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  1. Owls2k


    I feared the worst when he missed those sitters vs Hull, great header today. Easily first choice at the moment if fit.
  2. Owls2k

    Rub It In, Jos!

    Best opening post for 12 months.
  3. Owls2k

    Gary Cahill

    We'd probably play him as number 10 and boo him when he doesn't play like Iniesta.
  4. Owls2k

    Adam Reach

    This is a carbon copy of a topic a year ago when again a manager was selling Reach down the river by playing him out of position. Fans then too were calling him awful and calling for him to be dropped, after the first 15 games or so we started playing him in his best position on the left wing, the place where he can do the most damage and by the end of the season he walked away with the player of the year award and deservedly so. I really like Jos but I am very disappointed that he is not playing Reach in his natural position, the vast majority of owls fans recognise that he is a very good player when played on the left wing. Reach is a victim of his own versatility (although that could be questioned after his last two 'performances' in fairness) and the lack of our attacking midfield options. Although Reach is probably the stand-out under performer currently I struggle to see which players are actually thriving in this current formation, the players look almost as confused as the fans.
  5. Owls2k

    Momentum Is Building

    Quit when it gets a bit sketchy?
  6. Owls2k

    Ryan Woods

    Nearly as ginger as Martin from Game On
  7. Owls2k

    Matt Penney

    To think we've been playing Fox instead of him is actually incredible. He doesn't look out of place at all, he had a good game today and that run and shot was so unlucky.
  8. Owls2k

    Todays attendance

    Does't matter what the rest of the Championship are doing, it is us I am talking about, our attendances seem to be on a downward trend compared to the last 2 seasons.
  9. Owls2k

    Stoke were quite good

    They came out of the traps like a house on fire but you could see our equaliser coming a mile off, they lack a killer instinct which is all too common amongst relegated teams. Had we performed to our decent level we'd have won today. All I hear about Ince and Allen is how much quality they possess but their set pieces today were bordering on embarrassing. It was like watching Wednesday in the Chris Turner era!
  10. Owls2k

    Kop children

    We could have done with them in the first 11 in the opening half hour
  11. Spot on from Jos. We looked like a team of bottlers in that first half and Bannan was only one being brave on the ball.
  12. Owls2k


    I think he was saying pretty much the opposite of what you think he said, i.e. he hasn't been at fault.
  13. Owls2k

    Todays attendance

    This is a very poor attendance given the decent numbers from Stoke
  14. Owls2k


    I'm a fan of Westwood but seriously the bloke doesn't command his area well enough at all. Are our fans forgetting what he actually plays like?