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  1. Missing Forestieri

    But this "balanced" and "non balanced" approach is a load of rubbish. There's such a small difference between Bannan on the left and Reach on the left, it's not even worth talking about. They still play the same way in the same system. Results are very similar either way. In fact our 2 biggest wins (Leeds, Forest) both had Bannan on the left. Carlos NEVER plays with "proper wingers". Even when it's Wallace and Reach. You're seeing things that aren't there. Striker wise, we've had 4 months of Hooper/Fletcher/Rhodes. No one's scoring and we're midtable. But you can't just accept they're not as good as you make out. Some of Fletcher and Rhodes' performances have been dreadful but you blame everyone but them. If it was FF you'd be saying he's never been a striker and needs dropping.
  2. Bannan

    Bannan's been excellent this season. POTY so far without question. I've criticised him in the past for "disappearing" in games when things get tough, but there's been none of that this season. Been impressed with how he's stepped up and tried to drive us on. Wasted at the moment. Surrounded by players that aren't on his level.
  3. Missing Forestieri

    I think it's fair to say his shenanigans last year really tainted his time here. I can understand the ill feeling towards him from some fans ever since, but I honestly don't see him not giving his all. Every time he steps on the pitch he runs his socks off. He's been as much a victim of Carlos' negative mentality and rigid system as anyone else imo.
  4. Why so bitterly anti-Carlos NOW?

    I'm not anti Carlos. Certainly not bitter towards him in any way. I want him to succeed here and be the man to take us back to the PL. I just don't think he's capable. He's taken us as far as he can imo. The lack of any meaningful recruitment in the summer, then the awful Rangers and Preston performances were my turning point on him. It just felt like the beginning of the end. The squad needed some freshness and we had to start well. We've had neither and become so horrendously stale.
  5. Not the manager......

    Some players have let Carlos down massively, on many occasions. But ultimately he's the one picking them week in week out.
  6. Right...Team for Saturday

    That's what I'm getting at. Our plan B is so much better than our plan A, why doesn't Carlos see it as a viable starting formation? I suppose his argument will be the different dynamics at different stages in a game. If a team is leading, they're more likely to be compact, tougher to break down and less likely to pose a threat attacking wise. He'll only throw caution to the wind in those circumstances. He has no other option. Says a lot about his mentality. You look at a manager like Wilder for instance, and he'll be looking to attack teams early. Score goals and do the damage asap. Then see the game out. Carlos does the opposite.
  7. Right...Team for Saturday

    4-3fucking3. EVERY time we play with 3 attackers on the pitch, we look good, cause problems and score goals. Time and time again we switch to it to rescue to a game like last night. We were actually 2-1 up from the moment we switched. Why can't Carlos see this?
  8. Missing Forestieri

    Waste of a player? What does that say for the rest of our attackers? A season of turmoil and a major injury that required surgery, and STILL out performed the rest. Still finished top scorer. THE number 1 reason why we've challenged for the playoffs in the last 2 seasons
  9. Missing Forestieri

    I saw a player who clearly wasn't fit. Hence the operation. And to also use an excuse you regularly trot out for the others.....we don't play to his strengths. The real question is, what on earth have you seen in the others (minus Hooper) that makes them better by a country mile?!? The last 4 months have been your big chance to prove me wrong. Your ideal scenario, Hooper/Fletcher/Rhodes playing every week. No FF, no Joao and no Winnall. No one's scoring and we're midtable. We're boring everyone to tears every week. There's no pace, no creativity, barely any threat to the opposition defence...it's mind numbing and so blatantly clear we need something different in attack. We can sell Rhodes and Fletcher in January for me. They're not fit for purpose. Get Winnall back and have a proper go with Joao, FF, Hooper and Big Dave.
  10. Missing Forestieri

    I disagree. Massively. I don't care what the stats say. I know what I see. If you're happy to see us plodding along with those 3 up top boring everyone to death, fine. I'd rather see goals, excitement and creativity personally.
  11. Missing Forestieri

    Said all along, we're a bang average mid table side without him. Need him back to give us a sniff of promotion. We have some really strange fans who, for whatever reason, constantly down play his impact on the last 2 seasons. Best, most productive attacker we have by a country mile.
  12. We've seen enough

    Carlos should have gone a while ago. We're so far off being a genuine promotion challenger it's incredible. Not all down to him though. We have some good players who are putting in way too many below par performances. Some of them tonight should be ashamed.
  13. Hoops turn and ball tho' !!!

    Hooper was very poor tonight. But he scored the pen and had a hand in the 2nd goal, so he's played a part in grabbing a point at least.
  14. Ipswich Town - V - Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    It's been awful. Never mind the manager, half the players want sacking. Some seriously embarrassing performances tonight. Hooper, Hunt, Butterfield, Wallace, Lee all shocking
  15. Ipswich Town - V - Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    Westwood Hunt Lees Loovens Pudil Reach Lee Butter Bannan Hooper Joao please Carlos. Reach floating in off the right. Joao to give us an actual outlet over the top and in the channels for a change. Tough game. Like many other teams in the championship, Ipswich are pretty physical, full of running and direct. We generally struggle in games like this, but hopefully we'll be fired after the borefest on Saturday.