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  1. jonesy87shef

    Matt Penney Contract

    Kiwomya went to Chelsea as a kid. That was probably best thing at the time for him as his family as I would assume that set them up for life. It didn’t work out and now he can start from where he was with a wad of cash. Also having better coaches improve him. I would argue there is no substitution for game time though: I’ve got an example in the other direction. Alex Mowatt. Seemed tipped for a big momey prem move. Great prospect: Never happened for whatever reason. Definitely not suggesting he rejected one, but if he had moved he’d be set for life now. Instead moved to Barnsley after falling out of favour; season loan to a bang average Oxford side. Now looking impressive and rebuilding his career at Barnsley. I bet he’d swap places with Lewis Cook, Sam Byram or Charlie Taylor in a flash. All 3 players got prem moves in the same couple of years. Similar to Penny in age. Taylor has had decent game time as has Cook (not so much this season) and Byram back to championship on loan with huge boost in wages. Not all youngsters making the step up disappear. Plenty make it too. I’d love to keep him, just think it would be naive to think staying with us is his best option. It could well prove to be, but if I was close to the lad I’d be saying go for the money and if it doesn’t work then put the effort in and come back stronger, you’ll need strength carrying the huge bags of cash.
  2. jonesy87shef

    Matt Penney Contract

    Sense would be to go to a prem club and be set up for life and more than likely get loaned back to the championship and then hope to progress. You’re looking closer to £20k+ a week too rather than £10k. Based on what youngsters without first team appearances get at the better prem clubs. They’d see it as a few million punt if he’s available on a free. I don’t like it but it’s fast becoming more and more prevepant in modern football if a premier league club is interested.
  3. jonesy87shef


    I can. If Rhodes is the fantastic coach we’ve all been lead to believe he is then of course it’s a blow. He can potentially help bring them on to the next level. Not saying Weaver can’t just that loosing a quality experienced coach is a blow.
  4. jonesy87shef

    Matt Penney Contract

    I could be wrong but I believe foreign clubs can offer contracts in January. Then add on players and agents getting tapped up. Don’t sign a deal and we will offer you x amount in 5-6 months.
  5. jonesy87shef

    Matt Penney Contract

    I hate the idea of it but we need to start handing out longer deals to youth players we believe might make the cut. It’s wrong seeing youngsters on thousands a week before they’ve made, but the financial reward now is just so high imo. I’m not suggesting we should offer anywhere near this about or that we would get this many youngsters worthy of signing on as pros per year. If you for example paid 4 players £5,000 a week on a 2 year deal it’ll cost the club roughly £1million per season. Would obv go up to £2million a season with next years intake. Based on my completely made up numbers, which I see as in the high side, for wages and number of players signed, we’d have to sell 1 player for £10million every 5 years to break even. Not mentioning some of those will be playing in our first team anyway. Then you offer to extend deals or release as appropriate. Seems doable. Its stupid but decent youth players are huge assets to clubs like us now. 15-20 very good championship games in a season can easily see a player go for £10+million. All brought in by daft prem money. Don’t get me wrong there will be failures and we will spunk a load of money on lads that don’t work out. As a longer term, pic picture strategy though it makes financial sense to offer longer and better paid deals.
  6. jonesy87shef

    Matt Penney Contract

    Sorry to be rude, but let’s take what you say as being true. You’re a Sheffield lad, a Wednesday player out in Sheffield with friends or strangers who are fellow fans. Now what are you going to say when asked about it? Of course he’ll be honest and say he’s happy playing, but he’s also going to stress he’s Wednesday through and through and never wants to leave. Seriously though, he might be telling the truth but if the likes of premier league clubs come knocking who can comfortably blow our contract offers out of the water do you think most people in his situation would do? You don’t get many one club players anymore for a reason and one of those big reasons is money. I wouldn’t fault him if he left. Nothing wrong with anyone wanting to financially better themselves.
  7. jonesy87shef

    Michael Hector

    Well it’s a very poor attempt at a wind up, yet it’s still probably the most interesting thing I’ve read during the international break.
  8. Ignore my last post if you read it. I was getting my junctions mixed up by 1 ffs
  9. Isn't that the job of a mole
  10. jonesy87shef

    Nuhiu, Palmer, Pelupessy, Dawson et al

    I prefer you negative, much more fun
  11. jonesy87shef

    Who's had the toughest start?

    Well done op for going to that effort. imo it might have been better to take into account something like form over the last 6 home games and last 6 away. I think united have had a much easier start. However winning at a team like Blackburn is damn hard and I believe they’ve barely lost at home this season and last. Unfortunately far too many variables to be accurate.
  12. jonesy87shef

    Nuhiu, Palmer, Pelupessy, Dawson et al

    You’ve often been critical of things and I tend to like and enjoy reading your posts. Lately though you’ve really being laying into lots of fans and name calling. You’ve taken it to a new level. I just feel the need to ask
  13. jonesy87shef

    Nuhiu, Palmer, Pelupessy, Dawson et al

    . How to be a true fan lesson no.78 Never criticise any player regardless of performance. Complain that posters on a forum for sharing opinions have a differing opinion. When posters make vaild criticism scream at them and use the word SCAPEGOAT over and over despite it making zero sense. Criticism isn’t scapegoating
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  15. jonesy87shef


    Thats the basics of all basics though. I did comment I’d like him to use his intelligence more and kick rather than roll out against a high press when the option isn’t on and he has done it more. I’m talking about when defending. I don’t see him shouting and talking as much until an incident has happened. He will grow into that. It can also be harder when you’re new in a team and young. I had it at 16-17. Shouting, b*llocking blokes 25-35 and it can actually be daunting, but you just get on with it. The longer you’re with a team and older you get the more comfortable and confident he will become. I suppose this will come with games and hopefully he will keep improving