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  1. jonesy87shef

    Our fault again

    Obviously an exaggerated article. No surprised from the writer and the paper it’s in. However a direct quote that worries me "We could have fallen and conceded three or four, but we dug in and got an equaliser. We pushed for that win, but sadly it didn’t come. We are playing Rotherham at home and it’s clearly in players minds that they could fold and concede 3 or 4, seriously. Admittedly I was a keeper and may think different, but if I conceded I didn’t think oh poo, the flood gates could open here. Just got on with it and did my best to make sure it stayed at 1. Whilst it is mainly s nothing article, little snippets that are direct quotes do make me question the mentality of our squad.
  2. Every new signing - ‘Why does @TaxiMark‘s taxi smell like sweat and shame?’ Rest of squad - ‘you’ll see’
  3. Joao - ‘I wonder if @IstillhateSteveBould And @gurujuan fancy a 3some’
  4. Met him in the airport just after he signed along with Chris Marsden when I was about 16. Two top blokes. Couldn’t have been nicer, couldn’t say that for the rest of the squad at the time. Both went to loads of effort to chat and be polite, take pics etc. I have no questions or doubts that he’s a thoroughly top man. However, he’s been at the club a while now. Nothing has changed. He’s a senior coach and I don’t see players improving since when we brought him in. Comes across as a yes man and I believe he backed up Carlos even after he left (understandable, but I didn’t like it). Brilliant bloke and many could learn a thing or two in that respect. He just isn’t the future of Sheffield Wednesday for me though and I’d wish him all the best in the future.
  5. jonesy87shef

    Name one thing...

    It’s not nice to constantly criticise but I’ve been saying Palmer hasn’t been up to it for years. Like a few others. Differnce the last year or so it he’s been exposed because he doesn’t have a few other quality players around him mopping up his mistakes. Westwood, Lees and Loovens etc used to bail him out on a regular basis. It got ignored by lots because apparently it doesn’t matter if we win. There was a thread after the Blackburn game highlighting his mistakes and position sense. That isn’t anything new, differnce is he’s now getting punished. We need at least 1 better full back for each side going forward. Whether that’s possible with the current financial situation I’m not sure.
  6. jonesy87shef


    If we play to his strengths he will score for fun. Always had it in him. By strengths I mean it’s as simple as him not playing with his back to goal. Running at the opposition and facing the goal from 30 yards or closer I see him as a real threat. Unfortunately we too often play to feet or even behind the player wanting the ball. His weaknesses are obvious, but for me when fit he has to start. This last 10 months or so his goals per minute stats are exceptional. Even more impressive with limited/poor service. I don’t expect him to run about like a headless chicken, but I’d wish he’d yo his work rate. Can’t bang on about potential at his age, but he has it in him to be one of the best forwards in this league if he can improve his Link up play and find more consistency. There are plenty of late bloomers in football.
  7. jonesy87shef

    Bannan Injured

    If he doesn’t play then clearly it’s time for Onomah to step up. Be nice to see one of our players take their chance and actually commmand a place in the starting line up.
  8. jonesy87shef

    Secret Santa

    Tampons, hell of a lot of pus*ies in our squad.
  9. jonesy87shef

    An attack minded manager.

    Whilst I’d love us to be more attacking at set up that way, the problem is we don’t have the players to do so. Not necessarily the forwards, but behind that. We can’t keek the ball or bring it forward quickly. Our midfield doesn’t win a second ball so it’s hard to play more direct. We don’t press do can’t bresk on teams. The problem we have is how do we even get to the edge of the oppositions area. Our strikers and attacking midfielders often look dangerous running at a defence and facing goal. We just rarely get in those positions. Too often our forwards have their back to goal. I agree that attacking football works in this league. We just lack the players.
  10. jonesy87shef

    FA Cup 3rd Round

    Maybe we will do this again
  11. jonesy87shef


    I understand that. I just think he’s been awful for years. Is incredibly negative and blames others. His attitude would darken the cloud already cast over Hillsborough
  12. jonesy87shef


    He went to city after Eriksson. Spent absolutely heaps of money and I’d say did an average job at best. Signed some utterly dross for huge fees and wages. Did sign Kompang I believe so I’ll give him that. Did a great job at Blackburn, can’t argue with that. However it’s at least 8 -9 years since he left! Spent chunks at QPR and ruined them after initially keeping them up. Did the same at Stoke. Now he’s done the same at Southampton. Always needs big money and tends to send clubs on a downward spiral. Bit like a Harry Redknapp type. The reason the become worse is becaus he started the decline and left them in positions where it’s damn hard to recover. It would be a bit like saying Carlos is completely faultless for starting our decline.
  13. jonesy87shef


    Hughes has been absolute garbage for a good 8 years! How anyone would want this failure is beyond me. Spends (wastes) money, plays atrocious football and his teams can’t defend. I would be very surprised if he had reasonable success beyond 1 season anywhere else in his future career now. He destroys teams. Mates a Stoke fan and he said every week it was someone else’s fault. Just played the blame game and ignored his own short comings. I wouldn’t be able to stand listening to him if he was our manager.
  14. jonesy87shef

    You could drive a bus through there

    Just wanted to say what an excellent post by the @davetherivelinowl. Spot on analysis.
  15. jonesy87shef

    We need Stuart Gray back

    You must have a short memory. It was bloody horrible at home! I woukd houhh argue that when he had better players, loans like Wickham we seemed much better and more attacking. So if we had better players he might be more positive. I’d argue that our midfield and defense I’d probably weaker than when he left though whereas most of the division has improved.