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  1. I don't think they wanted him 'so bad' at all, your words. They did however table a monetary bid with him out of contract in the summer. If a very good play off team were willing to pay £1m in Jan, then he'd have had numerous offers when out of contract, possibly at sides lower down in the league, still makes his decision worthy of bringing up.
  2. Pop your Hugh Hefner robe on I'll be round with the Milk Tray before 10.
  3. FFS he's the Arsenal Fan TV of SWFC
  4. Neil I will put down £1mil now for you to pleasure me until completion. But I don't want you. (2 mins of service required)
  5. The point I was making is that the timing of it all was odd, as he will undoubtably have other options. If a play off side were willing to snip him for £1m then countless Championship clubs would have happily secured his services for free at the end of the season.
  6. It was hardly a sign of them wanting him when they put £1m down, are you on glue?
  7. Most assistant managers are essentially cone carriers at this level, learning their trade and supporting the manager. That's why you saw a difference when Neil Thompson was in charge vs Moore's assistants. Thompson seemed completely at ease, as to him it was the same job but with different players. It was also the same with Steve Bruce's assistants before Bruce arrived, they looked very uncomfortable with the spotlight and pressure that their manager protected them from.
  8. Moore deserves nothing but praise for wanting to be there to help the team in the circumstances, I bet he's still very unwell.
  9. Brentford wanted him early into the season, he could easily found a Championship club. It would have made more sense if he already lived in the area, but he didn't until around the contract signing. All very odd. I am pleased he signed it though.
  10. Admin is only a worry post Chansiri, he wouldn't do that. The worry is him choosing a suitable future owner...
  11. Why did he sign that contract and move up here now of all times, baffling.
  12. You think Chansiri would pay a PR agency? He doesn't even pay his players. Like it or not, it's from him, it clearly follows the (interesting) flow of previous statements.
  13. Why? Knuckle down and work hard and you can achieve great things. I believe in you!
  14. It's similar to all his other statements (apart from the Carlos one which I've still not finished reading, he was definitely 4 grey gooses* deep), it's from him whether you like it or not. But yes definitely agree he needs to update sharpish with a clear strategy. Will he? Who knows. *the drink
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