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  1. Bloke gettin kicked out twice

    The stewards and police thought that a suitable punishment for his behaviour was to send him back in to watch some more of the game.
  2. Wildsmith

    Wildsmith's distribution is actually much better than Westwood's, he is a decent shot stopper but yes he made one mistake yesterday (one he made at 'Boro and Westwood himself made at Brentford) and his kicking wasn't up to his usual standard. In the previous two games I do think he's been very good though. But the real issue is that we have no established No. 2 in the squad to compete with Westwood, this is something Stuart Gray recognised when Kirkland was No.1 but it looks like we have no interest in addressing it, all this means is Westwood is not getting pushed from a quality back up keeper and when he's out we're having to rely on a young, inconsistent understudy.
  3. It's simple, this is a team that cannot handle pressure and expectation. Every time we're expected to win we struggle with the games, both on the pitch by how little space we're given by the opposition and by the pressure from the stands. This comes from the manager and the lack of true leaders on the pitch. No offence but if Tom Lees is your captain then its pretty clear that you're lacking leaders within the squad.
  4. I actually fear for us with or without Carlos. It's fair to say Carlos was a punt, nobody had a clue who he was and he'd never managed over here before and with that in mind he's been a success so far. Given what's happening at the club at the moment do we believe that we will bring in a proven Championship manager? Even other clubs in the Championship are currently having to take risks by employing unknown quantities in this country or taking a punt on a manager from further down the division. With how poor recruitment has been I do wonder who we'd bring in.
  5. Let's get it added to the honours board.
  6. No, I don't think you have a wife, or a correctly functioning space bar.
  7. Didn’t realise your bird had Twitter.
  8. Interesting given that he hasn’t actually deleted it.
  9. Just missed out on play-offs, Chansiri out.
  10. Framed Dream Scene Prints now on sale

    You've missed Jay Bothroyd
  11. Framed Dream Scene Prints now on sale

    £150 isn't bad. Seems most on here get their art from B&M, gotta love that New York skyline.
  12. Hooper bogey

    If you've got those teeth you may as well use 'em!
  13. Hooper bogey

    That post goal grin from Hooper :D
  14. Westwood..

    It was nice to see a 'keeper who could kick properly