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  1. Who's the new foreign striker we got??? They kept mentioning SW Attacker. Is he the new Japanese superstar? MoM for me for sure
  2. You misjudge me my friend Radiohead is AOR isnt it? I'm a 60s soulman - something we have in common albeit yours is spelt sole - so cobblers!
  3. Haven't read whole thread (too excited for all details) slight smirk Is Iorfa our new Viv Anderson? Just a thought
  4. They look like different players and Bruce has a good eye for players too - Aarons Iorfa and the injured left back forgot name He's also good at making others believe - and are we benefitting or what?
  5. Maybe, but there is a traffic jam in middle of Championship We with another 4 teams who could overtake us BUT this is the Championship so anything can and will happen Fingers crossed results go our way and we carry on the way we are Always a dark horse making a late run why cant it be us???
  6. Mentioned b4 how well he's doing this season - pity that some of our @fans@ love em when they doing well and then slate em when they not Whatever cotton wool SBruce is using on Fletcher its working and long may it continue.
  7. Dingles - Barnsl........ ok coat getting........
  8. Looks like the FA Cup with a face on it
  9. In a nutshell and btw add D Jones & Boyd to your list
  10. No mate, auto spell on here its the word that rhymes with runts beginning with a C
  11. Dreaming in the Championship? Each & every year I'm afraid
  12. A good 'un for sure - not our best ever but still a good 'un
  13. agreed M'Lord - or we could play 3 at the back maybe?
  14. dont think he'll have to 'wrestle' too much with that decision tbf
  15. same as Snoots for me EXCEPT for Fox, Ilorfa instead
  16. this might catch on.............cretin next up
  17. FFS is there owt left that we can do???
  18. compassionate? considerate? communicator? oh I know.......comical? Go on then tell me I'm wrong with all of them!
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