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  1. Pato ain't getting anywhere near my gob with that mini dentist drill and fuji 9
  2. The fact the club's PR and community work has been decent recently makes me think that this is a desperate attempt to get some cash in the club this month. Which is incredibly worrying.
  3. Will be renewing instantly. Anyone choosing not to fund about 5% of Callum Paterson's weekly wage by buying a season ticket - whilst taking food out of the mouths of their own family at Christmas are clearly not a #TrueFan™
  4. Nothing like JJ, because on Saturday's evidence he can cross a ball, JJ couldn't cross a road. The guy scored 13 goals last season, there's something there, and still only 24. Maybe our haphazard start to the season hasn't helped him?
  5. We got flukey against Harrogate, everyone knows it. Moore is the manager, he carries the can.
  6. Yes according to the rules, that's how it's worked for years. Doesn't matter if it had've been a goal without his intervention or not.
  7. Luongo gets where water doesn't, nicks the ball when he has no right to and is so calm on the ball. He also carries the ball really well and seems deceptively quick. So great that we have him back.
  8. To be fair the old Shefki Kuqi chant works, just using his surname. I'm here all week
  9. If a shot is on target and is deflected in it isn't an own goal. If it was going wide then you'd be right, but it wasn't, so you're not.
  10. Please humour me, what are you banging on about? My question you quoted was What was the fans' thought process when they chant 'Theo, Theo' after Shodipo's attempted cross went out for a Wednesday throw-in? How does us drawing against Wycombe answer ?
  11. He gave Theo a rest, simple as. If Paterson wasn't so clumbsy and BPF wasn't so overrated and flappy handsed I doubt we'd have seen Theo at all today.
  12. Interesting you don't offer an opinion on the point of the thread, the chanting. Feel free to offer your opinions on that when you get a spare moment. As for the rest. Shodipo did try and beat his man many times, and there were at least 2 excellent crosses he put in that should have been buried. Theo played 20 mins today and didn't affect the game. If Shodipo was so bad and Theo is so great why did we get no better when he came on? Absolutely we've not seen the best of Shodipo yet, but shouting 'Theo' at him achieves zero.
  13. Please enlighten me. What was the fans' thought process when they chant 'Theo, Theo' after Shodipo's attempted cross went out for a Wednesday throw-in? Theo didn't play a game for months then started every game, not too hard to understand when the manager thinks he needs a bit of a break with a big schedule approaching.
  14. Who is saying it has to be? All I'm suggesting is let's not chant the names of players who could come in in a certain position when the player does something we don't like. Shades of the Westwood chanting.
  15. The chanting was at the Kop end of the North stand.
  16. Everyone expected Theo to start, but after having splinters in his backside for months it's possibly understandable that Moore benched him at some point. That's not really the point thought. The point is which would you chant another player's name when another player of ours does something you dislike. Completely bizarre.
  17. Shodipo, like all but 3 of his team mates, started the game poorly. But at the end of the half he was causing the right back real issues. And our fans decided to chant the name of another winger as his cross got deflected out for a Wednesday throw in. `As for Theo, big fan of him but he offered less than Shodipo did when he came on.
  18. Thanks Neil, when will you be posting the transcript ?
  19. Tell you something. For a kid 19 years old Theo has such an impressive head on his shoulders, what a guy. Great attitude.
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