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  1. Went to the megastore today so saw it in person. Love the idea and hope it catches on and grows into something bigger. Initial opinion sadly is that it looks like it was made by a 10 year old using their pocket money. With a little investment, decent food and drink it could be fantastic.
  2. I apologise for sharing a Daily Mail article, but Gareth Bale also had a stupidly long winless run. It can happen to any player. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/article-1216614/Gareth-Bale-winner-Tottenham--years-managers-25-Premier-League-games-1-533-minutes-signing-them.html
  3. Book players for time wasting. Book any opposition player that kicks or especially handles the ball when the opposition have a free kick/throw in. There is no reason a ref should let a player pick up the ball and run away from where the decision is made to allow them to waste time and get a better defensive position set. Ban divers for several games and also fine them. Same for those feigning injury. I’m leaning to the opinion of the clock being stopped when the ball isn’t in play as football is almost becoming unwatchable with pathetic antics of time wasting. Some clubs do it from the first minute. It’s just sh*te to watch.
  4. I described him as raw and I’m black myself. From my point of view it means raw talent. Lacking in some basics but can show some pure quality. I also describe non black players who are of similar ability as raw as I assume that’s what many others do. A problem with looking for racism where there seemingly isn’t any dilutes the argument. It means it’s not taken as seriously unfortunately. People (idiots) use it as an excuse not to pay attention to or care about actual injustices or inequality, using phrases like playing the race card or moaning that their at it again. Anyway I hope this helps, from my point of view anyway. I can’t really speak for anyone else.
  5. Was excellent today. Something I wrote several months ago and I stand by it
  6. 9 league goals in 22 starts and 13 sub appearances is a good record at this level. Still young and improving. Looking quite a good player and goal scorer at this level no he’s getting consistent game time. Has height, pace, bulked up and a very good strike on him. Appears he will be available on the cheap. There aren’t many out and out strikers at his age that are performing well that are financially within our reach. I think he will go on to become a good championship forward. I’d take him next season no matter what league we are in if he’s available. Put emotions aside and I think he would be an asset to our current team and also have a large resale value.
  7. There’s a reason why other clubs don’t have bands, it’s because they do fit in the atmosphere of football grounds and destroy any real atmosphere created by fans. If they were a good idea then most clubs would have a band rather than hardly any.
  8. My opinion on them hasn’t changed. There will be a section who like them and those that aren’t fussed. Then there’s a large section who can’t stand them and can really affect a fans match day negatively. The dislike far outweighs any added enjoyment for others imo. They should go.
  9. Says a lot when he didn’t have one big decision to make and the majority of fans will have thought he had a shocker. Didn't let the game flow, got in the way of attacks, bought every ‘foul’ and allowed them to time waste from the first minute. Never felt like he was in control. Why refs don’t speak to the players before the game and warn them that they’ll be booked for time wasting and kicking the ball away I’ll never know. Then if they do it. Book them. Doesn’t matter if it’s 5 minutes in. I’ve missed watching the last few games sadly and tonight just puts me right off the enjoyment of watching a game.
  10. Decent recruitment. As another poster has mentioned. The recruitment guys brought from Villa deserve credit with DM. I’m looking forward to next season to see who we can bring in. Obviously it’ll be division dependant, but I’m hoping we can bring in some premier league youngsters for free, maybe the odd small fee. I think with DM in charge we could really develop some quality younger players. Seems Moore is a manager players want to work with and even with the embargo we can afford decent wages other clubs won’t pay. For the first time in a few years I think the future looks very bright. However a lot will be riding on promotion with regards to who we can keep and being in.
  11. Well chuffed for him. Had a nightmare few years in footballing terms. Saw interviews with him before he came and he seems to have turned a corner. Moore I think has played a big part. Credit to both of them. Also when we set up to attack we will start seeing the best from players like him. Nice it’s all coming together and more players coming back. Shame it’s just too far to make a push for autos.
  12. Only just seemingly coming good for Portsmouth. But young striker, decent movement and pace, strikes the ball very well. Scored every 189 minutes on average this season. Should improve. Will be interesting to see how he continues to develop. Wouldn’t be surprised if he’s playing regular championship football the next 2-3 seasons. There doesn’t seem to be many good young strikers around these days. Could be down to sides playing more wide forwards with just the one up top.
  13. I got this, maybe a few too many points for Rotherham and maybe my bias towards us also. We do have favourable fixtures though.
  14. I’m more angry with the of than at the Adam Reach statement. Unless this was deliberate…
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