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  1. Lee Bullen has got a better points return in the first 5 games than all the 'proper managers' we've had since 2012/13
  2. Why is it quite telling? Were you happier under Carlos when we had 5 points at this point for both seasons? Would this have been acceptable under Bruce?
  3. I think we'll actually play well against teams who command the ball with our pace. Where we struggle is when the onus is on us, either when we're expected to win or go behind. We're yet to lose points from a winning position and we're also yet to win points from a losing position.
  4. Are we being a bit negative? Was the start easy and we should have had more points?
  5. Honestly can't get my head around him playing Reach there instead of Luongo.
  6. Agree 100% Today proved exactly why he should never be in the middle, sensational cross for the goal.
  7. Both clear pens. Ref was irritating but that didn't change the result.
  8. Seems a bit selfish does Murphy so far, good player but needs to put it in .
  9. It was a nothing game until the penalty. Both teams were dire, Preston were buoyed by the pen and we struggled from then. Not the end of the world at all, frustrating how we couldn't find our way back in until the last 15 minutes where we were pretty unlucky not to score again, at that point we were far more threatening than PNE were for the whole match.
  10. Yes! Sorry, I don't think I was clear enough there reading back.
  11. I think that's the reason why he wasn't hooked at HT to be honest. Although the confidence of the player matters, the greater good for the team is a paramount. I'd expect Iorfa to come in for him next week.
  12. He's looked suspect every time I've seen him, Bullen tried to give him chance to make up for his error when most would have subbed him at HT, and then he does it again, you can't write it. Nobody was suprised about that first penalty, no complaints from the fans or players. He should have just dealt with it.
  13. Nuhiu was excellent when he came on today, unfortunately that's not always the case. Was very unlucky with the chance that a fashioned all on his own.
  14. Preston under Bruce was far worse but on that day we were lucky to get the breaks, today our right back made 2 identical mistakes and it didn't fall for us at the end like it did last season, that's football. Goals change games. Preston were buoyed by the pen when before that both teams were bang average. Frustrating yes, but no need for the panic button given the bizarre circumstances of the match today. If Bullen starts struggling Chansiri will bring someone in, I think that's the plan, but I think we've had a decent start given we've had 3 away games.
  15. Bog standard Championship match today, both teams awful until the penalty. Then after it we struggled. Second goal killed it just as we were making the other change, that's football. We won on Tuesday without being great and today Preston have been ordinary and taken all 3 points.
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