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  1. Owls2k

    Squad photo

    Bannan looks like me each time Fox is defending 1 v 1
  2. Is it as good as Belinda Blinked?
  3. Owls2k

    53 tickets sold for Swansea

    Terry Henfleet has bought all 53
  4. Owls2k

    Where is winnall?

    I'm sure we'll all see Hooper in Burger King.
  5. Owls2k

    West Brom

    I've a sensible idea, don't go. Instead throw your cash into an open fire and watch it burn, it'll be more enjoyable.
  6. Owls2k

    Where is winnall?

    Amazing that he was coming back from injury and then he went to Dubai with Reach and Hunt.
  7. How about lottery numbers?
  8. Any chance of publishing your back catalogue?
  9. Hope not, I have enough of that chump Foster in the mornings before I get my aux cable in.
  10. No, in fact he appears to know quite a bit less.
  11. Jos says we're living like it is 3 years ago. Unfortunately for him (and us) we're still paying top of the table prices for the pleasure of watching Fox and Baker as wing backs.
  12. Owls2k

    Paul cook

    Imagine a conversation between him and John Sheridan
  13. Owls2k

    Extended Highlights

    That first goal has to be up there as one of the worst goals we've ever conceded. OUR kick off, and 14 seconds later, it's in the net. We are a Shakespearean tragedy. Even when we fluke a lead we throw it away.