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Community Answers

  1. Another fantastic bit of business from Chansiri. What an absolute clown.
  2. Absolutely. Like I said, I think you need both to really take advantage of the lower leagues. People with a good eye for potential and a good manager.
  3. He must have seen my post in the transfer thread
  4. That’s the key. You probably need both. Our scouting is dreadful and our managers are hit and miss at best.
  5. Just looking at Wilder’s signings for the pigs. Signed Baldock, Fleck, Lundstram and Clarke from League 1. Stevens from League 2. 5 key players for very little from the lower leagues, a few championship rejects for nowt (Mcgoldrick, O’Connell) and got promoted automatically. Only really spent anything on Norwood and Egan. Just shows what a good manager can do with average players.
  6. Jorge Grant at Lincoln is another who’s worth a look. We’ve neglected the lower leagues for years. While other teams seem to cherry pick the best and have success. God knows what our scouts do. Or if we even have any.
  7. The irony from us selling because we needed the money, is we ended up in the poo anyway. Just another example of how poorly run the club has been
  8. He may already be out of our price range, but I’d love us to go for Siriki Dembele at Peterborough. Looks a player.
  9. Would be typical Wednesday. Good young player who cost us nothing, in last 6 months of his contract, leaving for probably peanuts. It’s a joke really. For what it’s worth, I’d say league 1 is probably his level at the moment. But he’s got huge potential and a good manager would likely get a lot more out of him.
  10. Agree 100%. I also think a lot of our fans just don’t have the patience for players like Joao. They’d always pick a Fletcher first (despite his limitations with pace, technical ability and goal threat), simply because he always gives his all and gets stuck in.
  11. This. He would get dropped sometimes even after scoring and playing well. I remember the 4-2 defeat against the pigs as an example. Came on, changed the game, scored, then was back on the bench for Birmingham in midweek. Which we also lost. People complained about his attitude and effort, but why should he give a throw when it didn’t matter how well he played, he’d still get dropped? Ok we had other decent forwards, but it’s demoralising for a player.
  12. I’m sure Jewell had only managed Bradford before he came here. Cook is far more experienced and had more success to be fair.
  13. Like the idea of us going abroad and finding another Carlos, Nuno, Jokanovic etc but they’d need money to vastly improve our squad imo. I doubt very much they’d get it.
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