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  1. The thought had crossed my mind but on the other hand he has been very open about his past struggles with depression and would the responsibility take too much of a toll on him as you have to be very thick skinned and resilient to survive in the management game.
  2. At least it not got the "I'm just a bookies tart with no morals" sash on it
  3. He has refused to sign a contract extension at Barnsley.
  4. Got the dingles promoted in his first season, reluctant to sign an extension? Barnsley manager Daniel Stendel keeps options open as ... https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/.../barnsley-fc/barnsley-manager-daniel-stendel-keep... 4 Jun 2019 - BARNSLEY have spoken to head coach Daniel Stendel about a new deal – but the German is reluctant to commit until he receives assurances ...
  5. But we know Tiger Woods is teeing off at ten past three............FFS.
  6. We played better under bully than the Steve's if you ask me. He put round pegs in round holes and had the team playing on the front foot.
  7. Give em a shot, they couldn't do any worse than the tache
  8. He stitched Braveheart up, why should he care about us?
  9. He could wait until the Canaries sack Roger Federer's ugly brother and then skip off to Norfolk.
  10. New kit to be supplied by Sports Direct, main sponsor "Not the Toon" .
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