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  1. Seen that so many times but just watched it all again. Amazing
  2. Sounds like a name Bob Mortimer would come up with on Would I Lie To You.
  3. Can't wait for the OT bitchfest when Bruce has to squeeze Bannan, Hutch and Lee into the same midfield
  4. God I hope not. Having Hinchcliffe 'commentate' on our first game would make me want to top mesen.
  5. That's a huge blow for him at only 31
  6. Nothing to do with you, it was horrendous on the Star site as well
  7. An article of old quotes twinned with some of the worst punctuation and formatting the world has ever seen. Is it August yet?
  8. Players will be on the wee wee travelling all summer, with a cheeky insta stories video of them jogging on a treadmill to keep us sweet.
  9. "Happy Birthday Mr Chansiri, get anything nice?" "Yes, Hillsborough stadium"
  10. Easily. Have you never nipped to the loo just as the bill is arriving? I’ll teach you. Any other questions?
  11. Our fans are slagging off owls in the park, probably the same fans that told us all that Stevie May would come good. Weird folk
  12. My thoughts exactly. Bruce went out of his way not to use him which I thought said everything.
  13. What are we doing with this lad then? Is he going to be in contention to play this season? As he only has a year left should we be cashing in the chips? Could anyone envisage him getting another deal here? I can't. Even though he was coming back from injury I got the impression that Bruce wasn't that keen...
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