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  1. Very surprised and quite pleased with this. Nice to see the majority of posts are positive and supportive. The majority of appointments over the last few years seem divisive from her off.
  2. We don’t improve youngsters. The majority of the time they head down the leagues. I know this happens a lot, but those with potential never sign for prem sides and rarely even manage to stay at this level. The last 20+ years our youth churn out has been abysmal. Hopefully things are looking up and from what I’ve read possibly next few years we will have some that will make the grade and stay there.
  3. Didn’t watch it. Didn’t particularly care, didn’t even realise we were playing until an hour before kick off. That’s compared to the usual can’t wait all week feeling I’ve had for 20 + years. Anyway I voted Rhodes because I saw the score, watched the highlights and that header felt like the first time Wednesday have put a genuine smile on my face in years. Well done.
  4. What seems crazy to me is selling him with the league position we are in. He might not be good enough currently, but next season he might have been one of our only midfielders remaining in the division below. This is the type of player that can play 20-30 league games and all of a sudden be worth millions in this ridiculous market. I fear we may have dropped a ball. Hopefully have a decent sell on clause, potentially a buy back one too.
  5. Always showed for the ball. Often let the ball run across him to create space, drove forward and a few decent passes. Always looking forward and often didn’t have a ball on. Won the back and stopped Everton counters well too. Not on long and an inconsistent performance, but there’s a lot to build on from a player who’s suffering from a lack of game time. Those who saw him and Huddersfield and Luton (where he had the best chances created per minute in the league) know he has quality. I will agree he’s not currently showing enough for us. Then again, who is...
  6. Came to this thread because it was 5 pages for an under 23’s player signing. Thinking oh he must be a bit of a prospect or some more news on him. Opens thread..... It’s because he’s got a massive f*cking head..... and I can’t figure out what’s real in life anymore.
  7. This. I’m surprised people don’t remember him, he was garbage. Looked poor on other loan spells too. He did have good raw elements and keepers do tend to develop and come into their prime later in their careers. Now looks a quality all round keeper. Shocked Arsenal kept him so long. Obviously worked very hard and good luck to him.
  8. He’s been one of our better performers most of the season in my opinion. Doesn’t say much for the rest of the squad, but he’s certainly done his bit.
  9. Well just caught up on all 35 pages. I can understand women more than I ever get what’s going on with this club the last few years. As crazy as is it, as much of a disappointment it’s been supporting Wednesday, it’s never boring is it!
  10. I like them to be correct when making statements as factual yes. Huge difference between a spelling mistake and making an untruthful statement as a fact to make a point. Up my game. Honestly grow up. My English and especially spelling on a forum are the least of my concerns. When actually typing up important documents and sending emails for work I’ll actually concentrate, spend time to proof read and not be doing three things at once whilst typing it on my phone. Tell you what, as a thank you, I’ll let the fact you’re a pedantic t*sser slide, ya know, seen as you’
  11. Ah going for the pointless spelling errors when someone has typed quickly on their phone. I do apologise for not proof redid my before I post. You know an argument/discussion is lost when you’re having to point out an autocorrected spelling error and a missed off apostrophe. It’s a football forum.
  12. Because a poster claimed he’d scored at least half a dozen goals from outside the area in that time. When the reality is he scored zero. I was pointing out he posted something factually incorrect as a fact. As have many others in this thread. Don’t mind if people have opinions on whatever football related, but don’t lie about actual facts. That’s why I’ve posted stats. Pattersons score 6 headers for us this season you know.
  13. Yes and I condemned Mowbray for it.... I don’t understand your point? I’ve criticised Mowbray too. It’s clearly unprofessional and obvious why he’s done it.
  14. Did you read my first post in this thread? I said why Mowbray has done it and called it bad form. I’ll copy and paste it underneath. Why can’t I point out he hasn’t done something for 26th months when posters make out he’s doing it over and over? my first post I am no Reach fan, but it was a fantastic goal today and he’s looking better under Pulis. No doubt an extended run in preferred positions helps, but he’s been well below the required level consistently for a long time. Bad form from Mowbray. Clearly deflecting as his Blackburn side should be
  15. Just to add. You actually have to go back to October 2018. 2 years and over 2 months since he last scored a league goal outside the area for us. So maybe in that context it’s not that odd a thing to say. He’s scored zero in that time, not a least half a dozen, sadly for us.
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