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  1. Score Predictions Owls v Blunts

    I think the same. Cant believe how confident some are.
  2. Talented Individuals

    Dont think I've ever seen anyone say that on here.
  3. End goal more important for Sheffield Wednesday, says Lees

    I don't think they're poor. Both tidy, Bannan's just got that bit extra
  4. End goal more important for Sheffield Wednesday, says Lees

    I refuse to believe you actually think that, after 8 championship games.
  5. End goal more important for Sheffield Wednesday, says Lees

    Surely just a bit of fishing? Astonishing statement if you mean it. Quality wise, we're superior in every department. But that means roger all on Derby day. I can't be confident. No matter what people say, it really isn't "just another game". Anything can happen. We have the better players but we're coming up against a side brimming with confidence and momentum driving them forward. Some of our fans don't want to admit it, but that does make a difference. Not having this "team of individuals" vs "a proper team" rounduns though. Both teams have great spirit, togetherness and willingness to work for each other.
  6. That idiot Kevin Gage

    He sums up a large portion of their fan base. I know every club has their share of idiots, but there are certain clubs who's fans seem to revel in their "lad's" notoriety. Millwall, Leeds, Cardiff, Burnley, Birmingham, Sheffield United... Horrible scummy clubs. Interesting how they all live in the shadow of a more illustrious rival.
  7. David jones

    Wouldn't go that far. But good to see Jones is stepping up to the mark in recent weeks. It's only taken a year, but he's finally looking like the player we hoped he was.
  8. Cardiff 1 - 1 Sheffield Wednesday : OMDT

    Always the same. So frustrating.
  9. Cardiff 1 - 1 Sheffield Wednesday : OMDT

    Love it. Brilliant goal.
  10. Player ratings

    Hooper 9???? Wow
  11. Another shout out for Fletcher

    100% this regarding holmowl. Hilariously biased. Politician-like poster.
  12. Stick Or Twist

    Now Lee is back, Bannan should be on the left every week.
  13. Player ratings

    We are pretty good at it to be fair. It's clear that's our approach under Carlos, with and without FF. Is it enough over a full season to get us promoted? I doubt it. Especially without FF, who has been worth so many points alone over the last 2 seasons. Purely on an entertainment level, we'll definitely miss him. Always happy when we win a game, but we're bloody tough to watch without his flair and attacking spark.
  14. Adam Reach

    Up there with Bannan and Hooper as best player so far.
  15. Player ratings

    Personally I'd put the openness of the Forest game down to their defensive naivety as much as anything else. Barring the 2nd half of Sunderland at home, the rest has been pretty much to type. Compact, slow, methodical and trying to pinch games from the limited chances we create. Hopefully it's enough to gain promotion, but without FF I'm far from convinced we have enough to really challenge like we should do.