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  1. There's irony for you: We've already had 3 years of tat from him
  2. We do regularly when we fall into that mindset at the end of the game.
  3. So Wolves did more than 4 season's losses in one year?
  4. The only problem being is that given the parachute payments a lot of clubs receive, sticking to the rules would effectively mean losing 12.95 million a year and being happy finishing between 12th and 17th every year. Try selling that as a proposition to any player that you are trying to attract, as even up and coming bargain basement players would like to think you have a modicum of ambition.
  5. nnnng we're getting deeper than the supplementary questions on University Challenge.
  6. We've been on top for a good few minutes now, time to concede a 2nd
  7. We're playing with Bannan in midfield and Hutchinson in the back 3, how are we supposed to control the game?
  8. Just in case anybody has forgotten what the the "Top Sox" looks like
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