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  1. He's been on the fringe of 1st team for a while that lad
  2. so long as we don't get the ex Trotter Phil Parkinson or Tony Pulis
  3. We got him for nowt He's a top German bloke Allus plays a stormer That's Julian Borner
  4. Possession means nowt - it's what you do with it that counts. My view on players Westwood/Olabaju/Lee/Winnall = 6 Lees/Fox/Reach/Bannon/Hutchinson/Luango= 7 Murphy/Fletcher = 8 Harris = 8.5 Borner = 9 Team 1st half = 6.5 Team 2nd half = 8 Bullen 7
  5. Foxes = Leicester City Thought you'd like the Barnsley one S36
  6. Quality tonight for sure. A v good signing imho
  7. MH linked in with Sessignon move to Spurs which hit gliches and delay, Fulham v keen on him. Wait till new year now, must be well frustrating for MH tho! A season with us and now nowt at Chelski - the ups n downs of a pro footballer eh?
  8. He's used us, as simple as that It leaves a sour taste in the mouth The whole saga stinks and SB won't come out of it well Out of work by xmas but with a healthy bank balance & I bet he won't resign at his beloved NUFC either Its a funny old game innit? Not the one I used to love (sadly)
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