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The pre-match 'mega mix'

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1 hour ago, Sefton owl said:

And who was that announcer the other night, was he working in the Wednesday tap then the other guy called in sick?

I liked the part when he got Theo's name wrong and spend the rest of the announcement trying to stifle his own laughter.


He reminded me of Spencer...



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1 hour ago, @owlstalk said:


Yeah imagine actually wanting to be proud of our city instead of being an old fart whinging about how it's not how it used to be and how we should never have got rid of the hole in the road 

Sheffielders make me sick

We have an amazing city, great culture and fantastic artists but mention it and you get the gimmer gammon spitting their cup of tea all over their own nobsacks in rage




but I’d rather hear those cheesy Wednesday songs at a Wednesday match than reverend and the makers take on the marmite theme tune 

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1 hour ago, Owls2k said:

Compared with Liverpool and Manchester Sheffielders don't shout nearly enough about the artists that come from the city, we seem almost embarrassed about it.

People are always banging on about the Arctic monkeys 😀

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