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  1. Agree that I also doubt there will be gr8 news coming from forum but Good on Chansiri for having & moving forum All I want is some truths instead of the clouded myths all season
  2. ash60s

    Fantastic photo

    BCraig & PSwan trendsetters with the all american flat tops
  3. ash60s

    Where is winnall?

    some of our fans eh? When Winnall was in the side he got slated - now he's the fkin saviour desperate times = desperate threads.......................
  4. ash60s

    I miss this...

    its becoming a bit like The Fugitive......................
  5. ash60s

    Fantastic photo

    both of you spot on!
  6. ash60s

    Hillsborough in the 1960's

    ah but dont forget we got the FREE football league review - value!
  7. ash60s

    FA Cup 3rd Round

    I blame Jos!!!
  8. ash60s


    consistently inconsistent
  9. tough ask but the squad of 91-94 in todays kit? then sprinkle with magic dust and hey presto merry chrimbo all
  10. wrong formation wrong player selection wrong overdue to leave.....................
  11. ash60s

    An attack minded manager.

    The truth will out - spot on
  12. ash60s

    Your Questions for the fans forun

    thought we already were? Ahh my bad its a fox not an elephant easy mstake sorry........
  13. ash60s

    The invisible giant.

    IF we'd have gotten all points v WBA & Stoke we'd be 4th now! But am happy so far WTID