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  1. Nobody is happy but many are rightly relieved that we weren't humiliated by our porcine neighbours. If we were short of attacking ambition and quality at least we stuck at it and came through relatively unscathed and we don't have to hide from our friends, family and workmates.
  2. The Dukeries Owl

    This side after international break

    Have we given up all hope with Onamah?, this kid who keeps getting England call ups? (Asking for a friend)
  3. The Dukeries Owl

    Who was dishing out the contracts?

    I'll bet Joey P's agent will have negotiated a tough deal as well to keep him in hair gel.
  4. The Dukeries Owl

    Who was dishing out the contracts?

    Viv Nicholson at a guess.
  5. The Dukeries Owl

    David Jones....did i hear correctly ?

    Turning down money offers for players we got on freebies and keep paying them good money and not playing them. Only at Hillsborough
  6. The Dukeries Owl

    Jos out

    For the first time in ages he made a substitution that actually improved us rather than a blatant admission that we wanted to throw the game like we have been doing.
  7. The Dukeries Owl

    Well done United

    Massive congratulations to United for being the first team this season not to score against us
  8. This week it's 0-0 at full time.
  9. Jos heard me from 10 minutes ago
  10. Penney is a passenger, get Matias on on the right and push Reach out on the left.
  11. It was last week at half time.
  12. How or who do we expect to score a goal playing 8-1-1 and hoping for a clean sheet that we are incapable of?
  13. The Dukeries Owl

    Reasons to be fearful

    Reasons to be fearful - Page 3.
  14. The Dukeries Owl

    Can Anyone think of Any?

    Although that is largely down to people reading their Wikipedia profiles and being astonished at how many times said player has scored for Nando's cheeky boys.