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  1. Bakary Sako

    Who for?
  2. Ross Wallace

    To be honest I think Wallace is one of the players who is still getting in the side due to the style of play implemented by the manager, i.e. his defensive qualities.
  3. Ross Wallace

    Wallace has been very underrated in the previous 2 seasons but this season he's just not reached anywhere near that level. He is only 32 so I'm not buying that he is now too old, its probably more to do with the fact he has got no real competition for that spot at the moment, the only time we switch him out is for a CM playing out wide or mid-game when we change the formation. The decision to not take him off last night was completely bizarre, he was having his worst game in a Wednesday shirt.
  4. We are at the tolerant end of the spectrum Take a look how Man U fans reacted when their rivals turned them over at Old Trafford..
  5. Gary Hooper

    Hooper is has been poor in the past 2 games, and he looked very frustrated last night. At this point of his career he's probably looking at getting another crack at the prem, and who can blame him.
  6. It was better than his no look 5 yard pass that went out for a throw
  7. Bennett

    We are not nasty or streetwise enough, simple as. We're like an academy team until we go a goal down.
  8. That's me done

    Did you say the same when we drew 2-2 with 9-man Yeovil?
  9. Nonsense. Put in a peach of a cross last week that Rhodes buried, and again tonight to Hooper at the back post that should have been a tap in for someone in the 6 yard box. Reach was our only genuine wide threat in that second half, which made it all the more bizarre that Carlos brought him in the middle towards the end, it completely killed that threat and left Fox all at sea.
  10. Someone has geniunely watched that match and thought, 'I need to start a topic about Reach on Owlstalk'. He had a rocky start to the season (while he was being sold down the river at left back), but since he has easily been one of our top performers along with Bannan and Hooper.
  11. Feel sorry for Joao

    Joao is still getting a look in because he is our only fit attacker with any decent level of pace, in reality he just has not delivered since his dip in form in season one. On the pitch he comes across as a little away with the fairies (or 'head in the clouds' as CC put it in season 1), he just does not seem to be in sync with the game or his teammates. His unpredictability can be useful if he's on song, but that's such a rare occurrence that it is understandable that he is only being used as a plan B or C. He is a far cry from the Joao who absolutely tore Hull's defence a new one in the first season, and we are stuck with him for another 18 months.
  12. Contract Length

    Chansiri is worried about life after Carlos, worrying for all of us.
  13. p1ssed on from above and p1ssed on on the pitch.
  14. That sentence felt longer than one of our first halves.
  15. On way home

    I agree about Wallace, he has been poor all season. Palmer used to play in centre midfield and you can tell, he just doesn't have the qualities needed to be attacking or defensive minded on the flank. How weak Wednesday are at both full back positions after 5 transfer windows is a disgrace.