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  1. Well I’m currently waiting to find out how the rumoured Rhodes £7m price tag will unfold. Will Josh Onomah fulfill his potential and stop being a lazy sod. Will Casbahowl actually find die defending the club to his death? Will Gurujuan ever find love and happiness? Find our next time I pages 115-125 of owlstalk official summer transfer rumour 2019 transfer thread.
  2. I’m catching up on this thread. Impossible to wade through the nonsense and pointless arguments. Suppose it wouldn’t be owlstalk without them. I’m on page 110, I’m sure there’s plenty of excitement to come and I will read through. Could someone sum up or potential targets, who we’ve been linked with and are apparently signing. Sime saying a few frees confirmed ,not officially, any loans or outgoings. Would be much appreciated. Also sum up the ground sale? I haven’t had chance or time to read that thread. Thanks.
  3. I’m bored at accepting mediocrity and worse for the last 20 years. Promotion. Do I expect it, do I think we will achieve it, NO. However this club needs to be in the top flight and the fan base deserve bloody better. Even though it won’t be Bruce’s fault, it’s got to the stage where anything other than promotion doesn’t feel acceptable. Call me entitled, impatient and other similar things, but it’s crap not competing in the top league week in week out.
  4. If you type Sheffield Wednesday in on your search on sky you can often get games like this and 6-0 vs Leeds etc. Very handy
  5. Is this one of those threads where people are pretending to be in the know? Randomly speculating without naming players for some reason. I haven’t had chance to read many threads the past few weeks so no idea if we’ve genuinely been linked with players and how realistic the possibility of them signing is.
  6. Not see it posted on here. Added to sheffield wednedsay YouTube channel today. 16 Adam Reach goals for us. Great viewing. Some unreal goals and you forget how many he’s scored. Could be key next season if we decide to keep hold of him. Nobody better at striking a ball especially when his confidence is high. Enjoy
  7. Some of the comments in this thread just go to show how little some people know about football. Yes it’s your opinion, but opinions can be wrong or plain stupid. The lad is a class above and if you couldn’t see his quality at Chelsea when watching him then maybe give Dave Jones a call and go watch netball with him. As for his age, that doesn’t matter. As long as we don’t litter the squad with over 30’s it’s. It’s great to have a few and you can’t beat this lads experience and CV.
  8. Big question for me is, can we get better for free or the money we have available? I don’t think so. Lot’s of difficult decisions will be made over the next couple of months.
  9. Got 11/1 soon as tache was sacked. £50 on it but cashed out for £380 just befite tough run of fixtures and Birmingham’s point deduction.
  10. Last ditch tackles often tend to come about because players aren’t in the correct position in the first place or tracking runners. I haven’t seen the game today, but will say fair play to him for at least getting back if that’s the case.
  11. I’m sure there will be threads made for the others. By you’re logic we might as well just not have any new topics as you can’t post about individual players just because another player has a similar level of performance.
  12. £8 is an hour or two’s wage for some people. Let’s not ‘get a grip’. Let’s instesd understand other people’s circumstances and priorities differ from your own.
  13. Not to mention the population of the UK has increased 10 million since the early 90’s.
  14. The popularity of football has gone up so much. Data from the 90’s means very little nowadays imo. Even as recent as the last few years with sky and how much it’s rammed down everyone’s throat, combined with the national side doing well. It’s simplistic to think we are getting decent attendances based on our past f having had a below average team for 20 years.
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