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  1. The difference he made coming off the bench Doncaster and Bolton was huge, he's a player that just does the simple stuff right. But was he the perfect partner for Gregory? I don't think so.
  2. Ironically that's a French-Belgian striker Paxo's currently looking at.
  3. Deserved to beat us and deserved to win today. Congrats. From our point of view I'm glad you're not here next season, and we have to do everything in our powers to get out of it next season.
  4. Perfectly put. Interesting he signed a new deal very recently and has done it after that, so he clearly felt secure enough to do it with the club.
  5. The Dolly Parton of the lower leagues
  6. The fact your points are correct doesn't mean mine isn't
  7. A lottery ≠ mini cup competition It's different yes, but not a lottery. Sunderland, their manager and poorer squad of players handled it far better than us and deserved to go to Wembley.
  8. If you'd have been the Liverpool gaffer you'd have given Karius a 15 year contract after that Champions League final wouldn't you
  9. This is a thread about Hutch mate. Playoffs aren't a lottery, we were just found out by a better manager, an individual error and an inability to defend properly (whilst being coached by an ex defender for over a year).
  10. A mistake leading to a goal in a tie where we lost by one goal is a pretty concrete reason we lost the tie. Also yes that comedy Sunday league goal we conceded at home too. To say it's not a reason we lost is bizarre, let's get real.
  11. It would be interesting to hear what Moore says on it. As Sam was perfect for how Moore wants his defenders to play, maybe it was money? Who knows. To be fair to Moore he does have a good eye for a defender (Storey, Gibson, Dean) so I'm semi confident we'll get a decent replacement.
  12. I like Sam but that is nonsense. That was a huge mistake.
  13. I'd never seen a player try and beat his teammate to a header until this lad.
  14. Fear not, Sheffield Wednesday have an exemplary recruitment record in the last 5 years.
  15. Well Moore thought he was a striker for a fair few months... * shudders *
  16. Not fit enough and not good enough either. Thank God this will be the end of the Dunkley threads, I might go and get some cans.
  17. Was at fault for Wimbledon's goal at home too, stood there with his hand up like an absolutely melon. Got a deserved clip round the ear from Dean. What's confusing is Hutch is the perfect defender for how Moore wants to play, nobody looked more confident playing out from the back than him. I guess we'll have to see who he brings in.
  18. We've offered Wildsmith a contract after he watched that ball trickle by him at home in the cup. This club
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