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    2-1 us I've only attempted to predict 2 scores this season. Losing 1-0 at Preston and had a free bet on Hooper 3-1 v Forest. So I'm 2 for 2. Let's make it 3 for 3.
  2. Academy Products

    Academy and under a certain age group rules need a complete overhaul Teams like chelsea and Man U can hoard players. Should be a maximum number of players allowed at a certain age group. With this rule I'm talking more 17-21 year olds. As for academies. What's the point in some clubs having them? Nurture a talent for years, only to have them poached by premier league clubs for a pittance. That rule alone needs to be changed completely. Then there's also if you're lucky enough tie down a scholar to a pro contract for a year or two you will lose them anyway at a tribunal, again for pennies. So I reiterate what's the point in most clubs having academies. It might even by an idea to follow something of an American model where their college players don't earn, or we can have a nationwide wage cap on players of a certain age. We look to be losing Hirst because we can't compete. Seems completely unfair to me, but in the grand scheme of things we've gotten away with our youngsters being poached, mainly because they weren't good enough. So to sum up Salary caps for U21's Max number of players U21's Raiae compensation and tribunal fees That would help the football league and also young players as they will be forced down the football ladder not rotting in the under 23's and starting their career in their mid 20's.
  3. In answer to the op Negatively
  4. Ten reasons we won't get promoted

    I'll tell you now the secret as to why we won't go up and it's one reason..... We won't get enough points
  5. Forestieri Transfer Value

    Our fans really do undervalue our players especially in today's market. I remember saying Antonio was worth at least £5m when we sold him because he was a goal scoring midfielder. Some fans were happy with the pittance we got. Goal scorers in today's market are worth their weight in gold. Teams don't care about baggage. If they did no club would sign anyone who kicks off and hands in a transfer request. There's a reason teams still want the Van Dykes and Coutinhos of this world. Same goes for Fernando. Anything short of £10m for him would be bad business.
  6. Winnall

    Can't fault the guy. I'm mostly impressed how often he looks to shift the ball and get shots away. Might take 4 or 5 attempts to score but he's always looking to test the keeper. Proper striker
  7. Score predictions for the first game

    Don't see us scoring, can see them scoring so going 1-0 Preston. Hoping that Grayson leaving will be a huge blow to them though. Who knows, might sneak it 1-0 ourselves, but we are so predictable and defensive and don't play to the strenghts of our match winners, well except westwood of course.
  8. johan djourou

    I think he'd be a decent signing if he stays fit.
  9. Kit = Excitement = Planned

    I meant in terms of something being wrong with regards to the kit. The quality was of a poor standard. Wasn't there also printing errors etc to do with sondico. I'm saying the kit launch is always a joke. Could be wrong but I'm sure every professional club gets their kit out before the season starts. Just so happens we always seem to be one of the last. Before you ask how do I know we are usually the last it's because social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are constantly sharing new kits of the 92 football league clubs. Not just me assuming.
  10. Kit = Excitement = Planned

    Not having a go but this really sounds like scraping the bottom of the barrel and just making excuses for the club because they can do no wrong. Fact of the matter is it's farcical year on year and costs the club revenue and creates a negative atmosphere amongst some fans. Not a big deal to me personally, but come on it's a complete shambles.
  11. More against Carlos than for?

    I'm not talking about the Rangers game. Im talking about the performances fur the last 12 months. Friendly results don't matter, however team performances and results matter over the course of a season. If we achieved our goal last season then style of play would have been acceptable. I don't give a bobbar that we lost on penalties and it was cruel and that's part of football. Fact of the matter is we weren't good enough and we didn't achieve our target. I've also seen what we've done the past two seasons with tough away games like this. We usually don't show up.
  12. More against Carlos than for?

    Just to add. I made a thread months ago about winning at half time and our full time results. I could be wring but I think it's something like 9 wins in 10 when leading at half time. The odd one out we conceded in the last minute vs Fulham. Start on the front foot and attack teams ffs
  13. More against Carlos than for?

    I don't want him to go, but at some point it feels like change is inevitable. Whether that's Carlos's approach and tactics or a complete change in management. Eventually one will give way. Im at the point where sadly it's frustrating me listening to the guy talk. I got the same way with Gray. Churning out the same excuses, almost blindly saying we are playing well. Maybe once in a while the squad needs a kick up the arse and publically saying x performance was unacceptable. Can't remember who, but read one poster saying how comfortable the squad must be under Carlos. Some players just won't get dropped. We have arguably the best strike force in the league and they are starved if service, it's rare the last 12 months they are even getting chances to miss. I really hope he can get it right. Problem is he seems too stubborn. I just can't see it working.
  14. Summer 2017 non-mega transfer thread

    As usual I've just caught up in the last few days to a week of posts in this thread. Again there is nothing tangible linking us with anyone, however i got to read emergence of new psychotic poster called Geoffrey. I'm really hoping it's just Neil for his sake though. I understand why, but flip me this is one boring pre season
  15. new kit looked good at worksop tonight

    At least he can use his tears as lube