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  1. Imagine putting the level of money into a football club that Chansiri has and watching that game yesterday, blimey.
  2. We also played 2 up top at home to Hull, fat load of good that did. The 2 up top debate is a complete red herring.
  3. Who knows, people may have similar memories of the current era in 20 years "I was there when our goalie headed it into his own net." They'll say
  4. Just off the top of my head, I'll let you count them. Were you complaining at Christmas when we were third in the table?
  5. The thread was about home matches until bizarrely a Lincoln away pre-season friendly was mentioned, so I responded with those examples. Try to keep up. My point isn't that we are playing Barcelona-esque football at home, my point is when we were Sat 3rd at Christmas it bothered absolutely nobody.
  6. I do apologise you were bored when we played Lincoln. I hope you didn't go to Middlesbrough, Forest, Brighton or Leeds you may have got a bit of a fright.
  7. Fans were saying it was boring before the season started? Blimey.
  8. Were you saying this at Christmas? That's my point, which is valid. Style is a stick to beat with after a defeat. With Monk 'we're boring', with Jos 'we're too naive' etc. All a bit disingenuous.
  9. So you're happy if we play like that if we win, but not if we do not? That'll be why nobody was whinging when we were third at Christmas. Go back to last season with Jos playing naive, expansive tippy tappy football which often left us way to open at the back, I can't remember fans singing his praises after any defeats despite us never being over defensive. Fans want wins, simple.
  10. The 'first ten minutes mantra' was Monk recognising that the red card was not the only reason we lost today, we were horrendous before it.
  11. Well he selected the team that had just put in 2 excellent performances and got 2 great results. His complaint in the first 10 was we had the opportunity to be positive and we chose not to, which was a correct summary.
  12. Fans weren't calling it boring when we were sat 3rd before Christmas. Fans want to see wins, if they don't see wins they pick holes.
  13. I'm intrigued to see where he goes in the summer, he's certainly not playing his way into other team's lists is he?
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