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  1. Ws going to write something similar. Intelligence is there. So often over the years we’ve had defenders head it to stupid areas or straight back to the opposition. He seems to find a man or make sure he puts a damn good distance on a header.
  2. Yes that’s the simple answer for them. I’m asking how we can counter that issue or basically make the back (fornicate) off
  3. Time for our lawyers to start earning their coin. Surely there is plenty of evidence and eye whiteness statements to show that the force changes are putting fans at risk where there was little to no risk before. Threaten to sue them for loss of earnings and god knows whatever else we can. Obviously it isn’t anywhere near this simple but I’d like to think we are fighting back. It’s an absolute joke what’s going on.
  4. Jeeus. I’ve been watching him in interviews for a good 15 years. If you were as sad as me with regard to football you’d know. It’s like the word through his eyes is a kkk rally or something. Also one of those guys who if things go wrong or he doesn’t get what he wants it’s never his fault. There’s an agenda or someone else to blame.
  5. He’s a whole other level. Chip on shoulder type character too.
  6. Just want to add. He was discussed on the debate on sky sports a while who. They looked at why he started league 2 whereas the likes of Lampard and Gerrard walked into decent jobs. The comments were apparently he’s shocking in interviews. Think how important interviews are in the real world, now back that up with having zero managerial experience and his media history. It’s no surprise the club who were 92/92 in the football league is where he ended up.
  7. I agree some comments are a bit over the top. As another poster said fans favourite for the job was Hughton. Race didn’t enter in to it. I’ll say this as my option of Sol Campbell, I don’t want him anywhere near our club. He comes across as an awful person. Beyond arrogant, comes across shocking! I live football and have heard him prattle on and talk nonsense for years. Some of the things he’s come out with have been out of order and pure bull poo! Racism is rearing it’s ugly head more and more these days and is unfortunately very prevalent in football and society in general. However I will say the majority on here couldn’t give a rats arse about Sol’s race. It’s because he’s a grade A thrower! Do you know much about him or just watched him play and done a quick wiki search? Just for your information, I’m black too and the above is what I think about him.
  8. I’m not saying he isn’t. I think he’s poor/average at best. Just pointing out I thought lees was shocking that game, set the tone with a stupid freekick in a dangerous position, yet it’s JVA that takes dogs abuse and a huge portion of the blame.
  9. He gets a lot of stick for that game, rightfully so. Tom Less (who I’m a fan of) had a much bigger shocker imo though and it was just let slide and blame put on JVA. Stupid freekick to give away. Then the 4th was an awful clearance to nowhere, before cocking it up more. I’m rambling. Good luck Joost. Injuries certainly haven’t helped. Maybe had it in him to improve and be an asset at this level. I doubt it though.
  10. Why can’t he critice something if it’s really poor? Surely everyone should be free to praise and criticise as they see fit? Just because things are seemingly going well and smelling all rosy, doesn’t mean there’s not a bit of dog poo hiding away. Why ignore it.
  11. Looks very assured and composed. Been impressed with what I’ve seen. What stood out for me was the clearance off the line. You either have that knack and sense danger and know where to position yourself or you don’t. Not really something that can be taught getting back like that. Shows great intelligence and awareness. Hope his form continues.
  12. Absolute class act and always thought so. Took some stick on here, think mainly down to his reported wages. Yet I always thought as he was brought in on a free it’s still a bargain. Strikers like that cost millions even at the age we signed him. We just put a bit of that transfer fee onto his wages.
  13. Did he fizz! Been reading this poo for years. I can’t think of 10 clear chances he missed. I can barely think of about 30 shots/headers he had in all the games he played. Down to him to make his own chances too, but he was supplied with the square root of fizz all. Watch other championship sides, especially those near the top and see how many actual chances they create. Big difference between shots and chances.
  14. He does his damage in the box. The pace in the side will allow us to play much further forward. We’ve had this problem for years. Even in the days of having strikers like Stevie May. If they ever get beyond the defence they’ve still got 20+ yards before they reach the edge of the area. Little through balls will be more possible and strikers like Rhodes thrive facing the goal and playing on the shoulder. Not back to goal 20 yards from the edge of the area. The matches he’s played I can hardly ever think of many shots he’s had. Never got it on the box and hardly facing the oppositions goal. Plenty of people say he missed chance after chance. Yet I’d find it hard to count 10 he missed (although he should be making more himself too). Plenty of other strikers get several a game. Despite what a few on here say for years we haven’t created all that many ‘clear cut chances’.
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