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  1. Goalposts made with fur net linings: Great for regularly conceding soft goals into.
  2. The only thing the club has got right this year

    Most of us are just amazed that with all this financial backing the club seems to be commercially on a par with two 9 year olds running a lemonade stall at a church fete. Except that if SWFC were doing it the lemonade would be £13 a glass and probably wouldn't taste of lemonade.
  3. Official SWFC Football Heaven Thread 17-18

    A most sagely observation.
  4. Jack Hunt spiel in local rag ...

    It used to cost a fortune on Clubcall.
  5. Just a rumour...

    As long as a gang of midgets isn't already lying in wait for him in the morning
  6. Just a rumour...

    Have you heard his pressers?, he's permanently out there!
  7. Just a rumour...

    Unlike me!
  8. Eeee az a small piece of pain above his foot
  9. Not bothered

    I liked it when a team could get to the top because it had a good manager that signed good players. Success these days is based on cheating or flouting FFP. I also loved the days when I could pay my money and stand where I wanted with who I wanted, those days will never return.
  10. Not bothered

    You and I could be singing off the same hymn sheet. It feels like a football team called Sheffield Wednesday, rather than the team I've supported since the 1960's. We're a Thai businessman's plaything that's organised like a wee wee up in a brewery with overpaid employees.
  11. Who was the last manager who got us a promotion?
  12. Bolton 2 : 1 Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    Then the two appalling results that will surely follow

    Says it all
  14. Bolton 2 : 1 Sheffield Wednesday OMDT

    Sounds like we're very crap