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  1. Reach is the one with the most talent and only just coming into the prime of his career, not to mention being fit most of the time. Get him motivated and you've got some player on your hands.
  2. Not many of 2-1 Ken's predictions came to pass last season
  3. Or over to Chesterfield where some Weeble drones on and on about t'Spirites and it's nil nil
  4. If you want proof get Jordan Rhodes's and Adam Reach's bank statements.
  5. David Pleat left him out so much he lost his work permit by about 2 games. He went on to have avery successful career after leaving us. Dejan Stefanovic. Go on look up his career stats, Pleat was a moron.
  6. I think the term you are looking for is performance related pay. It's errors like paying 8 million for him plus his wages on top that have got us into League one.
  7. Anybody but an idiot owner would have maybe thought of being there.
  8. Apart from the fact that he's not quick enough to get there in the first place.
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