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  1. IstillhateSteveBould

    Hector and Onomah

    A tall, commanding CB and a strong physical presence in midfield. How long have we been asking for 2 players that fit the bill? Looks like we've finally got them
  2. IstillhateSteveBould


    I get the point that he's frustrating and inconsistent, but that applies to ALL our strikers, just in different ways.
  3. IstillhateSteveBould


    Still gets a lot of stick on here from some, but he scores goals. For all the talk of hold up play and workrate, goals are what really matters from your striker. Averaging a goal every 91 minutes this season in the championship. Outstanding ratio.
  4. IstillhateSteveBould

    Fantastic Away Performance

    No. Just please cut these negative halves out. We won't get away with it every time.
  5. IstillhateSteveBould

    Fantastic Away Performance

    I'm buzzing about the result, but this set up is not sustainable imo. When we set up negatively we STILL can't keep clean sheets. For me we're a much better side when we're positive and take the game to the opposition.
  6. IstillhateSteveBould

    Man of the match & Scores - Bristol (A)

    Hector for me. Looks a class act.
  7. IstillhateSteveBould

    Fantastic Away Performance

    Fantastic result. Not performance. Easy to say its it's a great game plan when we win, but let's be real, it's not. Extremely negative and we had their poor finishing to thank for not being 2-0 down inside half an hour.
  8. IstillhateSteveBould

    Bristol City - V -The Wednesday OMDT

    Much better 2nd half. Fantastic result. Thats the difference between Joao and our other strikers, he can actually finish.
  9. IstillhateSteveBould

    Bristol City - V -The Wednesday OMDT

    I'd love to see what this squad could do with an attack minded manager
  10. IstillhateSteveBould

    Bristol City - V -The Wednesday OMDT

    Or Bannan, Onomah, Palmer, Pudil, Lees, Hector, Thorniley, Dawson...
  11. IstillhateSteveBould

    Bristol City - V -The Wednesday OMDT

    Sick to death of this set up. 1 up top, negative and too deep. We just encourage teams teams to come at us.
  12. IstillhateSteveBould

    Bristol City - V -The Wednesday OMDT

    Awful negative set up
  13. IstillhateSteveBould

    Sorry but Jos cost us points

    Not from me he wasn't.
  14. IstillhateSteveBould

    Joey p

    Give over. The lad still had a long way to go and made our defenders look stupid. Joey had a fantastic game tonight.
  15. IstillhateSteveBould

    Sorry but Jos cost us points

    Onomah going off cost us. Missed him massively in the centre