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  1. See I read this as ‘WE made the decision’. ‘That is OUR decision.’. Seriously who is we and our? Surely it’s suould be MY decision. He also states Dawson and Wildsmith are the future of the club. That kind of language implies Westwood doesn’t have a future. Fair enough if you don’t read it this way, but I often read into what’s not been said and choices of certain words. I don’t think we will see Westwood play again. Great servant, still head an shoulders above the other two. Time to back the two young lads now I suppose. They will have a bright future and lots of potential. That being said, currently it should be Westwood who’s number 1.
  2. jonesy87shef

    Joey Pelupessy

    Why is it if someone points out a player has a poor game is ‘scapegoating’?
  3. jonesy87shef


    Usually need players to run at the defence to get a pen. We don’t really have that. Can’t see us getting many
  4. jonesy87shef

    Sorry But It Has To Be Said

    Thank you. As I said I hadn’t listened to the interview. Only read the odd post regarding the situation. All I can say if it’s not forced (I believe it is), it’s flipping mad!
  5. jonesy87shef

    Sorry But It Has To Be Said

    What was actually said in the interview?I’ve only read what’s been put on heat a bit. I keep saying this is the problem when managers say ‘the situation’. Fans (myself included) have no idea what it means. It’s doubtful and complete speculation on my part, but what if the situation is Westwood is back to number one if he’s here after the transfer window closes. There are half a dozen reasonable guesses from fans creating speculation. By just saying situation and going into no detail can only have a negative effect on the fan base. Not blaming Jos, it could be sensitive and he can’t say. Just frustrating for all of us.
  6. jonesy87shef

    Operation Blame the Fans

    He can’t do that can he though can Neil? He has to control everything. He seemingly isnt cspable of delegating or listening to others. Everything that keeps coming out and the things he’s said tonight reinforce my opinion that the mans lived in a bubble most his life. A solid gold, fcukig bubble.
  7. jonesy87shef

    Operation Blame the Fans

    Football pretty much never winds me up. Always loved the game. Practically impossible to genuinely p*ss me off with something Wednesday related. However every question he answered tonight got me angrier and angrier. Blame everyone but himself. Zero responsibility or accountability. Not even that, blame loyal fans. Pathetic and disgraceful tonight.
  8. I have nothing against foreign managers, but I bloody hate when they say the “situation”. They use that word so much. Jos mentions the situation, but never actually explains what it is. Bloody vague word. Another pet hate. “In this moment”
  9. jonesy87shef

    Set your expectations now

    Didn’t see that coming
  10. jonesy87shef

    Why are our odds so low?

    Because we’ve not strengthened in the transfer market. We have lost 2 key defenders. Also released a few players. On the outside in it doesn’t look good to a punter. Add on the fact I think some strong teams have come down. Others have really strengthened. Doesn’t make us an attractive proposition for promotion. Also most things coming out the club, decisions from the chairman seem negative. That filters down. The fact punters are obviously not betting on us means odds will keep getting bigger. Oh yeh and our final league position. Just a few reasons why. Put it this way I wouldn’t be backing us over about 10 other dudes for promotion
  11. jonesy87shef

    Set your expectations now

    How does someone get nearly 1,000 negs? Did you make a Princess Diana joke too soon?
  12. jonesy87shef

    A full stadium helps us

    Haha cheers.
  13. jonesy87shef

    A full stadium helps us

    Ha there is that too! I genuinely do feel with the increased popularity of football we could/should be getting closer to 30,000 a game. Some of the people I've known for years who never had in interest suddlenly seem to go to matches. Not 10+ Games a season but enough. Problem is most of the people I know personally like this are heading to United. I have a common misconception our fans and possibly management have of our POTG fans is there aren’t just a few thousand. There are tens of thousands. You don’t get the same few thousand paying in the gate every game. Fans like me might go to 3-6 games a season. We don’t all go to the same games. I go when I feel like it, could even be playing scrap side when tickets aren’t reduced.
  14. jonesy87shef

    Quick win Clare

    I think that’s what I found disappointing with losing Hirst and seemingly Clare. They don’t have to be world beaters all their career, but one above average season at this level and they can be worth well over £10M. Not just Brooke’s who’s moved on for that kind of money. The lad at Norwich and others too. Sod your pride sometimes. Players with the alleged potential ability Hirst especially has are assets that can bring in huge income and should have been worth the gamble. You don’t play at England level and score as many as he did at youth level without having some potential for the future.
  15. jonesy87shef

    Quick win Clare

    I’m not saying he’s brilliant or anything, but can we get better for cheaper. Given the situation we are in, even though it feels dirty to do. Surely offering a few thousand extra a week to a player like Clare actually works out as a cheaper option. I don’t know the ins and outs if he actually would stay with us or wants a move closer to home or whatever. I do however see it more prudent to offer him an improved deal rather than losing him as I don’t see a replacement being lined up. As the op stated I believe he did very well at RWB on loan. Could be a step up and add competition for that role. I also don’t agree he’s holding the club to random. Do we even know what these record offers were for Clare and Hirst? It’s sad, but in today’s market players can demand so much more when their contracts are up. Am I disappointed they didn’t sign new deals, a little yes. However in these situations the club has to take its portion of the blame for not getting them signed up earlier.