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  1. David Moyes was once on his way here as manager till Alex Fergus told him not to as we were a "basket case" so he went to Preston instead, nothing has changed since then.
  2. Vomit inducing and with Van Aken suspended we now have one centre half who isn't injured or suspended
  3. Jordan Rhodes never misses does he?, even if he can get there in time
  4. Couldn't cut it at Accrington Stanley but he might be good enough for us
  5. He's good at Star Jumps.................................................
  6. Knowing us though we'll sell Iorfa, Dunkley will never get fit and Clarke-Salter will be no more than a piece of clickbait.
  7. Half of the eastern Euopean / African world according to Boris.
  8. I thought it was a mistake buying him, but I will own up to wanting McGugan.
  9. My apologies to Mr monk for my pre-match comments about his team selection. I've just finished eating my humble pie.
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