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  1. He’d be getting raved about more and fans demanding we get him contracted for years if he came through our own academy. I think a mix of the fact he came from Cities academy (high expectations) and also being held to a higher standard because we signed high rather than being one of our youth players. I also think some may forget how young he is due to being here last season too. I wanted him to get more game time last season. Despite being raw I thought and still believe has the attributes to at least have a decent career at championship for a good ten years. Players that can carry the ball and easily get past opposition players with strength and a few strides are few and far between. If anything I think he may lack a little confidence in his own ability. Lacks a little composure at times and drifts in and out of games. With more game time I think he will prove to be a valuable asset.
  2. I think it can be a huge benefit giving young players 16/17 more game time in mens football, but probably not at football league level unless they are a special talent. The jump from under 18’s to mens football is huge. I remember playing under 18’s and reserve football at 15/16 at Halifax and then Ossett. The physicality of mens football at 16 was huge and I was (still am) a big lad. We finished near the bottom of the league when our team was full of 15/16 year olds. The season after we pissed the league and lost a cup final. The quality was always there but everyone was bigger, faster and stronger the year before. The big exception was Cameron Jerome who went from playing under 18’s and reserves with me to quickly in the first team at 16. Then went on trial with Boro and then Cardiff signed him up (our manger was also a scout). I think he greatly benefitted playing lower down the leagues against men, rather than people his own age. Everyone is different though I suppose. I just think it’s a shame the old reserve league was scrapped. The Papa Johns Trophy (or whatever it is) is maybe of benefit, but games are not on a consistent basis and I also find it insulting to other clubs to have to play vs these kids.
  3. It’s a good job your username ran out of characters before you finished the last word
  4. Both keepers a class above tonight. Coming and claiming crosses like they did was excellent especially given the weather. Couple of top saves from BPF too. The one straight at him from Hirst was a poor finish but he does well to stay big.
  5. Have to completely disagree with this. Walls are very important. Could argue 35+ yards out maybe not as much. As a keeper you should be on your toes, knees bent, positioning yourself to the left of the wall so you can easily see the ball. Or in training you speak to players so that 1 keeps their legs open so you can see the ball and trajectory. It’s a great strike, but I honestly think a better keeper makes a straight forward save and possibly even catches it. Footwork is hugely underrated for goalkeepers and those that move quicker and take better steps make everything much easier. I’ve always been of the opinion that the best keepers are the ones who make the majority of saves look easy. That’s mainly down to positioning, footwork and anticipation.
  6. Excellent stat and very high success rate. He’s looked much better going forward this season. He often used to be static when receiving the ball and then go sideways or backwards. Now he steps forward and is will to carry the ball 20+ yards and look for a pass. One of my big criticisms in the past is he would be stuck in no man’s land. Wouldn’t either step onto the player with the ball, shut down a cross or drop off to stop a runner. It’s taken a long time, but there’s definitely improvement there. Just needs to find consistently now imo.
  7. Just to point out those criticising Corbeanu for lack of end product this game. He definitely fluffed his lines twice and hit crosses out of play. Most wingers in every league do this. He did however feed Dele-Bashiru with an excellent pass to set up Paterson when he hit the post (should have scored imo). Set up Paterson when he hit it wide and should have definitely scored. Played an excellent ball across the 6 yard box where both strikers made the same pull back run instead (poor from them). Nearly scored an excellent volley in the last minute. Ran 20+ yards into the box from a nothing area and tested their keeper a couple of times and I do think shooting then was the best option. He also put in numerous other great crossed into good areas where players just didn’t attack the correct positions. Not to mention the number of corners be won and how far he constantly carried us up the pitch. He was excellent today imo. Can’t really do much more.
  8. I’ve been really critical of how we’ve been playing and Moore’s ‘style’, however that wasn’t all that bad. You could see runners from midfield getting beyond, moving the ball quicker, less faffing at the back. It definitely wasn’t great, but I’d say that’s a performance to build on, as long as we keep improving.
  9. Excellent tonight. Has to start up top in a two for the next league match.
  10. Thought Kamberi was outstanding tonight. Definitely worked well having two up too. Linked up well, got his goal and didn’t give their defenders a moments rest. Huge difference having someone challenging for headers and allowed us to pick up second balls. I’ve been calling for Corbeanu to get a start and he delivered. Drifted second half, but that first half is why he needs to be starting. Great display from everyone today. Hard work and effort. That’s all we’ve been wanting.
  11. What a surprise, add 2 more games and 4 more points dropped from winning positions. Lincoln - 2 points - 80th min Cheltenham - 2 points - 91st min. 10 points dropped from winning positions so far this season. Show this to the players, absolute joke. They should be embarrassed.
  12. I remember watching the beam back at Hillsborough when we were 2-0 down to United at half time. At the time I thought, you know what, the way we are playing I still think we can win this. Being 2-0 down to your biggest rivals and myself and I’m sure others were still positive. Everyone will remember 2 late goals to draw 2-2. The problem with how we are now set up to play and don’t use our attacking players leaves me thinking we will struggle to beat anyone that’s put in front of us. I was looking forward to this season more than any for years and within 10 games that optimism had gone. Not because of results, but the slow, lacklustre performances. Hopefully DM will change and we look to attack sides, otherwise sadly he won’t last much longer.
  13. It’s not scapegoating someone if people are pointing out they are playing poorly or below the expected level that their quality should ensue. Every year one hear the word scapegoat gets chucked about completely wrongly. Can’t we say when someone isn’t performing well or as well as we believe they should. At this rate the majority the team would be scapegoats because they are underperforming.
  14. @Mike Hunt Ive copy and pasted what I wrote after the Mansfield game. This outlines the reasons I believe he should be starting league games. An opinion I think many shared at the time. He should definitely be starting league games imo. Looks a really threat. Lost count of how many times he beat his man and put the ball into a decent area and either nobody was attacking the front post (finally happened for the goal) or was there to meet it 7 yards out in the middle. A couple of things didn’t work out and he poorly over hit a cross first half, but he was a constant thorn in Mansfield’s side. Had a decent strike saved first half which the rebound could have led to a goal. Second half did the really difficult bit and should have scored. I’d rather have a player a fluff his lines half the time as long as he’s getting into those positions consistently. Seen him consistently create far more in the two pizza cup matches than our other wingers have during league games. He also carries the ball much further up the pitch. He’s still a bit rusty and sometimes needs to learn to release the ball earlier, but that will come in time. Lets play our direct forwards the next few games and let the opposition worry about us for a change.
  15. Copy and posted from the other thread. Didn’t get to see the game tonight, but when I’ve seen him (including last season) I’ve liked what he’s offered. Strength, power, carries the ball, willingness to run off the ball and get beyond the oppositions defence. I think he could be a real asset with a run of games and was disappointed he didn’t get more game time last year. Still raw but will continue to improve. Personally I’d definitely have him and Adeniran starting where possible. Whether that’s in a 2 or a 3
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