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  1. I have been a critic of him especially recently. Don’t think he’s been up to it and hasn’t got the basics right. Hasn’t been up to it for a good 18 months and lacked any consistency. That being said I thought he had s very good game last night. Even the miss I thought was a tad unlucky, won’t skate him for that. At least he was getting in position to threaten. Small criticism is he went backwards to often when he could have opened his body and turned, better passes available or space to move into. Hope he builds on last nights performance. As for using the term scapegoat, I constant say this. To point out a player is underperforming or hasn’t been good enough isn’t scapegoating. Here’s the definition for those that keep using the word.
  2. I’m a big critic of Palmer usually but thought he was excellent tonight. Used the ball well, got in great positions and picked out his pass/cross. Better finishing he could have easily had an assist or two more tonight. Definitely something been missing from his game. Maybe the extra space from wing back is allowing him more time to pick his pass. Also was good have Fizz running beyond, dragging defernders all over and being available for a pass. Thought he looked great breezing past players. Some consistency and we have a real player on our hands. Hunt loooked great. Shaw and Brennan steady and composed too. Windass looks a steak and I really like how direct he is, always wanting to test the keeper. He will score plenty if he continues to try and work the keeper. Greay performance all round. Controlled the game.
  3. Thought he looked very good. Breezes past people and starts off so many attacks. Os intelligent with his passing so the players can step on to it and makes clever forward runs after laying the ball off. Got a real player now our hands if he can find consistency.
  4. Looked very good and composed. Very impressed with Dele. Drove forward and made things happen and made good runs beyond too.
  5. Just want to make a comparison. Jordan Rhodes is 30 Billy Sharp is 34 From the beginning of the 2016 season until the end of 2019/2020 Rhodes has scored 17 league goals. Very poor return. Minutes often limited though. From the beginning of the 2012 season until the end of of 2015 season Sharp scored 21 goals in 100 games. The next 4 seasons (2 in league 1, 2 championship) he scored 87 league goals total (36 championship goals) in 1754 games . Just showing that goal poachers who do their best work in the box aren’t completely useless at this level and it is around Rhodes age that Sharp picked up and kicked on again. If they are played more frequebtky in a systen that helps them thrive they will score goals. I’m not saying we should necessarily adjust and fit our style of play around Rhodes, just pointing out strikers of this type don’t just ‘lose it’. They can regain form and it may take time. Yes he hasn’t been good enough since he signed, but this season more then most we have to get behind what we have.
  6. Jack Wilshere looks likely to have his contract terminated my mutual consent at West Ham. Wonder if he ends up in the championship, abroad or retires.
  7. I’m sure you can insert clauses to cancel loans, just like clubs can have a recall clause. It may take the loan fee but then not have to shell out on wages. Again you can make your argument for any loan or transfer.
  8. Sorry I didn’t realise you had intimate knowledge of our accounts, our innner workings, what our budget is and what the ELF’s plan is regarding ffp due to covid.
  9. I do understand that. I was just using m that there as an example if having disposable income to use in this specific window. Im over 5 years old, I understand the difference and ramifications of a loan over a permanent transfer. As I’ve said it was only to display we potentially can afford a season long loan. Unless the Leko plan is spend money we don’t have, pray he plays well and sell him on.
  10. Why would it be a double whammy if it’s within the budget. Players of his quality give us a better chance of survival. You could make a case about injury for any signing we ever spend money on. There are no guarantees in football, but if it fits within your budget you should give yourself the best possible chance of achieve your short and long term goals.
  11. How many million would it cost is getting relegated per season? Then there’s no guarantee of coming straight back up. Even with a high loan fee (same cost as buying Leko), if there is room in the budget for his wages would should bring him back. Player of his quality with his goal and assist contribution could be the difference between staying up and relegation and long term actually save us a hell of s lot of money.
  12. Honestly thought the same and one before on the highlights. He never ever does that. As shown by his pitiful excuse for assists. The first touch was great too. When doesn’t he ever take a first touch out of his feet forward and play an excellent ball like that. Well done in that game but we’ve waited a decade for him to do this for us and he hasn’t been capable so far. Backup championship fullback at best. Shown by the fact when we’ve had cash we sign players and they play ahead of him.
  13. Yet he still played him there and with limited options in the squad currently I wouldn’t bet him doing it again even though he rates him in a deeper role. I’d rather play a natural forward there from the development side than Reach. Even if he wants him playing deeper. Centrally Reach is a horrorshow.
  14. So let’s not do our job because he might not get a cross in? It’s their job to get in those positions.
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