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  1. Nuhiu is a real handful but only when he's on it. Last night and vs Brentford he's been a waste of a shirt.
  2. Same, I think it was the way he marauded up to him before tackle like a man on a mission!
  3. That was a Hutch-like tackle to be fair. Didn't even think it was a foul until the replay, he proper nailed him.
  4. You couldn't understand taking off Rhodes? He was royally fooked and it was his first start since the Blitz.
  5. Thought their fans were meant to be good/
  6. That's why I could understand Carlos shoe-horning Lee into the side as he was always the one to run beyond the strikers.
  7. Has their goalie recovered from his broken back in the first half? I thought we were going to need the air ambulance. In fairness him having to get off his arse to pick the ball out of the net twice in the second half couldn't have helped it either
  8. Has to be said, this is the best name of a topic since Owlstalk was born.
  9. At that price so is Abdi in fairness
  10. We've not scored a counter attacking goal from an opposing corner since Matty Hamshaw vs Watford so I'm happy to go with Monk on this one.
  11. Be careful what you wish for. We used to bend over backwards to accommodate him under Carlos, he was often put out on the left to get in the team. Under Jos everything went through Bannan, Joey's 5 yard passes to Bannan used to drive us all insane. Bruce (who has always been a fan of Bannan) saw we needed proper pace and wingers as well as Bannan's creativity and although Monk is a bit more pragmatic he has kept that up, this gives us another creative option other than Bannan. When we go 2 up top against a 5 man midfield it is always going to be difficult for your creative midfielder to find the space, Bannan had no time on the ball at all yesterday, he did however work his knakcers off for the cause which was great from him. Now there is an argument that in such games we have a guy in the squad Luongo who seems tailor-made for that type of challenge yesterday, but personally I'd have Bannan in there especially at home. Also interesting to see what happens re:his contract as it is up in 2021
  12. Spot on, can't believe it's taken this long in the thread to someone to mention the bleedin' obvious!
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