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  1. By all accounts he was distinctly average last year and that's being kind.
  2. While our best left back was left sulking at home in Southampton.
  3. The Dukeries Owl

    Squad Numbers!!!!!!!

    The right back gets a pound sign instead of a number?
  4. Half the population of Africa have French passports, that's how it works.
  5. The Dukeries Owl

    BBC strike again

    Who plays in the Wold Cup? Sheep farmers?
  6. He's never done 90 minute stints
  7. Doesn't seem to have caused England much trouble playing the youngsters.
  8. Somebody sent them a DVD of his games for us.
  9. He was just copying General MaCarthur's famous quote "I'll be back" as the Americans were forced to withdraw from the Philippines in the face of the Japanese onslaught during the early stages of the war in the pacific. He did lead the American armed forces in taking back the Philippines later in the war. Arnie was a plagiarist
  10. Life's all about opinions
  11. Who said anything about another referendum? I'm just highlighting the end game.
  12. And Brexit won't cost the UK billions.