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  1. Reading - V- Wednesday OMDT

    Nice one m'lord however, one has to go easy on the liquid refreshment being in public office so to speak and all that Away win 1-2 Rhodes & Lee wawaw uto ftb
  2. That deaf dumb & blind kid sure holds a real good mike
  3. Absence makes the heart grow fonder

    Only saw Hooper gobbing teammates tonight - and there's our problem Too many nice guys and no leaders
  4. Situation hurts though doesn't it? Basically we are envious of what they are doing and somewhat frustrated at what we are doing Things look roseier in Zimbabwe though don'tcha think???
  5. Megson on Pulis

    I'd rather be a pundit any day rather than a manager/coach Having said that there's nowt stopping Bullen and the rather large coaching staff we have from kicking a few butts or chewing the earoles of the players
  6. player ratings

    3 Lees Loovens 4 Hunt Butterfield Wallace 5 Rhodes Reach Fox 6 Westwood Hooper 7 Bannon Subs: Lee 6 Nuhiu 6 Fletcher 5 Tried to be diplomatic, constructive and fair - cos we were naff tonight!
  7. The Lack of Pace and Tempo

    Ponderous comes to mind - Ipswich weren't that good but they won tackles and beat us for pace and desire to get there
  8. The Loovens challenge.

    Late clumsy nasty - Loovens looked half hearted throughout tonight's match Very poor performance (and he wasn't alone either)