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  1. Reach has double the assists that golden boy Harris has this season, and that includes having 10 less starts than him as well. He has 6 which is only 1 away from his total last season. He is never going to be a blood and thunder player which is why often many fans don't take to him, but he still has a part to play I think. Out wide that is as he should never play in the middle again, he just doesn't have the attributes for that as his close control and tackling aren't great at all.
  2. I would say Harris is more effective when he plays well and delivers quality on a consistent basis. Going round players means nothing if the delivery is naff. You seemed to be completely unable to accept that his form dipped, and now you've claimed it did but it's because of the strikers and the fact we used him too much. Bizarre. He brings a lot to the team, definitely, but we need to see the quality he was delivering at the start of the season.
  3. The only thing that's pretty clear is that you've taken a genuine and valid criticism and I'm now scapegoat hungry motivation destroyer. Deary me. He should have done better for the goal, simple as that. It's not the end of the world. Connor Wickham should have buried a chance to make it 3 on Sunday by the way, is that valid criticism allowed or should I buy my one way ticket to hell in the morning?
  4. To be fair there were people hammering him on here when we were 3rd, gotta love Owlstalk
  5. We didn't look like we missed Fletcher at all until the last 20 mins when Wickham was knackered, that was a huge positive.
  6. Where are they from? I'd hazard a guess that these will be up to date, odd how it doesn't include his goals though although this may be just passing related? It'd be interesting to see how these compare with Murphy, Reach, the top wingers in the division and even isolating Harris' first two months here to see how that compares to the complete stats too!
  7. Very good point, I thought the referee was terrible all game actually.
  8. Throughout a game, especially after a set piece players cover for others during a counter attack. I shan't apologise for expecting someone to be able to defend properly, rather than watching the ball sail over his head, add to that a cheeky offside appeal too when he should have been defending. A genuine criticism isn't scapegoating I'm afraid, it appears we simply expect different levels of performance from the players.
  9. Harris has excellent attributes and I can absolutely see why Monk is picking him. He's athletic, pacey, a goal threat, extremely hard working and can carry the ball away from pressure, he's a good weapon to have in the counter attacking arsenal that's for sure. However his end product from the wings has indeed dipped since the opening couple of months of the season, if you're not happy with that opinion or think it is 'lazy' or 'easy', then so be it, but it's the truth I'm afraid. If I was being forced to point out a lazy argument I'd probably be pointing to the person who suggested against criticising a winger because 'no winger is 100% accurate with crossing', pretty bizarre to say the least. In that case we can never criticise a striker again because no striker converts 100% of chances, it's a nonsensical argument. If Harris can up that part of his game in the last part of the season he will be a colossal force. However, as it stands he is on 3 assists from 34 starts which I think is far too low given the promising performances and deliveries he was putting in at the start of the season.
  10. I've got it. I now know for next time. Next time you use a hyphen I'll remember you're comparing with Wickham.
  11. No it was Harris' run and cross on about 58 mins, Rhodes connected it was well blocked.
  12. Excellent use of the hyphen, gives your opinion added gravitas.
  13. I don't care why he was there, he should've defended it properly.
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