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  1. IstillhateSteveBould

    An attack minded manager.

    Agree. The only issue is now we're so low on confidence and struggling to impose our selves in any way, we probably need a scrapper to get us organised and working as a coherent unit first. At this stage I'd chalk this season off, get a Mick McCarthy type in until end of season to stabilise, then go at again in August with a fresh face with attacking ideas.
  2. IstillhateSteveBould

    João, our form player.

    Play him with Forestieri and they'll score goals. Good chemistry between them. Seem to bring the best out of each other. Always maintained that was our best strike pair.
  3. IstillhateSteveBould

    If Jos goes... who's in?

    We should have got big Mick when we had the chance. If only until the end of the season. He was the right man at the right time for me. Very difficult to come up with another decent realistic name
  4. IstillhateSteveBould

    If Jos goes... who's in?

    Sorry but Carlos is big step up on Jos. Certainly wasn't a con man. May have had questionable ideas on fitness regimes and underestimated the need for physical players (and should have gone earlier) - but he knew how to set an organised team up, with an effective game plan. Whatever people say about Carlos, we were never the shambles we are now. In terms of organisation. And people will bang on about the difference in quality on the pitch (which is a fair point in some aspects), but Jos can't even get his team to do the absolute basics.
  5. IstillhateSteveBould

    Playing a settled side

    He just doesn't seem to care. Bizarre manager.
  6. IstillhateSteveBould

    Why is our defending so bad?

    Not so sure about that. Look at what Wilder has done for some very average players at the sty. A good manager would make most of our defenders look like different players
  7. IstillhateSteveBould

    Bannan & Forestieri Overrated?

    I do think Bannan is slightly overrated. But he's still a very good player. When things are going well and he's playing in a role that suits him, he's top drawer. Forestieri in terms of pure talent, should be playing regularly in the PL. But he's clearly a very tricky lad to manage and motivate on a consistent basis.
  8. IstillhateSteveBould

    Why is our defending so bad?

    And this.
  9. IstillhateSteveBould

    Why is our defending so bad?

    Not being coached or motivated properly. Just going through the motions. Also we play way too deep which invites teams onto us. And our midfield is weak as wee wee.
  10. IstillhateSteveBould

    Tactically Inept

    Out of his depth. We still have some decent players. Jos has absolutely no idea how to motivate them or set them up. He should have gone a while ago. If DC still won't sack him now, he needs to go as well.
  11. IstillhateSteveBould

    Blackburn Rover -V - Wednesday OMDT

    Jos is out of his depth mate. Been obvious for a while. Unfortunately I don't think he's going anywhere. Just hope we manage to scrape enough wins over the few months to stay up.
  12. IstillhateSteveBould

    Is Bannan undroppable?

    I do. Could never understand it.
  13. IstillhateSteveBould

    Is Bannan undroppable?

    I like him there.
  14. IstillhateSteveBould

    FA Cup 3rd Round

    Sure it'll be a poo draw. Wigan at home.
  15. IstillhateSteveBould


    Truly pathetic if that's true. Should be ashamed of themselves. Gives his all every single week.