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  1. It's all about the money money money - Ozil the same
  2. Might it help us? Will we be next casualty? Radical rethink needed with Prem and efl both at table
  3. 2 games on the trot that we should have had 3 points sewn up by half time. We'll never do owt if we have to have about a dozen chances to take just 1. Trouble is it's not a new problem up front for us.......
  4. 67 here feeling really low. Is it covid? No! It's our club that we have loved all our lives. torture at times............. on for the early 60s & early 90s again. PLEASE
  5. For me Fessi needs system around him Free role #10 etc Down side again - is he a team player? He's got the ability has he got the attitude? Problem but a good problem for GM wawaw
  6. Told him b4 - leave the cheating to the Patriots
  7. He's been on the fringe of 1st team for a while that lad
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