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  1. A discussion on a football forum is fine. But do you remember when Reach's Dad was getting harassed on Twitter by certain fans? I do. And that was a disgrace and something that could have easily escalated into something worse being said. I have no idea how the young players cope with social media these days, it's a cess pit.
  2. Dean isn't even bad at his job. He's been consistently good for years. What you can see with Dean is that VAR really grates on him, you can just tell he feels it undermines his role as the referee.
  3. 'What am I supposed to do if we don't have anyone who can take a corner?' - Chris Turner.
  4. Do you also know the whereabouts of my ex wife?
  5. I can relate to this. Just asking, do you mean Christmas 2019?
  6. I have no idea who you are or what you said.
  7. I was going to ask if you're on glue. But instead I would like to ask, "What type of glue are you on?"
  8. Good bloke is Neil (Thompson). Calls a spade a spade, gets on with it. Doesn't suffer fools, he's like a tough uncle (not in that way)
  9. The most regrettable thing is the game time that saga robbed him of. If that deal was done he'd have had potentially over 1 year's worth of English game time which would have aided his development no end. What can't be denied is that both sides were at fault and in the end his development suffered because of it. His reaction to Rob Staton's pretty reasonable question about his SWFC exit came across as pretty arrogant and alludes to a pretty rambunctious character trait in the chap. Genuinely hope he comes good though.
  10. I think you're holding it wrong.
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