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  1. Hector should walk it. Been an absolute class act. Palmer definitely most improved, but that’s not grounds for player of the season. Few others ahead more deserving imo.
  2. Well put it this way. From what I’ve seen he isn’t up to the standard of this league yet. There will be worse keepers than him in this division and there will be better keepers in the division bellow. What I’m saying is imo he currently isn’t up to championship standard week in week out currently. I’ve seen it with my own eyes and detailed in posts in the past with facts, stats, stills from games and videos as to why I think this. I’ve also praised him for the things he does well. Don’t understand why you couldn’t take the positive part of my post on a good day and solely focus on the negative.
  3. Saw the double save. Very impressive and a clean sheet. Have to praise his performance today. Unfortunately not good enough to be No.1 at a championship team next season. Let hope he continues to improve.
  4. I’m actually embarrassed to say I didn’t even realised he was playing. I might have been a bit (very) pis*ed up and only half watching it, but I’ve never even half arsed watched a game of football and not noticed someone was playing until the next day!
  5. Ffs Opened this thread up hoping to buy a new 9 iron!
  6. Track is the wrong word I used. It’s more down to I know what I’ve spent when I’m out. Say I take out £100 I know what I have and haven’t spent and am prepared to spend. Pay on card and I might go well over that amount without realising. So to say maybe I feel more in control of what I’m spending when it’s cash. I also don’t like checking my online banking because it’s jusy depressing. Does that make sense
  7. Pros and cons for both. In theory card payments should be much quicker. Prevent human error with change etc. Also can stop employees pocketing a little on the side if they were that way inclined. Downside is some people now won’t buy anything. It’s seemingly going slower. I’m relatively young and I prefer cash, I like to easily track what I’m spending and don’t like paying for small things on my card. It’s a shame some of the kiosks are run so poorly. I was a supervisor on one for a season or two from 15-17. Couldn’t have been easier. Get there on time/early. Turn everything on. Stock up drinks first so they are actually cold. Cook the more popular things first and keep them hot, label everything up and certain things in same place, makes serving quicker. Track what you actually sell so you have enough stock for following games. Couldn’t have been an easier job. Never ran out, hardly any waste and surprisingly hardly any complaints. It’s easy and all about common sense. Somebody mentioned about 1 bottle opener, I get next match it’s still just 1 between 4.
  8. Stolen at the same time they stole Milan’s under water phone apparently!
  9. Dom Howson's Sheffield Wednesday column: There is a very small minority of fans letting the Owls down Dom Howson Published: 13:39 Thursday 04 April 2019 Regardless of the opposition or where the Owls are playing, Wednesdayites always make their presence felt. Nearly 3,000 travelled to Stoke City last weekend to cheer on the blue and white wizards. Their sold-out away following made a right racket as the Owls secured what could prove to be a precious point in the race to secure a play-off berth. And there will be a big crowd heading to S6 when Wednesday entertain promotion rivals Aston Villa on Saturday. "The support is as good as anything you would see in the country," said former Owls manager Gary Megson. Few observers would disagree with Megson's opinion. Their fan-base is extraordinary. But a very small minority of supporters have let the club down in recent months. Coins and a spiky pair of swimming goggles were thrown at Chelsea's stars after Brazilian international Willian converted a first half penalty in Wednesday's FA Cup defeat at Stamford Bridge. Some Wednesdayites invaded the pitch, which is a criminal offence, after their last-gasp equaliser at Rotherham United and a flare was released in the away end. There was more anti-social behaviour in the recent Sheffield derby at Hillsborough when a coin and a plastic bottle were pelted at United defender Jack O'Connell from the North Stand as he prepared to take a throw in during the first half. Thankfully, O'Connell was not hit by the missiles but he could have suffered a serious injury. The incident was seen by referee Peter Bankes and included in his match report, prompting the Football Association to open an investigation into the matter. Although the Owls avoided an FA charge, I know for a fact, having spoken to several club officials this week, that they are extremely concerned about the rise in fans misbehaviour. Should something else happen in the future, it could prove the final straw and the FA may take action. Sanctions do vary but the governing body have the power to hand out significant fines, limit away travel and even close part of a football club's ground. In some way, shape or form, the FA can financially punish a club so it is no laughing matter. Like a lot of clubs, Wednesday have a small pocket of trouble-making supporters. The vast majority are well-behaved and get behind the team in the right way. But there are, unfortunately, some mindless, idiotic yobs who are threatening to tarnish the club's good name and land them in trouble with the FA. These 'fans' who continue to hurt Wednesday need to be weeded out as soon as possible.
  10. I do understand the irony that I may be accused of spreading negativity by sharing his article, but I’m fed up of his bullsh*t. I’m not one for thinking people have an agenda, but why is he so negative about us persistently. Something like a dozen games undefeated under our new manager, an unlikely playoff push on the cards, yet he feels the need to put the club down. You can’t argue the things he mentions are out of order, but they’ve been reported and covered before and there is a small minority of idiots at every club. United fans fighting Bristol fans at the weekend is ignored and thus garbage is dug up. Why concentrate on us before one of our biggest matches of the season and not other Yorkshire clubs. My only assumption is he does it for attention and views. Article copy and pasted below. Don’t want to hurt anyone’s eyes with that clickbait rubbish that is the Star website.
  11. I’m pretty sure you’re trolling with ‘should of’, but I can’t stand it so much that I need to correct it anyway. It’s bloody should’ve or should have.
  12. By that logic the op is spreading negativity by having a pop, therefore breeding negativity.
  13. Is there a need to have a pop at fans in the op? It’s fantastic news of course and I’m someone that’s backed him, but let’s not use it as points scoring. It’ll just lead to arguing rather than focusing on some very positive news. Be great to see him on the pitch again.
  14. He hasn’t been proven innocent. He’s been proven not guilty. I’m not trying to taint him. I’m saying why would the Mansfield lad willingly go through all that. He could be completely wrong and misheard and I also condemned him if he made it up. Lying over something so serious is disgraceful. It’s really not the case that I think he did say something racist. I’m looking at it from the point of their player too. I’m looking at it objectively. I can’t say he did or didn’t do anything. He’s not been found innocent, there just wasn’t enough evidence to prove him guilty. He doesn’t seem to be the kind of lad to react that way and I hope it was just something lost in translation.
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