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Community Answers

  1. Perhaps FFP should be based on a percentage of a club's turnover? as no 2 clubs are the same and losing a million would be a disaster for some clubs but of little consequence to others.
  2. I think it's safer to wait till the Championship becomes Premier League 2 then we'll be back in the Championship. I mean we can't hope to match the likes of Mighty outfits like Rotherham can we?
  3. To be fair their skin on fries are rubbish, Haven't they got a peeling machine?
  4. From a play off final to get to the Prem, to not making it past the first tie for the Championship play offs is hardly rocketing upwards.
  5. He made no secret of the fact that he was unlikely to stay as he was "too good to play in League one", months ago. So who do you all righteous Ronnies think is going to follow him?
  6. Okay then, which rats are going to jump off the sinking ship first? I reckon Luongo will be the first escapee, not that I'm bothered he can get paid to lay on some other bugger's treatment table.
  7. The difference is they seem to be able to kick the ball to people with the same coloured shirts on.
  8. The most disappointing thing is they are under no pressure whatsoever. Boys against men.
  9. MK took Twine off 5 minutes before Bannan got injured.
  10. So you think we'll concede 4 and Plymouth will score 4 against MK with 10 men?
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