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  1. I'm sure I wasn't the only thinking when he took that later corner. "If this hits the first man (like Bannan's last 37) he'll never be seen in a Wednesday shirt again."
  2. OP is absolutely right Wilder would demolish this league with this squad.
  3. You won't be saying that after you've watched them all live.
  4. Those two are kindred spirits to us fans. Positive, proactive, they make tons of mistakes but they make mistakes trying things. Which we will always forgive. The main issue is it took a goal for our players to feel empowered to play that way. If we started with Theo and Shodipo on opposite wings and they were as direct as today and we lost the odd game I'm sure we'd be more forgiving.
  5. He gave up on the job, not the players. He'd have been the right appointment under a different owner.
  6. Hutch is the only one capable of it, he's a proper footballer. The rest have no chance. Completely the wrong tactic with these players.
  7. I think people have some weird idea that he used to be Paolo Maldini. He was always a hapless player whose physical attributes and commitment got him and us out of trouble. All in all a good, non ball playing defender. All that's changed is the people around him and the manager managing him.
  8. I'd take Mike Bassett in a heart beat. (not in a sexual way)
  9. Agreed. In the end Monk had a crippling self awareness - we, including him were just waiting for him to be binned. Having said that, I don't think Moore will ever get to that position, he'll always interview like this.
  10. You're being so hilariously crazy I think we'd make a great couple to be honest. a/s/l?
  11. I'll read what I want thanks. He knows we are terrible, but says differently in his interview and spins it in his favour. If he's not lying to the fans, what is he doing? If you're not being honest with the paying public. What are you doing?
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