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  1. I agree. When this discussion has come up with friends in the past I tend to mention the escrow idea. I’m surprised something similar has never (to my knowledge) been mentioned or floated. I think I’ve mentioned it on here once. Football clubs are business but they feel slightly more unique than just another run of the mill business. It’s upsetting, unfortunate and felt by many when any business goes belly up. With football clubs however it seems to have a much wider financial, mental and community impact that.
  2. Ffp is a £39m loss over s 3 year period I believe. It’s ridiculous to suggest that clubs receiving £40m a year doesn’t give them a huge sporting advantage. For me scrap parachute payments, include a mandatory (if not already) relegation wage decreases into all contracts. Completely scarp ffp as it’s a joke and insulting to so many clubs. City for example getting kicked out the champions league. Why does the biggest clubs in the world get to have a massive head start on them just because they spent their money building their business 20 years earlier and are now brining in enough commercial revenue to cover expenditure. As for lower league clubs ffp stops healthy competition, same clubs can continue to spend and get ‘relative’ success. As long as an owner can prove funds so clubs can’t go bust then let them spend what they like. I also believe football clubs owners should have 1-2 years of running costs put into escrow. Therefore if the worst happens it gives plenty of time to either find a buyer, lower costs all across the board and allow contracts to run down if they can’t sell off assets. Avoid another Bury situation.
  3. I agree with London owl. I’m far from an expert, but a business cycle goes as follows, peak, recession, depression, trough, recovery, expansion, peak again. To me it feels only feels like we are in a recession phase. Much more heartache and problems to come, companies will go bust rendering shares worthless, be lucky to get anything after asset stripping. I agree in time, those companies that stay afloat will increase in value and share prices will go up, currently it’s just a big gamble. So much uncertainty. Again I’m no expert, but I’d say wait several months, shares will be cheaper, you’ll see what companies will stay alive/thrive. All I know is this virus will financially ruin millions and make millions others rich. For anyone interested, that’s a business cycle put about as simplistically as possible.
  4. I agree, but that lad is league 2 quality at best and won’t improve. Unfortunately he’s just clueless with no football brain. There are young lads coming through who will be national league/league two standards now who could improve immensely with game time. Addd on the fact you only need half a good season at this level now and you all of a sudden have a £10m asset if you sell at the right time. Better then having someone taking over £1m a year in wages to barely play and not show any consistent quality when they do. I know who i’d rather have in the squad.
  5. I think people are just that fed up of him. The constant drama that comes with him. Also a couple of embarrassing moments for the club too. Add to the fact he’s hardly played in 3 years and to so he’s been average in that time would be being far too polite. I think the majority would rather have someone who shows pride, desire and effort every time they pull on the shirt and know it’s a privilege to play for Sheffield Wednesday. Not this current crop of overpaid prima donnas.
  6. Probably because I haven’t been since last season as Hillsborough depresses me and I get to see every game on ifollow and Sky now. Potg is too much for me also unfortunately.
  7. With games looking more and more likely to be postponed or played behind closed doors, matchday revenue will practically become zero. I don’t know the figures how many matchday programmes we sell, or even how much they cost for that matter, but surely it will be a hit to our revenue. Even if say 2,000 fans buy one every home game at £5 each (complete guess work, numbers may be way off), that would bring in £10,000 per home game until the end of the season. With 5 home games left it could bring in enough to pay about 2 players wages for the week (very depressing). Still it’s just a few quid extra into the club. It could also be something we could look to do in the future, it may also reach a wider market to those who can’t/don’t attend games. Strangely enough when googling online matchday programmes Stevenage were the top hit and offer theirs free. Are they any other ways or ideas of how to bring revenue into the club during a potential crisis? Apologies if this has been covered before, or maybe we already offer this service, but I haven’t seen anything.
  8. Good job we are a football club and not an F1 team then ain’t it.
  9. Because like the football, the first half you get served up is guaranteed to be utter sh*t!
  10. If only the first 45 minutes at home this seasons counted then we would
  11. Only can really say from the 90’s onward but this feels the worst. For me it’s mainly because there is no hope, no way out. Even the threat of getting wound up it always felt like a miracle could happen and there was hope. No there’s a narcissistic madman at the helm, who won’t/can’t move the club on. Players have thrown the towel in and don’t care about the club or fans. We’ve been awful for so long but it always felt like people were at least doing their best. One thing we have always had through two decades of poo is togetherness and hope. Both of these have diminished to the point that there’s nothing left at the bottom of the barrel.
  12. Centre back. That’s where he’s usually stood anyway
  13. You know Paul, playing football is just like making love to a beautiful woman.... oh I mean handsome man. First you’ve got stretch and warm up. Stroke the balls around. Get a feel for the surface. Then brace yourself and clench for a massive a*se pounding.
  14. We had free kicks all over the pitch. Even in our half. When losing 1-0 vs a team we won’t keep the ball against, just get it in the box from any distance. Put defenders up and pressure on their keeper (who I think is very poor and flappy). Hope for a lucky bounce, anything. Worse sides than us can do this vs city, why can’t we? We did none of this, gave them an easy ride. It was always going to be a walk in the park for them, but we didn’t have to put on a picnic, wrap them in a blanket and make it as comfortable as possible.
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