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  1. Just my opinion, but I don’t want to watch boring crap football. I’m not expecting us to play quality football either, or some tika-taka nonsense. Just some half decent players who want to attack and score goals. It’s not hard to get at this level now on a budget. Teams in lower leagues can play decent stuff now. The majority in this thread sound like football dinosaurs. The game isn’t the same anymore. You can’t rough up opposition, kick the sh*t out of them etc. You just get punished. There was a time when the only option was going to or watching the football. Pandemi
  2. I literally said that. Of course firms watch social media and it’s huge. I’m just stating that no firm in their right mind would enter a negotiation with a football club and the be surprised by a few negative comments. Yes we have idiots, but if honestly saw fewer than other clubs. I see some absolute rubbish get said about it sent to players, but it’s not abuse like you see other clubs get. Especially premier league ones. We have the you’re not good enough, not fit to wear shirt etc. I don’t see racist abuse, homophobic abuse, sexism, threatening behaviour or utterly vil
  3. Of course they do. Everyone knows the power of social media nowadays. However a company isn’t pulling out of a multimillion pound deal with a football clubs because of a few negative posts on social media. Unless it’s a firm that understands nothing about business or football in the slightest. As others have said, our fan base is bloody tame compared to most. It is completely unrealistic for that statement to be true. Companies also try and find these posts to get rid of them or put right any grievance to make customers happy and have a better looking
  4. Oh well. We had a good 24 hours at least. What more can we expect nowadays. Back to the reality of what what it’s like being a Wednesday fan today.
  5. Cost less than £50 million. Not worth £100 million +, however you’re right, some daft sods will pay it in this market.
  6. I think it’s pretty obvious that Monks tenure has run it’s course and I can’t recall a manager ever coming back from (or even lasting) a run this horrendous. With DC’s reluctance to do the necessary deed, what would Monk have to do to win you over? Besides resigning. How is it possible to get the fans back on side, or to get his support in the first place? Would it take a run of 5 wins in a row, a long unbeaten run, the players playing to and understanding a system? Even just showing some fight, desire and a willingness to attack a team for once? How can any man
  7. It’s not luck. It’s crap coaching and poor management. Bern that way for 2 decades. We’ve barely sold any players at a profit and usually our players plumit down the leagues. We don’t improve footballers!
  8. It couldn’t be more simple. Wily is saying the deduction is Chansiri/how the club was/is runs fault. He is also saying if we hadn’t been so god awful the second half of last season and just got a few more essential points. Then the deduction would have been applied last season. Meaning we would have started this season on 0 points with everybody else rather than -12. The points deduction being this season and not added last season lays at the door of the owner, Monk and the players.
  9. Out of the whole post that’s the bit you take from it. I explained what I think and others too. I’ll leave it at that because the other things that have been said wouldn’t make for nice reading and would no doubt end in a ban from here.
  10. Is the irony not you posting the most predictable stuff day in day out, saying the same stuff over and over defending Monk? Then when he gets to the point of being practically indefensible you then pick on and have a go at other posters. That’s how it seems to me and any friends that mention this site.
  11. What annoys me is the part where he says we have a chance to put it right Saturday. No we don’t. We’ve just lost to huge 6 pointer fixtures. You can’t put that right with 1 win over a god awful side rooted to the bottom and are going down. Then he talks about performances being good, they weren’t. Average at best springs to mind. We have a team void of any creativity and goal threat and that’s been evident all season. Then he talks about a bad week. It’s been possibly the worst 10 months I’ve known as a Wednesday fan and we’ve know plenty of bad times. The last
  12. I’ve also no idea if Dunkley is up to it and if I’m honest the way Bannan has performed and made school boy errors for so long I’d almost rather have Dele starting as at least he gets beyond the ball and drives forward. The pointless side to side or backwards with the usual terrible floaty diagonal isn’t working.
  13. New Iorfa Flint Dunkley New New Luongo Bannan Brown New New
  14. It’s been evident since he first came in he wasn’t good enough. His positioning, command of area, decision making and most of all parrying shots into dangerous area. It’s been pointed out for I don’t know how long. 1 or 2 things have improved but on the whole he’s been awful. If you point these things out with video or photographic evidence you get slated. It’s not making a scapegoat out of someone or being horrible to state that a footballer simply isn’t up to this level and never has been.
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