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  1. Bet he's looking forward to his Christmas off.
  2. Monk certainly leant on Harris for his defensive work. But he still gets into great attacking positions and wastes the opportunity.
  3. Reach's form was inconsistent while he was in and out of the side and whilst being played all over the pitch. Harris on the other hand was in the side uninterrupted and he contributed precious little in the final third from October onwards. Reach got more assists than Harris despite making 7 less appearances (and a lot were from the bench) and being played through the middle for a chunk of that. Not hammering Harris, he was our only threat yesterday to be honest. He just needs to re-capture the form from early last season, or be replaced by someone suitable (that we ar
  4. Harris has been poor for a full 12 months now. And the worst part is we are now over relying on him because we're so poor elsewhere. Still cannot get my head around Monk not going with Reach and Murphy when both were available.
  5. It just means when he talks to the chairman he can use that sub as an example of our need for something better.
  6. We should buy them both a beer for having to witness that in the flesh.
  7. When you think of players like Joao you'd think that Pulis would hate them but you're right. Pulis managed Ricardo Fuller brilliantly, he was a match winner for Stoke so many times.
  8. Signal to the chairman, simple as that. Feel sorry for Rhodes.
  9. STOP ASKING QUESTIONS I CAN'T ANSWER This is like when the STI lady asked me to count my past partners.
  10. I watched that for a full minute.
  11. No, they're too big to get out of the door I'm afraid. Just like my head (the one on the end of my neck).
  12. A new Government campaign fronted by Rishi Sunak
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