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  1. Given where he's at in his career I wasn't surprised in the slightest. Newcastle is a fantastic football club even if you don't like who runs the gaff. That said he did go about it in all the wrong way. Thankfully we've fallen on our feet and had a good start, although I don't think we'll do as well as if he'd have stayed.
  2. Hats off I thought he was great today.
  3. Who is the current 3? Hutch, Bannan and Lee?
  4. '1 up front' is far too basic and many fans fall into the trap of simply clamouring for '2 up top'. I've seen some horrendously defensive Wednesday teams that play 2 up front. Monk's had criticism in the past for being too concerned with the opposition rather than his own teams, he is very pragmatic with how he puts his side out. Under Carlos with ethos was a 'big team' mentality, Monk is slightly different, he seems to approach as the underdog in most games which can seem negative and is not always a great watch.
  5. Horrendous stroke of luck that the Newcastle job came up. In the long run he'll probably regret it but I can understand his decision, however he behaved terribly all the way through the saga. With Bruce at the helm I think we'd have had a great chance of going up, but Monk is doing well so far.
  6. Monk is spot on with the tempo comment, Westwood is the worst for taking too long and in the second half Westwood's kicking and quick distribution was excellent.
  7. Sums a section of our fanbase up this comment. Using a positive post about a good goal to have a go at Reach, we have some odd folks that follow us.
  8. Wednesday 2-2 Yeovil Worse than any cup final defeat ever.
  9. Those sort of tactics remind me of a legend from the past.
  10. I hope we're readying a contract for fletch he deserves it.
  11. No, not a 'luxury' player. A winger who delivers goals, assists and works hard for the team. I notice Monk praised Reach's attitude and desire after the match yesterday and also highlighted his work off the ball and how it benefitted the side, Monk is the type of manager who has big defensive demands on all players so any 'luxury' player wouldn't cut it, thankfully Reach is far from that.
  12. Looking forward to the free buffet after
  13. I don't think I've ever seen a fan claim he is anything like a £20m player. He's a decent player at this level, contributes goals and assists and we're a better and more successful team with him in the side, especially on the flanks. That said he isn't immune to a dip in form and in the last 2 years he's probably played through that due to a lack of other options, thankfully with the likes of Lee and Luongo we should hopefully not see him play in the centre and if he's out of form or playing poorly (like 2nd half vs Fulham) we'll have Murphy waiting in the wings.
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