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  1. I'm sure you could say that about the vast majority of the Leeds, Norwich and United squad, and even Cardiff's last season. Getting there is what we should be planning for, we shouldn't be running before we can walk.
  2. Reach came in under a huge price tag and was shunted to left back to cover for our own poor recruitment. He has since been very good for us. I don't think it's as much as he goes hiding with good players around him, he just stands out less. Reach is a consistent 7 out of 10 player, this stood out in our poor period and now he just looks like an important part of a very good side. He plays like a very good academy product, does everything by the book, is pretty consistent and has a great engine and excellent all round fitness levels. Not every player in your team is going to be a leader or one to grab the game by the scruff of the neck, but looking around at our squad I don't see many others like that either. Reach has played 144 games for us already and at 26 he's coming to the peak of his career, and unless we get a good offer I think we'd be mad to let him go.
  3. And take off the point we stole at Rotherham
  4. Huddersfield talks are leaked a few days before he is set to sit down with Bruce. And that's what you call an agent doing his job. It'd be interesting if Chansiri broke the bank to keep him after letting (or instructing...) the previous manager leave him out.
  5. Can't help but think Bruce left him up front on his own today for that long to test his mettle.
  6. Hector has not only been brilliant but he's made Lees look the player he was a few years ago.
  7. We did the opposite at Rotherham, they got a huge break with the free kick being given and the time, but it was a great free kick. We however should've been down to 10 with Dawson's handball and Fletcher got lucky with his goal, swings and roundabouts.
  8. I think the moment when Bruce put him up front on his own against Swansea to get him away from any responsibility his mind was made up, I'd be astonished if Matias is here next season.
  9. Is that a Scirocco R Line? If so, great car! Obviously the scumbag was just jealous of a car they'd never be able to afford themselves.
  10. He'd be perfect for one of the teams coming down unfortunately. Fantastic player.
  11. I Shazam'ed that music and my phone brought up a picture of Morgan Fox
  12. We've fluked points as well remember. Both Rotherham games we deserved to lose for example.
  13. Once we sell Joao for 1.5 Billion we can do what the hell we want.
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