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  1. Hutch and Mego on injuries

    Funny thread. But seriously who the fizz has multiple accounts and upvotes themselves? That’s just bizarre behaviour! Unless....
  2. Adam Reach

    Whilst I agree with a lot of this I just want to point out that good full backs in an attacking side will still get in the positions Reach did vs Leeds. Stevens scored for United vs Burton at the near post the other week. Drifting in from the far side. Not saying he’s brilliant but intelligent players will learn this. I slightly disagree he has the pace to beat a man. Maybe from a standing position yes. Lots struggle to do that. When he is in full flow running with the ball he’s capable. I watched Fulham vs QPR Saturday. It was very noticeable that most their players were receiving the ball in front of them. Making them carry it forward and at pace. We pass slowly, our players always waiting for the ball, often behind them of to feet. This needs to change. Also good players can shift the ball hand a yard and provide decent deliveries. Your post is a good one, but I think with continued development and learning roles he can a great player at left wing back or centrally.
  3. Adam Reach

    Think we need better centrally. However I think just like wing back he could improve massively. I do think he could shine at wing back. The best ones in the league aren’t just hugging the touch line. They will drift inside to recieve the ball and others can over lap by the space created. The best wing backs in the league will also get in the box and get goals. Something I think he’s very capable of.
  4. Wonder how many we’ve actually sold. This season I’ve bearly seen a home or away shirt anywhere besides on match days.
  5. Sports Psychologist

    Wed probably end up with Kieran Lee on this couch ffs
  6. Sports Psychologist

    Thats what hookers and blow are for right? Or for most on here ovaltine, a little cry and a nap.
  7. After just catching up on the steering group thread I found one of the interesting points the potential use of a sports psychologist. I would urge the club to get at least one in ASAP. I was under the impression most clubs already employed one or brought one in on occasion. Its been obvious for a very long time there is a problem with mentality and confidence. Injured players and those with histories can really benefit from seeing one. The modern game and extra pressure on players both in their professional and personal lives should see hiring one a necessity. Over to the club to get one in. *disclaimer..... I am not a sports psychologist looking for work
  8. I’d love to sit down face to face with Chansiri over 10 pints. I’ve always been the same, won’t say things behind a screen or behind someone’s back I wouldn’t say to their face. Makes life much eaier
  9. I just really hope it isn’t like the last steering group meeting where those in attendance applaud everything the chairman says and does like a bunch of lapdogs.
  10. Great at article. Thanks for posting. My sentiments echo what most have said in this thread. For those in doubt. Have you never bought into an idea or philosophy or even an individual for that matter to then realise no it’s not for me/basically a load of testicles. It’s almost like someone flicks a switch. Everything just clicks
  11. FEAR

    Maybe that’s how some people think. FEAR Then hideaway. When I played against quality strikers I saw it as a CHALLENGE. As a keeper it would raise my game. In training too. I’d want to be the one having the last laugh when shaking their hand after the match. Really hate to say it but too many bottlers and cowards in our team.
  12. It isn’t a right to go anywhere you want. However you have to be able to do somethings and our chairman has taken that away (in a footballing sense) from many. Like someone said earlier it’s crumbs, that’s what he’s chucking at people with the £20 game. N I also understand why some will say shove it up your arse. Why is is great to offer £20 for a poo fixture. Anywhere else you are offered and inferior product it costs less. Chansiri is the one who’s made us customers so that’s how we now look at things. So so if I don’t go to watch our wee wee poor reserves Saturday when the team is playing awful, with no commitment, desire or effort, I should part with my hard earned money? If you’re don’t I’m not bothered about football or Wednesday. Wow just wow!
  13. ‘I stand by that to be honest, no offence meant at all - sorry if any caused’ Lets be honest you aren’t sorry. You couldn’t care less and from reading what you put it seems you lack empathy and understanding for other people’s situation. In on an earlier post you suggest people who struggle for money should stay away from football. By that logic anyone short of money should just lock themselves away, lights off (don’t wanna waste electricity), in the cold, eating a raw tin of beans for dinner. Can’t waste a penny on anything other than essentials. Just because people don’t have as much money as you obviously have doesn’t mean they should miss out on things in life. Granted there’s obviously a line. But a working man not being able to take his family to a football match means something is wrong with the club or football culture in general. Im currently lucky enough I can just about afford to attend games if I wish. Not always the case. But our chairman has taken that away from lots of loyal owls. I woukdvt be be surprised if Chansiri comes across as the Grinch who stole Christmas to some.
  14. Time for Dawson to get his chance?

    Wildsmith seems to have gone back to what I criticised him for on the past. Small mistakes that don’t appear that bad that experienced goalkeepers don’t make. That free kick needs 3 in the wallS allowing I’m to to stand about a yard further back. Cuts off the angles to score and would have to be a special free kick to go in. Just lacking a bit on the basics at the moment. Difficult decision as not sure chopping and changing keepers is a good idea, but I suppose the defence isn’t a settled one anyway. Dawson looks decent to me, however the second against Swansea he was st fault for imo. Starting position a couple of yards too deep, then a tad slow off his line, then waited for a shot instead of closing down more. Not a major error, but lead to a goal. It’s things to improve on. You’ll get this with young keepers lacking matches.
  15. Marks out of 10 for Jos Lahukay so far?

    Let’s be fair he’s been screwed over. Hoeever that being said, with the exception of blooding youngsters it’s been an awful couple of months. I think he is only partly to blame, but can’t really see how anyone can give him more than a 3 looking at results and performances.