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  1. West Stand Construction

    so does shirecliffe
  2. mid table mediocrity but hopefully watch out next season - wawaw
  3. Villa's crocked list compares to trying to get an appointment @ doctors Ours resembles the NHS a shambolic over stretched pressured department No comparison at all imho
  4. On This Day

    Good post Dunsby cheers - nostalgia its the future I tell thee
  5. Cup win for me cos its a one off, one chance only - more battles for 3 points to come
  6. Theories/conspiracies/rumours/whispers I just don't care............. I do care that young Hirst could be our club's future though!
  7. To my Lord & Lady S, excellent work you two - and the write up was decent too!!!
  8. Pleased for him, he'll love the huge crowds of 2.5k on a good day Pretty sure the Cod Army will love him though
  9. and surely that's the base template for every manager/coach??? just stating the blindingly obvious due to my UEFA Badges which allows me, along with my age, to be a PIA
  10. Vell zer zing is I have one striker who not tired anda dat is George Hirst so, ve playa Villa ina 9-1 voormation, is zat ok Rob?
  11. Thought Rob was very concise with his questioning - difficult for Jos to stay diplomatic too Lets call it the stand-off in S6