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  1. This. Quite like Joey, but Clayton's an upgrade. Been there and done it.
  2. IstillhateSteveBould

    Fernando Forestieri

    Hang on, you've been saying for the last 2 years, FF on the left wing in a 442 is his best position. We're not playing that. He's part of a front 3, and popping up all over the place. Which is exactly what many of us have said should happen for a long time. 100% he is the difference. Between midtable mediocrity, and a potential promotion campaign.
  3. IstillhateSteveBould

    Midfield STILL Our Problem Area

    We still need some presence/power in midfield and defence for me. And some genuine pace.
  4. IstillhateSteveBould

    Nuhiu undisputed top scorer

    Nuhiu's always had his uses, but I never had him down as a goal scorer. Just shows what a bit of confidence can do. Deserves all the credit he's getting currently. He's been immense. And massive credit to Jos. Not only with Nuhiu, but also Joao. He's shown faith in them and changed our style to suit. With FF also back in fine form (currently averaging a goal every 92 minutes!), our attackers are currently prolific and the season is ending at the wrong time for us really.
  5. IstillhateSteveBould

    I've changed my mind about Fernando Forestieri

    Its been a while to be fair
  6. IstillhateSteveBould

    I've changed my mind about Fernando Forestieri

    I just don't see it. He has low centre of gravity, uses his body exceptionally well, and is a lot stronger than he looks. He's smart. Wins a lot of free kicks by using his body well, but I just don't see him getting easily knocked of the ball.
  7. IstillhateSteveBould

    I've changed my mind about Fernando Forestieri

    Even in a front 2, he's brilliant. Especially alongside Joao and even Nuhiu
  8. IstillhateSteveBould

    I've changed my mind about Fernando Forestieri

    A ridiculous statement. Logic goes out the window when holmowl is posting about FF. How anyone can actually watch that lad play and say he's never been a striker, is beyond me.
  9. Wonder if anyone will take a chance on Odubajo from Hull. Been out for nearly 2 years, had multiple ops on his knee, but it seems he's back fit. Terrific player and out of contract in summer.
  10. IstillhateSteveBould

    Forestieri appreciation thread

    He's the difference between us being a bang average championship team, and challenging for promotion. He's on a different level to our other attackers (yes, including owlstalk golden boy Gary Hooper), and should be first name on the team sheet every time he's fit.
  11. If it's 2 up top, it has to be FF/Joao first choice with Hooper and Nuhiu as back up. Then keep 1 of Winnall/Rhodes. Sell the other along with Fletcher. Hoping we see 3 forwards personally. And have done for the last 3 seasons.
  12. Never been a striker though eh?
  13. IstillhateSteveBould


    Our fans love a player who can lay a ball off 10 yards with his back to goal. Amazing link up play apparently
  14. IstillhateSteveBould

    If Only.............

    Bang on. Used to say similar on here but I was a Hooper "hater" apparently