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  1. Dark days ahead for this club. Chansiri gambled on promotion. It didn’t work and a plan for that scenario was never considered. Since the play off final with Hull, it’s been bad decision after bad decision and a slow decline. The club is plummeting and won’t bottom out for a while. Relegation is inevitable. If not this year, definitely in the next couple.
  2. I can’t shake the notion that you can’t seem to see outside of the winger/striker dynamic. Its not 1985 mate. Football has moved on. Is Salah a winger or a striker? What’s Messi? What’s Ronaldo? They’re neither. They’re just attackers, which is what FF is. We never, ever use the guy correctly. And it’s been the same for most of his time here He just has to make the best of what he’s given.
  3. I would think there’s plenty of interest in the job. I just think DC is taking his time (as he always does), while giving Bullen a bit of a chance. Just hope it’s not too late before he realises Bullen’s out of his depth as a championship manager.
  4. I know criticising Fox is frowned upon on here, but he’s a league 1/lower end championship player at absolute best. Shouldn't be starting games unless he has to. Big mistake not not signing a proper left back in the summer.
  5. Chansiri seems to have a habit of waiting too long to make decisions. Kept Carlos too long, kept Jos too long and now it seems keeping Bullen in charge too long. Good bloke Bullen, but way out of his depth as manager of a championship team.
  6. Why them 2? Why 442? Why no Lee? Where’s Odubajo? Bizarre.
  7. Yes he did. He’s a fantastic attacking fullback. Not the best defensively. Like a lot of fullbacks these days.
  8. Been saying the same. I don’t believe we have enough goals in us to bother the top 6. We’ve lost our 3 best goal scorers (if you include FF who it seems will be a bit part player).
  9. Days like today when we miss the likes of FF, Joao, Hooper. Where was FF? If he’s injured, fair enough. If he’s been left out of the squad, it’s a bizarre decision.
  10. One nil down after 80. Who would you rather bring on to get a goal?
  11. Was bang average at best for the first couple of years here. But since the arrival of Bruce, he’s been very much the player we thought we were getting. Seems fitter and more confident. I think the faith shown in him by Bruce was exactly what he needed.
  12. Early days but it’s looking like we’ve done some fantastic business. Reminiscent of a few years ago.
  13. If it continues to cost them goals I’m sure he’ll be forced to change things.
  14. Defensively he’s no world beater. But get him moving forward with the ball and he’s top notch
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