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Christmas is coming..and so is FFP

I can't afford the tinsel to put on me Christmas tree

I'm saving for a ticket to  keep Wednesday out the red

I haven't got a fairy, I stuck Jeffers there instead


Was going to get a Turkey, but a chicken sure will do

an' presents are for peasants, I'll just send a card to you

The kids will be unhappy as beneath the Christmas tree

there will not be an Xbox...just some empty boxes see?


And come next year, each Saturday, I'll still be on the Kop

Me family will hate me, but i'll care f.ookin' not

Pariah in a bobble hat, I'll stand an' scream an' shout

forgetting fans an' family..its what footballs all about





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I wondered why they were playing all the Christmas records in the supermarket.


Now I know. 


If that fat bloke tries to get down our chimney again this year I'll set the dog on him.


Nice bit of poetry again ast.

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Merry Christmas to all fellow Owls Talkers.


We're deffo going up this season, especially after a points-galore Christmas.


ps - yes, I'm giddy, I'm in the pub.  Random things you hear eavesdropping.......


1.Ritz crackers

2.She lives up in Michigan now.

3.They dig into your head don't they.


Nosey Parker, ITN, News At Ten

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