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  1. Saw somebody earlier put Tommy Spurr in that list. WTF that kid was hard as nails
  2. Number of crosses from right? zero, time to get Murphy on surely?
  3. That was 90 minutes of turgid crap, when are we going to learn that you need 3 in midfield to compete in this league?
  4. You mean they won't be able to play the 3 legged ones against Real Madrid?
  5. TUE 28TH JANUARY Aston Villa 19:45 Leicester City League Cup - Semi-Final, Sky Sports Football (19:00), Sky Sports Main Event (19:00) Cardiff City 19:45 West Bromwich Albion Championship, Sky Sports Football - Red Button (19:40) Leeds United 19:45 Millwall Championship, Sky Sports Football - Red Button (19:40)
  6. When do Wigan need the money by so they will do the deal?
  7. The stats back up the scoreline, they have been better at everything all over the pitch and 0-3 is a true reflection of the game.
  8. If you don't agree with the rules do you have the option to go and sign up with a League whose rules you do agree with? Therefore it's not really a fair question is it?
  9. Twas the reflection off his Brylcreem that blinded you.
  10. He did well for me for me, big and strong with good close control. Got a great little drag back !
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