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  1. Big fan of BPF, but he needs to be making less of these very basic errors. Every keeper makes them, but the last 3 games he’s arguably cost us. That being said, we apparently have the quality to be putting teams like Morcambe, Plymouth and and Shrewsbury to the sword, so errors shouldn’t matter as much.
  2. Can’t stand this saying with football. Lose and say we have a chance to put it right next match. 1 awful performance and a loss isn’t forgotten and a win doesn’t make for that. Do that all season and you’d only end up with 69 points anyway.
  3. Thank you. I’m guessing I could find it myself, but don’t tend to go looking for announcements. It’d be good if the clubs social media accounts pushed these matches a little more in the day or two before. Maybe they do, but I don’t tend to see them.
  4. Appreciate you posting posting these updates. Would it be possible for you or someone from the club to post a day or two before the home games with details like location and kick off time please? Just tempted to go to the odd game if can make it. Thank you
  5. Wildsmith - Nothing to do. Can’t really give a rating. Palmer - 8.5 - Never been his biggest fan, but come on a lot the last year and was excellent today. Close call for MoM. Took his goal superbly and the effort where he hit the bar would have been even better. Iorfa - 7.5 - Confident, made it look easy. Quality player. Would have liked him to step out with the ball a little more. Also think he can do better attacking set pieces. Brennan - 7.5 - Looked composed and assured with what he had to do. Strong showing. Johnson - 8.5 - Has looked a fantastic outlet at left back the last two games. Give us balance. Big fan of him starting there in the future. Took his goal brilliantly. Wing - 9 MoM - Ran the show. Won the ball back so often with ease. Started attacks. Found gaps to roll players in. Looked a class above. Adeniran - 7.5 - Fast becoming my favourite player. Drives us up the pitch with is essential to how we play. Few poor touches and passes, but always recovered. Always looking to break into the box. On another day I think he would have scored 1 or 2, but the ball didn’t quite fall right. Dele-Bashiru - 7.5 - A very good showing, similar to Adeniran. Great to see centre midfielders running beyond the ball. Taking up positions to revive it further forward. Not scared to carry the ball or get in the box. Looked like the player I was hoping for last season. Corbeanu - 7 - Good full debut. At times didn’t realise the ball quick enough. Did look to run at their full back constantly. Put in a few good crosses. Got to the byline with ease. I think with more game time we have a real player on our hands. Sow - 7.5 - Good finish for his goal. Should have had another. Liked how direct he was, similar to Corbeanu. If he plays, goals will come. Should only improve. So many options for those 3 attacking positions though. Kamberi - 5.5 - Disappointed with him today. I think he’s looked livelier in other games. Complete air shot with a chance he should be hitting the target with at a minimum. Looked a little sloppy at times. Seems to wait the split second to long to release the ball. Definitely a player in there, but thought today, especially with how well everyone else played, he stood out as not being up to it. Hunt - 6 - Poor by his standards. Although I think he linked well with Corbeanu. Byers - 6.5 - Steady away. Adedoyin - Didn’t get into the game for the 15 minutes or so he was on. I know it was only Newcastle’s kids, but that was an excellent performance where I felt we could have scored several more. Can’t remember controlling a game even half as much in recent years. Have full faith in the majority of the squad if they have to step in for league matches. We have some excellent options. I usually point out the flaws and mistakes and want us to improve, but this lot look potentially like the real deal. All about maintaining high levels or effort and performance and being consistent.
  6. We also have a very senior player who has been caught under the influence a couple of times. I’m really against drinking driving obviously and there shouldn’t be an excuse, but watch the podcast and you’ll see at least why he did it once after being robbed at knife point. Understanding why someone is how they are or where they have come from allows you to relate to that person more. Certain behaviours can’t be excused, but people can be helped so it may not happen again. There are always two sides to a story and with the right people around him I believe his career would have taken a different trajectory.
  7. Let’s get behind him and everyone give him the support and welcoming every new player should receive. Would also suggest watching the Rio Ferdinand podcast. Might change a few peoples opinions of him, or at least show him a little empathy.
  8. Every game in league 1 and the championship is winnable. Really don’t like the mentality of take a point here and take a point there. I bet if you totalled up where half our fan base would take a point we’d consistently end up midtable on about 60 points.
  9. I don’t think anyone on this thread is suggesting Palmer is a problem. I’ve been a big critic of his in the past, however he’s doing well this season and defending well and I’d be happy with him continuing in the side. What I do think a few posters are pointing out and backing it up with facts and statistics is that in an attacking sense we could be doing more down the left side of the pitch. There’s no harm in wanting improvement even when things are going well. It’s a great start to the seasons and I think this squad will keep getting better and better. Moore and his staff will be analysing where we can do better and I think it’s fair that on a forum fans can discuss that without you getting at them because they have a difference of opinion to yours.
  10. Very impressed with Hunt and Adeniran. Brown average. Think prefer to see him left back. Kamberi didn’t offer much, few decent runs. Touch let him down once or twice when it mattered. Winger didn’t get him any kind of service. Wing steady and quiet game. Expect more as the season progresses. Decent point
  11. The thread is titled first impressions… Obviously we can make better formed opinions after time.
  12. I’ve been calling for bottle bars for years. I honestly can’t believe more places don’t have these in place. Fast, easy and saves queuing behind those with longer orders. Well done Wednesday
  13. Hopefully had a good season. I could be wrong, but doesn’t his contract expire next year? Meaning we will lose him for peanuts/nothing if we don’t get it extended. Or do we have an option to extend a season?
  14. Like the look of him and his mentality. I’d happily have him as part of the squad. Like so many people this past year, it must have been damn hard for many loanees playing away from any family or friends. Lots have had that network severed due to covid. Young lad living away from home, can’t have been easy. Hopefully if we do end up bringing in several loans they are looked after and made to feel part of the team and city. I remember in the Sunderland documentary, they had a lad on loan. Think he was injured for a while, talking about how he was struggling, you could see all was some friends there and he wasn’t getting it in that environment. The bloke looked very depressed and could have been helped.
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