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  1. jonesy87shef

    Summer Sort Out

    I agree he should go. I’m just disagreeing that a player at his age, with his track record can’t cone back at play to a similar standard. It can be done. Some retire early. Some come back, some drop down the leagues. An example I can think of (just double checked) is Glenn Murray. Now 35 starting and scoring in the premier league. Suffered a cruciate ligament injury at the same age Hoopers injury problems started. Missed a season. It’s a horrific injury to come back from too, but it’s doable. Shearer and Van Nistelrooy are higher profile examples of serious injuries missing at least a season (admittedly they were younger). Hutchinson for us too, however I know you strongly think we should get rid. For balance, a few high profile players I can think of who retired early through injury are Seth Johnson, Dean Ashton, Michael Johnson and our own Neil Mellor. My point is its most definitely not a cert. Unlikely yes. A cert is either being ridiculous or over dramatic.
  2. jonesy87shef

    Summer Sort Out

    Whilst I agree with you to a point. 31 is nothing. Plenty of older strikers in this league doing the business. If and it’s a HUGE if he can get fit and prove it, his style of play would allow him to play until his late 30’s. First yard in his head. Personally I do think he will be released and should be as I don’t think he will get fit and stay that way. But writing off a 31 year old with his attributes I strongly disagree with. I seriously hope he proves us wrong because there is undoubted quality there.
  3. jonesy87shef

    Summer Sort Out

    Oh come off it. Outstanding? Not exaggerating. I’m gonna be of his biggest critics and have been able to offer proof and back up why. Those that defend him never to the facts I’ve presented in the past. I will say however he’s looked much better recently. If he keeps up this form I’d have no qualms him finishing the season in this position. Looks a championship quality right back, which imo he hasn’t in several years. The chavcevge creates for Reach last minute vs Reading was fantastic. I can’t thiink of him making a great run behind a full back, bursting into the box, getting his head up and finding a man hardly ever. I’d love video evidence of him doing this even 5-10 times his whole career for us. They system we play our full backs should do this weekly. Also lets not throw him off because he got player of the year 5 odd years ago. That season he wasn’t exactly impressive, or even best of a bad bunch. We were made up of mostly loans and players not playing often. Fans were much more complimentary and lenient because he was a young lad playing an alien position. That’s why he got player of the season. Not because he was excellent. As for a new deal, several games ago I would have said not a chance. Now I don’t know. He’s ok back up. By that I mean League 1, very lower end champ. Get we get better or on par for the same cost. I’m not sure.
  4. Been saying a much more dumbed down version of what the op has put into facts and stats for a long time. Basically we create sod all and often the opposition dominate and have clearer chances. Lots of fans disagree, often pointing to x amount of shots per game as if they all chances. Well presented op and cheers for putting the work in.
  5. Threads like this almost make me think we are cursed. So much unfulfilled potential. Bad luck with injuries and poorly managed players too. I made a point in another thread months ago we’ve barely had any players in the past 20 years that leave us and go on to play at a higher level or even stay playing in the championship!
  6. jonesy87shef


    I’m a big Fletcher fan and was pleased when he signed. Contributes a lot. However he really needs to up his goal tally. Actually the whole squad needs to contribute more. I think it’s something like .8 goals in 12 games (inc. cup). I don’t think we’ve won by 2 goals this season. Nowhere near good enough!
  7. jonesy87shef

    club crest

    I really can’t stand this new one. Doesn’t say Sheffield Wednesday to me. Also like crap on the shirts. Sooner it reverts back the better. Not sure it will though.
  8. jonesy87shef

    What the f**k is happening here

    Strange, I think mine was in your mother’s milk too!
  9. jonesy87shef

    Good odds?

    Got £50 on at 12/1 for top half finish. Had it when Jos got the boot. Figured if I’m touching distance coming into this month good shot at that price with the fixture list and others above us all having each other. 4 points off 12th with a game in hand, 5 points off 8th, also game in hand. Goal difference is a problem. Should make it an interesting end to the season at least.
  10. jonesy87shef


    He will look better on the ball now we will have a bit more pace and therefore movement. It’s bloody tough to keep the ball when players are static and a lack of space to play it in to. Was noticeable he played a few great longer balls yesterday, in front of runners in to space.
  11. jonesy87shef

    Lucas - Goal Machine

    What makes his record all the more impressive to me is our lack of attacking and how we’ve set up in the last. To score that many goals in a negative set up is brilliant. If he could just improve his hold up play and learn to release the ball a bit earlier he’d be starting every game when fit.
  12. jonesy87shef

    150 - Well done Westy

    Quality keeper! Big reason why we had two playoff campaigns. Key in our resurgence when Jos left. Long may it continue and he stays in the summer.
  13. jonesy87shef

    Ipswich - V -Wednesday OMDT

    I was going to mention this, but I genuinely think it’s his negativity. His 0-0’s stand out more because he whines. Then it’s forgotten about when he’s moaning and a team scores. Where’s @StudentOwl with some usueless stats on this
  14. jonesy87shef

    Ipswich - V -Wednesday OMDT

    Sky sports finally gone to Portman Road. Tony bloody Cotte. Bloke can put a negative spin on owt. Says crap game lack of chances. No mention who’s on top.
  15. jonesy87shef

    What’s the chances

    Said I’m another thread. It’s not just 11 points (before derby played). It’s 11 teams. We need all of those and or teams higher in the playoffs to have average form st best whilst we need to almost show auto form. Out goal difference currently is basically like being another point behind too. It’s good to be optimistic, but realistic this ain’t.