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  1. 32 pages read and all I’ve leaned is 27 is red on roulette and Wickhams Mr’s is a Sheffield lass and no doubt it’ll turn out 27 is black anyway
  2. Same thing often said of sides who get relegated. Not that I think there’s any chance we will
  3. With the size of squads for football teams these days it makes sense. I think the traveling and added cost for some clubs may have been an issue, therefore makes sense to have a local leagues or something of the sort. Lots of reserve/backup players get very little game time and it’s also a step up for the younger players. I believe the changes to the football league trophy were made to get younger but players more game time against men, but personally I found those changes insulting to league 1 and 2 sides.
  4. No, it means we’ve recruited crap or too old. It’s how clubs in lower divisions make money with good recruitment. Also doesn’t say much for coaching staff for 20 years with few players progressing. We haven’t had the quality to release anyway
  5. I made a post months ago pointing out how the majority of players we’ve had for the past 2 decades have just dropped down the leagues when leaving us. Shows how poor our recruitment and youth development has been for far too long. I think this will change the next few years. In the post I made I couldn’t name 20 players that went on to play higher or even stay in the championship. Shocking.
  6. This, looked steady and composed. Fitness will come with games.
  7. A lot of this season we’ve been smart and given free kicks away in clever areas. Tonight it just seemed we did it anywhere and in some stupid positions. That been said the officials were poor. Feel for their players going down to soft, or if their player screamed he gave it. It makes sense to foul if you can’t retain the call quickly in their game. Man City are experts at this. What we did last night, I don’t even know what that was.
  8. Watching it live was quite strange. I wasn’t that annoyed when the ball hit the back of the net because I was 100% sure it was offside and it was so blatant I thought the officials couldn’t miss it. Then 10 seconds later I was pissed ifc. Too the sky commentators a while to pick up on it too. I’ve also no idea why when the linesman can clearly see he’s 5 yards off he doesn’t give it. Hate players doing it but everyone needed to join Dawson in appealing. Awful officiating yet again to what is a damn obvious decision.
  9. It couldn’t be more simple. 1. Independent time keeper. 2. Head injury 5 minutes off the pitch to be assessed. 3. Ban players and hefty fines for those found to be feigning injury. Easily done watching back the matches. Honestly no idea why this hasn’t been put in place years ago. It’d cut out so much none sense from the game and discourage cheats.
  10. Was scared to open this thread. Thought it was going to be a POV video of a suck job!
  11. Fair play. It is a bit poo at times. The sides who tend to ‘have a go’ get rewarded.
  12. Hmm so would you rather do that in this league or the division aboive. Seeing better quality players, having cup runs and the potential of European football. Come off it
  13. Where did I say we were? I hate when people blame the fans. Its just bloody annoying being happy or content with mediocrity. Just plod along being unambitious, just surviving. Where’s the fun in that.
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