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  1. "I love Wednesday more than England" is the the most boring thing since watching Potter and O'Connor as the central two.
  2. Owls2k

    Joost Van Aken

    JVA was parachuted in when we were a complete farce. Good to see he's putting the work in in the off-season, I think he mentioned in a couple more weeks he'll be fully recovered. Next season is a huge one for him.
  3. Owls2k


    Stevie May has aged quickly
  4. Owls2k

    Danny Rose

    He's a Blade, just like the Arctic Monkeys lads.
  5. Owls2k

    New kit

    People who start threads like this should be forced to watch James Corden for a year.
  6. Owls2k

    The Sam Winnalll situation

    Whether he was essential or not, signing Winnall was excellent business. It's good to see the club showing the predatory instinct that we've been on the end of all too many times in the past.
  7. Forestieri came back to us twice the player after his injury, he was phenomenal. Any bottom 10 Premier League side would be improved with him in it. Birmingham aren't a worry but I wouldn't be surprised if there's bigger hitters knocking the door down. Thankfully he has 2 years left on his deal so we are firmly in the driving seat.
  8. Owls2k


    Went down easier than Snodgrass
  9. In fairness, you could post that reply on every thread on Owlstalk on a Saturday afternoon.
  10. Owls2k

    Clare rejected us??

    At least we'll see less of that horrendous hashtag.
  11. Owls2k

    Robert Huth

    Carlos would've been all over him like a pigeon on a chip, with a 9 year deal
  12. "Hi, I'm a reputable journalist, this is proven by my needless use of the semicolon." Alan Biggs, 2018.
  13. Owls2k

    New Kit

    I hope their manufacturing quality is better than their website. No favicon and those meta titles and descriptions
  14. Owls2k

    All this sunny weather

    Had a pint Neil?