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  1. We've learnt nothing from these 3 interviews. What a waste of everyone's time.
  2. I was thinking this midway through every January home match.
  3. Filmed in stunning 4K quality
  4. Heady days when we had a chairman who made swift, pragmatic decisions for the best of the club. The difference between having years of footballing knowledge I guess.
  5. It's not 'quite* clear' at all, that's just conjecture. Carlos deserves as much credit for the first year as he does criticism for the third and eccentricities are hardly rare when it comes to football managers. All this shows is that Wallace, like many other players are completely juvenile, take little to no responsibility and are pretty much the kids in a classroom most of the time. Having heard/watched many other podcasts like this (e.g. Undr The Cosh) many players have told similar stories about far more successful managers than dear, lauded Carlos. It's also worth noting that McGeady has been interviewed on this channel before, where he said Carlos really liked him but didn't end up playing much, possibly because he was not fit enough, maybe he didn't want to put those 'horror stories' in while he was still playing.
  6. May as well get lewis mcgugan on the phone while we're at it. It's always amazing how het up people get when people understandably say Carlos had a great first season. Their reaction is utterly bizarre.
  7. Is this the same Ross Wallace that 'shushed' the North when he scored a tap after playing terribly for months? A game we went on to lose. Carlos was far from perfect but you can't deny he went down trying his damnedest, the players are a disgrace.
  8. I thought they were taking us to court over the lack of convenient parking.
  9. I think it's fine actually, on reflection.
  10. That crossword is ridiculous. Anyone who spends their time on that needs a good sectioning, squares.
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