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  1. Must be a reason no championship team has taken a chance on Maddison. He’s been a stand out league 1 player for a while now
  2. Can understand your thinking. We are absolutely crying out for some leaders in the team. But beggars can’t be choosers and the likes of Morsy will cost a fee. Then there’s the issue with more experienced, proven players wanting longer contracts. Can we really afford to go down that route again? Monk really needs to get creative this summer.
  3. Whether it’s Garner or someone else, we really need to address the gaping hole in our midfield. Never replacing Loovens was costly. We can’t afford to make the same mistake again by not replacing Hutchinson.
  4. Don’t think he’s gone anywhere yet has he?
  5. Hooper cost a fair bit, was injured more than he played and left for nothing. Good player but certainly not a gem of a signing. Same category as FF.
  6. Yes. No brainer on a free. I like him. Got some good attributes and a bit of fight in him.
  7. We could rebuild in either league if we recruit properly. You just know it’s not going to happen though.
  8. I think we still have a good chance. It’s all about getting regular first team football at a decent level. There’s a good chance he’d be a regular starter.
  9. Yes many fans were warning of the potential future problems if we just kept throwing money at players with zero resale value. The fact that virtually every player he signed has left for nothing shows incredible incompetence in itself. On top of that, the couple of young prospects that could have potentially been sold for decent money one day, also left for nothing. It’s completely unsustainable and we knew it back then. It seems, whether through his own intuition or maybe the advice he was getting, DC genuinely believed he was just going to sign a load of proven players and get promoted before ffp caught up with us. No contingency plan, no long term plan. Just all out poo or bust.
  10. I’m just waiting for the statement from Chansiri that says “we’re disappointed with the point deduction but we’ll be doing everything we can to get promoted to the premier league next season”
  11. Wigan went into administration. Pretty clear cut. Ours was clearly an unusual case.
  12. There’s no WE here. One man has caused all this. The fans of all clubs involved suffer
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