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  1. Owls2k

    Set back

    Not sure what's worse, The Star's website or the grammar in that piece.
  2. Owls2k

    The shadow of The Blades

    Wilder is performing miracles there, it has to be said. Any other manager and that squad is mid table at best.
  3. Owls2k

    Forestieri Red Card

    Soon as I saw the red I immediately thought he'd jumped into the fans a la Forest away. When in fact he's been jumped on by a pitch invader, and high-fived another, no 'jumping in the fans'. All after he nearly has his legs broken and the player somehow got away without a red card.
  4. Owls2k

    Is Ronnie Alright?

    "Is the ref just playing until they score." * Goal *
  5. Owls2k

    Big Hec

    You can forgive Hec a poor game once in a while, as it's out of character. it's the ones that do it week in and week out we should be worrying about.
  6. Fair play Bruce for giving things a try, stuff we probably know doesn't work. Joao is a great player when he wants to be, simple as that. If you're counting on him you're doomed to failure.
  7. Think you’ve mistakenly took me for someone who disagrees
  8. People on here were clamouring for us to re-sign the Albanian Messi for another year. There were rumours that Leeds were in for him, can you imagine him playing for Bielsa, he'd actually look like an Ikea Wardrobe in that dynamic team. Nuhiu and his agent played a blinder. That said when he's on form he is good, and he does offer something completely different to the rest of the strikers we have.
  9. Owls2k

    Opposition free kicks

    Always been one of my pet hates with Westwood.
  10. Owls2k


    Biggest criticism of Palmer is that he doesn't sense danger well enough, you can tell he used to play in the midfield as he's neat and tidy but he just doesn't have the defensive instinct. I think we'll be playing Iorfa there soon, saying that Baker didn't do too well so I can certainly see us offering Palmer a deal in the summer.
  11. Owls2k

    Extended highlights

    Agreed, the highlights showed Nuhiu in a far better light, as they didn't show him.
  12. Owls2k

    Extended highlights

    I think Joao merits a start with Fletcher. It's pot luck whether he fancies it but he doesn't miss too many chances.
  13. Owls2k


    We all just want Bougherra back, don't we?
  14. Owls2k


    Thanks for agreeing you mistook my explanation. Best of luck in future, hopefully more successful ventures.