao and Nuhiu in the next few weeks. Not really sure what to make of Jos yet, but it's obvious he's been given an incredibly difficult job. Just need to pinch enough wins to stay up and sort things out properly in the summer.
  2. Who is the best player at SWFC?

    Forestieri. Without question. No one else can do what he does. That combination of workrate, speed, skill and goal scoring ability, is very rare. Fully fit and focused, he's a class above the rest. A special player.
  3. Lucas Joao

    Awesome performance. Man of match.
  4. Not Good Enough

    We're in big trouble.
  5. Not Good Enough

    I think his hands were tied mate
  6. Not Good Enough

  7. Scooby doo

    At least we don't have to worry about paying Butterfield's appearance fee for yesterday cos he never turned up
  8. No more of the Nuhiu nonsense

    Not simply about "free scoring" though. Joao should have started as he's currently our best striker. By a mile.
  9. No more of the Nuhiu nonsense

  10. VIDEO - how is this a sending off?

    Surely we'll get that overturned.
  11. Three at the back

    I think it's more to do with the lack of quality we have on the pitch rather than the formation. I know we've managed to scrape 3 clean sheets which has made people think we're solid, but the truth is our defenders aren't good enough. Pudil's the only one who looks capable at the moment imo. On top of that we're still soft as poo in midfield. Got an awful feeling that our lack of activity in the January transfer window will come back to haunt us.
  12. Man of the match - Player ratings

    I think it's impossible to rate anyone after that game. We started the better team and went 2-0 down to 2 absolute freak goals. No surprise their heads went down, and Matias' red card effectively killed it as a contest. Credit to Joao for showing a bit in the 2nd half. No idea why he didn't start as he's our best striker BY A MILE at the moment. A shocking day all round The teams we're putting out at the moment are so lacking in what's required to be competitive in the championship, we could genuinely get sucked into a relegation fight.
  13. The reality is league one.

    Made me laugh way more than it should have
  14. Couldn't be bothered

  15. Nuhiu today surely.

    Nuhiu's a decent impact sub. Shouldn't be starting games in the championship.