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  1. and I won 3 Army FA Cups but didn't mean I was the best player IF you read my response I dont favour either just quoted their strengths be rayt Dave !
  2. Worthington & Megson the best 2 left backs we've ever had. Don was a leader but Irish scored more goals Both brilliant players & characters
  3. Mystic Meg 2 days after season ends - I reckon this I reckon that New formation, new players, keep him sell him might do might not New strip anyone???
  4. Change is never easy but change we will and after all the sentiments we will have new heroes to love/abuse - wawaw
  5. Well done the young massive - thoroughly deserved too Let's hope this bodes well for the future and obviously without any ex pro dad's intervening
  6. It'll be a week's B&B in Redcar or Tynemouth
  7. that swiss team Xchatmal souuuuchx you know the one
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