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  1. How dense do these fans sound? Jesus, 2 syllable max from that lot
  2. Carlos 7 v Jos 7

    More importantly CC DDDDLLL = no moustache. JL DWDWDLD = excellent moustache. Well done Jos
  3. Knee Sliiiiiiiiiiiide

    It reminds me of this
  4. If you remove the finger from the dam you can point freely, but you have a leaking dam. #ItsNotACarlosQuoteButItCouldBe
  5. Interesting thought there Neil, "He'd walk through broken glass to play for team X" Only because he could buy a new pair of feet at the end of it. I'd love to see a footballer's contract in full one day, I bet they are ridiculous. Obviously no specific reference to Hutch above!
  6. Hutch comes across as a demanding, abrasive, mardy tart. The EXACT sort of character you need in a footballing dressing room. One that demands from others what he puts in himself. We've been a bunch of passive wet rags for too long this season. It's worth noting that it's not only Hutch's ability that is Prem standard, it's his mentality. This clearly came from being brought up through Chelsea around superstars and coaches who demanded the best from themselves and him. This mentality has clearly been strengthened after signed for us and giving football another go, the longer he sticks around the better.
  7. Tom Lees

    From the last steering group meeting it appeared that we are dangerously close to it, from the write up it almost seemed that Chansiri was preparing for the sanctions. Fernando is the obvious player that could attract interest although given his injury and lack of games this season it may be limited, the one to watch in the summer is Hooper, one year left on his deal and at his age he could fancy one more crack at the prem. I can see a team in the bottom echelons of the prem taking a punt on him and I wouldn't blame him for wanting a last decent move. If Hooper had've remained injury free he'd have already been a Premier League player, the guy is pure quality.
  8. Tom Lees

    A performing Tom Lees is a massive plus for us and is one of the best defenders in this league when on form. Along with Westwood, Bannan and Lee he is easily one of our best transfers of the past decade. Although in the aid of balance it should be pointed out that Tom did come back against Ipswich (albeit not as captain) and in those 3 matches we've conceded in the last 10 minutes in all of those 3 games (2 being headers less than 8 yards out) losing 3 points and that could have been a further 2 today had it not been for Messi on stilts; so there is plenty of room for improvement. This international break comes at a great time for everyone at the club, I expect us to be performing much better at the back once Jos has had decent time on the training ground.
  9. We're unbeaten in the last one
  10. I'm glad we're on the same page. Enjoy your Sunday, perhaps try to lighten up a bit.
  11. I've retained the 'S Yorks' sense of humour, some don't seem to have it despite still being there.
  12. Promotion in blue and white stripes next season! From league one.
  13. Morgan Fox .

    A bit like when they signed that lad who got laughed peeing in a glass at the races
  14. Lucas Joao

    For me currently Reach Hooper Bannan Joao Wildsmith
  15. Corrections

    Do you do motivational speeches?