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  1. Yes they did, that was their owners version of "he was poo anyway" after the event.
  2. Liverpool persevered with Henderson when people said he was a flop, they're not doing bad lately. Maybe we just have impatient chairmen, managers and fans who demand instant gratification instead of year on year improvement.
  3. I do remember Pleat being cautioned for making illegal approaches to try and get a head.
  4. That really bad injury at Rotherham really finished him. He's never been the same player since.
  5. Get vote leave to set one of their algorithms on it and Fessi will probably win it by a 4% absolute landslide.
  6. So you can only sign 3 or 4 League one standard players a season then
  7. Last hour of deadline day after all the players we really wanted have gone elsewhere we will pay some stupid amount of money for Charlie Austin.
  8. I see that weeds look like they are piling in for this Sheraldo Becker geezer. Some things will never change will they?
  9. When it comes to saying the right thing at the right time some people just have the Knack.
  10. I was born in 1959, so I don't remember much about the early 60's
  11. At least we could get one of these Austins for him to have on standby.
  12. Came to Millwall via Southend and Sheffield Utd: Wilder signed him but soon binned him off. Highly rated by Southend and Millwall, no idea what happened at the stain.
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