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Community Answers

  1. When I see ours I get overcome by a feeling of "desso"-lation.
  2. I wonder who the commentators/ "experts" are on Sky tonight?
  3. Keep that post, it'll stop you having to re-type it.
  4. I thought we had a decent goalkeeper but Sxxx happens
  5. Don't Wycombe have the odd Championship player in their ranks?
  6. We love giving them away round our own box, it's schoolboy stuff we never learn.
  7. No, I think everybody has realised it was somebodies idea of a bad joke that actually happened.
  8. So we play him because Theo "might be a bit tired" mmmmmmmmmmm
  9. Losing to the Wycombe hoofball merchants?, It's no surprise we can't deal with teams who play like that.
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