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  1. jonesy87shef

    The future of Joao

    Really should be offered a new deal now. Can’t afford to let an asset like him go on a free. If not unfortunately cash in on him. Always banged on about his obvious talent, it was just lacking any kind of consistency. Age still on his side. He could end up going for daft money.
  2. We really should be aiming high. Put a string of results together and get momentum and bang average sides can challenge near to top. Obvious to say but it’s all about consistency. Again last season showed that anyone can beat anyone. There isn’t a huge gap in terms in quality between the best and worst sides. I think West Brom & Stoke will be strong next season, but both with lose players from an again squad. Swansea bang average and will also lose their better players. Only problem is they have parachute payments, depends how wisely they spend it. Boro will be strong and boring under Pulis. Loser of the playoff final I expect to challenge for autos. Derby will do their usual and be there or there abouts. I really don’t think there’s much to fear. Playoffs should be minimum aim! As for expectations, anything less than top 10 I would view as very poor if we have the majority of players fit most the season. As a fan base we have often settled and seemed content with mediocrity.
  3. jonesy87shef

    Parachute Payments - a simple fix

    A much more sensible rule would be to ensure that parachute payments are used for their purpose and not to be spent on transfer fees and wages. Maybe state that wage bills cannot go up and a limit on transfer fees paid. Parchute payments are completely unfair paired a long side ffp. If chairman could invest and spend at will then fine, but half the league kicks off with their boot laces tied together.
  4. jonesy87shef

    The new/old #SWFC badge

    Excellent post
  5. jonesy87shef

    Blue and White stripes next season

    If DC doesn’t revert back to strikes I’ll be quite pissed off. It it really shouldn’t bother a grown man but it does me for some reason. Just feels like our identity. Anyway if he doesn’t I going to work my bloody arse off for a couple of years. Become one of the richest men on the planet. Then I’m going to buy Thailand and change their flag to a giant dog turd and so how he bloody likes it!
  6. jonesy87shef

    PL U23s and Fringe Players

    There is so much talent in prem under 23 sides it’s unreal. I keep banging on about this to mates that there should be a cap on how many young players each team can keep at certain ages. Just means they get horded and their development stifled. It’s no coincidence to see how many young players eventually drop down the leagues from top clubs and have worked their way back up to the top flight.
  7. jonesy87shef

    Welcome to Hillsborough

    By the law of averages Pingu should have got at least 5 right by now. Still somehow at zero. Good luck Penguin (Neil), we are routing for you this time.
  8. jonesy87shef

    What/who do we need to improve the squad?

    I would make good ball call carriers and pace a priority. Big fan of Kasey Palmer at Chelsea. Currently on loan at Derby. I think he will have one more year in the championship. Obviously went up with Huddersfield and now in the playoffs with Derby. I’d also look to loan Izzy Brown from Chelsea. Been quality at this level. Played a few games in the prem but suffered a bad injury so I would assume he will have 6-12 months back down a league. Priority has to be both full backs. I like Reach for the left wing back roll, but if we can bring in some competition for him with pace then great. Same for right wing back. Palmer has to go, I like Hunt but feel we could maybe aim higher and he’s struggled with injuries lately. Still think we need a commanding centre back. I’d like Hutch in there, but unfortunately we can’t rely on him. Maybe the odd improvement elsewhere, but playing 5-3-2 that’d be my priority. Hopefully youngsters can continue to knock on the door are are given opportunities.
  9. jonesy87shef

    Goodbye, my friend

    Sorry fella, I bumped it because I found the op hilarious and was taking the wee wee hoping he’d do the same for the released players
  10. jonesy87shef

    Goodbye, my friend

    Hoping Goldensmome writes another one of these corkers for the released players
  11. jonesy87shef

    keeping these two

    The problem is I don’t believe either are good enough to mount a promotion challenge. Nothing more than fringe players in that respect. However finances will dictate and at a couple of mil it looks like relatively good value. Just seems like keeping the likes of Nuhiu, Fred and Pudil A’s first team starters is a tad unambitious. I don’t mind the decision, I understand the understand the decision, but I won’t be jumping for joy retaining these players.
  12. Good spot Snoots! Although I think she can get away with it.
  13. I don’t understand those sticking up for Hirst. I do fully understand why he’s leaving and I don’t blame him. Also given his position I’d more than likely do the same. However it doesn’t stop the fact that his actions have been that of a tailface and he’s basically shat all over Sheffield Wednesday. To get ahead in life some people will or feel they have to screw others over. It’s a bit like if a bloke was cheating on his mrs with Kate Upton. You’d 100% understand why he’s doing it, you’d do the same. Doesn’t stop him being a fool for doing it. Here’s some Upton to cheer us all up.
  14. Those saying move on. Forget about it, it doesn’t matter. Well if you ignore mistakes you’ve made in the past and don’t learn from them you’ll just end up repeating them. I feel Jos has and will continue to turn round the mess Carlos left. Knowing what went wrong, why it went wrong, admitting there was a problem and looking how to improve is the most sensible way to get more out the squad and prevent it happening again.
  15. jonesy87shef


    Praised when he deserved it. Criticised when he was really underperforming. I think he frustrated some (myself included) because you can see he has all the attributes to play at a level above. Whether it’s down to him or Carlos or a combination of things he was very inconsistent. I thought his time to show what he is capable of was running out and next pre season might be his last chance. Now hes finally showing his potential and ability week in week out. Needs tying down ASAP. Players with his attributes command huge fees in this day and age. That’s if he doesn’t stay, continue playing and improving under Jos for us.