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  1. Why do people make posts like big D has made? Is it for attention? Is it to wind people up? Is it to feel superior to others? Is it so they feel wanted? Sor is it in fact just that he is a Big D
  2. The Undateables on C4

    Mo Salah was on tonight too
  3. What do you think Jos will do...

    Have you seen our form and where we are in the table? Safety first and then aim as high as we can
  4. Dont sell Rhodes

    Fair enough and I agree with a large part of that. I just personally feel he has a lot more to offer given better tactics, service and management.
  5. What do you think Jos will do...

    Fair enough. I'd be saying please keep us up. Get the squad fitter. Blood some youngsters when the time is right or we are safe. Push them hard pre season and build a promotion challenging side for next season. Woild like a cup run and we have two very winnable games
  6. Dont sell Rhodes

    Guru I agree with your past posts to an extent about pace and power being very important in today's game. However can you watch those clips and honestly say we've given Jordan even the a tiny percentage of the service seen there? I just genuinely can't remember him having the ball at his feet in the box. That's down to those around him and style of play. Both us and Boro didn't play to his strengths.
  7. Dont sell Rhodes

    Didn't see you had posted that. If Jordan wasn't making the runs or he was getting back the all and making a mess then he would deserve some criticism, but he's not even feeding off scraps.
  8. What do you think Jos will do...

    Have you looked at the table the last few months? We are 12 points and 11 yes 11 places from being in the last playoffs spot. I'd assume the very minimum needed would be 75 points. That would mean neededing 2.3+ points a game. To match last season point tally we'd need 2.6+ points per game. So to just get to 75 points we'd need to win 14/19 games and draw 2. That is at a minimum. To get to 81 points like last season we'd need to win 16/19 and draw 2. Just shows you what a shocking job Carlos did his season. Also that by constantly saying we will make the playoffs some fans believed it rather than just looking at the table. Just to add, our form over the last 30+ games is just over 1 point.
  9. Dont sell Rhodes

    Thats better
  10. Dont sell Rhodes

    Just watch these. Do we give him anything like this service? I can't retmeber more than 10 shots he's actually had for us facing their goal. It's beyond worrying I can't remember him really facing a keeper 1 v 1. That should be happening at least once a game. I can't even remember him with the ball at his feet in the area so he can shift the ball half a yard and get a shot away. Always with his back to goal, how he's been told to play, how he has to play under the stifling system. He has to take some responsibility too because he hasn't been good enough. I urge Jos to sit and watch these clips on how to get the best out of him. I urge his teammates to watch these clips to see how to get the best out of him. Most importantly Jordan sit down and watch and remember what you are more than capable of week in week out. It actually winds me up watching these clips knowing we have a goalscorer this good getting zero service and not creating himself. I don't think anyone can watch these and say we've given him even 25% of the ball and the chances he needs to be able to succeed. https://youtu.be/WCNdNOKMgmE https://youtu.be/rZ4bYtDBA3U https://youtu.be/_yqPToGrj6Y https://youtu.be/M-zKuNa9A0s https://youtu.be/3Fsv0RDg50c
  11. Dont sell Rhodes

    Couldnt agree with this anymore. How many goals have we actually scored from through balls the last couple of seasons? We have strikers that will be on the last shoulder, point and make runs where they want the ball to go. It never bloody he's their. We also dont deliver the ball early enough for hoooer or for Rhodes the majority of the time. The ball doesn't even have to be great, it's about playing percentages. Both have great anticipation. Make defenders make decisions. Don't make it easy for them. Then there is he lack of shots on target. Rhodes and Hooper will follow everything in. We don't shoot often enough. Always looking for a sideways pass and all momentum is killed, carry the ball, roll players in or shoot one in a whole. It's that simple to get the best from Rhodes and also to get Hooper doing even better than he currently is.
  12. Exactly what I thought. Second a tad harsh as he barely made a foul all game and you often see final warnings in that situation. On the other hand he went to dive in and gave the ref a decision. Pure stupidity. Annoyingly to me he should have been a huge favourite to get to the all first too and somehow ended second best.
  13. Venancio

    Had a decent game as did most. Few shakey moments, but nothing major and nothing that lead to united getting chances. What I don't understand is why did Carlos not play him and why was he rarely even on the bench, especially when we had no defence. I won't poo stir or make things up, but that does come across strange to me.