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  1. The stats back up the scoreline, they have been better at everything all over the pitch and 0-3 is a true reflection of the game.
  2. I've told the EFL it's 8.5 million Although I'll keep it to myself that nobody said it was pounds sterling
  3. Well Garry Monk has been sat in a car near Robin Hood airport all morning
  4. I've watched this Sims kid playing in the MLS, his decision making makes Jacob Murphy look like a brain surgeon.
  5. If you don't agree with the rules do you have the option to go and sign up with a League whose rules you do agree with? Therefore it's not really a fair question is it?
  6. Twas the reflection off his Brylcreem that blinded you.
  7. He did well for me for me, big and strong with good close control. Got a great little drag back !
  8. We should just ditch all the bother and Tell Hull we'll give them the 1-0 before kick off
  9. Maybe the 2015 Keiran Lee, not the shadow of him that we have here now.
  10. Meanwhile I'm going to re-arrange those deck chairs on the Titanic.
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